Tucker: Some questions Pelosi will have to answer

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • House Democrats move forward with impeachment, continue to lack voter support. #Tucker #FoxNews
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Comments • 5 912

  • Angel Grace
    Angel Grace 8 days ago

    The Democrats are too desperate and disgusting that they have to act like they are the only who understands the law. They just showed the American people that they are not desirable to run the country because onoy their opinion is respected and the peoples choice, which is President Trump.

  • Ted Pert
    Ted Pert 8 days ago

    Peelosi should be impeached and removed!

  • lance camilleri
    lance camilleri 9 days ago

    Love ya, 👼😎👼🔗

  • lance camilleri
    lance camilleri 9 days ago


  • lance camilleri
    lance camilleri 9 days ago


  • K Ham
    K Ham 9 days ago +2

    The only disgrace to our country is her and he’s cronies

  • BD Walters
    BD Walters 12 days ago

    She has 2 sets of eyebrows...one real and one on the mask? Did her face slip down to reveal her true face? Things that make you say "HMMMMM?"

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 12 days ago

    Pelosi you've lost!!! Its over.

  • Larry Foster
    Larry Foster 12 days ago

    She needs to go to AA . To much drink. That's why everyone thinks she has Schiff for brains. A good example of why we need term limits.

  • DJ DJ
    DJ DJ 13 days ago

    What does she know of a Republic. She is a Democrat who want all of use to be slaves, her Democratic buddy's can suck us dry and leave use to die.

  • Dewey Allen
    Dewey Allen 13 days ago

    Somebody should get Pelosi a chair. She looks and sounds like she can't stand and talk whilst reading. Did somebody slow her speech, because she sounds tipsy.

  • metal falcon
    metal falcon 14 days ago

    The 547 dislikes is the Pelosi loving liberals

  • Endnotes Sherman
    Endnotes Sherman 15 days ago +1

    She sounds like she has a dry mouth

  • OrLynn Kouba
    OrLynn Kouba 15 days ago

    Let us begin where your family began, raised in crime family, married into crime family and now you have hired your kids to work in our governments crime democrates setup. Nancy have you also set up your grandchildren? Someone who is a crook like yourself should not even be allowed to breath much less judge anyone else.

  • donmed
    donmed 16 days ago +1

    It wasn't that long ago back in the day Pelosi and her cronies would have been jailed for treason we live in a sad corrupt world

  • Maurice Hammond
    Maurice Hammond 17 days ago +1

    Pelosi pure evil I think the demon that lives in the Clintons has moved in her

  • al Rodriguez
    al Rodriguez 17 days ago

    Funny pelosu abusing her power ..and. Blocking the senate....doing exactly the things that they accuse president trump of doing ....to impeach him

  • Pappy
    Pappy 17 days ago

    whats wrong with her mouth ? her speech is weird . looks like pre-stroke symptoms .

  • Kim Asher
    Kim Asher 18 days ago

    Ive never seen the president smiling so much. Impeachment makes him look so much younger. I think its just the thing he needed. I guess we owe a big thank you to nancy and the gang, none of this would have been possible without them. Btw( checks in the mail) the RNC.

  • Mary Hughes
    Mary Hughes 18 days ago

    I love watching her trying to keep her false teeth in her mouth. Probably her forked tongue pushing them around.

  • Merle W Robinson
    Merle W Robinson 18 days ago


  • Melvin Lusk
    Melvin Lusk 18 days ago

    Nancy speaks of preying, god and country. She playing with god by using him for greed and power. I ask her this "How can you say that you love Jesus and hate your brother?"

  • deslocc124
    deslocc124 19 days ago

    Impeachment was a Political Dud... The Democrats will lose their seats... and they should also lose their freedom, Treason.. for their High Crimes!! Trump 2020!!

  • Time  Keeper
    Time Keeper 19 days ago

    Had John Boehner but Pope made him cry and leave so they put in a witch ? Seems like someone be paying attention to all this .

  • Gus Salas
    Gus Salas 20 days ago

    She's worth over 100 million dollars .ask her how she made that money

  • James Stewart
    James Stewart 21 day ago

    She (along with the rest of her party), simply sound evil... and their actions seem to back that statement up.

  • James Stewart
    James Stewart 21 day ago

    Because he is "once again" trying to corrupt the election for his own benefit... when did that happen the first time??? I must have missed where that was proven or even proven to have a shred of truth to it. That is slander, plain and simple, what ever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? Something the left has failed to do since before Trump was even inaugurated, and not from a lack of trying... 3 years of nonstop attacks and accusations, not once with any merit or authenticity. These people are hypocrites of the highest calibur.

  • Alvin Ritter
    Alvin Ritter 21 day ago

    This idiots insane!!!!

  • Angie Dettore
    Angie Dettore 21 day ago

    I can't help myself, is thst a wig? Shes 80yrs old. Does she have have her own hair at 80? Seriously i want to know. Thats all i want to know about nancy. She's over,

  • Kathy Vo
    Kathy Vo 21 day ago +1

    When she talks I am just afraid of her false teeth falling down

  • Marie Stark
    Marie Stark 21 day ago

    From her lip??? “The people rather king”. I’m shocked. We spoke with our vote.

