Choco Mountain: The History of Mario Kart 64's Most Infamous Track


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  • Summoning Salt
    Summoning Salt  18 days ago +5163

    Sorry it took so long. I'll try not to disappear for 3 months next time. Hope you all enjoy it!

    • Jako1987
      Jako1987 16 hours ago

      You can disappear for 6 months if you keep providing us videos!

    • Space Captain
      Space Captain 2 days ago

      your video quality is just great! thank you and no stress

    • stvnhentzen
      stvnhentzen 2 days ago

      I love these videos, take all the time you need.

    • Wlxf
      Wlxf 7 days ago

      Summoning Salt Infamous? This is one of my favorite tracks

    • MasonMPlayz
      MasonMPlayz 7 days ago

      You're probably the first person to make a 30 min video that I watched fully through and never got bored. I subscribed, you deserve it.

  • xSubParSaucex
    xSubParSaucex 3 minutes ago

    You know you’ve got a talent for documentaries when you can talk about one track in one MarioKart for 30 minutes and get 46k likes, well done!

  • Axel Zambrano
    Axel Zambrano 6 minutes ago

    A part of me thinks this is so stupid but other part of me says this is so cool lol

  • FranK
    FranK Hour ago

    Best music

  • Oliver Heald
    Oliver Heald 2 hours ago

    These 'History of' videos are absolutely crazy. Never been so captivated on videos which I thought I shared zero interest in

  • Joshua Gagel
    Joshua Gagel 2 hours ago

    This is the greatest video ever

  • caillou clicker
    caillou clicker 2 hours ago

    you said it smoke but it's really E

  • Shibby847
    Shibby847 2 hours ago

    you've made great videos, please keep up the good work!!

  • Nicholasheck
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  • Hungrybox
    Hungrybox 5 hours ago

    One of the best channels on TheXvid, bravo man.

  • Mechanic Mike
    Mechanic Mike 5 hours ago

    00:09 E

  • Stacey McNae
    Stacey McNae 7 hours ago

    if I run this on an emulator could I run it at 60 fps?

  • Darrian Products
    Darrian Products 8 hours ago

    This was probably the best Mario Kart Video I have ever watched.

  • Asdayasman
    Asdayasman 9 hours ago

    What a fantastically produced video.

  • 18th calibur
    18th calibur 10 hours ago

    Abney is a god among virgins

  • Coolest Thing
    Coolest Thing 11 hours ago

    This is great! No sweeping aerial shots, no expensive elaborate setups. Just a simple story about a game, well told, well paced and well edited. This IS how you tell a compelling story with a limited budget and minimal visuals. I'll bet this held more people's attention more than most multi-million dollar sitcoms or reality shows. Passion and good storytelling go a long way. Nice work!

  • Euanverse
    Euanverse 11 hours ago

    A video like this would be great for some other tracks in the series as well, especially Mario Kart Wii.

  • TeeTime
    TeeTime 11 hours ago

    looking at how fast you can go on this map guess you can say Running In The 90s

    Mario Kart 64/Initial release date
    December 14, 1996
    got that joke

  • dokucity
    dokucity 11 hours ago

    this is amazing

  • ShaunK1988
    ShaunK1988 12 hours ago

    I'm wondering if you can do a WR Progression video for Sonic 3 & Knuckles? It's probably my favourite game, and would love to see how it's evolved over time.

  • 4zn1nv4zn3
    4zn1nv4zn3 12 hours ago

    I love your videos! super informative and opened up speedrunning to me

  • wuuht
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  • Alan Appesatto
    Alan Appesatto 12 hours ago

    My goodness you are my favourite TheXvidr in the world

  • AidenAtorX x
    AidenAtorX x 12 hours ago

    I had no idea there was anything infamous about choco mountain so this was really interesting and that 3/3 Weathertenko was amazing

  • Chris Lebleu
    Chris Lebleu 13 hours ago

    Nerds gonna Nerd. Except Abney has an obsession for hitting his head in the wall.

  • JNation1
    JNation1 15 hours ago +1

    My boy abney has something that most of us don’t have


  • Original Meme
    Original Meme 15 hours ago

    I remember this track

  • ognok
    ognok 15 hours ago

    HOME - Odyssey
    good album, good taste

  • Oscar Nemo
    Oscar Nemo 15 hours ago

    A lot more interesting than I expected, well produced, good choice of music. Didn't feel as long as it actually was, either. Really good work.

  • Mark Fernandez
    Mark Fernandez 16 hours ago

    The odds in hitting that triple weathertenko?
    One in 64k. B)

  • *Hannah M*
    *Hannah M* 17 hours ago

    I feel so inspired. Wow!

  • Josh Fred
    Josh Fred 18 hours ago

    i remember when i used to smoke a bunch of weed and play this game with my buddies in highschool. that is all.

