• Published on Nov 10, 2019
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  • Through The Eyes of Eliot

    Eddie looks so bored

  • Márió Balázs
    Márió Balázs 15 days ago

    He has been baptized xD

    OBL LYM 15 days ago

    L for logan

  • Travis Elbourne Vlogs
    Travis Elbourne Vlogs 16 days ago

    Logan Paul should've won, my video explains it all

  • Ru Ben
    Ru Ben 17 days ago

    If your watching this then I hope you get kidnapped, raped and killed then raped again. POS scum on earth.

  • Ru Ben
    Ru Ben 17 days ago

    This is where we're at now in our evolutionary timeline huh? Remember that stupid white kid with the annoying ass voice? The you had that stupid orange or apple with a face on it *SMH* I really wish someone would rid this cancer off the world. Instead of people shooting up schools and killing kids, they should kill the youtubers instead. Im getting tired of TheXvid. I already cracked my screen because those retards recommend me videos that I absolutely hate. Phuckyou TheXvid.

  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones 17 days ago

    Logan the L

  • Archie Currie
    Archie Currie 17 days ago

    I’m English, but KSI take your glasses off bro ffs.

  • King Kong
    King Kong 17 days ago

    Respect to you both from SHEFFIELD.
    Sheffield Wednesday fc Hillsborough is our King.

  • DonzEeBoi 2019
    DonzEeBoi 2019 17 days ago +1

    He still acts like an ass after ksi gave him respect

  • txuai
    txuai 18 days ago +1

    Logan didn’t even take the L, Shannon copped it

  • Ivan Drago
    Ivan Drago 18 days ago +1

    Shannon Briggs Vs Thanos

  • _lugal_
    _lugal_ 18 days ago

    tey ever had real beef, its all staged so they can steal our money

  • DragonNomak
    DragonNomak 18 days ago

    Shannon taking the loss harder cause he know he fucked up as a trainer maybe i don't know if the Great Roy Jones was training Logan maybe he could've won but hey i,m happy KSI won the match i was rooting for him the entire time, also it,s funny cause Eddie Hearn before the fight he was saying Logan and KSI don't respect the sport enough , and now he's saying they Respected the sport hahahahaha make up your mind Eddie

  • Cry0 P. Hage
    Cry0 P. Hage 18 days ago

    ...this actually makes me okay with subscribing to Logan Paul. I'm a KSI fan all the way, but with this fight win or lose on Logan Paul's side, he and nothing to lose and everything to gain imo. He got publicity and actually handled losing like a true sportsman. Respect.

  • A_Neck_Beard_Kurt _Russell

    Shannon Briggs needs to be put on suicide watch

  • Kilo Wellness
    Kilo Wellness 18 days ago

    Ofcourse he means it Logan fuckin Paul

  • Jake Harris
    Jake Harris 18 days ago

    I wanna see KSI VS jake Paul, jake just needs his head knocked off his shoulders 😂

  • EnergyDraaank56
    EnergyDraaank56 18 days ago +1

    Its easy to squash fake beef

  • Matt Mehosky
    Matt Mehosky 18 days ago

    Logan’s salty asf fym

  • Tom Maitland
    Tom Maitland 18 days ago

    The Paul’s are so fucking weird looking , likerapists, or type of kids who would skin a cat alive and laugh

  • Wicked Volume
    Wicked Volume 18 days ago

    Stupid fight , TheXvidr bs TheXvidr lame MF.

  • amro malaka
    amro malaka 18 days ago

    This bi*ch ksi looks stupid as hell

  • Beautiful Pollution
    Beautiful Pollution 18 days ago

    Ksi look like he did a line of blow right before..

