Steve Harvey Helps Million Dollar Matchmaker Patti Stanger Figure Out What Kind Of Man She Wants

  • Patti Stanger spends so much time finding love matches for others, she hasn't been able to find one herself! Let's see what Steve Harvey can do about this.
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Comments • 80

  • Mr Slate
    Mr Slate 8 days ago

    She's a contrepreneur

  • Jess Connelly
    Jess Connelly 2 months ago +1

    57 it's not happening babe

  • Adrian M
    Adrian M 10 months ago

    Feminism ruined relationships

  • M.Margerum
    M.Margerum 10 months ago

    The cape is on

  • Tammi Lynn
    Tammi Lynn 10 months ago

    I so agree with these two💪🏽

  • Leonardo Da Kimchi
    Leonardo Da Kimchi 11 months ago +2

    Lol she is looking for smart men....yet she's single and giving advice and matching other single women? RED FLAG.

  • denisse almonte
    denisse almonte 11 months ago

    So to be loved you have to stroke his ego basically.

  • Jimmy Darcy
    Jimmy Darcy 11 months ago

    The PROBLEM STEVE is that.....
    If SOME men get a Good deal...then Good on them

  • Jsmum
    Jsmum 11 months ago +1

    California men, "Lazy Lions" they don't want to get off the couch and get the girl. East coast!!!

  • Luana B
    Luana B 11 months ago +1

    Kill the spider, no, take it out😂😂

  • Liz Xu
    Liz Xu 11 months ago +1

    she looks like an older lana del rey

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 11 months ago

    I have a house, but I would love a better one. 😘

  • W. Noel Robbins
    W. Noel Robbins 11 months ago +2

    It seems that the epidemic of absent fatherhood and dysfunctional parenting relationships have dismantled the culture of coutship. I am interested in this very topic from an academic perspective. There is more to trends in dating behavior than meets the eye.

  • MTF
    MTF 11 months ago +1

    Manipulate?? Really Steve? “....and for that reason, I’m out” Lol

  • Real Talk with Tina
    Real Talk with Tina 11 months ago

    I want to see who she was hooked up with where are the other videos

  • Zaida Villegas
    Zaida Villegas 11 months ago +2

    Thank you Steve for helping her. I've watched her for a little while now and I want her to have good things too not just her clients. Love you two talking!

  • Shanta Miller
    Shanta Miller 11 months ago

    "I want you to walk on this side. In case something happens, got you." I want that kind of man.

  • Fanty Morfa
    Fanty Morfa 11 months ago

    Most ugly dress I have ever seen ...lately.
    What a irony.....a matchmaker with no partner.😊

  • Divine Rae
    Divine Rae Year ago

    I thought she was engaged back in the start of her show?

  • MrsBungle78
    MrsBungle78 Year ago +1

    I watched a show or something once that used a “pickle jar” analogy- ie. let your man open the pickle jar for you occasionally. You may even be able to do it yourself, but on occasion, call for your man to do something for you. It makes them feel useful & needed. My boyfriend at the time watched this show with me so whenever I was in a situation where I had a jar that was hard to open or a dish was up too high I’d say “pickle jar” & we’d laugh & he’d do whatever it was that I needed & he’d thank me- half in a sarcastic, joking way but half seriously because he knew I was trying to let him feel needed! It was a simple, silly little thing but we both understood the concept & it’s value...& it was good for our relationship.

  • It's Never Personal
    It's Never Personal Year ago +2

    She’s single because her energy is very masculine/propelling/forward motion. Probably makes men feel like they have no room in her life

    • Jsmum
      Jsmum 11 months ago +2

      Jewish men like a strong woman who's alpha.

  • Karma Sweet
    Karma Sweet Year ago +3

    A single matchmaker= a skinny chef!

  • Shawn P
    Shawn P Year ago +7

    I hate when older people talk about how younger people are. Y’all had it easy back then. Hell, college was like $100 a semester 😂 gas was cheap, etc etc. y’all mfs the reason we’re in debt now. We have so much more pressure than you all

  • Blackheartz Burn
    Blackheartz Burn Year ago

    Pattie needs to stfu kuz she hit the wall an that's why she's single lol

  • Nella N
    Nella N Year ago

    How does Steve know where the guys Are? Is there an app that these men are signing up to just waiting for him to click on?

