BYN : Job Interview Gone Wrong Feat. Rajkummar Rao

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
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    Directed By - Vivek Menon , Nick
    Written By -Satyen Poojari
    Co Writers : Omkar Shinde, Nick
    Editor - Sushant Chopdekar
    DOP - Jay Charola
    Produced By - Nick
    Production Manager - Anant T, Murali Thevar
    Cast - Nick
    Rajkummar Rao
    Omkar Shinde
    Nikhil Tari
    Murali Thevar
    Nitesh Putran
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  • John Alastar
    John Alastar 2 hours ago

    Rajkumar kya abhi abhi so ke aya hai

  • Prashant Tiwari
    Prashant Tiwari 6 hours ago

    Bhnchod khel gya nick to

  • shyam prakash
    shyam prakash 7 hours ago


  • Sulake Nag
    Sulake Nag 9 hours ago

    This big absolutely waste of my time

  • Secret By Nepali
    Secret By Nepali 12 hours ago


  • vishal madhavi
    vishal madhavi 15 hours ago

    Tu parat Vakun Bolatoy bhava

  • Critic
    Critic Day ago

    This idea deserve a like

  • bina Singh
    bina Singh Day ago

    Only if you have seen wolf of Wall Street

  • Superman G
    Superman G Day ago

    😁👍 that’s sales!!

  • Sourabh Kumar
    Sourabh Kumar Day ago


  • adii raj
    adii raj Day ago


  • crag bill
    crag bill Day ago

    Not again the same shit
    sell me this pen
    wtf is this
    literally everybody doing this ( everyone copying)

  • Vivek Singh
    Vivek Singh Day ago

    Bahanchod selling kar gya bethe bithaye

  • Govt. Job
    Govt. Job Day ago

    0:36 Why degree does not matter ??
    Degree is a key of success, without degree we can't enter into any company. We can't fill any job form.

  • Brajeswar Patra
    Brajeswar Patra Day ago


  • Xois ke Rois
    Xois ke Rois Day ago

    Really dosent happen in real life

  • Anubhav Anand
    Anubhav Anand 2 days ago


  • Reetam Mondal
    Reetam Mondal 2 days ago

    Best twist ever

  • Prabhjot Singh
    Prabhjot Singh 2 days ago

    Ese interview lene wale ki maa ki chut

  • Akshay Bhondve
    Akshay Bhondve 2 days ago

    The difference between Superb Actor(Rajkumar) and Stupid Actor(Nicker).

  • Honey Rajput
    Honey Rajput 3 days ago

    Copied copy of Salesman of the year

  • Mystic
    Mystic 3 days ago

    Wella ciao

  • aayush gupta
    aayush gupta 3 days ago

    Solid bro solid

  • Malik Khaleel
    Malik Khaleel 3 days ago


  • Faishal Firdous
    Faishal Firdous 3 days ago

    Baat thi pen bhechne ka aur in bande ne Shirt bhech k chala gya...

  • Abraam Ghosh
    Abraam Ghosh 3 days ago +1

    Only here for Rajkumar Rao 😍

  • alfaz's diary
    alfaz's diary 3 days ago
    18+ boys only

  • Srushti Fulkar
    Srushti Fulkar 3 days ago

    The end was unexpected

  • Two Eyes
    Two Eyes 3 days ago


  • krishna pal
    krishna pal 3 days ago

    Sell me this pen parody.

  • Sadia gameplay
    Sadia gameplay 3 days ago

    Shart bechneka torika

  • Ganesh Narvane
    Ganesh Narvane 4 days ago

    This is real YouNick... :)

  • aditya allam
    aditya allam 4 days ago

    Unfortunately engineers see this and envy what non-engineering students can do

    WORLD ACCESS 4 days ago

    The Wolf of Wall Street....hahaha!!!

  • Vijay Pawar
    Vijay Pawar 4 days ago

    So Nick tickets kharid le

  • rajen pitkar
    rajen pitkar 4 days ago

    Mind blowing sales

    VIPIN DHINDSA 4 days ago +1

    Hahahahahahaha, Trust me. I was literally giving this interview. So real. Rajkumar Rao is actually that interviewer, I forgot while watching that he is an actor. And that candidate is just like me. No confidence at all.

  • Mehiss Industries
    Mehiss Industries 4 days ago

    yooou man

  • Indranil Jana
    Indranil Jana 4 days ago

    All this drama

  • S. Hussain
    S. Hussain 4 days ago


  • Yuvraj Sarate
    Yuvraj Sarate 4 days ago


  • mohammad shafiq
    mohammad shafiq 4 days ago

    Good work

  • Swati t.
    Swati t. 4 days ago

    Reality 😁

  • Channel D&k
    Channel D&k 4 days ago

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  • Somnath Sahoo
    Somnath Sahoo 4 days ago


  • Rajveer Damai
    Rajveer Damai 4 days ago

    Next 🌟 of bollywood one and only RAJ 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • biswajit sarangi
    biswajit sarangi 4 days ago

    Double 🌟 Double thumbs up

  • Nikhil chadotra
    Nikhil chadotra 4 days ago


  • Jaspreet Singh
    Jaspreet Singh 5 days ago

    Btana kya chahte ho video se moral kya hai bhai?

  • sandeep eadi
    sandeep eadi 5 days ago

    why the fuck do you have to say sir to your interviewer.. he wants your service..
    just let him know how best you can help their requiremnt.. and not being sub-servient
    apna service unko chahiye.. apne paas yeh nahi tho.. bahut other choices hein..

  • Rohit Bhagat
    Rohit Bhagat 5 days ago

    I like the suspense...... 😆😆😆

  • Ashu Rao
    Ashu Rao 5 days ago

    Hahahahaah besssstt

  • Shilpa Patil
    Shilpa Patil 5 days ago

    I am ironman

  • Dip Ansh
    Dip Ansh 5 days ago

    🤘always BYN😂

  • kin wow
    kin wow 5 days ago

    Out of 20k 99.99% with zero experience! Chutiya video! Sell me the pen! Lol

  • Classified level 10
    Classified level 10 5 days ago +1

    Bela ciao bela ciao🔥

  • sethu
    sethu 5 days ago


  • Dominante Flames
    Dominante Flames 6 days ago

    Wolf of wall street

  • Mahnoor Mahrukh
    Mahnoor Mahrukh 6 days ago

    Nice idea yrr .....pehly me boor horhi thi mene bola ye vedio dekh kr meny apna time waste kia but at the end I was really like your creative and clever mind for making content of different vedios....nice yr

  • Mubashir Awan
    Mubashir Awan 6 days ago