iPhone 11 vs 11 Pro - 48 Hours Later!

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11? Here's my thoughts 48 hours later!! Stay tuned for more iPhone 11 videos!

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  • Krystal Lora
    Krystal Lora  Month ago +448

    Which iPhone 11 are you picking up?! 💜

    • Damien M.
      Damien M. 16 days ago

      The Space Gray iPhone 11 Pro

    • Labika Erdiana
      Labika Erdiana 20 days ago


    • polly x
      polly x 21 day ago

      Krystal Lora I would love to win the purple one! 😍💜

    • Agnes Olsson Lundahl
      Agnes Olsson Lundahl 23 days ago

      Good Vibes Story telling 11 pro

    • Jackie R.
      Jackie R. 25 days ago


  • Flappy 2048
    Flappy 2048 8 hours ago

    There is a fast charger with only the pro and pro max.
    But on the regular 11 you dont get it. With the 11 you have to spend an ADDITIONAL $30 for the fast charger.

  • Flappy 2048
    Flappy 2048 8 hours ago


  • Puspita Saha
    Puspita Saha 3 days ago

    Plz plz give me that green one from ur giveaway plz

  • dayan marie indico
    dayan marie indico 3 days ago

    Im so excited may purple is coming tomorrow yipee💜💟

  • team admin
    team admin 5 days ago

    .....THIS IS WHY I WILL NEVER BUY IPHONE !!! SOME stupid CEO from usa WILL NOT TELL ME WHAT SHOULD I HAVE INSTALLED ON MY OWN F...PHONE !!! NEVER . I go for Samsung Note 10. Considering the removal of HKmap.live by Apple CEO I strongly recommend to not to buy anything from APPLE ! I support freedom and self defence when the law is against people and humanity. Apple is not what it used to be. And its very stupid to be limited by any CEO telling you what you can have on your own phone...or NOT. Any people with NEW APPLE products I will consider since now as empty, brainwashed dehumanised beings with IQ below 80. MORE INFO HERE: www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/oct/10/tim-cook-apple-hong-kong-mapping-app-removal

  • Jean LaFlare
    Jean LaFlare 16 days ago

    Damn, you're fine as hell.

  • Damien M.
    Damien M. 16 days ago

    You’re so underrated!!

  • Annabell Master
    Annabell Master 18 days ago

    the 11 is so simple that's why I like it

  • Kesha
    Kesha 19 days ago

    Sticking with my XR until it starts to run slow

  • قلايم قلايم
    قلايم قلايم 20 days ago +1

    Regulatory and to 🌞

  • polly x
    polly x 21 day ago

    I absolutely love the purple one, it’s my fave 😍💜

  • Viola Pelaez
    Viola Pelaez 25 days ago

    The purple is really pretty😍💜💜

  • jitesh goel
    jitesh goel 25 days ago

    Watching this video on my iPhone 6, still working perfectly fine 😁

  • Mwelase Lugogwana
    Mwelase Lugogwana 26 days ago

    Love your channel could I get the iPhone 11 in green pla

  • jawad khan
    jawad khan 27 days ago

    Wish I had one😣

  • jawad khan
    jawad khan 27 days ago

    Wish I had one

  • Simmietee N3
    Simmietee N3 27 days ago

    Upgrading from a iphone6s to the 11 pro. Keen as!

  • Arrayi Fjej
    Arrayi Fjej 27 days ago

    Wow that's awesome 👍

  • Ruslan Novikov
    Ruslan Novikov 27 days ago

    Is telephoto lens on a pro worth it? How big is the difference? And will 3gb of ram show any lag?

  • Art Dog
    Art Dog 27 days ago

    Now does anyone consider the IPhone 11 Pro to be too big? I keep reading that a lot of women are saying that even the 5'8" version is too big, but I'm doubting that's the thought worldwide.

  • gnome/774 chlorine
    gnome/774 chlorine 27 days ago

    Lora =lund in hindi

  • Cookies And Cream
    Cookies And Cream 27 days ago


  • m732s n
    m732s n 28 days ago

    phone ugly af

  • symmetricalastic
    symmetricalastic 28 days ago

    I am so mad they should’ve lowered the prices of the iPhones last year. Now they decide to make it more affordable for people.