  • taurus queen
    taurus queen Year ago

    i need a million dollar man lol

  • Valerie Linares
    Valerie Linares Year ago +3

    The comment Steve makes about, the woman does everything for herself and the guy's left asking himself, "well damn, what am I supposed to do?"
    I have a guy friend who takes initiative to do things. I never ask for him to carry my luggage, but he takes initiative. I don't always ask for him to get the thing on the high shelf, but, when he sees that's what I need, he takes initiative. Granted, he doesn't always take initiative. But, when he sees I need some help in some way, he takes initiative. I do tend to be the type that, "I can do it all myself." Mostly because I feel like I grew up in an environment where I had to do it all myself. But, I appreciate that my friend takes initiative to do those things, even to the point where he insists to do them for me when I'm being stubborn, thinking I can do it myself. He does it in a way that's authoritative but still respectful. I think more men should be that way.

  • Valerie Linares
    Valerie Linares Year ago +1

    Steve, men like YOU don't read. I definitely know men that read. My dad was an avid reader, and I know other men who enjoy reading as well.

    • Jsmum
      Jsmum 11 months ago +1

      But they do not read self help books!

  • jbond5150
    jbond5150 Year ago

    Hes an idiot.

  • Edward Chapel
    Edward Chapel Year ago +1


  • Braylon Lee
    Braylon Lee Year ago

    I would like to read the book for men.

  • montgal52
    montgal52 Year ago +1

    Many women keep selling themselves short is because, often, (a) they set the bar low; and (b) they pay attention to the wrong attribute when deciding to choose a mate. This is the bad habit of women Steve is talking about. According the guest, it is 'age'. No. It is not age. A 35 year old woman can fall prey like a 19 year old woman (who is actually still a child). .

  • montgal52
    montgal52 Year ago +1

    What Patti said was BS. The first thing she is looking for, as with many women, is "looks". "Smart" comes in at a distant fourth. You can be dumb as a rock and good-looking, and have women drool over you. Patti was not being honest with herself.

  • Maureen Ikwueme
    Maureen Ikwueme Year ago

    Steve makes sense

  • 1luvlylola
    1luvlylola Year ago

    I loooove PATTI!!!!

  • marto256
    marto256 Year ago

    Walk on the curb lil bih, cars kills #MeToo

  • MrJimmy3459
    MrJimmy3459 Year ago

    If you can't even maintain a relationship yourself you have not business giving or setting up people.....................

    • Hélia Alves
      Hélia Alves Year ago

      We usually give good advice but struggle to follow it ourselves. She is a nice matchmaker even if she is single.

  • bl 1821
    bl 1821 Year ago

    Stop blaming the younger generation for going over guys houses at “11 at night”. Stop blaming the younger generation for EVERYTHING. that’s so annoying people don’t know better if they aren’t taught better. That’s facts. Teach us how to work hard and not settle. And she acting like women her age got it all together. Yeah right divorce rate still high. Women doing stuff by themselves. Some women that age settle for any type of man too especially cause they older. And tired of waiting so idk wtf she talking bout.

  • Sean Lewis
    Sean Lewis Year ago

    If you have $$$$ your in. Woman ask too much of us men nowadays

  • Wagner Nogueira
    Wagner Nogueira Year ago +6

    I'm so glad that i have listened guys like Patrice O'Neal before i listen to this guy.

  • Poo Poo Face
    Poo Poo Face Year ago

    I love Steve, I read his books, did what he said and now I’m happily married !! :) I let him be the man of the house and it’s all worked out so well!

  • Elena Rotestan
    Elena Rotestan Year ago

    Tough society nowadays but never lower your values, beleives and yourself. The right person eventually comes along. Be patient and kind. 😃

  • Chiara - Culture With Coco

    That moment when Steve Harvey offers to match The Millionaire Matchmaker XD I'll be watching...

