The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth - The Bacteriophage

  • Published on May 13, 2018
  • A war has been raging for billions of years, killing trillions every single day, while we don’t even notice. This war involves the single deadliest being on our planet: The Bacteriophage.
    Created with scientific advice and editing by James Gurney.
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    The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth - The Bacteriophage

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    • Demetria Vargas
      Demetria Vargas 4 days ago

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell qqq

    • jennifer pirret
      jennifer pirret 18 days ago +1

      does it cure cancer if so


    • Slakrr Slakrr
      Slakrr Slakrr 18 days ago

      @Francis Casteliogne I know living down under in America Jr makes you Aussies late at reaching humor of the developed world, but 2010 called wondering if you guys had FaceTime yet so they can tell you 2005 wants its joke back.

    • Kira McClinton
      Kira McClinton 20 days ago


    • Conner Saffell
      Conner Saffell 21 day ago


  • Jimy Ch Iskandar
    Jimy Ch Iskandar 4 hours ago

    (3 years ago)
    Kurzgesagt = The antibiotics apocalypse
    Anti-vaxxer = HA WE ARE RIGHT
    (2 years later)
    Kurzgesagt = "Injects bacteriophages and the infection is completely gone."
    Anti-vaxxers = :0 anti-vaxxers has officially change to *anti-phages*

  • Joseph Ozdemir
    Joseph Ozdemir 8 hours ago

    Wouldn't phrases evolve that they could in some point can get in our cells? And use them? Like after bacteria wiped out, wouldnt they try their best to survive?

  • Buddems Morgan
    Buddems Morgan 15 hours ago

    When I look at the name: OH NO, WHY AM I WATCHING THIS
    After the vid is done: ooh. It’s the deadliest being, TO VIRUSES.

  • awsome gamer10112
    awsome gamer10112 16 hours ago

    Video: it’s deadly bacterium
    Video: it can save lives
    Me: stabs myself with phages

  • Erv1s
    Erv1s 18 hours ago

    what about cancer

  • Endless
    Endless Day ago

    Superbugs: We are the most deadliest thing in the world
    Bacteriophage: I'm going to end this mans whole career

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 Hour ago

      @Jimy Ch Iskandar do you underdstand why it has leg like structures, or how that can make sense with such an "organism"

    • Jimy Ch Iskandar
      Jimy Ch Iskandar 4 hours ago

      @nikon12x42 No

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 20 hours ago

      bacteriophage is a hoax

  • The elephant In the room

    What if they somehow learned to kill humans???

  • zach jerret
    zach jerret Day ago

    But the grey goo from tasty planet defeat them easily

  • oğuzhan güler
    oğuzhan güler Day ago

    Bakteri: Ananı siktim insanoğlu.
    Faz: Merhabalar AQ

  • Zypher Zolei
    Zypher Zolei Day ago

    Then bacteriophages evolve to attack humans and the only way for us to sruvive is to trancsend.

  • ItzTrayXxXhere
    ItzTrayXxXhere Day ago

    bacteria: no antibiotics can kill me!!!
    bacteriophage: phages kills the bacteria. TROLOLOLOLOL

    • ItzTrayXxXhere
      ItzTrayXxXhere 21 hour ago

      phage is not antibiotics. cant yo listen? bacteriophages help us kill bacterias.

    • cool38 Moret
      cool38 Moret 21 hour ago

      phages arent antibiotics

  • ItzTrayXxXhere
    ItzTrayXxXhere Day ago

    bacteriophage is not quite as deadly! the bacteriophages help us to kill bacterias. there are 3 different phages and 3 different bacterias!

  • Jino Lim
    Jino Lim Day ago

    Sounds like it could be a video game.

    • nikon12x42
      nikon12x42 20 hours ago

      videogames are more realistic

  • spino tv
    spino tv Day ago

    Pls expalin photosynthesis

  • juha bach
    juha bach Day ago

    God has always helped us in ananymous ways.

  • Andrew Liu
    Andrew Liu Day ago

    Also, even if the bacteria is not resistant to phages , the antibiotic will still work better.

  • Andrew Liu
    Andrew Liu Day ago

    Also, the head is not always an icosahedron; in the T4 podophage used to treat Tom Patterson (read The Perfect Predator) named AbTP3𝚽1, the head is more like a beach ball.