  • Moira O'Hara
    Moira O'Hara 29 days ago

    I have iphone 6 because i got it new for 150€ maybe for xmas (of year 20??) i can get the new one 😂

  • Beth Skaaning Larsen
    Beth Skaaning Larsen 29 days ago

    Preordered Pro max 256, Green...👍🙃👍

  • Just_X
    Just_X 29 days ago

    Space gray PRO MAX coming friyay

  • Nusrat Jahan
    Nusrat Jahan 29 days ago


  • Mar leah
    Mar leah 29 days ago

    Theyre all the same

  • Yosbel De los santos
    Yosbel De los santos 29 days ago

    Yes recreate the slowfie add

  • Valeria Garza
    Valeria Garza 29 days ago

    I was gonna buy the iPhone XS Max, thank god I waited a week

  • Ricko ribulisso
    Ricko ribulisso 29 days ago

    is better just but a professional camera is cheaper, nothing new ,is like spend £900 every year in the same thing

  • leon leon
    leon leon Month ago

    Apple began to play dirty game again in terms of battery.. the batteries in my Apple devices are dying faster than before.. They are shortening the battery lives of old devices to make new devices batteries seem longer .Dirty Apple!!

  • Michelle Read
    Michelle Read Month ago

    6s plus still strong

  • Aman Bassi
    Aman Bassi Month ago

    Aunts Krystal how comes noones really showing love to the 11. All the full reviews are aimed at 11 pros and pro max ☹️ the same people who told us to buy the 11 arnt talking about it now it’s out?

  • The Best
    The Best Month ago

    Best iPhone ever amzn.to/32SHheO

  • Breanna Gallagher
    Breanna Gallagher Month ago

    Ill keep my XS Max

  • Fusion Reborn
    Fusion Reborn Month ago

    Apple doesn't deserve to use the "Pro" moniker. It's such a rip-off.

  • Sharna Reilly
    Sharna Reilly Month ago

    I knew which one I needed the moment I saw it. That lilac colour was made for me.

  • Paula Lee
    Paula Lee Month ago

    Still kicking my iPhone 8 and loving it!!!!!!! 😜👍🏽👌🏽

  • Jordyn Ortiz
    Jordyn Ortiz Month ago

    Could anyone tell me the over all price? (Not per month)

  • Eryana Pelican
    Eryana Pelican Month ago

    September 13th (the day this was uploaded ) was my birthday

  • Pretty Mally
    Pretty Mally Month ago

    Lol why you didn’t pick upthe yellow?

  • Israel Galivjan
    Israel Galivjan Month ago

    Can't sell my iPhone Xs to fucking buy it.... They're not bidding sufficiently. Anyone suffering this?

  • Osman I
    Osman I Month ago

    Stupid question but you can record in wide and ultra wide right😂😂??

  • Muhammad Jami
    Muhammad Jami Month ago

    As an android user, the camera on the iphones (8-X) has been phenomenal, even better than galaxy, (I still prefer Iphone X over note 10+'s live focus) I usually use pro mode because I hate the diluted quality you get in live focus mode, where iphone's portrait mode is simply perfection IMO. The reason why I think android users haven't switched is the iOS interface. Android is so customizable and interesting, whereas ios seems to be cookie-cutter with each update/new device.

  • Aditya Maurya
    Aditya Maurya Month ago +4

    I think my iPhone X is better than 11 because of camera model.

  • Aditya Maurya
    Aditya Maurya Month ago +1

    iPhone 11 pro camera looking ugly.

  • Yonathan Zarkovian
    Yonathan Zarkovian Month ago

    Why did you create a new channel?

  • Raquel M
    Raquel M Month ago


  • tata *
    tata * Month ago

    the purple one is just so beautiful, armys do you here me out ?

  • Ira b
    Ira b Month ago +1

    Still rocking the 5c blue

  • tom domagalski
    tom domagalski Month ago


  • Davi Nicokl'e
    Davi Nicokl'e Month ago

    Not upgrading I love my xr ❤️

  • Ebony Sharie
    Ebony Sharie Month ago

    Didn’t really change enough to make any device the upgrade worth it imo.

  • Jhony English
    Jhony English Month ago

    Shut up

  • BenSoCrazy
    BenSoCrazy Month ago

    Getting the 11 pro max baby! Money ain’t nothing but a thang over here.

  • Summer Dawn
    Summer Dawn Month ago

    I got the max in green but I wish it came one the lilac color

  • falix7
    falix7 Month ago

    I ordered the iPhone 11 Pro 256 GB in Midnight Green. Love that colour and am super excited after having an iPhone 7 in black for the last 2 years.