  • Chiara - Culture With Coco

    I'm not Patti's age, nor am I 18-23, but since online dating has become so easily accessible over the years... let's face it, we didn't have tinder ten years ago, so it was more over facebook or several messy websites... Probably the most contact you can get without your phone would be a club or at a bar (and let's face it, most people aren't sober there.) You just don't meet people at the library, a park or at the supermarket anymore. I met my guy five years ago, just when Tinder was becoming a thing, but to be honest, if I was single tomorrow I would be totally clueless. It isn't going to change anytime soon, so we just have to live with it. It has its perks for sure, safety (?sometimes) and you can weed through the partners you don't find attractive but you could also miss a partner who might be the right guy for you mentally. On the other hand, not everybody is look for "THE ONE" online. I wouldn't even blame it on young girls ruining the game, it's just technology these days. I guess you just have to date more... and be clear one what you want to find... :-)

  • Perla Adame
    Perla Adame Year ago

    Eeeew she has soo much done on her face I barely recognized her. Cringe face

  • SayWhaat234
    SayWhaat234 Year ago

    OMG I cant wait to see this 😀😀 i loved her show too. Hopefully she will do another season

  • Carlita Bonita
    Carlita Bonita Year ago

    Great video

  • sharpaycutie2
    sharpaycutie2 Year ago +3

    I feel men and women have both lowered their standards for themselves.

  • Gloria Mutoni
    Gloria Mutoni Year ago

    I heard that men fear to approach relationship bloggers and match's a mystery really

  • Mathy Math
    Mathy Math Year ago +4

    i can't write book to men cuz men don't read

  • My own little world
    My own little world Year ago +1

    She looks so much like the indian actress Katrina!!!!

  • Simply Lyzzie
    Simply Lyzzie Year ago

    I miss her show ughhhh

  • Noir Mariposa
    Noir Mariposa Year ago +10

    My boo drove 3 hours (x2 =6 round trip) to have a 4 hour brunch and chill with me for our first date . But he is in his 50’s , I am almost 40 . I still had to set the tone with him . He recognized what I wanted and told me to be hard on him bc he wants someone that feels like she is worth it .

    • Noir Mariposa
      Noir Mariposa Year ago

      Voice Of Reason 4U meaning : he’s willing to date with intention of long term or just hang out . I let him know what my expectations were .

  • Lisa Edwards
    Lisa Edwards Year ago +2

    But why the spider has to die tho?

  • daisy rivera
    daisy rivera Year ago +1

    Tisk tisk 🤔

  • Camille Boutt'e
    Camille Boutt'e Year ago

    What in the @#$& did she do to her face? 😶

  • Wendy Knox-Leet
    Wendy Knox-Leet Year ago +11

    She will die lonely and childless. Her work is her life, fame is her lover. I think she does not really want a relationship. I do not think she is willing to compromise for anyone. I have had children and husbands, now at 68 I enjoy my family and friends and I have no need for a man. In my old age, with my own money I do not need a man anymore. The last thing I want is a man and all his baggage. Friends are great, but a lover? No more. As an elder, I rely on my own resources.

    • Keinia Sharp-Bucknor
      Keinia Sharp-Bucknor Year ago

      What does that have to do with her?? Those are YOUR desires...

    • Lady Catfish
      Lady Catfish Year ago +1

      +Wendy Knox-Leet Oh ok, cool. Good for you.

    • Wendy Knox-Leet
      Wendy Knox-Leet Year ago +1

      Michele Lanham just my opinion. She has no children and was adopted. I do not think anyone needs a man. I dont

    • Tosin Ojo
      Tosin Ojo Year ago +2

      hm interesting. I would like to make a lot of money and leave a lot for my children too. So i basically want to be like you when i am older, but with a husband, to grow old with. Just like my parents. I also think the lady is too old to change now, she will most likely be single or date and break up occasionally.

    • Wendy Knox-Leet
      Wendy Knox-Leet Year ago

      SayWhaat234 it is not rude, it is a truth. She has never been married nor will she have children. That is a fact. Her life lacks that balance and that effort. She has fame and money. For me that would never be satisfactory. I also do not see her giving back in any charitable form. When you have wealth and success I feel you need to give back to society with charitable giving. Quietly. I do not publicise my wealth or my charity, but it is on record.

  • GiGi Royal
    GiGi Royal Year ago

    Mr Steve you are awesome. Great advise and love both you and your lovely wife. She is such a lady and you are a gentleman. Thanks so much for this great discussion. I really pray Patti finds her husband.