  • Zvcheryy
    Zvcheryy 18 days ago


  • Ryjo 018
    Ryjo 018 18 days ago

    Lets go champ

  • C4M3R4N
    C4M3R4N 18 days ago

    Is there now world peace now

  • Bailey Hobson
    Bailey Hobson 18 days ago

    guy behind the camera flapped it

  • LocalGaminProduction
    LocalGaminProduction 18 days ago

    I’m up for it. 8 weeks of training :)

  • Sambo 5
    Sambo 5 18 days ago

    Get that bandana back on and never take it off

  • Yuma MCO
    Yuma MCO 18 days ago

    Lol Shannon all depressed n shit now, how tf he take it harder then logan lmao

  • Woe is austin
    Woe is austin 18 days ago

    There is no "beef" . Both of these guys played us all and got 35 million each

  • ThatUnturnedGuy
    ThatUnturnedGuy 18 days ago

    No one:
    Comments on this video: OmG ShAnNoN LoOks DiSaPoiNted

  • Krheej
    Krheej 18 days ago

    shannon mad lol

  • Leonidas I
    Leonidas I 18 days ago

    If anything the fight made me respect Logan more than I ever did.

  • Danjel Nava
    Danjel Nava 18 days ago

    Ksi needs to train for 5 years to make it into the pro fights cause any other ACTUAL boxers can murder bitch made boy faster than Shannon's shit talking

  • Nati
    Nati 18 days ago +1

    0:35 I thought Logan was sick😂

  • Will Yu
    Will Yu 18 days ago

    Let's go champ

  • GoldenX205
    GoldenX205 19 days ago +1

    Lol ksi low-key playing Dragon Ball legends 1:50

  • Michael
    Michael 19 days ago

    i rate logan a lot now because of this. jake and shannon are still clowns tho

  • Spectre 47
    Spectre 47 19 days ago

    Shannon looked so disturbed throughout the whole thing 😂

  • uncooked ham
    uncooked ham 19 days ago

    KSI has smelly fingers :)

  • Travis Wampler
    Travis Wampler 19 days ago

    Shannon so hurt

  • David Ravenscroft
    David Ravenscroft 19 days ago

    Who gives a shit..both made a shit load of money for a Circus fight,neither are decent boxers..The whole thing was a money making farce!!.

  • BerkleyCalifornia
    BerkleyCalifornia 19 days ago

    Putting quotation marks up with your hands when you say “loss” is still an L bud.

  • Night fu Naruto online

    It hurts him sooo badly

  • oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

    ksi from the beginning ❤️❤️

  • Bloke Jr
    Bloke Jr 19 days ago

    Logan: 😃😄😁😃😀🙂😀
    Shannon: 😐😐😐👀😐😐🤐

  • Emile Zaha
    Emile Zaha 19 days ago

    What is this shit?!!
    Bunch of idiots

    NITRO BOXSTER 19 days ago

    Is it me or did KSI’s forehead get enlarged after that fight

  • oasdfe
    oasdfe 19 days ago +1

    The beef was for money. Don't try it. It's all totally bull cra0

  • Aaron Matthewz
    Aaron Matthewz 19 days ago

    Maybe he should have thrown a right hand he would have won

  • SerSparky
    SerSparky 19 days ago

    I hate it when fighters say before the fight. THE BEEF WILL NEVER BE DEAD. EVER. WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE BEEF. As soon as the fight was over, yeah i respect him. Just don't fucking say it before hand if it isn't that serious

  • rizyman 03
    rizyman 03 19 days ago

    Let's go champ!!!

  • Laura's Channel
    Laura's Channel 19 days ago

    Logan Paul is such a good sport! Graceful looser, He went partying with his friends afterwards and all.

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 19 days ago

    Logan dropped ksi cleanly. He should’ve won

  • S0uljetsu
    S0uljetsu 19 days ago

    Shannon tried to pull the hood over Logan after the fight like " let's go hide champ!"

  • Lil Astro Venom
    Lil Astro Venom 19 days ago


  • FireBird-16
    FireBird-16 19 days ago

    The fight sucked ass....

  • WRS
    WRS 19 days ago

    See the way Logan replies(clout) and KSI replies(respect)