Shadow Toxtricity, Meltan & MORE! - Pokemon Sword and Shield Extreme Randomizer Nuzlocke Episode 8

  • Shadow Pokemon are appearing in the Galar region!
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    ► Welcome to Episode 8 of my Pokemon Sword and Shield Extreme Randomizer Nuzlocke! Today, we're leaving the Galar Mine Number 2, and heading off back to Motostoke once again to get our third gym badge! But tough trainers stand between us and victory - Marnie, Team Yell, Gym leaders and more, with crazier, stronger Pokemon than ever! Will we be able to get our third gym badge, or will we lose team members?
    - Nuzlocke Difficulty (One catch per area, fainted Pokemon dead, set mode battles, nicknames)
    - Dupes Clause
    - Shiny Clause
    - All wild Pokemon are randomized! (No static encounters)
    - All trainers are randomized, with random moves!
    - All trainers have atleast 2 Pokemon
    - High powered Pokemon at high levels
    - Trainers will have a 10% chance of shinies!
    - Trainers Pokemon are all holding items
    - Trainers have random moves
    - Trainers have perfect IVs
    - Reduced EXP - Currently 40%
    - New custom Pokemon model mods! (courtesy of gamebanana)
    - Potentially custom music!
    - My storytelling!
    Raw Footage
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  • PokeTips
    PokeTips  2 months ago +260

    Episode 9 is out now! -
    Watch EVERY episode so far of Randomizer Series here -

    • Ben Doucette
      Ben Doucette Month ago

      Coltonandgen day is that a little thing of the season and I cannot is not

    • Marshy
      Marshy 2 months ago

      The video is private

    • Keksismus
      Keksismus 2 months ago +1

      It’s just disappointing to hear nothing. And that’s one reason I don’t rly care about this nuzlocke anymore. And yeah he got his reasons but it’s a long time now... I won’t be surprised if episode 9 gets uploaded friday.

    • Thatkiduchiha
      Thatkiduchiha 2 months ago

      You posting episode 9 soon?

      GIGIPOKEMON 2 months ago

      For all the people who said "He LiEd!!!" Well you and I don't know want he is doing, maybe he's having a problem, with the rec or irl... we can't know, stop pressuring... I mean we all want the new Ep but, CHILL.

  • RadicalEdward37
    RadicalEdward37 2 days ago

    Am i the only one that actually likes that color scheme better for shiny toxtricity? rather than the original shiny palette, i mean.

  • Debbie McCarthy
    Debbie McCarthy 3 days ago

    from your toxel you didn't get a regular toxtricity. instead of the black it is purple. and you also got the amped form

  • Virginia Bazo
    Virginia Bazo 6 days ago


  • Maria Sevilla
    Maria Sevilla 6 days ago

    Of course I remember Hawkeye the glade in Pokémon alpha sapphire nose lock

  • Antoni Devaraj
    Antoni Devaraj 7 days ago


  • Oreo is cute
    Oreo is cute 7 days ago

    pray for sir big long boi

  • Oreo is cute
    Oreo is cute 7 days ago


  • Ariu gara
    Ariu gara 7 days ago

    I think he knows NOW that Duraludon is a Steel Type so Norbert would be super effective.

  • charmanda games
    charmanda games 7 days ago

    I miss hakaiy ze gallade

  • Naeem Bari
    Naeem Bari 7 days ago

    Get Gyarados becuacs fire types are weak from water types

  • Corbin Bratcher
    Corbin Bratcher 8 days ago


  • Chantal Davis
    Chantal Davis 8 days ago

    It's called morpikachu

  • Jayden Song
    Jayden Song 8 days ago

    just imagine kabu having a lapras

  • Jaruwan Pumprapan
    Jaruwan Pumprapan 9 days ago

    Salty tips mike is here What

  • Some Gem
    Some Gem 9 days ago

    Nevile may have just avoided death in a pinch.