  • Berkley Nash
    Berkley Nash 19 hours ago

    vaj is annoying

  • AevzOfficial
    AevzOfficial 19 hours ago

    VAJ is so turnt at all times

  • Knife Boi
    Knife Boi 19 hours ago

    Why does weathertenko sounds like a dragonball move?

  • Olivia Lemaire
    Olivia Lemaire 19 hours ago

    Liking fr VAJ's reaction videos

  • Z AoT
    Z AoT 19 hours ago

    Take as long on these videos as you need. I rather wait longer for an as accurate as possible video that’s well edited than one rushed out to meet demands, heck even if you came back with a part two or revised version I would not complain. Have fun and remember to enjoy what you’re doing; it’s what matters most when looking back.

  • Zuzo's corner
    Zuzo's corner 20 hours ago

    That video was amazing. like, holy crap

  • ShadowSora8491
    ShadowSora8491 20 hours ago

    I don't care for speed running, but I can't help but to be amazed by, appreciate and feel excited to watch what speed runners do. This was awesome.

  • Buizel With A Portal Gun

    I remember playing this on the dsi version and loving the track so much, never knew this track had such a rich history

  • Banjo Billy
    Banjo Billy 21 hour ago

    ahem: *Don't you mean Rainbow Road?*

  • Bruhster
    Bruhster 21 hour ago

    Do Bfbb next! Does anybody agree?

  • Warman Fuzzy
    Warman Fuzzy 23 hours ago

    You took something I had never even heard of before and made me care about so much to the point where I cheered at the pinnacle moment. This is good storytelling. Being able to take something I had no interest and keep me enraptured for 30 minutes is the testament of a good video. I never sub after just one video, but this earned it.

  • Instances RotMG
    Instances RotMG 23 hours ago

    do you mean its not documented online or do you mean 'i dont speak or type or read japanese and honestly every time ever could have been written down online but i have no way of knowing'

  • Instances RotMG
    Instances RotMG 23 hours ago

    vaj might be my favorite person that i've never seen any picture of holy fuck i wish i was that excited about ANYTHING

  • aIntergalactique
    aIntergalactique 23 hours ago

    Jonathan Bernier was one of the most promising french canadian speed runner until he was drafted by the LA Kings.

  • Luvtrux
    Luvtrux 23 hours ago +2

    Ok TheXvid, I turned on the notification bell, I subscribed, I've done everything. Thought it was a glitch, so I just turned notifications on and off. But wow, I just now get the notification of this video, thanks.
    Anyway, good video mate, always love to see your videos. Keep up the good work!

  • flowerz
    flowerz 23 hours ago

    mark my words i will hit 3 weathertenkos in a row and become the new KING OF THE WORLD

  • flowerz
    flowerz 23 hours ago

    "you could potentially hit 3 weathertenkos"

  • Josh Headrick
    Josh Headrick Day ago

    There is no way I’m spending half an hour watching a video on Mario Kart...
    * 30 minutes later *
    Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor and hit that subscribe button.

  • S7evven
    S7evven Day ago

    Thanks for going through with the tough work! I don't normally follow youtube channels, but I was mesmerized immediately! I binged just about all your stuff. Looking forward to seeing more!

  • Edel Gerardo Macías Muñoz

    Didn't even realize this was a 30 min video until i read the comments. This video was entretaining AF

  • Grapes W8
    Grapes W8 Day ago

    Great video that kept showing up in my recommended! I'm glad I finally cracked and watched it. xD

  • Bryce Games
    Bryce Games Day ago


  • GL0ZZ3N Tech Reviews

    I thought rainbow road was the most infamous track

  • Nerudaa B
    Nerudaa B Day ago

    intro and outro music bro ?

  • Richard Jangles
    Richard Jangles Day ago

    Rainbow road bro

  • OfTheRapture
    OfTheRapture Day ago

    som1s into good synthwave

  • SAMTheRedPanda
    SAMTheRedPanda Day ago

    08/01/14 on my 12th
    birthday sweet

  • MrBillo4
    MrBillo4 Day ago

    Awesome Video and awesome soundtrack you use

  • nikou
    nikou Day ago

    I never thought that MK64 could have such a greath depth for WR, great video!

  • Lt. Pingas
    Lt. Pingas Day ago

    "toads are fungi, they dont have "female" gender" - dagroth123 2017

  • Becca Vousden
    Becca Vousden Day ago

    24:43 "odds at 1 in 64 thousand". Ummmm... .Illuminati confirmi

  • SupraKarlos Nerd

    The editing and music is awesome, I'm not even interested in speedrunning, yet i didn't even feel the 30 minutes pass !! awesome

  • BluishRed
    BluishRed Day ago

    Woww this is some SPICY content right here

  • 19midnightsun87
    19midnightsun87 Day ago

    Lol, at 27:00 I jumped out of my seat out of joy for him beating it.

  • - JAVA -
    - JAVA - Day ago

    How do we know these people aren't playing emulator with a hdmi cord on their tv. Smh.

