Driving a Mclaren Race Car at the Top Gear Test Track

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • Driving a Mclaren 570s GT4 race car around the Dunsfold Aerodrome, aka the Top Geat Test Track! What an absolutely amazing opportunity! This was my first time behind the wheel of a real GT race car and hopefully won't be the last!
    Mclaren Shadow finals will be broadcast 7pm GMT, Saturday 14th December.

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Comments • 1 095

  • Super GT
    Super GT  Month ago +609

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all of the overwhelmingly positive comments on this video! Getting opportunities like this in a real race car is simply awesome and I hope it can lead to even more similar opportunities in the future. As corny as it sounds, thank you for being part of this journey.

    • Vincent PR
      Vincent PR Month ago

      Forza 7 Worst Experience On This Game july 2k18 : Steeve "This track is a crime to motorsport" x) im ded of def

    • Xtriko
      Xtriko Month ago +1

      Your not corny. You are just being honest. Happy for you!

    • Bryan Pacelli
      Bryan Pacelli Month ago

      Couldn’t be happier for you Steve. Lots of hard work paying off.

    • Heracross
      Heracross Month ago

      Your very welcome man! It's awesome to see you progress in life! Cheers grom Hungary!

    • Elie
      Elie Month ago

      you did great, keep it up

  • phutureproof
    phutureproof Day ago

    What a car, what a driver, what a great youtube channel

  • Lucas Santos
    Lucas Santos 2 days ago

    congratz mate. nice driving. im back to sin racing because of you. love the vids.

  • Rory Johnson
    Rory Johnson 2 days ago

    Just awesome man. I keep plugging away on gt sport, just trying to get over stupid penalties. Keep on you will be doing this for seasons to come.

  • Michael Nunya
    Michael Nunya 4 days ago

    Favorite part....the spin.

  • RIF TV
    RIF TV 6 days ago

    What an experience for you. Hope you enjoyed it. A real Dream to drive one of this cars.

  • TehUltimateBlazer
    TehUltimateBlazer 7 days ago

    Great driving!

  • Jonathan Flores
    Jonathan Flores 9 days ago

    Hum... Come to think of it... You look a bit like Gigguk, SuperGT. Either way, glad to see you duking it out for reals without dying by death.

  • AFishBicycle
    AFishBicycle 10 days ago

    The graphics are incredible

  • Atte
    Atte 11 days ago

    Whats top gear?

  • BattleCry 333
    BattleCry 333 12 days ago +1

    14:52 It wouldn't be England without some good old drum and bass...

  • Jj Dl
    Jj Dl 12 days ago +1

    So what you're saying is that you went in a car more expensive than your house and you also went faster than your car, on top gear?

  • sam shaw 64
    sam shaw 64 12 days ago +1

    Old top gear was the best

  • paul white
    paul white 13 days ago

    Awesome, I love this track. My fav track from GT 5, I'd love to see it in GT Sport. You got to drive the real car on the real track and put in great lap times too. Great vid.

  • hallle hopperinged
    hallle hopperinged 13 days ago +1

    Do you think your experience playing racing games helped you get a faster lap by much or not a lot?

  • stacey godbold
    stacey godbold 13 days ago

    Absolutely awsome !!!! I’m really impressed 👌🏻

  • Hussein Horack
    Hussein Horack 14 days ago


  • Larsson
    Larsson 14 days ago +1

    Just a little curious, how does it feel if you compare with the games then?

  • Artur
    Artur 14 days ago +1

    And another 570s with broken windshield. At the exact same place.

  • Mystic Soul
    Mystic Soul 14 days ago

    oh wow :)

  • Mathias Blak
    Mathias Blak 15 days ago

    The short shifting is real

  • Roger Bass
    Roger Bass 15 days ago

    My God, WHAT is all that SQUEAKING? Seats? Plastics? Hopefully you could t hear it while driving.

  • Michael Griffin
    Michael Griffin 16 days ago

    Really enjoy your videos SuperGT. I think you and Jimmer are my 2 fav youtube racers by far. Both different in so many ways and its great :) have a great 2020 and ill be watching on :)

  • Not _UwU
    Not _UwU 16 days ago

    Well, you did survive the first corner.

  • Joao Zamite
    Joao Zamite 16 days ago

    Good job. A lot of maturity there in analysis. Keep it up, good work.

  • ttirrem2000
    ttirrem2000 16 days ago

    Don't let off after Hammerhead. Take that strip to the tire wall full speed. Like the Stig

  • Ricardo Hidalgo G.
    Ricardo Hidalgo G. 16 days ago

    Great video, but something important is missing and that everybody may be expecting; How was the driving experience in the real car versus GT Sport? I know by personal experience that there's many things you can't feel in a sim game, but there is also a lot of similarities, please explain your perspective!

  • Pequod
    Pequod 17 days ago

    I thought you "green screened" yourself to a Forza horizon 4 screenshot

  • OnceYouPop YouCantStop

    Crazy Graphics in this "Super GT" game!!!!