  • Adam Fox
    Adam Fox 21 day ago

    Insane woman belongs committed- or to face treason

  • William Oldfield
    William Oldfield 22 days ago

    She is either hammered by the booze or her Teeth are not being held properly by the denture bond she uses. Of course, good alcohol will loosen the bonding properties of denture cream, so, the latter is more possible than the previous two scenarios. As you watch this, you can see that she is sucking on her teeth, because her denture cream has been dissolved by excessive alcohol consumption. Therefore she sucks!

  • Joe Smoe
    Joe Smoe 23 days ago

    She wants to impeach trump but nobody is impeaching her for violating HER oath to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States? I’m a little confused but I could have sworn it says in the 2nd amendment shall not be infringed, seems she doesn’t think that applies to her job!

  • Joni Soma
    Joni Soma 23 days ago

    .....what is that women on????

  • Jimmy  Hamm
    Jimmy Hamm 23 days ago

    She is senile & doesn't know what she is doing ; saying ; she is a nightmare on elm street.

  • Marylise Craan
    Marylise Craan 23 days ago

    Nancy is coucou ....go home Nancy pourriture voleuse

  • Pat Garrett
    Pat Garrett 23 days ago

    I wonder how many people that, since PRESIDENT TRUMP came to Power, now have jobs, $$$$$ to buy things that were out of their $$$$ range,, but under Trump they now have the $$$$$$ for some of the little, and BIG things they couldn't afford under Obama! Are they really so unhappy , and miss Obummer so much, that they want to reinstate HIM??? He,ll try!
    I wonder what the economy will do, because they will have to change A lot!

  • The OSB
    The OSB 23 days ago

    Can we make it a flogging offense for people who invoke the founding fathers’ names to use against the people you’re trying to oppress?

  • Snarly Whiplash
    Snarly Whiplash 24 days ago

    She always sounds like her teeth about to fall out.

  • GoldFish Ninja
    GoldFish Ninja 24 days ago

    I can’t stand hearing her talk.

  • Colin Chaponis
    Colin Chaponis 24 days ago

    The Dems are some sneaky twats it would be dumb to take them lightly in 2020. And I see a lot of republicans making the same mistake the left made in 2016. Assuming the election is already over. I would agree they have no chance without fuckery, but please believe there will be an unprecedented amount of fuckery in 2020.

  • Colin Chaponis
    Colin Chaponis 24 days ago

    😂 at the idea of a democrat politician having to answer tough questions.

  • Rodney Morton
    Rodney Morton 24 days ago

    What a joke.she and the demorats needs to Look in the mirror and on this thought GOD and country Trump&Pence. 2020!

  • SmokinAces580
    SmokinAces580 24 days ago

    Dracula’s great grandma

  • Michael O'Day
    Michael O'Day 24 days ago

    IMPOTUS! There's your answer Tucker. Now shut up.

  • theresa Montoya
    theresa Montoya 24 days ago

    No tammy you have a sick mental health. Go drink the koolaid trump is given you. Your easy to be brain washed. Wake up.

  • theresa Montoya
    theresa Montoya 24 days ago

    Tamtammy dont be jealous. Read the facts.

  • Dylan Jones
    Dylan Jones 24 days ago +1

    Empty words from a treasonous woman!!.

  • Tommy Chumko
    Tommy Chumko 25 days ago

    Somebody figure out how much tax payer money dems wasted

  • Peace and Justice
    Peace and Justice 25 days ago

    Nancy Pelosi would be a great inspiration for a new Stephen king book . She would have been even more frightening than the clown, Pennywise in the film 'It.' Imagine her inside a storm drain trying to entice children. With her make-up and high eyebrows, she would scare the cr*p out of anyone.

  • Edith Glover
    Edith Glover 25 days ago

    You stop maligning our President.
    You need to be impeached lady.

  • Edith Glover
    Edith Glover 25 days ago

    You had one along with secretary od state Clinton, but that was ok.
    Trump does all things right, but he needs to be inpeached. You are not fooling the people's will.

  • Glenn Schmitz
    Glenn Schmitz 25 days ago

    Were the founders whiskey drinkin sob,s like nancy?

  • Greg Miller
    Greg Miller 25 days ago +1

    I think Pelosi likes a cold beer every half hour or so.

  • OceanArk7 7
    OceanArk7 7 26 days ago

    Wow! Does Pelosi really believe that "we the people" actually believe her arguments???? Smh... She truly is stuck on stupid! Lmfao!😅😆😂 She really NEEDS AA!!!

  • Roy Yazzie
    Roy Yazzie 26 days ago

    Trump is ABOVE THE LAW
    when Democrats aren't doing anything for the PPL & country atleast President don't waste TAX DOLLAR on American leader which he IS ELECTED Nancy Pelosi you & your fellow parties is dealing with nothing they're abusing it's own power & money as we ALL hear & see THEY GOT NOTHING failure of the collusion & impeachment status 😊

  • Phil Platt
    Phil Platt 26 days ago

    Pelosi is insane and senile

  • Sinful Hair Salon
    Sinful Hair Salon 26 days ago

    A wicked hearted and feeble minded woman. These people are servants of the father of all lies, the malevolent deciver....

  • Sinful Hair Salon
    Sinful Hair Salon 26 days ago

    Brain damaged Nancy.....