Choco Mountain: The History of Mario Kart 64's Most Infamous Track


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  • Summoning Salt
    Summoning Salt  7 months ago +7696

    Sorry it took so long. I'll try not to disappear for 3 months next time. Hope you all enjoy it!

    • Jane Wilder
      Jane Wilder 20 days ago

      It's okay , so what video are you gonna do next? :-/

    • T R
      T R 24 days ago

      I love your videos! You at very talented.

    • swager dager69
      swager dager69 Month ago

      You have good taste in music !

    • Youtube Pizzer
      Youtube Pizzer Month ago

      It’s gonna happen again if you don’t hurry up

    • ryan inzitari
      ryan inzitari 2 months ago

      TheRagingNerdz FACTS

  • Emiensay
    Emiensay 7 hours ago

    actual good content, ty

  • Sean
    Sean 16 hours ago

    I really wish there was a speed run record for TAS... This video should show that is a competition on its own! 6 seconds for a lap on TAS? Slow! It's impressively difficult and managing the best before anyone else should really deserve recognition!

  • Jack j
    Jack j 21 hour ago

    What's the first song called please??

  • RetroBros
    RetroBros Day ago

    I fucking loved this episode man!
    Just recently getting into Speed runs for this game... Gonna have a crack at this one 😀

  • Lj Lyle
    Lj Lyle Day ago

    Song name at the beginning?

  • Spiritual [*Solar*]

    Intro: Home - We’re Finally Landing

  • Stephen Lofton
    Stephen Lofton 2 days ago

    I feel like you should have included like 50 more failed attempts to build hype so we could fully truly understand the oppressing feeling of TWENTY SIX THOUSAND ATTEMPTS.

  • J M Alex
    J M Alex 2 days ago

    VAJ is gonna be back to take it

  • Minty Meowstic
    Minty Meowstic 2 days ago

    Speed running is basically another type of science at this point!

  • top text
    top text 3 days ago

    Abney be like
    "oh, you beat my new record, nice. Well fuck you because I have it back"

  • Alan Velasco
    Alan Velasco 4 days ago

    Dude @Summoning Salt, I think you are in the wrong line of work, just read the comments

  • jane doe
    jane doe 4 days ago

    VAJ is a fucking asshole and it's odd he never shows it. If you don't see it, it could be a hack.

  • jane doe
    jane doe 4 days ago

    I just don't understand how a game of skill is 'broken' just because people push it to the limits.

  • Gaming CFT
    Gaming CFT 5 days ago

    what's what's end song called

  • MatiasFPM
    MatiasFPM 6 days ago

    Came for the legenday game , stayed forma the * A E S T H E T H I C *

  • Miguel Moreno
    Miguel Moreno 6 days ago +1

    I did 3 weathertankos in under 3 secs

  • r33b the hypnotoad
    r33b the hypnotoad 6 days ago


  • Moses Yu
    Moses Yu 7 days ago +1

    Your voice and the music makes it so Jon Bois-like. Amazing.

  • Emma Teggatz
    Emma Teggatz 7 days ago

    this music perfectly fits the nostalgia that these games bring me. weird and haunting.

  • daniel dunbar
    daniel dunbar 7 days ago

    glitches don't count

  • TitaniiK
    TitaniiK 7 days ago

    This video is how videos should be made - a concept most people wouldn't dream of sitting 30 minutes through, but end up doing so because of the engagement. Very well done!

  • Noah.x
    Noah.x 8 days ago

    Does anyone know what song is played at the beginning

  • Egy Boy
    Egy Boy 8 days ago

    Is the weathertenko a ultra-shortcut?

  • John J S
    John J S 8 days ago

    just watched this - absolutely fantastic. really fascinating. honestly, there needs to be a proper documentary series made about this world. it’s about ‘gaming’ ofc but actually (and i know this is corny) it’s more about human endeavour, trial v tribulation, glory, ignominy when caught cheating, community ... and weirdos and obsessives: ie just like ever innovator there’s ever been. Great stuff !!