  • Grzegorz Ratajczak
    Grzegorz Ratajczak 10 days ago

    13:30 my heart stopped pumping

  • Aini Deraman
    Aini Deraman 10 days ago

    Yes I new it no one Pokémon is death

  • Alex Animation
    Alex Animation 10 days ago +1

    Moody is amazing

  • Kurly Kinks
    Kurly Kinks 10 days ago

    I remember Hawkeye

  • Pac Man
    Pac Man 11 days ago +1

    Poketips: duraludon has a high attack stat
    Duraludon: *silent special attacker noises*

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor 11 days ago

    Mike: uses fake out
    No one:
    Literally nobody:
    Not even noobs:
    Mike: ok good we got the flinch

  • Yamper 028
    Yamper 028 11 days ago

    I miss buckbeak

  • Oresti Ismaili
    Oresti Ismaili 11 days ago

    8 deaths and its episode 8 okay

  • Oresti Ismaili
    Oresti Ismaili 11 days ago

    30:54 Yeeeeeeeees the long cat it's back
    30:56 for a second I thought I heard the Meowth from the anime 😂

  • Blessed Jackass
    Blessed Jackass 12 days ago

    Poketips Bizarre Adventure

  • Jessie Mainhart
    Jessie Mainhart 12 days ago

    I want to heal my paralysis and my health but that is a lot of items. Dude that is only 2 items

  • Mike Madden
    Mike Madden 12 days ago

    These are old sure..but too much talk and too many items..just use full restores...

  • Percy Jackson-Roblox and Brawl Stars


  • UB zero
    UB zero 22 days ago

    Moody is a shyny

  • Sam Knight
    Sam Knight 22 days ago

    how did a fire type gym leader become a water type gym leader

  • Luis San Pedro
    Luis San Pedro 23 days ago

    Sad life jolteon😢😢

  • Shirley Rowlinson
    Shirley Rowlinson 24 days ago


  • Nate Thomason
    Nate Thomason 24 days ago

    Ghost types have a 100% chance of running away

  • azhley
    azhley 24 days ago

    can i have a morpichu too marnie qwq

  • Kenzie James
    Kenzie James Month ago

    I’m pretty sure zap cannon is a garenteed (yes I can’t spell) full paralysis

  • Spark Danielson
    Spark Danielson Month ago

    How do I get this randomizer added on to my game or at least a similar one added on?

  • Electro Pokemon Girl

    2:49 - Poketips: *thats alot of damage*

    GAME GANGERS!!!! Month ago

    And thanks to the guy that gaave me mr mime it was lvl 37 and all my pokemons was like 25 so thanks

    GAME GANGERS!!!! Month ago

    Psybeam is so strong i have it on MR.rime i one shot everbody!😙😙😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rafael Perazza
    Rafael Perazza Month ago

    Hey Why Don't You Feel is Where you can only What the water type Pokémon

  • Jenson Hall
    Jenson Hall Month ago

    It was good that jelicent turn bellatrix into a grass type because jelicent is a ghost type

  • Jenson Hall
    Jenson Hall Month ago

    Mike let’s turn on the braking lol 😂

  • Falicia Lowery
    Falicia Lowery Month ago

    You lied to me how dare you

  • space game
    space game Month ago

    21:37 poketips rage

  • Azwiyr
    Azwiyr Month ago

    Ver is Ch- no rong episod

  • Nick Ninja Nutjob
    Nick Ninja Nutjob Month ago

    Gogo Gaga

  • carter pai
    carter pai Month ago

    How do you play randomizer is it an option or something in the game? or emulator?

  • makingains
    makingains Month ago

    How do you get randomizer?

