[MV] PENTAGON(펜타곤) _ Naughty boy(청개구리)

  • Published on Sep 10, 2018
  • [MV] PENTAGON(펜타곤) _ Naughty boy(청개구리)

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    PENTAGON, which has showed various musical changes and development by participating in writing and composing its songs since the debut, returns with its new mini album in five months.
    The title track “Naughty boy” is a song with a fantasy like a fairy tale in which a naughty boy is completely changes by a loved one. The cheerful reggae guitar and whistling sound that leads the overall mood of the song and the light and fun lyrics such as ‘just eat your fried chicken’ or ‘takes out the stone’ are impressive. The song was written by Hui and E’Dwan in collaboration with the producer team Flow Blow after “Shine”.
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  • 햇빛의소유자
    햇빛의소유자 3 hours ago


  • alessa powerful
    alessa powerful 8 hours ago

  • Monika Gadek
    Monika Gadek 10 hours ago

    I LUUV THIS💜💜💜

  • i like coffe
    i like coffe 12 hours ago +2

    Anyone here share the same confuse as me regarding to the lyrics?!

    Here, i found a detail explained one. WOW, my respect to those lyricists are increasing.
    Whole first part also could disguise as dissing track to fakeu fans.

  • Pandii
    Pandii 13 hours ago


  • Alyx Jones
    Alyx Jones 14 hours ago

    I love how the song is 'Naughty Boy' but the whole video is so adorable

  • L i z z i e
    L i z z i e 14 hours ago


  • Milly Mi
    Milly Mi 14 hours ago

    reis do aesthetic 🐞💜

  • 鰹節海苔
    鰹節海苔 15 hours ago +1


  • Гулжазира Шаухарова

    Ой блин как мило и еще мне это нравиться както если бы я бвло корейцом ой ничего мне надо еще учиться по англисский ждите меня корея я скоро приеду только ждите я еще научусь по англисский и по корейсский я всех сломаю потому что я красавица да дайтика свой номер позвоню вам корейцы именно парни

  • jake is not a burnt toast
    jake is not a burnt toast 19 hours ago +1

    i dont stan pentagon but i like this song, it makes me feel soft uwuwuwu

  • maynstagram
    maynstagram 19 hours ago

    I smell the next bop

  • jeonggle
    jeonggle 21 hour ago

    i love this concept sm

  • 구독안하면흰 옷에 짜빠게티소스 묻음

    여러분 이거 이던이 작곡 같이함
    Everyone,Edawn wrote it together.

  • : lemon
    : lemon Day ago


  • guensedful
    guensedful Day ago +1

    Favorite kpop song rn💓🐸

  • Cali Pop
    Cali Pop Day ago +1

    This song IS amazing I’m only hating because they created this going directly against E’dawn since he was kicked out of the group for dating

    • uniBus ptg
      uniBus ptg 2 hours ago

      Dating is not a main issue. Dont you know yongjoonhyung??

  • han ah
    han ah Day ago +1

    For once Im thankful to youtube for continously recommending me this video. Like every damn time I open youtube, this was on my recommend video. Ignored it for a month but that Frog made me click it. Im like 'fine. let me see why there is a frog' and oh boy, thats how I got stuck into this void called fangirling.
    Most people doesnt like Wooseok's green hair but that was what got me into him and this song is just so addicting. It sounds so fun and silly. Oh god, its been 4 months now and I love pentagon more and more 😂

  • Paige Maddox
    Paige Maddox Day ago

    'Ughh, i got so emotional during this song, they have come so far and deserve the world'♡

  • Lee May
    Lee May Day ago

    Yuto me tiene in Love 😍

  • lili kpop
    lili kpop Day ago

    1:21 que delicia... To falando da coxinha ta kkk

  • Jack Woods
    Jack Woods Day ago

    Que paso con E'dawn?

  • αทαн アナ


  • Ajeng Rahma Safitri

    Hello again to one of a few songs that instantly make me SMILE and feel better whenever i listen to ❤❤❤

  • hellathicc
    hellathicc Day ago +1

    don't you dare TO SLEEP ON THIS BOP.