  • SanguineUltima
    SanguineUltima 8 days ago

    I've never even played mario kart 64 but this was pretty interesting.

  • Niels van Hof
    Niels van Hof 9 days ago

    Summoning Salt is the best youtuber change my mind

  • TheClash122
    TheClash122 9 days ago

    At 6:39, you show the transcript of the email and it begins with “>2.” and proceeds with the instructions for the wall jumping shortcut. Then at 6:46 you display the same passage except you introduce it as “shortcut number one” and the text has been revised to read as “>1.” Later, the original “3.” and “4.” shortcuts are changed to “2.” and “3.”, respectively. Overall a superb video, but that is just something I noticed while watching.

    • David Wonn
      David Wonn 2 days ago +1

      My original, unedited e-mail from 1997 was numbered 2, 3, and 4 because I had previously sent an e-mail outlining the 1st shortcut along with other info.

  • Evan Smith
    Evan Smith 9 days ago

    I have a few videos I always come back to when I'm bored, and this is one of them. Every second is filled with a pure enjoyment that I can't put into words. Your slow progression to a crescendo of video gaming history unlike really any other, some of the best storytelling I've seen in a while, and generally some fantastic editing, and what I can only describe as a soundtrack because, although I don't think you made it, it's incredibly consistent and consistently incredible throughout. The first time I watched this video about Choco Mountain I felt more than I have with most full length movies, an experience I've only had about four times on this entire site over the course of many years. This is the kind of stuff that just inspires me to my very core, pushes me to do stuff, if not for myself, then for someone else out there in my own way, so, Summoning Salt, thank you

  • Yan Xishan
    Yan Xishan 9 days ago

    Before watching the video: How's he going to get 30 min out of one track from MK64?
    After watching the video: This man is a god.

  • Nicholas Gale
    Nicholas Gale 10 days ago +1

    He's like vsauce but for gaming

  • だん だん
    だん だん 10 days ago

    when i started playing in 2009 i remember seeing someone had almost every wr, thanks to this video i know it was VAJ xdd

  • Gs Super
    Gs Super 10 days ago

    14:52 Vaj means butter in hungarian.

  • Fl4re
    Fl4re 11 days ago

    22:30 the greatest reaction to anything ever.

  • Jason Landers
    Jason Landers 11 days ago

    Cern would be proud.

  • Nojusplayz
    Nojusplayz 11 days ago

    Choco mountain ds is OP

  • Brandon Acosta
    Brandon Acosta 12 days ago

    23:00 when Mario falls out of bounds

  • joy
    joy 12 days ago


  • Ryaquaza 1
    Ryaquaza 1 12 days ago +2

    Still recon that the water should be milk in this stage, really add to the whole coco dust theme and make the stage that bit more unique
    Oh well, maybe when they bring it back they will, who knows

  • Isaacminer1
    Isaacminer1 13 days ago

    Whats the first song playing? Cant find it on the list

  • SieBen
    SieBen 13 days ago

    I fall in this video completly randomly 7 months ago, well I hate looking long videos and speadrun, but I'll never forget this one. that's why I'm watching it a second time 7 month later, maybye I'll watch it again for the third time, just like the number of weathertanko abney did in one lap.

  • glitched red
    glitched red 13 days ago

    The ending was so satisfying. Good job abney

  • mediocre musician
    mediocre musician 13 days ago +1

    By far the most legendary TheXvid (or gaming at least) video on the internet

  • Tyger Marez
    Tyger Marez 13 days ago

    14:45 drawing the blinds- Home. one of my favorite songs. fuck yea.

  • Andrea The Loser
    Andrea The Loser 13 days ago

    this guy is amazing i’ve never been so entertained by something so simple..

