America's High Ideals Aren't On Display At U.S. Detention Facilities

  • Published on Jun 26, 2019
  • The President's Customs and Border Protection Commissioner resigned without giving an explanation. Stephen fills in the blanks. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue
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Comments • 7 522

  • Tobias Sundquist
    Tobias Sundquist 17 hours ago

    I'd make a comment about whether or not the simulation is fucked but when we storm Area 51, I imagine we can fix it XD

  • Els
    Els 23 hours ago

    The Child Hotel?

  • nicsandknacksandseans
    nicsandknacksandseans 23 hours ago

    I’ll never get used to BEING the oppressive just feels wrong ...

  • ian jack
    ian jack Day ago

    Stephen colbert for president

  • Joey Parm
    Joey Parm Day ago

    And in other irrelevant news....I'm hankering for a lg steak and cheese sub with sauteed mushrooms

  • Twofoothogie Yum

    Sorry America 😔

  • Doris Sloan25636
    Doris Sloan25636 2 days ago


  • Ryan Chapman
    Ryan Chapman 2 days ago

    "we have very good people" running concentration camps

  • B Mogs
    B Mogs 2 days ago

    Trump...has NO Guts or backbone, he is THE WORST NARCISSIST I have ever had to listen to.

  • Kevin Brady
    Kevin Brady 3 days ago

    Kevin c brady I think Donald trump is doing a great job

  • Jean Jackson
    Jean Jackson 3 days ago +4

    So tired of hearing about Obama, Trump keeps putting the blame on the past, over and over again.......Sick of it, If he does not like his job, then he should move out of the White House........

  • Tom Poster
    Tom Poster 4 days ago

    Dump Trump 2020

  • Jay M
    Jay M 4 days ago

    The most ridiculous and ironic thing about immigration right now is that the reason so many more migrants are coming to the US is because of Trump. Because of everything he has been saying they think it is their last chance before he blocks all immigration.

  • Sargent Rock
    Sargent Rock 5 days ago

    They spelled "concentration camps" wrong. Careful Nazi Dumberica. Karma is a bitch.

  • Adam Nowek
    Adam Nowek 5 days ago

    oof, the mindset that the united states is somehow the planet's last great hope is really damaging to the rest of the world. regardless of which party controls their government.

  • Allen Colvin
    Allen Colvin 5 days ago +3

    "At least I gave my prisoners lotion and a basket" Buffalo Bill

  • Allen Colvin
    Allen Colvin 5 days ago

    What a peice of $hit.."good man, good person"...WOW!!!

  • Helen Hanson
    Helen Hanson 5 days ago +2

    Does Trump come with a return policy?!
    That would be awesome.

  • zxKAOS1
    zxKAOS1 5 days ago +2

    Future strategy for restaurants combating internet and Yelp reviews that are negative....
    _We're not some fancy restaurant with 3-michelon stars. Why would you expect us to have chairs and tables_ :D
    I've stayed at some subpar, $50 motels, and even THEY offered soap!

  • Dennis Vakselis
    Dennis Vakselis 5 days ago

    Remember when these shows were on their knees in front of Obama with his pants down just like Clinton, Democrats know their oral sex

  • Kathy Vogel
    Kathy Vogel 5 days ago

    Trump is unfit to be president. Children are dying for Gods sake.

  • Jim Curram
    Jim Curram 6 days ago

    did Colbert mention those pictures of kids in cages were taken during obama?

  • sebastiano Reinoso
    sebastiano Reinoso 6 days ago

    Mr colbairt I'm Latino and are writing to you from the border. I found a way in..I'm just wondering if I can seek refuge in your home..please reply. on a side not I have 2 kids..get back ASAP.

  • Ange Waters
    Ange Waters 6 days ago

    And which is why you want to deport them BACK to the unbelievable poverty, Drumph?

  • george pasquel
    george pasquel 6 days ago

    at this point Stephen could do a better job as the USA president. no question asked.

  • Fur Ball
    Fur Ball 6 days ago +3

    " THE only family separation is YOURS from the WH"
    Just PURE gold Stephen!! 👍👍👍

  • VeganMarcella andMore
    VeganMarcella andMore 6 days ago +1

    When ever one of his administration gets in trouble, suddenly he's never meet him, he don't know him, never talked to him, what is funny saying that is his MAGA Cult members believe him, hahaha

  • Julianna Sequoyah
    Julianna Sequoyah 7 days ago +1

    Many are coming here because of ORGAN TRAFFICKING!! Would you wait 10 years for papers if you thought your babies were gonna be chopped up and sold on the black market? No, you would not.