  • eshesimua
    eshesimua Year ago +8

    Steve is an old man stuck in the past. He only speaks what he knows, no shade just outdated advice. Women are not "traditional" anymore and men are evolving as well. If you want a solid relationship in 2018 you need to be open minded and ready to collaborate

    • Keinia Sharp-Bucknor
      Keinia Sharp-Bucknor Year ago +1

      eshesimua then those are not women...those are girls. Steve is talking about grown folks....not folks that want to teeth and offer their bodies to the first dude that says “hey beautiful”

  • CaapriceTube
    CaapriceTube Year ago +113

    JUST HAVE TO SAY SHE LOOKS AMAZING AT 57. She can pass easily for being in her late-30s. ✌️

    • S
      S 11 months ago

      Lmaoo at Caaprice. Make up does magics

    • Tanya Larsen
      Tanya Larsen 11 months ago

      I love her 😀

    • andrea kleeneze
      andrea kleeneze 11 months ago

      With botox and hair dye, anybody can look younger these days

    • Real Talk with Tina
      Real Talk with Tina 11 months ago

      CaapriceTube all these women discussing her age and there’s always a few that say no she looks older. She looks great end of story... crabs 🦀 in a bucket foreal

    • 69Fabulosity
      69Fabulosity Year ago

      Surgery & money!!!

  • Fatnorth759
    Fatnorth759 Year ago

    Everything he said can be said about women. Except if men don't like it they do their own thing. I'm going let people imagine what their own thing is🍆

  • Me Too
    Me Too Year ago +9

    She's not mate material...end of story
    Young or old has nothing to do with it, it's feminism that's changed everything

    • Jsmum
      Jsmum 11 months ago +2

      There's a lid for every pot. A Jewish man likes an alpha female.

  • Jazzy Jay
    Jazzy Jay Year ago

    I'm looking forward to see the quality of men Steve Harvey has lined up Patty! This should be interesting

  • D Goshay
    D Goshay Year ago +2

    These guys don't even want to kill the spider. Most women can't even get that far with these dudes. You ask for one thing ftom them and they get offendef.

    • Jsmum
      Jsmum 11 months ago

      Then walk! They don't get the golden cookie! Find someone who is good.

  • afrikurl
    afrikurl Year ago +1

    Her hair and her wig are different colors

  • stef eno
    stef eno Year ago


  • Robin Light
    Robin Light Year ago

    My father reads and holds a Bachelors and Masters so he reads. Ok Steve

  • Juanita Michelle
    Juanita Michelle Year ago

    His first point though!?!? WOW. I’ve been singing this song so loudly. I don’t blame the men. I blame the women that came before me for allowing men to treat them the way they try to treat me.

  • Marilyn Jones
    Marilyn Jones Year ago

    Patty is getting uglier. Poor thing.

  • C A
    C A Year ago +1

    Haha, you say those men lead with their negative foot, nah. They just paid you all this money so they're not trying to woo you. They want you to find them hot chicks who are going to be compliant and play a preconceived role to suit their lifestyle. If they just wanted a decent woman, as rich guys they could easily get that. Dont try to snow us that you're in the business of just finding love. No, mam, love is free, once you add money to the equation, things get real cynical, real fast. If this was just about putting awesome people together, you'd have a man.

  • i amissangel mua
    i amissangel mua Year ago +1

    Damn Steve always got the full package guys😍😍😍

  • Katrina M
    Katrina M Year ago +5

    Patty's type of man is a shark, preferrably jewish exactly as she is. Ive seen her ogle at jewish guys on her show and praise them to death. Its sickening. Only a male shark can handle a female shark.

  • King Conscience.
    King Conscience. Year ago +3

    Interesting that she can't find a man but yet her profession is based upon finding love and matching people. It's her niche yet she can't do it for herself. She's the female version of "Hitch" lol...and she has lots going for her so it actually should be easier than someone else who may not have all that she has, on paper. She's attractive, she has an extremely profitable business that makes her millions and yet she can't seem to find and keep a man to marry him??? Hmmm.....🤔

    • What Not To Do At a Stoplight
      What Not To Do At a Stoplight Year ago

      amazonjungle z Decent comparison, but all comparisons are faulty, you can’t really compare. You may think she’s beautiful, successful, etc, but the only thing that matters here is what a potential partner, men, value. I’ll be completely blunt with you; in terms of looks she’s alright, nothing special. She’s a little old and men really value youth and fertility. Her money is meaningless to men, the only men who care are ones who want to feed off her, so count the money and success out if she wants a real relationship. The only thing that her success means, is at least she’s not a bum. Maybe she’s smart, hardworking, that’s good. But a lot of career oriented, successful women turn men off because they are masculine and not feminine. I don’t know her but from watching the video she seems a bit bland as well. I give her a 4/10 in the dating pool. Her chances of finding a man on par with her are not great, she’ll probably have to date a less successful (nothing wrong with that) older man who will love her for her. I’m sorry but Steve Harvey, and pretty much all advice given to women is not helpful. They just say what women want to hear, to please them. The reality is most women are too sensitive and cannot see themselves in a mirror properly or handle the truth too well. Sorry. At first the truth will piss you off, then it’ll set you free. It’s harsh.