  • Peter Schäffer
    Peter Schäffer Day ago

    Never watched smth like that but this is a really nice video and i fuckiing enjoyed it. Happy to see that games that were played in the past are still played! pls go on with videos like that

  • Aiden.008
    Aiden.008 Day ago

    When you said Jonathan Bernier, is it the same guy who plays goalie in the NHL?

  • - JAVA -
    - JAVA - Day ago

    The music and your voice lulled me into believing I gave a damn about anything so I sar through the whole video.

  • John Bucher
    John Bucher Day ago

    Thank you for this series. I never watched a speedrun in my life, but you make this information so digestible and interesting

  • John Robson
    John Robson Day ago

    I just randomly found this channel without having any prior interest and now I have major respect for the speed running community and this channel!!!

  • pikato
    pikato Day ago

    I’ve never heard of this track, but it’s the most infamous? Am I dumb?

  • Ilia J
    Ilia J Day ago

    That was amazing

  • party quackas
    party quackas Day ago

    Home fan?

  • duckyofawsome23
    duckyofawsome23 Day ago

    wow you really like home, me too!

  • trogdoar149
    trogdoar149 Day ago

    Dude, this channel is dope as fuck. A+ work.

    TERABULL Day ago

    I secretly wanted VAJ to take it in the end.

  • Joh Foot
    Joh Foot Day ago

    Did his voice get deeper

  • Captain Fordo
    Captain Fordo Day ago

    What's so wrong with this track-
    Oh I see. Unrelatable speedrun bullshit.

  • Mafr0
    Mafr0 Day ago

    Wow, that was unreal. Had me glued to the screen the whole time. did not ever think the most captivating thing I'd watch lately would be a history on a Mario Kart 64 track. Amazed!

  • FlarbaGlarb
    FlarbaGlarb Day ago +2

    So much history in such a seemingly simple track...

  • czech jazz music

    this is such a good video dude. wow

  • Nathan Stallfus
    Nathan Stallfus Day ago

    This reminds me of pretty good by John Dubois. Anyway great videos you got my sub

  • Felicia
    Felicia Day ago

    I just watched a 30-minute video about a guy ramming into a brown mountain wall in an old N64 game. I've already seen your Super Mario Bro 4-2 video in full and once again, you've managed to make such an interesting and engaging video that is accessible to people who have no interest at all in speedrunning. I really look forward to spending more half-hours watching videos of yours that mean nothing to me but still are so interesting. It's insane how well made these videos are!

  • Oliver Hancock
    Oliver Hancock Day ago

    The selection of wavy tracks from HOME and Henrik Johnson for your BGM was a nice touch good sir, especially after watching an 80s VHS video of the communication application "Discord" and another of Star Fox.

  • David Venderbos
    David Venderbos Day ago

    What's the name of song at the end?

  • Midasofficial
    Midasofficial Day ago

    I'm not interested in speedruns, neither in Mario Kart, but that video sure was thrilling as fuck.

  • Maxesar
    Maxesar Day ago

    I don't even play these games or watch speedruns but I love your videos

  • Caleb Spiess
    Caleb Spiess Day ago

    I'm sure suggestions are dime a dozen, but have you considered doing TAS progression videos? There are a lot of TASes with really interesting histories, and TASVideos keeps really good records of old runs. I'd love to watch a video on years-long frame wars.

  • Len11999
    Len11999 Day ago

    Man fuck choco mountain! 😠😠😠

  • Oil Lamp Studio
    Oil Lamp Studio Day ago

    This was a spectacular video. I have never played Mario Kart 64, just the original on the SNES. However, this was well narrated and well edited. It kept my interest throughout. Thank you for your time researching and compiling all of this information. I only have one thumbs up to give, but you have it!

  • Lex Oli
    Lex Oli Day ago

    i know i could never really hold a speed run mainly as i love to play and mess around with the game itself waaay to much to really do much competitively but still very cool to see when people do feets like this from time to time, with that said i still love to get all the old (nintendo preferred) games and systems i can

  • Corey
    Corey Day ago

    Compelling and thorough storytelling.

  • Happy Kong
    Happy Kong 2 days ago

    Never seen so much research put into one video

  • aM0nk
    aM0nk 2 days ago

    Incredible video. This is the kind of stuff I wish I learned in school.

  • flightjam
    flightjam 2 days ago

    Wow, this was incredible to watch! I never knew anything like this about Choco Mountain but saw your video in my recommendations and I'm glad I watched it. Thrilling stuff!

  • NlsnRMA
    NlsnRMA 2 days ago +1

    Great video, nothing more to say. 10/10

  • Sangled
    Sangled 2 days ago

    i felt like one of those people who clap after a movie once this video ended. well done 👏🏼

    • - JAVA -
      - JAVA - Day ago

      Off topic: I follow you on Tumblr. Wow.

  • SevenSulivin
    SevenSulivin 2 days ago

    God, I get sucked into the WheaterTenko clips. I nearly screamed when you showed the succesful one. Got so hype.