  • Julianna Sequoyah
    Julianna Sequoyah 7 days ago

    Text "lights" to 977-79 pass it on. July 12 we stand up against the concentration camps.

  • 天皇老子
    天皇老子 7 days ago

    Good. We should outsource those illegals to Russian gulag management. Bet they’ll never set foot on this land ever again.

  • Rebecca Wagner-Campbell

    Would you consider a subtle message on your show ( or not so subtle)to your viewers to box up toothpaste, toothbrushes and soap to send to to the children detainees. After all a full size tube of toothpaste is only a dollar at the dollar store. We could flood the detention centers with American citizen’s generosity, and send a message that many of us don’t agree with the president’s inhumane policies

  • Maria Guel
    Maria Guel 7 days ago +3

    When he said " we dont need an exit strategy" and that guy in the back laughed. Thats mood everytime I hear Trump Speak

  • Pedro Henryque
    Pedro Henryque 7 days ago

    For fucks sake. The USA is the last hope for the world. Really? I live now in a country that twice had us back coups and we have 60k+ violent deaths every year. Slavery is being legalized thanks to the democratic party's think tanks backing and it's not even the beginning. Fuck the USA.

  • Jeff F
    Jeff F 7 days ago

    Do we still execute traitors?

  • bino mejia
    bino mejia 7 days ago

    You libtards said that the crisis was hope you anderstand it is a real crisis..

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones 8 days ago

    BUILD THE WALL to keep out disease ridden criminal infiltrators.

  • jpcyphers
    jpcyphers 8 days ago

    Hopefully Trump will transfer power when he loses, I kind of tend to doubt he will, just knowing his mental state. Not looking good....

  • Benyamin Yisrael
    Benyamin Yisrael 8 days ago

    politifact found that they existed under bush and Obama...but called them "rare"...which is a spin word to hide the fact that they existed and Trump did not start separations ... also..why are democrats and liberals pushing so hard for the rights of non citizens illegally entering the country?? there are crisis issues affecting REAL citizens and voters that need to be addressed.

  • Gerald Gillespie
    Gerald Gillespie 8 days ago

    Maybe the imagrints can teach trump how to be a human being

  • Puttincomputers
    Puttincomputers 8 days ago

    Wait a second, didn't Trump want to build a wall because a whole bunch of people wanted to come to the US? And I am certain he claimed that the economy was bad at the time. Now he is saying they were not coming 4 years ago because the economy was bad? ROFLOL!!!!

  • jd grim
    jd grim 8 days ago

    These damn immigrants got it better than they ever had it or they wouldn't keep comming u damn stupid democrats

  • tomitstube
    tomitstube 8 days ago

    trump has been in office for 3 years. "it's obama's policy, nothing we can do."

  • John Avery
    John Avery 8 days ago

    I loved the way he called straight up called Trump a liar. He is so sure that Trump will not sue him for defamation because he is a serial liar. I do not even think he knows he is doing it. If Trump ever returns to Scotland we may have to detain him under our Mental Health Act Laws which I think would be for the best !!!!!!

  • Travis Devos
    Travis Devos 8 days ago

    Colbert is a pedophile the truth will come out!

  • Sam Lair
    Sam Lair 8 days ago

    Though global warming naysayers outwardly and angrily deny ‘artificially induced climate change’, that’s just the fear talking thru a “very small hole”. They know as well as the rest of us that a deluge of climate change refugees is inevitable. Indeed, a goodly number of the current group of those stopped at the border are in this category.
    So, those who feel morally righteous now need to ask themselves what’s to been done in the future when our lack of intelligence and weak resolve to combat global warming sends millions and millions more refugees our way?

  • Miriam Spillane
    Miriam Spillane 8 days ago

    All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others, George Orwell.

