Avengers: End Game Is Over. Now What?

  • Published on May 22, 2019
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Comments • 2 015

  • Llamafort
    Llamafort 9 days ago

    Or you can watch dc comics movies

  • Jade Hunter
    Jade Hunter 9 days ago +1

    Or you could watch the new doctor strange movie doctor strange and the multiverses of madness the new marvel movie that’s gone come out

  • Johel Najera
    Johel Najera 12 days ago

    You should watch a show called the boys

  • Rich Harrell
    Rich Harrell 15 days ago

    You need to watch Straner Things

  • The Adventures Of A Single Dad

    Here patiently waiting for the end of babysitter story

  • Nolan Klein
    Nolan Klein 18 days ago

    its not the end of marvel its just the end of the phase!!!

  • Sexy Savage
    Sexy Savage 19 days ago

    The flash is what y'all should watch

  • marshall branin
    marshall branin 19 days ago

    This show is great! Don't know why it doesn't get as much attention as it should

  • kidsarebest
    kidsarebest 20 days ago

    Option 3:watch spiderman far from home

  • Andy Carvin
    Andy Carvin 25 days ago +1

    Get Shorty seems like something the Coen Brothers would make and i love there work (they made True Grit 2011, No country for old men, Fargo, O brother where art thou, and much more)

  • DenisDaily 25596
    DenisDaily 25596 25 days ago +1

  • Galaxy Plays
    Galaxy Plays 26 days ago

    1:25 I have that same exact ringtone

  • kelly celeste
    kelly celeste 26 days ago

    Now what:spiderman:Disney-sony

  • Stephanie Pizzulli
    Stephanie Pizzulli 28 days ago

    Watch MY HERO ACADEMIA!!!! 🤗🤗🤗

  • Kasey Gordon
    Kasey Gordon 28 days ago

    lol that's my ring tone 1:25

  • Crazy Kids
    Crazy Kids Month ago

    😚I tried get shorty I asked my dad if I can watch he saidno

  • purplecatlover1825 randompizza

    That's only the start of the end of phase 3
    Theres still far from home

    Then phase 4and

  • OreoP's LPS
    OreoP's LPS Month ago

    I don't want to

  • Mr.iouscy
    Mr.iouscy Month ago

    Marvel axe

  • Elihle Mabena
    Elihle Mabena Month ago

    he only shot like +- 10 times but there are 61 bullet holes :/ just saying

  • Zackey 567
    Zackey 567 Month ago +1

    Um that doesn’t sound like it’s in Marvel

  • Veronica Gacha
    Veronica Gacha Month ago

    I was thinking it was luke cage

  • The Cat Series
    The Cat Series Month ago +2

    Not one dude:
    Not a single soul:
    Every single animator:wIX DOt Com

  • OAM_ begers44
    OAM_ begers44 Month ago

    The gifted is a great show! It’s about after the Xman die they make mutations illegal and there are these two kids and one of them is one of the most powerful mutation in a long time it’s for marvel fans in General

  • Korten Free
    Korten Free Month ago

    It's dc butt the flash on Netflix is good

  • Epic Results
    Epic Results Month ago

    Your preformwnce at Wisconsin state fair was amazing. I had a blast!

  • Julian Does Crap
    Julian Does Crap Month ago

    Omg I have that same ringtone I got so scared lol

  • Friky
    Friky Month ago

    watch Daredevil

  • Sandra Paiz
    Sandra Paiz Month ago +1

    Guys my dog got lost he is is a chewaa if find call956389678

  • SkullBeast Plays
    SkullBeast Plays Month ago +1

    That’s my ringtone

  • Jai Mohan
    Jai Mohan Month ago

    The flash supergirl and the arrow

  • NoNameGabe
    NoNameGabe Month ago

    Far from home

  • RyryKat .happy
    RyryKat .happy Month ago

    I'd recomned agents of sheild its also in the same universe soooooooo (plz mind my spelling

  • Sea Rabbit
    Sea Rabbit Month ago +1

    I feel like your theme song would be “The Entertainer” by Billie Jowl

  • Larrylime
    Larrylime Month ago

    Far from home: am I a joke to you

  • Jessica Christiansen

    Do u no the movie dead pool

  • Werty the Wonder Noob

    The ringtone on your phone is same one I have and it almost made me think somebody texted me or something XD

  • Little Dee
    Little Dee Month ago

    so close to the wwhat if logo

  • A C
    A C Month ago

    Or you could watch friends? :/

  • patexnoyara
    patexnoyara Month ago


  • Invincible Gamer
    Invincible Gamer Month ago


  • Invincible Gamer
    Invincible Gamer Month ago

    Actually there's the Eternal, black panther 2 (an unknow mutant will be shown) , capitain marvel 2, shang lee and the legend of the ten ring, gardien of the galaxie 3, thor 4.
    And there will be disney/netflix series about falcon & bucky, ronin (hawkeye) etc..
    Like yeah there's alot of things actually.
    And the last one, the special one, Doctor Strange. It's the first dark movie of marvel where people get killed alot lmao, there's scarlett witch and we will be talking about the multivers, which include the x men, fantastic 4 and alot more. So yeah there's alot.

  • Luna Hernandez
    Luna Hernandez Month ago +1

    watch the falcon and the winter soldier itsss soooo good

  • DanPan TMT
    DanPan TMT Month ago

    Self inserts be like

  • brotato chip
    brotato chip Month ago

    When the phone rang it scared me cuz I have the same ringtone XD

  • ana corona
    ana corona Month ago

    I thought it was agent of shield

  • BTDBuster
    BTDBuster Month ago


  • Genero Agilar
    Genero Agilar Month ago

    Alex: If you're a fan of the avengers then im positive you're going to love this show
    Me: please don't say the Netflix avengers

  • MySandwichYt
    MySandwichYt Month ago

    Maybe they might be realesing gamer over with galactus

  • Julia Lu
    Julia Lu Month ago

    Option 3, watch game of thrones

  • Calvin Wong
    Calvin Wong Month ago

    Far from home?

  • Harjinder Singh
    Harjinder Singh Month ago


  • Night Witch
    Night Witch Month ago


  • Aner Ravelo
    Aner Ravelo Month ago

    If u die after fighting james WHAT SHALL WE WATCH!?!?!?! PLEASE HELP SENPAI

  • Milkee way
    Milkee way 2 months ago


  • Eastlake
    Eastlake 2 months ago

    3. Keep watching the new marvel movies

  • Jose Davila
    Jose Davila 2 months ago

    Alex you can also watch Stranger Things

  • Sir Benbot
    Sir Benbot 2 months ago +1

    Alex:let me tell you about the show but first let me anime a bunch of useless stuff n ads befor I tell you

  • Amany Squad
    Amany Squad 2 months ago

    The Defenders I like to be a venture you should watch it's the best

  • runwildforever-ag
    runwildforever-ag 2 months ago +1

    I fought he was going to say
    Agents of sheld
    The flash
    Dc legends of tomorrow