  • Dinosaur playground And other stuff

    You called Marnie Leon?🤔🧐

  • Mustardman 06
    Mustardman 06 Month ago

    but he already had a motostoke encounter

  • Tommy So
    Tommy So Month ago

    after seeing that Toxtricity, I understand one more time how weird is the combination of the type in sword and shield

  • Leo Nickerson
    Leo Nickerson Month ago

    Poke tips can I have your wishiwashi

  • Camron Buckley
    Camron Buckley Month ago

    Mike: so do they fish up a magikarp take it to the back cool and eat it EW
    Also Mike: Come on Goyle cut up that crab and serve him for dinner

  • Jared Pokemon
    Jared Pokemon Month ago

    #szxrrfftz shit shit

  • muffin
    muffin Month ago

    *Go home Meowth, you're drunk.*

  • Dank Squirtle
    Dank Squirtle Month ago

    You shouldve called the duraludon “Hogwarts” since it becomes a building in gmax

  • Jeffrey Ritchey
    Jeffrey Ritchey Month ago

    i remeber hykye

  • Malamar Squad
    Malamar Squad Month ago

    9:00 if that Jellicent had freeze dry Cedric would have died

  • Jezy
    Jezy Month ago

    Fuckk ur unlucky you only have a 15% chance of getting hit by that move 4 times

  • Ethan Sears
    Ethan Sears Month ago

    When Krabs was sent out you should’ve swapped to Ginny, Grass Type > Water Type, and Ginny is overleveled
    It is just a Krabby tho

  • Alina Poz
    Alina Poz Month ago

    Who rimbers ron

  • Ryan Neal
    Ryan Neal Month ago


  • James Crosley
    James Crosley Month ago

    Caterpie Gyarados!!!!!

  • Jemma Mcandrew
    Jemma Mcandrew Month ago

    I remember the nuzlocke involving Hawkeye infact I have Hawkeye because I have gallade

  • Derpy.Doodler
    Derpy.Doodler Month ago

    Kabu has more of a water type gym than nessa,,,

  • one man wolf pack
    one man wolf pack Month ago

    I named my toxel moody

  • Nicola Noga
    Nicola Noga Month ago

    I remember hawkye

  • -KitKat Gacha-
    -KitKat Gacha- Month ago

    Rename moody shadow

  • Rena Brown
    Rena Brown Month ago

    I have 🛡

  • Evan Ring
    Evan Ring Month ago

    i beat leon

  • Danika Danika Hope Turner


  • Monster Shark Man
    Monster Shark Man Month ago

    And I want to be friends with you and your family are doing well and that you are a very beautiful woman and I want to be friends with you and your family are doing well and that you are a very beautiful woman and I want to be friends with you and your family are doing well and that you are a very beautiful woman and I want to be friends with you and your family are doing well and that you are a very beautiful woman and I want to be friends with you and your family are doing well and that you are a very beautiful woman and I want to be friends with you and your family are doing well and that you are a very beautiful woman and I want to be friends with you and your family are doing well and that you are a very beautiful woman and I want to be friends with you and your family are doing well and that you are a very beautiful woman and I want to be friends with you and your family are doing well and that you are a very beautiful woman and I want to be friends with you ❤️♥️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️♥️

  • black.stardust
    black.stardust Month ago

    Poketips:alright Mike let's turn on your brain
    Me: "the one who never turn on her brain"😏

  • awsomebob159
    awsomebob159 Month ago

    Ay yo, wheres that snom vid

  • SolarEclipse2002
    SolarEclipse2002 Month ago

    I wish shadow Toxtricty was a real thing because I want one

  • Maricel Butcon
    Maricel Butcon Month ago

    I Thought You Said “Kabu is a Water-type Gym Leader Today! For shore!”

  • Algaleeb Imam
    Algaleeb Imam Month ago

    Hop:Go squirtle!
    Mike:why does hop get a kanto starter?
    Marnie;Go charmander!

  • Yakime Shirayuki
    Yakime Shirayuki Month ago

    *leaving that big and wide rough hollow in the like until the stem and pa*

  • T3ch Gaming
    T3ch Gaming Month ago

    26:05 RIP Maz The Pinsir