  • Josie Fox
    Josie Fox 8 days ago

    Last great hope for mankind? What? Adventurism in the Middle East has wrecked the entire Muslim world and made many of them our enemies but your country is the best hope? America caused many of the issues from which Latin Americans are running with their decades of interfence for oil and you are doing the exact same thing to Venezuela right now! Your entire country is corrupted as all hell and now you are torturing refugees. Not a good look Murica.

  • Lotta
    Lotta 8 days ago

    "...he's a good man... never met him... we have some great people running those facilites... never spoke to him..." 😂😂😂🙈🙈🙈 And then he says he ENDED SEPARATIONS!!! 😳😳🙈 And the excuse for abusing children is that the children grow up under terrible conditions... 😳😡😡😡🤢🤮

  • steve cannon
    steve cannon 8 days ago

    Trump could use his old Taj Majal cassino hotel. It's just sitting there empty. The family separation for the Trump family I want to see is Trump, Jr, Eric, and Ivanka to different prisons.

  • Maureen Nolan
    Maureen Nolan 8 days ago

    Separate from the White House, Trump and family.

  • Lees706
    Lees706 8 days ago

    What happened to the Manufactured Crisis at the Southern Border!

  • John Bentley
    John Bentley 8 days ago +2

    the Supreme Vampire has drawn his disciples into his inner circle.
    they enjoy their perks.
    for missing children check the menu at the gilded golf course.

  • Andrea Hennessy
    Andrea Hennessy 8 days ago

    Trump, the jackass, deflects his responsibility at every turn. DOESN'T KNOW HIS BORDER GUY??? Unbelievable.🍅

  • Calico Morgan
    Calico Morgan 8 days ago

    I'm scared.

  • Shaun Lowe
    Shaun Lowe 9 days ago

    Only people who have nvr been to jail. Seem to think its much worse. Having looked at all the pictures and listening to all the coverage. And having myself been in several jails. Atleast 8 over 20 years, maybe more. I know for a fact that jails are worse. An the way innocent americans are housed with rapists & murders. Sleeping on floors because of severe overcrowding. I've slept next to toilets with people who had open sores from staff infections lying just feet away from me. With no blankets pillows tooth paste soap. Very little to eat. Surrounded by gangs. Those people got it easy compared to some of the places I've been.
    And if yall arent careful that dudes going to win a 2nd term. Cause my fellow democrats put to much focus on the wrong issues. And just about every1 thats running sucks. Thier either to far left for the country, or to old.

  • God Father
    God Father 9 days ago

    Obama era photos.

  • Stargazer Gorzo
    Stargazer Gorzo 9 days ago

    What a Moron....the stupidest person on he planet...uh, except for the imbeciles that support him🤪🤪🤪

  • Highland804
    Highland804 9 days ago

    You can tell when tRump is lying. His lips move.

  • Jess Wolfe
    Jess Wolfe 9 days ago +1

    Pretty bad when death row inmates are treated better by this country then the children it stole from their parents. America great yea right America is a country of hypocrites.

  • My notifications ? - don't werk.

    Αmerica's 'high ideal's' are И0Τ on display on : The Late Show with $tephen ¢olbert, NEITHER !

  • yaimavol
    yaimavol 9 days ago

    Do we want open borders or not in this country? Every nation in the world defends their borders, and that includes Mexico and Honduras -- with their own military on their borders. People in South America have been repeatedly warned not to come here illegally, and to use the legal process.

    • yaimavol
      yaimavol 7 days ago

      @Mary Hunter You're right -- it is insane. You do the math 100K a month are coming when we actually have some deportations going on. You tell me how many will come if we just erase all enforcement of our immigration laws? Eliminate ICE etc...

    • Mary Hunter
      Mary Hunter 7 days ago

      @yaimavol - So we either build a wall, or we have to give 200 million people asylum. Don't you realise how stupid that sounds?

    • yaimavol
      yaimavol 8 days ago

      @Mary Hunter Yes, with so many people coming that is the case. Do you want to live in a country of 500 million people? How many more can we take in?

    • Mary Hunter
      Mary Hunter 9 days ago

      Do you really believe there are only two options, an open border or a border closed off by a wall?

  • Paul Burns
    Paul Burns 9 days ago +2

    "Cause we're done so good" ??? I think the pentagon better add grade 5 English as a prerequisite on the president application form ! EVERYBODY is laughing at this fake president !