  • chi chu
    chi chu Day ago


  • chi chu
    chi chu Day ago


  • chi chu
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  • Ana Luiza Lima
    Ana Luiza Lima Day ago

    Estou viciada nessa música 😍😍 amooooooooo muitooooo ❤

  • Graz R.J.x23
    Graz R.J.x23 Day ago


  • Kim Kalina
    Kim Kalina 2 days ago +1


  • ッDaniLaNoob
    ッDaniLaNoob 2 days ago

    Wooseok is so tall 0_0

  • estrella rivera
    estrella rivera 2 days ago

    porfa apoyen a todo el grupo y no solo pregunten por E'DAWN miren el talento de estoy chicos y su esfuerzo

  • victor asturcon. monitorista.


  • malek Ouerghi
    malek Ouerghi 2 days ago

    So cute

  • yeetingboy
    yeetingboy 2 days ago

    So no one is talking about Yan An, imma stir up a convo.
    Yan An please get better soon

  • Tash Lani
    Tash Lani 2 days ago


  • kprata on
    kprata on 2 days ago

    You love

  • kim soo ah
    kim soo ah 2 days ago

    i love this song 😍😍💜
    Exol let's support pentagon 😍🤝

  • Lut Gardania
    Lut Gardania 2 days ago +2

    i used to hate pentagon, but the guy with green hair makes me fall into him :( someone please tell me what's his name. and the guy who sang "boom chicken boom chiken" (sorry if i mess the lyric) who is he?

    • Lut Gardania
      Lut Gardania 2 days ago

      +uniBus ptg thank a million

    • uniBus ptg
      uniBus ptg 2 days ago

      1 wooseok(green hair)
      2 yuto (uhm chicken)

  • A W K W A R D I F I E D

    I miss Gorilla era Wooseok.

  • 히류가이
    히류가이 2 days ago


  • Paloma Leal
    Paloma Leal 3 days ago


  • BTS Multi
    BTS Multi 3 days ago +3

    600k more to 16M!!🔥
    Fighting Universe✊❤❤❤

  • Debora Leandro
    Debora Leandro 3 days ago

    Saudades Yanan(meu bias lindo💜) e Edawn❤(bolinho fofo💜)espero que voltem logo e se juntem ao pentagon novamente.
    Esses garotos tem tanto talento!continuem sempre em frente e fortes!amamos vocês demais!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • last_fast. net7
    last_fast. net7 3 days ago +1

    Wooseok oppa!!!!

  • 백량
    백량 3 days ago

    왜...한국가수인데한국인들이묻혔어ㅠㅠ...제발 나도댓글좀읽자 영어라서못읽어...ㅠ

  • whalien_ 98
    whalien_ 98 3 days ago


  • 甘いらーゆ
    甘いらーゆ 3 days ago +1


  • vince s
    vince s 3 days ago

    yuto, baby.... y u so cute

  • RainyWolf
    RainyWolf 3 days ago

    1:07 I see a phone number but when i call it it just says leave a message

  • RainyWolf
    RainyWolf 3 days ago

    The reason I was keeled down was to get ready for a leap.

  • Alice Jackson
    Alice Jackson 3 days ago

    Can someone please tell me, where is yanan here? imma newbie btw

    • Carlipa
      Carlipa 15 hours ago

      He isn't here :(

  • RainyWolf
    RainyWolf 3 days ago

    this is cool

  • Moon Chaser
    Moon Chaser 3 days ago

    That chikinajuseyooo😍😂

  • Hanaria Yanagi
    Hanaria Yanagi 4 days ago

    It just sucks without E dawn

    • uniBus ptg
      uniBus ptg 3 days ago +2

      Please repect 9members. They didnt do anything wrong.

  • Kimborly Lmao
    Kimborly Lmao 4 days ago +2

    Yes children eat yo CHICKEN PLEASE

  • Bangtan Burgers
    Bangtan Burgers 4 days ago

    where was the *yUtoDa* cri

    • uniBus ptg
      uniBus ptg 4 days ago

      "Yutoda" is back!! Please check this mv

  • Bangtan Burgers
    Bangtan Burgers 4 days ago +2

    This song is super underrated. It deserves all the likes in the world.

  • Silvia Guerrero
    Silvia Guerrero 4 days ago


  • DavidPlay :v
    DavidPlay :v 4 days ago +1

    ¿Porque la rana tiene sangre en la boca?