  • ARAB NOVA - عرب نوفا

    casper cas 9 is a bacterial defence mechanism
    we are benefiting from bacteria too ,to kill cancer and other deadly viruses

  • 생각하는소리

    How So cute and heroic micro rego they are ㅋㅋㅋㅋ but if we see them in advanced micobiology.... The story will be changed....yeah... I am suffering now haha..

  • Ognyan Stoev
    Ognyan Stoev 2 days ago

    But what if phages evolve to kill human cells?

  • HyperKillingMachine RBLX

    Sans cant beat the microscopic genociders

  • Dondo ACE
    Dondo ACE 2 days ago

    Tell you what, the phages are the most dangerous, we humans are 2nd dangerous and bacteria are 3rd? No wonder phages enlist us, we have the weaponry (anti - biotics)

  • 11220中華嘉宸
    11220中華嘉宸 2 days ago

    Can this thing kill cancer?

  • LordCraftYT
    LordCraftYT 2 days ago

    Hmmm... i wonder if it could kill cancer

  • Unhealthy Squidners
    Unhealthy Squidners 2 days ago +1

    I ship bacteriophage and bacteria immunity

  • Loren Z
    Loren Z 2 days ago


  • KlaabuGamingTV
    KlaabuGamingTV 2 days ago

    In Europe some countries using, but it's expensive.

  • Ventu
    Ventu 2 days ago +1



  • Rezo98
    Rezo98 2 days ago

    I think that pepole+phage= less bacteria

  • Ravenn
    Ravenn 2 days ago

    How can this video be so terrifying and adorable at the same time?

  • krisz csatornája
    krisz csatornája 2 days ago

    Our enemys enemy is our friend

  • kerem kurban
    kerem kurban 2 days ago

    Jokes on you. Countries like Georgia has been selling this drug for decades. Phage therapy and antibiotics have been discovered around the same time but there was some Edison-Tesla kinda rivalry and antibiotics won at that time.

  • Bacteriophage
    Bacteriophage 2 days ago +2

    Thanks for making a film about me.

  • Tranks-ann
    Tranks-ann 3 days ago

    theres good bacteria who fights bad bacteria

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 days ago +2


  • Nhan Doan
    Nhan Doan 3 days ago

    I look at my skin...

    *Thank you*

    SALTMAR 3 days ago

    I’m 15 and I have never taken an antibiotic is that weird

  • Darren Seim
    Darren Seim 3 days ago

    I don't feel so good, mr.Phag- *Gets dusted into millions of tiny phages*

  • Desireable_Pro
    Desireable_Pro 3 days ago +1

    1:57 did not look right. Nice and informational video. Thanks.

  • santiago lopez de haro
    santiago lopez de haro 3 days ago +2

    What if they evolve into killing us?

    • cool38 Moret
      cool38 Moret 21 hour ago

      actually they could evolve to eating human cells instead of bacteria

  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter 3 days ago

    Most of microorganisms' population, yet comits… more than most of microorganisms's crimes.

  • Shawn Kalin
    Shawn Kalin 3 days ago +2

    Good to see Gates helping out, at last! (submitted on Chromebook in Chrome browser)

  • F4d3_
    F4d3_ 3 days ago

    The main question is , how did they appear on earth? What made them?

  • Joey Abbadessa
    Joey Abbadessa 3 days ago +1

    Bacteria: I can evolve so fast that antibiotics don't affect me!
    Phages: I'm going to have to stop you right there

  • Angel Tales
    Angel Tales 3 days ago +1

    Phages FTW

  • I Am Shronik
    I Am Shronik 4 days ago +1

    I died laughing the entire video

  • Raiyne Hutton
    Raiyne Hutton 4 days ago

    Why did I learn way more in the internet than school? .......

      SALTMAR 3 days ago

      Raiyne Hutton school isn’t all just learning it’s social life and a good storage for the parents and the government lol

  • crystal gacha
    crystal gacha 4 days ago

    Am i the only kids who watch this??