  • Ryan Connors
    Ryan Connors 13 days ago

    Welp back to one of these again

  • 송준형
    송준형 14 days ago

    Literally I was in tears at the ending. The way you structure your narrative, usage of background music, tone of speech, and selection of videos are just perfect. Kudos for all the speedrunners, and even a bigger kudos for you. Thank you for your awesome video.

  • gilberto peralta
    gilberto peralta 15 days ago

    I have seeing 2 videos from you and you are already in my top 5 favorite channels, and how not to? you introduced me to the weathertenko!

  • Dragonslasher07 ,
    Dragonslasher07 , 15 days ago


  • Dragonslasher07 ,
    Dragonslasher07 , 15 days ago

    Muchacho press L for muchacho man

  • Evelord
    Evelord 16 days ago

    I got serious Deja Vu while watching this...

    • Dragonslasher07 ,
      Dragonslasher07 , 15 days ago

      Evelord deja Deja vu
      I've just been in this place before
      Higher on the street
      And I know it's my time to go
      Calling you, and the search is a mystery
      Standing on my feet
      It's so hard when I try to be me, woah
      Deja vu
      I've just been in this place before
      Higher on the street
      And I know it's my time to go
      Calling you and the search is a mystery

  • R.I.P Ronnie
    R.I.P Ronnie 16 days ago

    I love you

    No homo

  • Fortnite Gold
    Fortnite Gold 16 days ago

    Everyone doing the weathertenko is mentally damaged after hearing poor toad scream over and over

  • Yoshi 244
    Yoshi 244 16 days ago +1

    This was insanly entertaining great work!

  • Justicerains
    Justicerains 16 days ago

    this is dank!😀

  • Logan Matechuk
    Logan Matechuk 16 days ago

    Just because of your videos I got into speed running thank you so much you are true god

  • Ekrem Tandogan
    Ekrem Tandogan 16 days ago

    ah, another well-done documentary about nerds that i can relate to

  • Cameron Fors
    Cameron Fors 17 days ago

    Lol Jonathan Bernier is the Goalie for the Detroit Red Wings

  • PirateDiscoKing
    PirateDiscoKing 17 days ago

    Have I ever done anything 26000 times?

  • Bastian Mann
    Bastian Mann 17 days ago

    When I was a little child racing this course I imagined having a vacation there skiing on white chocolate and sleeping in a hotel build with chocolate ;)

  • Amelia Pitts
    Amelia Pitts 18 days ago

    I don’t know why I keep coming back to this video, but it’s just so interesting and I don’t know how, every time the 3x wethertenko is pulled off I’m still amazed at what these internet communities can do, great goddamn video my dude!

  • 2ndRemix
    2ndRemix 18 days ago

    Biiittttchhh I knew this could be done on wario stadium but not choco mountain. It's time for me to dust off my n64 now.

  • WoW
    WoW 18 days ago +2

    *I feel like i have smoked 10 blunts after watching this..*

  • E P
    E P 18 days ago

    You have a very unusual accent. Some Canadian maybe but something else. Europe?

    • E P
      E P 18 days ago

      Summoning Salt That must be it.

    • Summoning Salt
      Summoning Salt  18 days ago

      I'm from california

  • Str1k3r
    Str1k3r 18 days ago

    It's amazing what the gaming community can do together

  • Johnny Knox
    Johnny Knox 18 days ago

    wasn’t this track in the second wreck it ralph

  • TheAussieGamer
    TheAussieGamer 19 days ago

    best video

  • Rexi Duster
    Rexi Duster 20 days ago

    This... This is beautiful.

  • joecee67
    joecee67 20 days ago

    i like rainbow road tbh loved the game as a whole brings back so many good memories

  • FragingInsane
    FragingInsane 20 days ago

    I can rewatch these videos endlessly.

