Induction Heating of Seized Bolts

  • Published on Aug 19, 2015
  • 5kW TOCCOtron AC induction heating power source with light weight hand held transformer used to apply fast focused flameless electromagnetic heat to seized head studs, thus greatly reducing the amount of torque required to remove them. Heating the stud causes it to elongate because its diameter is constrained by the cold engine block. The elongation of the stud reduces its diameter breaking corrosive bonds. Additional heat is applied to the outside of the engine block in the threaded area to expand the threaded area further separating the corrosive bonds. This technology is also ideal for shrink fitting of bearings and gears, removing pressed in valve seats, brazing/soldering of fluid lines and electrical connectors as well as curing and removing of coatings and sealants.
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  • 51HankySpanky
    51HankySpanky 3 months ago

    I bet the guys at WD-40 aren't to happy with this.

  • Carpe diem
    Carpe diem 5 months ago

    This can warp the block and head.

  • Speed796
    Speed796 6 months ago

    so fake

  • Brandon Ruhl
    Brandon Ruhl 7 months ago

    Looked everywhere and somehow i cannot find this thing or where to purchase it. guess i’m using the good old torch

    • Adam Morrison
      Adam Morrison  7 months ago

      I can assist in quoting and selling you a system. You can also visit to request a quote.

  • Victor Ramirez
    Victor Ramirez 9 months ago

    Im not buying this Video

    • Hampus Lytz
      Hampus Lytz 8 months ago +2

      How so? It's simple physics?

  • Daryl Babz
    Daryl Babz 10 months ago


  • Milton Hernandez
    Milton Hernandez 11 months ago

    One question that coil that is being used can heat what’s in side of it and also flat surfaces?

    • Adam Morrison
      Adam Morrison  10 months ago


    • Adam Morrison
      Adam Morrison  11 months ago

      yes. it actually is more intense in the center ID of the inductor. We can also design and build custom inductors to heat almost any geometry. We can actually 3D print copper inductors/coils.

  • 723lion
    723lion Year ago +1

    omg he used his bare hand

  • Paja Pajic
    Paja Pajic Year ago

    odvrnuo sraf sjebao glavu i blok motora usled pregrevanja tu je doslo do krivljenja i napuknuca

  • joandar1
    joandar1 Year ago +1

    Great tool! I must admit though I will have to wait until I win the Lottery before I can afford the $15,000 US to buy one. I will just have to battle away with the Oxy for now.
    John, Australia.
    PS It will be closer to 20K by the time it gets here and the Govt has its bit!!

    • erik61801
      erik61801 3 months ago

      you can make something like that using premium components for maybe 1.5-2k

  • Nofer Trunions
    Nofer Trunions Year ago

    Was that a stud with a nut or a bolt with stud coming out of the top of the bolt head? IF it was a stud, would you remove the head and then use the heater on the stud close to the block deck? - or still heat the block?

  • навигатор 54

    Сколько стоит девайс?

    WHITE SHADOW Year ago

    На горячую нельзя снимать!!!

  • Scotty K
    Scotty K Year ago

    You will warp the head if you carry on doing that

  • ник ники
    ник ники Year ago +1

    Даэто просто охуенно! Мощность просто калосальна!

  • Dalton’s Equipment

    Yeah I would never spot heat a block to the point of glowing.

    • Brad Beining
      Brad Beining 7 months ago +3

      Dalton’s Equipment neither would I. Don't care what they say .

  • Saul Marroquin
    Saul Marroquin Year ago

    Asi pues siiii diria el tornillo😆😆

  • Lạnh Giá
    Lạnh Giá Year ago


  • MotorClassics
    MotorClassics Year ago +3

    In addition to the description it works because of the difference in contraction rates after heating caused by the corrosion acting like an insulator for heat penetrating the housing...that difference cracks the corrosive bond.

  • Steve 0861
    Steve 0861 Year ago

    Nice but the heat should have went through that ratchet and burned his hand. No rubber handle, lol

    • Adam Morrison
      Adam Morrison  Year ago +1

      The ratchet was only in contact with the hot fastener for less than 30 seconds. The distance between the nut and the area where the hand was in contact with the extension is several inches. Steel is not a very good conductor of heat. It would have taken several minutes of for any appreciable heat to be measured at the end of the extension. Further this would also require that the temperature of the fastener not loose any heat at all during that time. The fastener temperature at the time the ratchet was applied was only about 150C. Due to the length of the extension and the thermal losses due to convection, conduction and radiation. the end of the ratchet would have never gotten any hotter and 3-4C above ambient.

  • loopie007
    loopie007 Year ago

    Not sure that all that heating will not change the hardness of the bolt or engine block. P.S. Always pull with a wrench, don't push. Your knuckles will thank you.

  • R C Nelson
    R C Nelson Year ago

    This is yuge!

  • Rose White
    Rose White Year ago

    I don't think the explanation above is correct as you say the stud only elongates which reduces its diameter. how can it elongate when it is locked solidly in a circular wedge?
    I think the loosening occurs because the heating increases the diameter of the bolt and crushes the corrosion to release it?