    • yaimavol
      yaimavol 9 days ago +1

      We need mandatory testing for every elected federal office -- period. You need to prove you know something, before you can run. We've got brain-dead morons in our Congress.

  • walkingdeadman19
    walkingdeadman19 9 days ago +4

    Your country is the last best hope for mankind ... *chuckle*

    • M Boaz
      M Boaz 4 days ago +1

      @gmkbelanger They never acknowledge that there are other countries out there that have the same stuff that the United States has. We get all the stories about everything being awful everywhere else. I think that they know that they could lose all of the population that are currently in debt up to their balls in student loans, if those people saw how easy it was just to move out of the U.S. and never return.

    • neolithic3
      neolithic3 7 days ago +1

      @gmkbelanger 100%! Fully agree with you!

    • walkingdeadman19
      walkingdeadman19 8 days ago +1

      @gmkbelanger yeah, pretty much this. Almost the entire rest of the free world has long overtaken the USA in pretty luch everything, and they still think they're world's shining beacon of freedom and civilisation.

    • gmkbelanger
      gmkbelanger 8 days ago +3

      @walkingdeadman19 I heard that the same way you did. I don't ever disagree with Colbert, but that's too much to swallow. Why does the USA think they are the only democratic nation with free speech and compassionate ideals??? The rest of the Western World and many many countries elsewhere as well have free and fair elections (without gerrymandering and the Electoral College), freedom of speech (without catering to hate speech), universal health care (without astronomical deductibles and obscene prices for drugs) law and order (without tanks for the police, more guns than people. and absurd rates of incarceration), freedom of the press (with the understanding that the press is the safeguard of freedom and transparency), free public education (without private schools siphoning resources and crippling public education), growing economies (without the hideously lopsided gulf between the top 1% and everyone else), healthy, peaceful societies (with human rights for ALL, without entrenched systemic racism, without punishing desperate refugees for their desperation, with access to reproductive health care, and without spending trillions on the world's most bloated military), and advancement in Science and Technology (without suppressing climate change data and ignoring evidence). The USA could benefit from looking around at the rest of us a little more. *rant mode off*

  • R SP
    R SP 9 days ago


  • fabian davey
    fabian davey 9 days ago

    So what if the demarcated party, when to Russia to find dirt on trump, would trump say its Ok, or would tump call Russian lyier and have demarcat investigated for collusion with Russia meddling with the American elections. Yes he will. Say to everyone lock them up.

    • Mary Hunter
      Mary Hunter 7 days ago

      @yaimavol - Okay, perhaps you are not lying but just very dumb. No one paid 'the russians' for info on trump. An American firm was hired. Their employee collected information and reported his findings.
      You've been lied to. No one paid 'the russians'. That would be illegal.
      Mr. Steele just did a job and collected info on Trump while working for a US firm. Why do defenders of Trump always twist the truth? Conspiracy theories usually aren't true. Do some fact checking for a change. It might broaden your horizon.

    • yaimavol
      yaimavol 8 days ago

      @Mary Hunter It's really astonishing the parallel world you live in. Google the Christopher Steele dossier. It's all true.

    • Mary Hunter
      Mary Hunter 9 days ago

      @yaimavol - No, they did not. Don't lie.

    • yaimavol
      yaimavol 9 days ago

      They already did that. In fact, they paid the Russians cash money for the information on Trump. You'd know this if you turned off Colbert and watched real news.

  • Maria Obrien
    Maria Obrien 9 days ago +2

    America has now the most ignorant president in History, he probably has a 4th. grade of education.. What a shame !!!!

    • Yudith Caron
      Yudith Caron 8 days ago

      According to his Wikipedia page, Trump went to university, although, to be fair, he might have been accepted because the dean was a family friend. He even managed to get a BS in Economic.

  • dborg56
    dborg56 9 days ago

    The Trump cree is not smart enough to collude with the Russians. They said “ don’t worry, we can take care of it by ourselves”.

  • dborg56
    dborg56 9 days ago +1

    Hey America, I hope 2020 will be last year we have to deal with this moron you call president. How much more BS can you take or the world for that matter. This is the leader of the free world?

  • gary goosby
    gary goosby 9 days ago

    Brother Colbert

  • Geo Lew
    Geo Lew 10 days ago +8

    Yes, because history has shown us how well torture works on changing people's behavior, not!