  • Gabriela Pontes
    Gabriela Pontes 4 days ago

    Tão fofoss

  • Weirdo Warrior
    Weirdo Warrior 4 days ago

    OOOOF DANG THIS SONG LIKE JUST THE CHORUS SO...SASSY? (don't know the right word but it's really interesting and cool) I bet if Edawn was here THIS SONG WILL BLOW UP LIKE THE PENTAGON SHINE VIDEO (cos shine has what 115 million views (currently, I think) and this song only got like 15 million views EVEN THOUGH THESE SONGS R BOTH EQUALLY GOOD. Cube Entertainment... come on man you guys gotta do something about this current situation and at least try to get E dawn back I mean seriously. Edit: srsly a lot of the comments here are commenting about E dawn like they go to this song and instead of listening and enjoying the song and maybe commenting about how good this song is... instead a lot of the comments r just about E dawn who isn't even in this group anymore so...(I don't know) maybe try fix it? Like if E dawn was back (maybe) people would start to focus on the song and other members again, or you could just wait it out until people forget that E dawn was even in pentagon (heh, like that will ever happen) or you could choose to ignore it. Or guys you know this is just my suggestion/opinion (nice song btw) just don't scoff at this comment or something like "heh, this guy is so noob he doesn't know how this business works" (I don't btw) but like constructive criticism guys. Or you know you could reply to this comment and explain how dating someone is reason enough to kick them out of a group that they belong in. (Just saying) Edit two: Actually there's no need to get him to come back since he's doing well now but still, I kinda want an explanation as to why dating someone is reason enough to kick someone out of the group

    • bethf07
      bethf07 3 days ago

      +uniBus ptg yes, I agree with you.

    • uniBus ptg
      uniBus ptg 3 days ago

      +bethf07 yes. Problem is "dogmatic behavior that disregarded the company" not their dating.

    • bethf07
      bethf07 3 days ago

      +uniBus ptg I know him. He dated too (Hara from Kara) and he wasn't kicked out. The difference between them is that beast was already established and cube released the dating statement themselves, not the artist. Hyuna decided to not tell cube what she was going to do and revealed everything on Instagram. Pentagon was on their way to making it 😔. I hope 2019 will be better.

    • uniBus ptg
      uniBus ptg 3 days ago

      +bethf07 dont you know yongjoonhyung??

    • bethf07
      bethf07 3 days ago

      Cube is actually one of the very few companies that does not have a dating ban, everyone thinks that's the reason they were kicked out. Cube's contracts allows everyone to date, but you can't reveal that you're dating because (look at what happened to pentagon, a lot of people left, ads and appearances were canceled; they lost a lot of money because of this). They broke the contract, so that's the result. But HyoJong decided to leave (moved out of the dorm and made an Instagram page, which I'm sure pentagon members aren't supposed to get) 3 months before Cube even announced they've ended the contract. Cube is thinking about this from a business standpoint, which isn't always a good idea. I just wished people (not referring to you btw) would not discredit pentagon, without pentagon, E'dawn would have been eliminated since pentagon was supposed to be a 7 member group. Everyone wanted to debut as 10 together, and I'm very sad he chose to leave instead. Sorry for the long comment.

  • Nayantara Roy
    Nayantara Roy 4 days ago

    i love the video so much! it's wacky!!

  • Graz R.J.x23
    Graz R.J.x23 4 days ago +1


  • Alicia Alice
    Alicia Alice 4 days ago

    i thought there was 9 of them without E...? can someone tell me why there's only 8

  • Crystal Hedgehog
    Crystal Hedgehog 4 days ago +1

    I discover them just now and i'm really amazed. They're REALLY talented, handsome and they deserve love with or without E'dawn. Look at those beautiful, talented young men. They're working hard and they're really good at what they do. I hope Pentagon stays with us for a long time and achieve the succes they deserve. And I hope E'dawn will be happy and succesful in his own way, too. 💜

  • Pitchanon Khamsen
    Pitchanon Khamsen 5 days ago +1

    Go go to 20M

  • Daniela Espinoza
    Daniela Espinoza 5 days ago

    Minuto 1:18 a 1:21, me encanta, soy nueva he ignorante en muchas cosas de pentágon, alguien me dice quien es??

    • Mayra JmJk
      Mayra JmJk 5 days ago

      Ooh que bueno, ellos merecen mucho amor y apoyo💙
      ¡En esa parte aparecen Shinwon y Yuto!.

