“A Lot In Common” | AT&T Fiber

  • Published on Jan 24, 2022
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    “A Lot In Common” | AT&T Fiber

Comments • 361

  • jaymesEo6
    jaymesEo6  +391

    Could you imagine Angie and Jen doing something like this? The world would implode.

  • André Jauneau

    Congrats to the advertising team. It was a great idea to have Demi and Mila together.

  • Amelie Mews

    Give the advertising team a raise!! 👍👏🏆💯!

  • iluvlafferty

    Nice to see that Mila and Demi can be mature about their real life situation & even poke fun at it,

  • Marilyn Kennedy

    I love when a commercial is so good I actually like watching it. This is one of those!

  • Jordan Diefenbach

    Att fiber is amazing although I don't see the need to advertise 5gb speeds when almost any consumer wouldn't have a need for it.

  • MandyDollDoll

    Hilarious! It’s always nice to see Mila! Great job, AT&T! 😀😀👍💙

  • J
    J  +146

    Wow...imagine that...a tasteful and funny commercial...well done with class...who would believe it if they had not seen it.


    I really love it. I love to see Demi and Mila in the same movie 🍿

  • Natalie Alanis

    I love when stars can make fun of themselves!

  • jbrow
    jbrow  +2

    Demi and Mila together...love it!❤❤

  • YupVideoFever

    Ok. But now I want a comedy movie with them starring in it. AT&T, fix my dream!

  • Celia Apple

    2 such classy ladies poking a little fun at each other! I laugh every time I see it.

  • GL H
    GL H 21 day ago

    I love this 😆🤣

  • Medstar1

    The actress who says "Ruh Roh" slays me every time! Anyone know who she is?

  • Arthur Warren

    it was ice cold for AT&T to get the US Cellular guy in this ad. Didn't have to do that. Respect the pettiness. Love it.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks  +248

    Demi Moore is so Gorgeous!

  • Luciana Camacho Aquino

    Demi and Mila ❤️ both funny!

  • amerik556
    amerik556  +25

    Even as a kid I knew Kelso was the man

  • chill oso

    I think fiber will be available in my area in 3 to 4 years I just hope so because I know installing fiber is hard.