    • Hampus Lytz
      Hampus Lytz 8 months ago

      @Adam Morrison I actually never heard of this before, very interesting! Does that mean that you could heat and cool bolts to a lesser degree than the temps in this video, bu repeat tje process several times to get the same effect? (Slightly shrinking stud diameter)

    • Adam Morrison
      Adam Morrison  Year ago

      The bolt attempts to grow radially, but it can't because it is constrained by the cooler surrounding material, which does not expand. The only way the bolt can move is axially, which causes it to temporarily stretch. When it cools, the diameter is ever so slightly smaller than the original.

  • DiEsEl LoVeR
    DiEsEl LoVeR Year ago +1

    I think you cam easily damage the head surface heating it so much

    • francismartinevans
      francismartinevans 2 months ago

      Regardless of the remachining.... I also believe that you will damage the castings with excessive heat. And ... . Each and every Bolt / nut / stud that you heat red hot will have a significant amount of tensile strength reduction. Perhaps 20-40% ...... A magnificent tool though..... But I'd be using it rather conservatively.... If I could afford one.

    • Carpe diem
      Carpe diem 5 months ago

      @Asif Lohar Why would you resurface the head or block when it's still flat? Engines get opened because all of reasons.

    • Asif Lohar
      Asif Lohar Year ago

      Simone Cassino you're going to machine the block and head surface anyways! Geez you just don't think before making a stupid comment! I just cant stand how dumb that was! I need a walk and maybe a drink after that comment!

  • shamrai
    shamrai Year ago

    Hi! Where can I buy this unit and how much is it? Thanks.

    • 51HankySpanky
      51HankySpanky 3 months ago

      I would be more concerned with how much the electric bill will be.

  • OldSkool 55F100
    OldSkool 55F100 Year ago +2

    Nice... Wish it didn't cost 10k.

    • Zeksteve
      Zeksteve 10 months ago

      You can build one with a microwave transformer

  • tractor man TP
    tractor man TP Year ago

    wow ,cool!

  • Caseko CSK
    Caseko CSK Year ago

    How do you know when it's already reached 650C?

    • erik61801
      erik61801 3 months ago +1

      touch it.

    • Adam Morrison
      Adam Morrison  Year ago +2

      Due to our 100 years of experience heating metals, most of our process engineers can determine the steel/iron temperature simply by looking at the color. Testing has also been conducted in which the heated components have been instrumented with thermocouples to measure and record the temperatures during the heating process.

  • Griffon 327
    Griffon 327 Year ago +7

    smart guy not only has the proper tool but using a short handle ratchet that he cannot possibly generate enough torque to snap a bolt off with.. too many times I see a guy with 1/2 drive socket and a reducer
    and 1 inch breaker bar with a 10 foot cheater pipe on it to remove stubborn bolts instead of working smart and using heat ..

  • immrnoidall
    immrnoidall Year ago

    does anyone here remember the times we had to actually go down to a library to find out how to fix things or find out about new tools like this?

    • immrnoidall
      immrnoidall Year ago +1

      i have a chiltons book for every vehicle i had back then . look up "fix brakes", and would say something super basic like, "replace old parts with new ones",and have a cartoon picture. lol

    • Chris Di Domizio
      Chris Di Domizio Year ago

      I used to go to the public library and order books(they didn't have much). The ones I couldn't get, my mom would get them from the city (Toronto). Learning took so much time based on how you interpreted it and you couldn't get the pages dirty. Stilll read in the operations/parts/service manual on the heavy equipment and I used Microfiche when I worked on aircraft(2008). Still love to read-I even read all the comments.

  • What you mean Thirsty?

    Use a real wrench...

      MUCKFOOT Year ago +3

      What you mean Thirsty? Hes trying not to snap the bolt off. Thats the whole point.

  • R Yeckley
    R Yeckley Year ago


  • Spasquicky modt
    Spasquicky modt Year ago +7

    is the steel not damaged??? you need to tempered the steel again... if you don't you will have a break in few year

    • Spasquicky modt
      Spasquicky modt Year ago +2

      Adam Morrison nice thank ypu for your answer adam. Good work

    • Adam Morrison
      Adam Morrison  Year ago +20

      The head bolts should be replaced after heating as they are heated to almost 1000C. However there are no issues with heating the side of the engine skirt/block as it is cast iron and is not a heat treated part from the factory. The iron casting actually gets stress relieved after casting at a similar temperature as was used in the video. The engine block was only heated to approximately 650C, well below the metallurgical transformation temperature of the cast iron.

  • joe Bender
    joe Bender Year ago

    How much current does it draw?

    • Adam Morrison
      Adam Morrison  Year ago

      The induction heater used in the video is an Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic 5kW TOCCOtron AC, It is powered from a 230V, 400V or 460V 3-phase source. It draws 10 amps from a 460V 3-phase input at full rated output. It is a very powerful and efficient machine.

  • That Old Bob
    That Old Bob Year ago +1

    Before taking off heated nuts I clean the thread in front of the nut because the nut still could ruin the thread on the way down
    Very good tool

    • Alex1911
      Alex1911 Year ago

      They removed a stud, so cleaning threads for a nut is irrelevant.