  • 윤민 아이
    윤민 아이 5 days ago

    Yes we will miss E'Dawn and Yan-an so much. But Pentagon is still Pentagon. They are a great team with awesome music and are still one of the best groups i've ever been introduced to. Pentagon will be great with or with out E'Dawn and Yan-an

    Edit; Also this choreography is one of the cutest thing ive ever seen

  • Graz R.J.x23
    Graz R.J.x23 5 days ago +1

    Lovee u HONGSEOKKK💞😍

  • Jackson Torres
    Jackson Torres 5 days ago

    Pentagon ¡¡¡!!!

  • iago cezar
    iago cezar 5 days ago +1

    I love is mc😘😘😘😘😍😍😍

  • Pile of Lavender
    Pile of Lavender 5 days ago +2


  • Bayu Yulio Alfianto
    Bayu Yulio Alfianto 5 days ago

    Why i miss this group much !

  • Laura Cavalheiro Vieira Schonfelder

    this song makes me feel so melancholic and free at the same time????

  • Maghfirah Suci
    Maghfirah Suci 5 days ago

    Exol disini untuk support pentagon ,😂😂😂 lagu nya bikin nagih

  • Steven Marcelino
    Steven Marcelino 5 days ago +2

    This song so perfect😉💕

  • あかまる
    あかまる 5 days ago +2

    2:20 YUTO!

  • Graz R.J.x23
    Graz R.J.x23 5 days ago +1

    Love u HONGSEOKKK😍

  • liML l
    liML l 6 days ago +1

    으아악 노래 너무 좋다!!!

  • 甘いらーゆ
    甘いらーゆ 6 days ago


  • Taffy Lion09600
    Taffy Lion09600 6 days ago +2

    This song deserves way more attention tf

    • Universe- heart
      Universe- heart 6 days ago

      All ptg sings do though. It seems to be a theme ,sadly .Shine is the only one that gets the views ..crazy,when a whole Like this,runaway etc exist 🙄

  • S Khan
    S Khan 6 days ago +3

    I am always here for soft bois Pentagon. This is such a pure, sweet song

  • Tentastic Pentagon
    Tentastic Pentagon 6 days ago +3

    I love you Pentagon!! Let's keep going! 💚

  • nct has more members than I have braincells

    And then you realize this was just a chicken ad... ;)

  • Auri M
    Auri M 6 days ago

    *mince c’est ça les gilets jaunes ? 🤣*

  • Shannon Mc
    Shannon Mc 6 days ago

    green hair guy looking long

  • KitKat Potato
    KitKat Potato 6 days ago +1

    Even thought E-Dawn is gone and he was my bias I still am in love with all the Pentagon songs!!!!!

  • Shannon Mc
    Shannon Mc 6 days ago

    why they so TALL?

  • Ydania P.J
    Ydania P.J 6 days ago


  • Windel Elwin
    Windel Elwin 6 days ago

    0:52 that be lookin like BTS airplane pt2 dance
    no hate though im beginning to love these guys

  • pink usagi 💗
    pink usagi 💗 6 days ago

    yikes i still hate cube bc i think they really killed of pentagon to quickly by taking edawn out of their equation.... they were just starting to get popular and then cube does that :)

    • K Guerr1
      K Guerr1 4 days ago

      He knew the rules about dating and he went along with Hyuna. He made his choice loud and clear but the company can't deal with employees who make them look bad. You try and do that to your boss and see what happens to you. Cube is a business not a charity.

    • uniBus ptg
      uniBus ptg 4 days ago

      He's not a victim. lefting the company are not a punish either. It's just a business issue. Hyojong is happy now. Please live present

  • Megan
    Megan 6 days ago

    2:54 is so adorable

  • 사랑해요F A Y E V

    Where is yutodaa

  • Janran Castillo
    Janran Castillo 6 days ago +3

    While everyone here is busy talking about how much they miss E'Dawn,

    I'm still here dying to see Yang Hongseok.

  • Eva Vo
    Eva Vo 6 days ago +1

    they are good but i sort of dont want to stan a cube group at all after what they've done.. 😕

    • Ptg Unvrse
      Ptg Unvrse 6 days ago +1

      Eva Vo it’s kinda unfair since the group did nothing wrong, what I’m saying here is you have to stan! I swear all of the group debuted under Cube ent are talented as hell but they’re just climbing slowly to the top

  • pentagon universe
    pentagon universe 6 days ago