'Park the unicorns,' Emily Maitlis tells cabinet minister on Brexit - BBC Newsnight

  • Published on Jan 16, 2019
  • Newsnight asks what the UK government's best hope of getting Brexit through Parliament is.
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    As Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal is rejected by 230 votes - the largest defeat for a sitting government in history - Newsnight asks Health Secretary Matt Hancock how the EU might be able to win round all those who rejected it.
    MPs voted by 432 votes to 202 to reject the deal, which sets out the terms of Britain's exit from the EU on 29 March.
    This prompted Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to table a vote of no confidence in the government, which could trigger a general election.
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Comments • 477

  • Russell Alami
    Russell Alami Month ago +1

    Let’s park the Privately educated £400,000/year Socialist Journalists.
    Let’s park the whippet, and let the plebs have a seat....

  • Jules Angelo
    Jules Angelo 4 months ago

    This woman brings her personal views and attitude to every interview, one of the most biased "journalists" in Britain! BBC you are a disgrace!

  • Nigel S
    Nigel S 4 months ago

    Most interesting thing about these 2 is his NHS badge and her daft coat 👍

  • John Pullen
    John Pullen 5 months ago

    Who the hell voted for this dick?

  • BuddyAckerman1
    BuddyAckerman1 5 months ago

    Watch how Tommy Robinson catches on Hidden Camera John Sweeney and panorama admitting that BBC Panorama fake news: thexvid.com/video/wNd2bvLvyk4/video.html

  • anonymous one
    anonymous one 6 months ago

    what does he mean we don't want a no deal brexit? the peoples will was leaving the EU, the deal is leaving the EU in all but name and giving up our seat at the table.
    which is an incredibly stupid thing to do for both leavers and remainers
    Because it's what neither of them want

  • paul lovell
    paul lovell 6 months ago

    Please watch The BBC here. FAKE NEWS. thexvid.com/video/ICuiwl0mXhQ/video.html

  • paul lovell
    paul lovell 6 months ago


  • Enoeht
    Enoeht 6 months ago

    It's a very confusing situation but people keep using terms such as "the E.U have to come up with a better deal" yet UK is still part of the EU and still has active MEP's. It comes across like UK was annexed in the past and is now fighting for independence, yet we ourselves voted to join the EU.
    Also correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't our MEP's have a better handle on the withdrawal question?. Our MEP's would surely know the procedure and whether or not the whole thing is good or bad as to advice the public.

  • Zen = Yen 🔴
    Zen = Yen 🔴 6 months ago +1

    I remember how Emily Mait.. was Rude while interviewing the great J Cleese and how he got the better of her.
    perhaps EM shud stick to her types aka politicians.

  • ChawenHalo 008
    ChawenHalo 008 7 months ago

    Trajic to see these politicians fighting to keep their chair beyond the good of the country.

  • Joe Howard
    Joe Howard 7 months ago

    BS meter “pre judge” = I’m lying

  • Joe Howard
    Joe Howard 7 months ago

    Matt Hancock is a perfect example why their is a Brexit in the first place ( Neoliberalism )

  • Shelley Lyme
    Shelley Lyme 7 months ago

    Notice she calls him by his Christian name. This cosy alliance between politicians and so-called journalists is sickening.

  • C Bing
    C Bing 7 months ago

    The bbc love their scaremongering slogan “brexit uncertainty” if you google brexit uncertainty you will see pages and pages of bbc left wing propaganda.

  • Dr Spaseebo
    Dr Spaseebo 7 months ago

    What's the deal with "SO" to start every reply to questions? Meredith Crowley, a professor at Cambridge University was interviewed about Brexit this Friday evening on the BBC News TV channel. She started all her responses with a firm "SO". What the heck does that mean? I'm told it's a modern "Well" or "Y'know" or even "I mean". I would not expect a university professor to fall into the trap of lazy language usage! From people such as the infamous Vicky Pollard, I would expect it. What can be done?

  • blade runner
    blade runner 7 months ago +1

    I can't belive we pay wankers like him a wage.