  • Antonio CGonzález
    Antonio CGonzález 21 day ago

    That was veery cool, nice driving

  • Nils Verbeeck
    Nils Verbeeck 21 day ago

    Very cool but your hair is very disrespectful at the end....

  • MrMicheliinMan - GFX Designer

    Top gear track !

  • Joseph Frank
    Joseph Frank 23 days ago

    22:55 !

  • Greg
    Greg 24 days ago +1

    Hey how tall are you, I'm 6'4 wonder if I'd even fit in that lol

    • Greg
      Greg 23 days ago +1

      @Super GT haha good to know if the opportunity ever approaches lol ! You did very well btw man, my heart was racing for you. Good to see a gamer race in real life. Glad I found your channel, merry christmas man and look forward to more content :)

    • Super GT
      Super GT  23 days ago +2

      I'm about 6ft or 6ft1, at 6ft4, it would be tough for you to fit!!

  • Clean2jz
    Clean2jz 25 days ago

    What game is this? The graphics look amazing

  • Razgriz2118
    Razgriz2118 27 days ago

    Hey Super GT, since this video is a week old idk if you'll see my comment or not, but I wanted to congratulate you for how far you've come and all the opportunities you've had. I've watched you since back when Forza Motorsport 6 was the main game you played, and it's awesome seeing you keep growing and getting these opportunities. I'm a bit of a lurker, but here's to you getting more things like this in 2020!

    • Super GT
      Super GT  23 days ago +1

      Many thanks, much appreciated!

  • Mohamed majeed
    Mohamed majeed 27 days ago

    Great as usual overall you did mamazing

  • MrDaHawk
    MrDaHawk 28 days ago

    Impressed, more by how impressed the other drivers were of you. You know when you hear “smooth” you got something. Bravo, I think you a real race car driver and not just a lucky sim driver. Oh, the other thing, unless you are putting on a show, you seem humble and confident, not cocky, another thing to respect, good on you.

  • Gabriel C. Sousa
    Gabriel C. Sousa 28 days ago

    Almost an McLaren Shadow Realm

  • Jake Oakley
    Jake Oakley Month ago

    You lucky duck! That looks awesome, I'm jealous!

    • Jake Oakley
      Jake Oakley 29 days ago

      Might be a stupid question @SuperGT, but you enjoyed it, didn't you?

  • bratuul
    bratuul Month ago

    we dont deserve this content honestly... grats on 300k my guy

  • Adam Gil
    Adam Gil Month ago

    You span off and binned it so they tell you to park the car or it just happened to be your last lap anyway?

    • Super GT
      Super GT  Month ago

      It was the last lap anyway.

  • Wajdi Belhadhj
    Wajdi Belhadhj Month ago

    at 06:50 that was a good driving there. almost lost it but he got it under control

  • Joey Baldarelli
    Joey Baldarelli Month ago

    Wow where's that come from? Mega lap!

  • rainey06au
    rainey06au Month ago

    Awesome effort Steve, best part is watching you treat the car and the experience with such great respect. Well done!

  • AJHD
    AJHD Month ago

    Will Alex Albon 2.0 ever become an F1 driver?🙄🤔

  • Nelandra Haskoro
    Nelandra Haskoro Month ago

    the car is very squeaky

  • Virtual Turismo
    Virtual Turismo Month ago


  • Alwin Reid
    Alwin Reid Month ago

    How much wheel resistance was there? Looks like quite a bit.

  • TactialF1sh
    TactialF1sh Month ago +1

    What the hell... I always thought you were a white dude in your mid 40 s not Alex Albon

  • Corrupt Central
    Corrupt Central Month ago

    Anyone else hearing Jeremy's voice when he goes over every one of the corners?

  • Thomas Mitchell
    Thomas Mitchell Month ago +2

    Awesome to see this bro, I’m sure this was a dream come true, and it’s very well deserved after all of these quality videos you provide for us. Congratulations!

  • Rhodes Snell
    Rhodes Snell Month ago

    It’s so squeaky

  • iceagecoming
    iceagecoming Month ago

    you're proper quick mate. I think if you stuck that last lap you would have been nearly overall fastest in comparison to the shadow competitors

    • Super GT
      Super GT  Month ago

      It would have been close I think. I was about 6 tenths off the fastest and my laps were getting quicker on that last stint. Who knows? I'd like to think the 14 would have been done on that last lap.

  • Branimir Čavlović

    Wait what position were you in? (I'm guessing 6ckth)

  • actng
    actng Month ago

    is the windshield cracked?
    and the rear view mirror is not needed?

  • TheUntalentedGamer
    TheUntalentedGamer Month ago

    I wanna go fast

  • Urban POV
    Urban POV Month ago

    First impression.. Perfect Kamera Angle! Spot on POV 👌 Edit: The second stint was awesome even with the new POV. Thank you for sharing your experience 🙏

  • Jeff Bourgeois
    Jeff Bourgeois Month ago

    well done Steve!

    although, that guy basically told you that you're not as good as you think you are lol

  • C-woods121
    C-woods121 Month ago

    I literally love 5 minutes away from the top gear test track and drive past it everyday and never see anything happening 😂then I see youtubers posting stuff there!