    • amazonjungle z
      amazonjungle z Year ago

      LaDiva DeJour. I think,it's the same as,a doctor can't heal himself. He need another doctor to heal him. Yet,he heals thousands of people. A therapist needs another therapist to help her, solve her problems. Yet,she help solving other people's problems. That kind of thing.

    • What Not To Do At a Stoplight
      What Not To Do At a Stoplight Year ago +3

      LaDiva DeJour The problem with her and many women with lots of money is they’ve simply placed themselves out of the market.
      Here’s a little inside scoop to how things work. Women really only date up or across hierarchies and men are pretty much forced to date down. A woman who makes a lot of money has shrunk her dating pool to the extreme. The guys above her (which aren’t many) are well off and can choose pretty much any woman they want. It doesn’t make sense for them to choose a busy, more masculine (career oriented), older woman when they can land a young and pretty one. That’s why successful (and older woman) have such troubles dating. Most of them are not in touch with their femininity anyways.

  • Jennifer Hill
    Jennifer Hill Year ago

    Id love to find the process Patti finds a man. Im gonna love this

  • Dex Kato
    Dex Kato Year ago +10

    When a man finds a woman that he considers wife material, for example, she is easy to have a conversation with, she takes care of her health, by keeping her weight under control, has common sense, embraces her God given natural beauty, doesn't have any STD'S, has good hygiene, can cook healthy food and make it taste great, is not overly religious, keeps a clean house, and she has feminine energy, a husband will appear to sweep her off of her.

    • Valerie Linares
      Valerie Linares Year ago +3

      It seems like these are your personal preferences and you're projecting your personal preferences onto other men. For example, your preference of "wife material" being, "she's not overly religious," does not apply to men who put God as their first priority... Just saying.

    • SARA
      SARA Year ago +2

      Dex Kato 😂 most black men are just looking for anything non black... she can look like a white/mexican 300 lb beach 🐳, as long as she's non black

    • Hawa Fuseini
      Hawa Fuseini Year ago +3

      Dex Kato black men dont even want to get married not worth the effort you will do all this just to be a single mom

    • 2020Vision
      2020Vision Year ago

      Dex Kato um ok

    • What Not To Do At a Stoplight
      What Not To Do At a Stoplight Year ago +1

      Femme Fatale That’s terrible. Men will easily realize after some time that’s she’s not good for anything else.

  • mickyunit
    mickyunit Year ago +20

    That's true: men don't read. He should do a stand up that addresses this for men 👍

    • mickyunit
      mickyunit Year ago

      What Not To Do At a Stoplight obviously men read...

    • What Not To Do At a Stoplight
      What Not To Do At a Stoplight Year ago +3

      mickyunit More men read than women, let’s not kid ourselves here. Just the old stereotype of treating men as buffoons.

  • Genie Charles
    Genie Charles Year ago

    I really hope she finds love.. partnership is important

  • cindyasters
    cindyasters Year ago +1

    Guys also today have to always be right.

  • APM Gaming
    APM Gaming Year ago

    That y she old😂😂😂....(steve Harvey grammer)

  • New Beginnings
    New Beginnings Year ago +108

    Encourage a man to be a man. Traditional masculine and feminine roles. Thank you Steve!

    • C A
      C A Year ago

      Tianna Miller Typos. I meant "or are you only a feminist when it suits your taste?"

    • Tianna Miller
      Tianna Miller Year ago

      Jacob Reeze what are you talking about ?

    • C A
      C A Year ago

      Tianna Miller Haha, it's your duty to pay for yourself. Feminism says we're equal. Are you not a Feminist? Are only when feminism is convienant for your tastes.

    • Tianna Miller
      Tianna Miller Year ago

      T S exactly. Its quite sickening to be honest. And alot of them take advantage of the fact not much is required of them si they are content sitting back whilst their girlfriend/wife slaves away. This is why studies show that marriage tends to benefit men more than women

    • T S
      T S Year ago +1

      Tianna Miller in addition to working to keep food on the table, while the man sits around doing nothing? That's ridiculous.