  • Joanna Henwood
    Joanna Henwood 7 months ago

    Talking of unicorns, maybe Emily should park some of hers, along with her insult-hurling, which has become her favoured interviewing style in place of a credible argument > thexvid.com/video/zT-P1zQBiWk/video.html

  • Anees Shaik
    Anees Shaik 7 months ago

    Waiting to judge what the national interests are eh? Well, that the hell have you been doing for the past 2 years?? If an all conquering deal is possible why what this shambolic deal put in front of the parliament? How did May survive the no confidence motion?? WTF is going on?

  • platinum
    platinum 7 months ago +4

    Emily Maitlis - you are a star!
    Such a great interviewing - factual, honest, direct and no-nonsense. I wish all the prominent Brexiteers would be interviewed this way and be accountable for every single lie they have told to mislead British people.

  • Keith Parr
    Keith Parr 7 months ago

    Seriously? she's the only person?

    MICK ANDREWS 7 months ago

    British Bias Corporation

  • Conway79
    Conway79 7 months ago +1

    Why not get parliament to negotiate directly with the EU? Cut out the middleman.

  • Nicholas Y
    Nicholas Y 7 months ago

    May is weak and Europe taking advantage of it! So what if we left without a deal? Europe can't do shit to the UK.....Fact! France is in turmoil, Germany trying to sneak back control over whole of Europe by appearing benign. Italy a joke, Scandanavia self-interested, Benelux, will trade via finance. The UK needs to do what benefits the UK. You need to have your own house in order and make sure your family and children are fed before you can support others. At the very least the UK needs to re-negotiate. They want the UK to sign up to an agreement that reads like treaty of Versailles for the losing side. Britain is not a losing warmonger we are the country that dragged Europe to victory in WWII when the other countries had been occupied and defeated by the Nazis, is this how the UK is thanked? Ball busting and ridiculous terms for not wanting to be part of a bankrupt system?

  • andrew30
    andrew30 7 months ago +2

    What kind of idiot voted for this mess to happen?.

  • HerHealthySelf
    HerHealthySelf 7 months ago

    Why did the Tories think it was a good idea to negotiate in the Commons AFTER this stunning defeat? Who does that?
    Also, Laura K. wrestles harder with her breakfast than with this guy Hancock. It's almost like she pities him after 4:00 or so.

  • This Face Believes You
    This Face Believes You 7 months ago +1

    It’s only _now_ “time to find what’s in the national interest” and “having discussions right the way through parliament”? Shouldn’t they have been doing that from the very beginning?

  • Paul Garner
    Paul Garner 7 months ago

    Hancock seems to think we don't know what the options are, he must believe we've taken as little interest in the options as May has. I'm guessing it will e 2nd ref with remain as the chosen option followed by an election.

  • Mango 4ttwo
    Mango 4ttwo 7 months ago +2

    talking to "senior parliamentarians" lasted an evening, May refused to talk to Corbyn. The next night she changes her mind, but won't countenance a CU deal even though 100s of MPs want it. But wants to keep No Deal still on the table, because she cares more about avoiding Tory party split. Se can't govern; MPs must oust her one way or another

  • Harry Callahan
    Harry Callahan 7 months ago

    How "THICK" is she the Lisbon treaty states "if a deal cannot be made in the time limit NO DEAL is the ONLY other option" WTF ... who employs bbc personnel !!! And who reserches for them !!! LAUGHABLE B**** C*** as usual from the BBC 😂😂😂 if we don't leave Europe or stay in the customs union DO NOT VOTE AGAIN FOR TRAITORS

  • colours_ [Education for Peace]

    Six or seven minutes of meaningless rhetoric from Health Secretary Matt Hancock.
    Unicorns NOT parked.

  • dave berry
    dave berry 7 months ago

    check out boatymcboatface

  • Darth Remainer
    Darth Remainer 7 months ago +1

    As if it were just a matter of westminster agreeing some fictitious deal... excuse me Mr Hancock are we forgetting your counterpart, namely the EU? what bit of ‘no cherry picking’, what part of ‘the four freedoms are non negotiable’ and ‘the EU27 are united’ doesn’t your thick arrogant tory skull not get?

  • Luca Dama
    Luca Dama 7 months ago +1

    The NHS badge says everything about the person. One that uses the association method to boost his public image you already know is a questionable individual.