  • Tkzero Online Cybersoft

    1000 Ebola virus Vs 1 phage boy

  • TK OGB
    TK OGB 4 days ago

    Yes we made amazing technology that makes us like gods but what good is that if our super weapon is nothing more then a squirt gun to them yet mother nature is over there with her arms crossed cuz we are dumb a holes that we forget shes the most powerful thing on earth so why fight it just because we want to be the top species hell no if she wanted to she can kill us in millons of ways so just take what she has to give who knows the key to deep space travle can me like water or something simple like that. Im on her side cuz you know she my mom lol

  • Lee Jimmy
    Lee Jimmy 4 days ago

    Still there are viruses to kill. Phages cannot kill viruses.

  • Voidplusaverylongusernamethatsomehowexistswhy

    DOS attacks in a nutshell.

  • hotdog empire
    hotdog empire 4 days ago +1

    I've been thinking, what if there was intelligent life forms on are planet before us and they created a weapon to fight off bacteria. It can explain why they look so man made.

  • Andrew T
    Andrew T 5 days ago

    Just eat organic raw garlic fuck Petro chemicals.

  • Keheck
    Keheck 5 days ago

    Let's see if there will be anti-phagers when those things come out as treatment...
    I can only imagine that THIER argument will be "BuT tHeY ArE ViRuSes, HoW cAn ThEy HeLp uS?"

  • The Harvinator
    The Harvinator 5 days ago +1

    6:21 the pharma building is the tallest
    literal big pharma. i see what you did there.

  • The Harvinator
    The Harvinator 5 days ago

    i'd love to see a Plague Inc Evolved scenario based around this

  • 21059998 }
    21059998 } 5 days ago +2

    Couldn’t they evolve the way to kill human cells? Then we would have 2 enemy’s 😯

    • Angel Tales
      Angel Tales 3 days ago +1

      Technically? Probably. Will it happen? Probably not. As long as there are bacteria to murder, they won't have a reason to turn to human cells. Though if a bacteria were to evolve to be extremely similar to a human cell, that's when it gets dangerous.

  • loi nuoi
    loi nuoi 5 days ago

    Unfortunately phage resistance exists

  • The Master Boss
    The Master Boss 5 days ago

    Am i the only one who thinks that they are cute

  • upbeat - studio
    upbeat - studio 5 days ago +1

    Bacteria: I will kill anybody MUAHAHAHAHA
    bacteriophage: only if I can help it

  • Nazar Issa
    Nazar Issa 5 days ago

    The story of "I am legend" is becoming a reality

  • Lyoon
    Lyoon 6 days ago +3

    Ironic... The most deadly being on planet injecting ourselves could save us... and I'm not talking about little Donald Trump's

  • Burouj Armagaan
    Burouj Armagaan 6 days ago +2

    The concept, the animation, the music, everything, A+ 💯

  • Aaron Lobsenz
    Aaron Lobsenz 6 days ago

    Couldn't the viruses do zoonosis and start attacking humans?

  • Y M
    Y M 6 days ago +1

    Can phages kill bugs

  • Ben is the Best
    Ben is the Best 6 days ago

    Phages rule!

  • Cyclone
    Cyclone 7 days ago

    Anyone notice the Minecraft water splash sound at 4:52?

  • Noob Gaming
    Noob Gaming 7 days ago

    The Old man: y u buly meh

  • Hacked By Red5Card
    Hacked By Red5Card 7 days ago

    Video: This is fine
    This is fine dog: Wait, That's illegal

  • Adittya Abir Dhrubo
    Adittya Abir Dhrubo 7 days ago

    Human phage?

  • ioseb tsiklashvili
    ioseb tsiklashvili 7 days ago +1

    Coolest video u ever uploaded

  • dro
    dro 7 days ago

    seriously some doctors should be banned from over diagnosis of antibiotics
    i had this happen to me
    i had tonsillitis twice and soon i some how got pneumonia
    the dosage was too little as i had taken antibiotics for quite some time
    My dosage had to double. I was 11-12 years old during this period. I am 13 now and as i look back, even this itself can prove that these bacterias evolve very fast.
    I cannot imagine if people sick with e.g. viruses are random and slipshottedly diagnosed with antibiotics. Honestly, it is really all those doctor's faults on the earth for wrong diagnosis and just throwing antibiotics at everyone. Bacteria evolves very quickly and soon they may become immune to both phages and antibiotics alike.
    I may not have any support page or patreon or whatever site as probably i am to young but i hope that adults can help fight the war against over-diagnosis of antibiotics. Soon it will not be these illnesses killing us but indirectly ourselves wiping out the future generations by letting them settle with what super-evolved super-bacterias etc. That we have indirectly caused to be now. I hope you all can take from my bad experience and find out more about the differences between bacterias and viruses, and also know if your doctor is supplying you with the wrong kind of medication.
    It is in the interest of health and safety for everyone and our next generations.