    • trillrif axegrindor
      trillrif axegrindor Year ago +1

      nice but irrelevant,these studs will be pitched into the trash once they cool

  • Jim Vogiatzis
    Jim Vogiatzis Year ago +5

    cool but he is using a small drive like 3/8 --i would use 1/2 drive to take it out-but great tool

    • Jim Vogiatzis
      Jim Vogiatzis Year ago

      yes good answer adam

    • trillrif axegrindor
      trillrif axegrindor Year ago +3

      and you would also break the stud off, very annoying and ineffective.

    • Adam Morrison
      Adam Morrison  Year ago +5

      Thanks Jim, We actually used a short 3/8" drive socket wrench to further demonstrate the great reduction in required torque to remove a seized bolt.

  • marko cynamon
    marko cynamon Year ago +1

    A torch works just as well and I don't like getting the block red hot....
    It might weaken the steel perhaps ?


    Wont this effect tje structural integrity

    • Adam Morrison
      Adam Morrison  10 months ago +1

      @Zeksteve correct, but the heat is necessary to break the corrosive bonds allowing the old head stud to be removed without breaking it and thus requiring are more costly and time consuming repair.

    • Zeksteve
      Zeksteve 10 months ago

      @Adam Morrison most engines do call for new head bolts after removing them since they are designed to stretch as you torq them

    • Adam Morrison
      Adam Morrison  Year ago

      No. The temperature used is well below the metallurgical transformation temperatures of the metals being heated. However we would recommend replacing the head bolts with new after heating and removing them.

  • Dave F.
    Dave F. Year ago +1

    That there fancy induck thingy e magig looks like my bar be qu fire starter thingy .the kid from home alone used same thingy to fry Joe pesshie's hand PS don't drink the cool aid or the yellow snow

    • DarkShadowsX5
      DarkShadowsX5 4 months ago

      (comment with a bunch of random nonsense. )

  • Markus Tutus
    Markus Tutus Year ago

    easy, but you have professional tools :)

  • Awakened citizen
    Awakened citizen Year ago +1


    • Zeksteve
      Zeksteve 10 months ago

      It's actually how they heat treat bolts, that round thing has a ton of electricity flowing through it. It's actually how high end modern stoves work

  • السلام عليكم Eabeyd

    please give me price

    • Adam Morrison
      Adam Morrison  Year ago

      A system as shown in the video has a manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP) of $15,000 USD (Exworks USA)

  • Jacob Hodkinson
    Jacob Hodkinson 2 years ago +1

    what kind of sockets are those? I have never seen them before.

    • turbominivan60
      turbominivan60 Year ago +2

      GearWrench 891226 25 Piece 1/2-Inch Drive (30mm) Pass Thru Ratchet Set with Locking Flex-Head

    • CC Concepts
      CC Concepts Year ago

      I was wondering the same thing.

  • السلام عليكم Eabeyd

    please i need one heat
    give me price

  • B Simpson
    B Simpson 2 years ago +1

    Wow, thats works!

  • db2loud
    db2loud 2 years ago

    it might be cheaper to use then a torch but if you're good with the torch you should never need that especially after already being invested with a torch

  • Quadarius Richardson
    Quadarius Richardson 2 years ago

    I have 96 maxima that's doing this and I'm getting the water pump fix but they can't get to it do to this. Would this work for me?

  • David The Mechanic
    David The Mechanic 2 years ago +21

    way better than a blow torch

  • manuel luz
    manuel luz 3 years ago +3

    what if the block is aluminum?

    • brucenoneyabusness
      brucenoneyabusness Year ago +1

      Smokey Burnout2500hd if you can get a grip on it... It'll work. Heat it red hot, let it cool. Listen for the click... carefully remove it might need to go back and forth a few times to get the threads free

    • Smokey Burnout2500hd
      Smokey Burnout2500hd Year ago

      I got a broken glowplug i wonder if this would help

    • Adam Morrison
      Adam Morrison  Year ago +2

      Great question! Contrary to popular belief, induction heating can heat any electrically conductive material, including aluminum, copper, gold, silver, etc... The material does not have to be magnetic in order to be heated by induction. The process only takes longer (2-5X as long) when heating none magnetic materials such as aluminum. For this application heating of the engine block is not necessary, even for the cast iron block. It was just demonstrated to speed up the process. It is possible to get the same results by heating only the head bolt and allowing time for the heat to conduct all the way down the length of the bolt.

    • brucenoneyabusness
      brucenoneyabusness Year ago +1

      Alexey Gerasimov yes, very dangerous to spot heat a cast iron or aluminum block. Induction heating the bold alone will definitely the job, differintal heating and cooling will break the bond on the bolt/nut/stud without heating the cast part.

    • Alexey Gerasimov
      Alexey Gerasimov Year ago +6

      Isn't it dangerous to heat block to red hot? Could it produce cracks?

  • frothywalrus
    frothywalrus 3 years ago +15

    That was amazing.