  • Peter Sutton
    Peter Sutton 7 months ago

    People like Hancock should be off the interview circuit. He is a boy trying to do a man's job and he's hamstrung by his own vaulting ambition. He will never stand up and be honest for fear of upsetting mummy May and screwing his chances of high office so instead he just trots out te party line and adds nothing useful to the debate.
    This is British politics now, a bunch of clueless yet ambitious children all vying for position led by a xenophobic meglamaniac with learning difficulties (she never learns anybloodything) and a doddering twit who really belongs in his potting shed.
    Britain needs statesmen now more than anytime in living memory. As a nation we need to listen to Ken Clarke, Michael Hesseltine, Hilary Benn, Anna Soubry, even Tony Blair. The time for personal posturing is over. There is no longer any place for MPs who think that they automatically get an Irish passport by dint of being English or for those who only recently discovered that Britain is an island quite close to France. The grown ups have to take control of the nursery now or we are all in deep trouble.

  • George England
    George England 7 months ago

    But the people want a no deal Brexit !!!!

    • Philip Stearn
      Philip Stearn 7 months ago

      Do They Really ?
      Do they want to pay extra for everything they eat, drink and use on a daily basis ?

  • Amanda Hughes
    Amanda Hughes 7 months ago

    90% of parliament is corrupt, they are traitors and theives

  • Mario Kelly
    Mario Kelly 7 months ago +2

    “Lets park the unicorns for 5 minutes” great statement Emily

  • James Ramsay
    James Ramsay 7 months ago

    the unicorn has been parked too long and his getting ready to come home to scotland where it belongs

  • Napoleon Bonaparte
    Napoleon Bonaparte 7 months ago

    Whats the five on her arm all about?

  • Dean Beck
    Dean Beck 7 months ago

    Brexit designed to fail by a government and parliament that the majority wanted to stay . Now they will be trying to stop brexit happening in March if this happens then democracy will be being a cardiac arrest. A second vote you say no we have had a democratic vote already or is it you want to play best out of three

  • Mike Henderson
    Mike Henderson 7 months ago +1

    And this guy sh'e interviewing is a delusional fartbag.

  • Mike Henderson
    Mike Henderson 7 months ago

    If they haven't been able to do it in 2 years, they're not going to get it done in 2 months. They not only lose the EU market, but ALL of the free-trade deals that the UK signed as part of the EU. Most of us in Canada believe that the UK has absolutely fucked itself!

    • Philip Stearn
      Philip Stearn 7 months ago

      And quite a lot of us in England feel the same.

  • Jacob Hall
    Jacob Hall 7 months ago

    These people are simply delusional. Stark.
    This level of head-in-the-sand behaviour is simply the result of people who live in a bubble and are utterly out of connection with the reality of what happens outside of central London....
    "People's businesses are going BUST and their lives direction being utterly redirected out here because your communal apathy FUCKSTICK, THIS IS NOT A GAME!!!!!!
    Stop talking: ACT."

  • David Harris
    David Harris 7 months ago

    He wouldn't be able to tell a practical solution from a colossal cock-up if one came along and sat on him.

  • hurlinghamroofing
    hurlinghamroofing 7 months ago

    Its all about knocking time off. Can anyone let me know what make of coat Emily is wearing.

  • Dean Human
    Dean Human 7 months ago

    Where is good old Cromwell when you need him!?

  • Tamaxlia
    Tamaxlia 7 months ago

    Parking the Unicorns is anti-Scotland, damn BBC bias. ;)

  • craig martin
    craig martin 7 months ago

    Most unfortunately for us muppets , we have the worst government in living memory , welcome to taxation without representation

  • Guy Lance
    Guy Lance 7 months ago +1

    Never forget that the bbc accepts eu funding, and in exchange contracts not to criticise the blob.

  • Ilidio Carmona
    Ilidio Carmona 7 months ago +1

    if i was the EU by now i would have gone " f this....let´s run out the clock and then we talk...."

  • Steve Wismark
    Steve Wismark 7 months ago +3

    There is no other deal the EU is willing to give. You are dreaming if you think that they will give the UK what they want . This was the only deal there is so stop the bullshit and choose.
    You can throw May out but you will stll get the same deal. It has already been negotiated with the national interest in mind . It was negotiated to cause the least disruption and economic downturn. What the public was sold by Boris Johnson and the rest of the leave campaign was utter crap and never in a million years ever going to be negotiated into a deal.The EU would not go for that.
    Its either stay or leave with no deal now that what May has negotiated was turned down. Those are your choices.