  • I don't know either
    I don't know either 7 days ago

    When the first and second most deadly beings of all team up
    *Berlin-Moscow Axis*

  • A Dog
    A Dog 7 days ago


  • john bailey
    john bailey 8 days ago +1


  • Neternis
    Neternis 8 days ago

    It’s cool how the things that killed off humans too are also saving them

  • Adib Ariman
    Adib Ariman 8 days ago

    So basically fight fire with fire

  • Serious, boi!
    Serious, boi! 8 days ago

    When the bacteria falls on you, just slap it and it will go away

  • nice blood
    nice blood 8 days ago

    Good video !

  • Karlo Kosanovic
    Karlo Kosanovic 8 days ago

    Antivaxxers: tHe GoVErnMEnT iS GiVing yOu kiLLeR VirUSeS

  • Luke Hartmann
    Luke Hartmann 8 days ago

    Is it possible that once an injected phage had cleared out it's target bacteria, it will evolve to survive by targeting other types of bacteria we don't want them to?

  • Erneeplayzz101
    Erneeplayzz101 8 days ago +3

    Bacteria: I am inevitable


  • Aman Puneet
    Aman Puneet 8 days ago

    If bacteria evolve against antibiotics doesn't human also against them?

    • Sebastian Stark
      Sebastian Stark 8 days ago

      humans evolve slower than bacteria since they are more complex and also reproduce a lot slower

    DARK STICKMAN 9 days ago

    So phages are harmless to humans

  • Rachel McGuire
    Rachel McGuire 9 days ago +9

    i love the Worms like part
    antibiotics = banana bomb
    Bacteriophage = homing missle

  • Alojzy Bynajmniej
    Alojzy Bynajmniej 9 days ago +2

    Love those small mothafuckers !

  • Yavor Nokolov
    Yavor Nokolov 9 days ago +21

    Evolved bacteria: I'm bout' to infect this man's entire immune system
    Phages: Well yes, but actually no.

  • Ropsana Khanom
    Ropsana Khanom 9 days ago

    It’s like Daleks Vs. Cybermen

  • Brody Rodriguez
    Brody Rodriguez 9 days ago +5

    Who else was scared at the beginning and now are on the phages side 🤣

  • The United Malfoy
    The United Malfoy 9 days ago

    I am legitimately allergic to penecillin so yeah, I'm a gonna be a victim of this.

  • Edge Of Light
    Edge Of Light 9 days ago

    this vid is so scary

  • Alex Blade Drake
    Alex Blade Drake 9 days ago

    Bacteria: i will kill all humans, for it is my will
    Humans: i think you will find our will equal to yours
    Bacteria: our?
    Phages: ~ *attacks* ~

  • Mohammed Arqam
    Mohammed Arqam 9 days ago

    So the humans have now known those Phages now we will take them over and reach no.1

  • Relviennarl
    Relviennarl 9 days ago

    Bacterias sent a join request
    Bacteriophage Joins the chat
    All bacteria Leave The Chat

  • jayakumar vijayakumar


  • LOLSflint
    LOLSflint 9 days ago

    PROBLEM?! Is what these guys call polite. I'm afraid of the EU now.

  • king mobile legends the dawn empire

    i have those but... you said they may save your life so i.....(dead)

  • Anole The Rainwing
    Anole The Rainwing 9 days ago

    I mean, tbh we're already kinda doing this with vaccines. They're basically just weakened viruses injected in you so that your immune system can defeat them with ease and remember it in case you actually get it. This is a pro vaccine arguement, just so you know. I am definitely not an anti-vaxx, because what they are doing is actually stupid- just saying. It's the truth. But with these- phages, they're doing the hard work for our immune system for us. They're killing the bad stuff... As long as it's used in a small ammount, over a long period of time, then it won't kill the good bacteria. Okay, now as I read this, I realize I'm basically just reviewing what the video said...

    Edit: I'm fine with people correcting me if I'm wrong, or adding something to this. It's better to learn from your mistakes than to do nothing about it at all.