  • Anay Patel
    Anay Patel 20 days ago

    Wait not rainbow road

  • Ozboz 2003
    Ozboz 2003 20 days ago

    I'm surprised that no-one else seems to remember that this was also a track in the leaf cup on the original Mario kart DS

    • no liberals
      no liberals 9 days ago +1

      Ozboz 2003 except MkDS isn’t broken af like 64 or Wii

  • - SammygoodTunes -
    - SammygoodTunes - 20 days ago

    This video has definitely got me into glitching...etc, it also has some aspect on cheat codes, like MrBean used to understand how the courses in MK Wii work. So I'm currently creating cheat codes using Hexidecimal codes, I think I did get one where the players were distorted, but that wasn't too useful.

  • Jeremy Sagun
    Jeremy Sagun 21 day ago

    more of these please

  • Zachary Villard
    Zachary Villard 21 day ago

    I don’t know why, but the way you present your speed running videos are just amazing, and have interested more than those that are interested in speed running or Mario kart.

  • KingNMPS
    KingNMPS 21 day ago +1

    These videos are perfect for a hang over

  • JanoMusic
    JanoMusic 21 day ago

    What a good video, i love these games documentaries

  • DDX Gaming
    DDX Gaming 21 day ago

    I just subbed to you lol

  • Tyler Lyssy
    Tyler Lyssy 22 days ago

    Damn, these videos are extremely well done. Im hooked. Thank you so much for putting in all the hard work to tell us these amazing stories.

  • riccardo uslenghi
    riccardo uslenghi 23 days ago

    I am not a huge Mario kart fan, i played It on Wii as a kid for a while. Nevertheless, i have to Say that this Is one of the best videos i have ever seen in 10 years on TheXvid.

  • FixedKarma
    FixedKarma 23 days ago

    Crazy to think that speenruns existed before I was born

  • Person Pacman
    Person Pacman 23 days ago +1

    What website is this

  • ][
    ][ 24 days ago

    These video motivate me so much I don’t know how you do it but I fell good after watching your videos

  • VampireYoshi
    VampireYoshi 24 days ago

    Your videos make it not only fashionable, but rational, to be neurotically obsessed with something.

  • Andy Jones
    Andy Jones 25 days ago

    I feel sad for greg. He had the best shortcut, then the Weathertenko happened the next day.

  • Nathan L'hôte
    Nathan L'hôte 25 days ago

    That's with this video that I've discoverded your channel and it's also my favourite, your so entretaining, you made me so interested in something i've never knew existed, Great video

    + you made me see Choco mountain, a course that i played on Mario Kart DS and that i completly forgot, in a different look, now it may be one the course i will never forget

  • Luna
    Luna 26 days ago

    Lakitu looks high...

  • Leo179 Videogames
    Leo179 Videogames 26 days ago

    In 2024 he’ll do a wr progression on luncheon koopa freerunning lol

  • Jane Wilder
    Jane Wilder 26 days ago +1

    where have you been :-(

  • Korhal SayGen
    Korhal SayGen 26 days ago

    Amazing work for an amazing game. God bless!

  • Promageddon
    Promageddon 26 days ago

    It sounds like he keeps saying VHA

  • Lexure
    Lexure 27 days ago

    Lol weather Ton in abneys chat

  • Yoda
    Yoda 27 days ago +4

    You just didn't wanna pronounce Vaj "vag" lmao

  • Marcel Mais
    Marcel Mais 27 days ago

    great job SS

  • DAS
    DAS 28 days ago

  • Daniel Guizar
    Daniel Guizar 29 days ago

    Mario Kart DS

  • Lucrio Zora
    Lucrio Zora Month ago

    Now every time I hear "We're finally landing" I feel a really melancholic nostalgia for all the times that I've watched videogame history being made, feeling right in the thick of things. Wasn't it such an exciting time when forums were the primary source for this stuff?

  • Brian  Online
    Brian Online Month ago

    Portuguese CC please

  • John Seborowski
    John Seborowski Month ago

    I love your vids!!! and i subbed and liked

  • TheGentleNerd
    TheGentleNerd Month ago

    I dont know why, but this video was simply beautiful to watch and listen to. Also no ads or any stuff like that