  • Greiguci Wootchie
    Greiguci Wootchie 7 months ago +1

    She looks like an absolute dirty.

  • 20shourya
    20shourya 7 months ago +1

    Read More

  • Ophelia Bawles
    Ophelia Bawles 7 months ago

    How is this guy sitting outside in the cold wearing only a thin suit?
    Perhaps he has his embarrassment to keep him warm.

  • Morning Star
    Morning Star 7 months ago

    Matt Hancock why don't you get on your knees in front of May undo her trousers and take her cock out and suck it. #BrownNoser

  • Abdurahman Saeed
    Abdurahman Saeed 7 months ago

    what an idiot

  • Mika Ham
    Mika Ham 7 months ago +2

    Emily Maitlis is a committed remainer. She is a biased journalist, and not worth listening to. She is pushing her personal opinion.

    • Philip Stearn
      Philip Stearn 7 months ago

      @Mika Ham you can be as professional as is humanly possible, but in the end, she's still a person, with opinions that shape how she is. You would have to have your emotions switched off to be a '"perfect" journalist, personal feelings are what informs a good journalist. You couldn't exactly call David Attenborough "Unbiased" could you ?.
      You don't like it because she's not biased to your way of thinking i.e.
      A brexshiter.

    • Mika Ham
      Mika Ham 7 months ago

      @Philip Stearn Hi Philip, I am biased towards Brexit, but I'm not a journalist, and I'm not expected to abide by journalistic ethics and standard of truth, fairness. I can have opinions and blab about them as much as I want. I believe Journalists should not take sides in a public debate, they should report what the key participants are saying, and endeavour to extract the key message(s).
      Emily would be find, but she has allowed her emotions and personal opinion to eclipse her Journalistic standards.

    • Philip Stearn
      Philip Stearn 7 months ago

      And you are unbiased ?

  • John Lyons
    John Lyons 7 months ago

    These silver spooned criminals don’t live in the same world we live in, he still picks up his 700.000 per year

  • christopher evans
    christopher evans 7 months ago +2

    My cat has more brains than this guy.

  • incorrigible delinquent


  • incorrigible delinquent
    incorrigible delinquent 7 months ago +1

    The bbc, the channel that extorts and intimidates the british public into paying for them, these fraudsters send mafia personel to peoples doors whom force entry and threaten and extort them into giving over money to the bbc.

  • John Castle
    John Castle 7 months ago

    Typical politician just tells you what has happened over and over and over doesn’t say anything we don’t all ready know .

  • Lixna
    Lixna 7 months ago +2

    See - What the world is witnessing when watching the UK is the total brain rot that spreads throughout a population when they interact with the DUP. Just incredible.

  • MSW 2015
    MSW 2015 7 months ago

    Leave means leave. Sign the UK open petition for a no deal Brexit 334,510 MBGA

  • laurejon
    laurejon 7 months ago

    If MP's do not respect the Law of the Land and leave the EU in March, then the people are also not obliged to respect the law of the land.

    • laurejon
      laurejon 4 months ago

      @E J Underwood Well no actually. There is currently a legal case indicating the government have broken the law.

    • E J Underwood
      E J Underwood 4 months ago

      @laurejon ... so... leaving in March were we?
      I guess my stipulation that an extension was required and that there is no binding commitment to the 29th of March, or that leaving was not enshrined in law (only by intention) until a meaningful vote is passed remains 100% accurate.

    • laurejon
      laurejon 7 months ago

      @E J Underwood The EU are not permitted to extend that date, without going to the 27 Members and seeking legal advice. its far too late to do all of that, the UK is leaving in March, that is what is written in the internationally accepted, and honoured, Treaty

    • E J Underwood
      E J Underwood 7 months ago

      @laurejon ... tariffs on EU imports will pass on the cost of goods to the consumer in the UK, companies exporting to the UK will increase their item cost to cover the cost of tariffs and VAT (which is normally underwritten on most products as part of our membership of the Customs Union, but will be payable post-Brexit)... considering the fact that the UK is a consumption-based and services-based economy not an export-orientated economy, and we rely upon the resale of imports and tertiary sector revenue, leaving the SM and Customs Union is economic stupidity.

    • E J Underwood
      E J Underwood 7 months ago +2

      ​@laurejon ... leaving the EU is not enshrined anywhere, it is dependent upon the intention established by article 50. The court case which has been established around the legality and binding nature of the Article 50 process which was launched by the Scottish government found that an Article 50 notification may be revoked unilaterally by the notifying member without the permission of the other EU members, provided that such revocation is in good faith and with the intention of renewing indefinite membership. This intention therefore does not mean we 'must leave' by the end of March. In fact we could just not leave.
      The only legislation which would have enshrined the 29th of March as the day we leave would have been the passing of the Withdrawal Bill at its second reading (the vote which was defeated yesterday). As it stands a 'Meaningful vote' is required to leave on the intended date which was cleared at the primary reading of the Withdrawal Bill - but is not ratified until a vote takes place on a final deal. We could technically leave without a deal on the 29th of March, but there is no legal basis for the said date to necessarily signal the end of our membership of the EU... we are not bound by that date (it is quite likely that this date will need to be extended pending another vote anyway).

  • laurejon
    laurejon 7 months ago

    The deal is NO DEAL, its what people voted for, and its what the Government MUST Deliver.
    The people did not vote to keep Remainer's happy, they voted in a referendum to leave the European Union and they won.

    • laurejon
      laurejon 7 months ago

      Ed Underwood The Supreme Court ruled we leave in March. If you are expecting a deal you had better get your skates on, the ship casts off to sunny shores very soon.

    • E J Underwood
      E J Underwood 7 months ago

      @laurejon ... the government leaflet explicitly stated on page eight (titled: 'What happens if we leave') that leaving the EU would result in years of renegotiation for new arrangements with the EU. It also mentions the pitfalls of leaving with a 'Canada' type deal and that whilst 'significant access' to the Single Market might be sought at the result of a Leave vote, preferential access would not be guaranteed unless we became rule taker and continued to pay into the EU. There were many different outcomes which were discussed...
      Did you even read the government's literature?

    • laurejon
      laurejon 7 months ago

      @Ralph Boyd The shade is clearly defined in the leaflet delivered to my door by Her Majesty's Government.

    • Ralph Boyd
      Ralph Boyd 7 months ago +2

      No they didn't. That may be what you voted for, but there's a million shades of leaving the EU.

  • Nicholas Y
    Nicholas Y 7 months ago +3

    May has been and is weak! It's a ridiculous situation

  • fensterfred
    fensterfred 7 months ago +2

    The laughable thing is that even the BBC's journalists must think there is a better deal to be had -- why else would they not call these fools out and call a spade for a spade?
    Any deal about the the UK's withdrawal from the EU is bound to be identical to the one on the table -- the EU cannot compromise its fundamental principles for a UK that doesn't exactly know what it wants, but knows it wants much more than it can have. I have never been so disappointed in the journalistic integrity of the BBC as I have been these past years watching them not enlightening but obfuscating by not setting the record straight when it needed to be put straight. They have legitimised the ERG's and its likes' ridiculous claims about the WTO, economic realities and what the EU really is all about simply because the BBC is so very afraid of being seen as partisan. As someone put forth, if you were to interview Neil Armstrong about the moon, you do not then counter that with a person that does not believe in the moon landing. But that is how the BBC operates now -- all arguments, however self evident, must have a counterpoint of view. It is not journalism and it is not and has not been doing Britain or the British people any favours. The BBC is a complicit actor in this mess!

  • Johnny Feve
    Johnny Feve 7 months ago

    No deal.. 39 billion back to services.. Local business supported by councils money invested to costal areas... No deal referendum result...

  • Bacon Crusader
    Bacon Crusader 7 months ago

    Absolute turd, we want no deal and you cunts need to start listening.

  • Ben Ratcliffe
    Ben Ratcliffe 7 months ago

    He is clueless! Of course the deal was ‘successfully’ negotiated with the EU as both sides wish the UK to remain and preserve the status quo.
    It’d appear that no one would deliver a proper exit from the EU with only 70 or so days to go so extensions would be required etc so ‘Project Fear’ can ramp up all the negativity again.

  • richard murphy
    richard murphy 7 months ago

    Trailer park girls go round the outside

  • Paul C
    Paul C 7 months ago

    Oh fuck it, leave already!

  • Stephen Bingham
    Stephen Bingham 7 months ago

    I’ve yet to see one in the flesh, but surely one tethers a unicorn?