OnePlus 7 Pro Detailed Review with Pros & Cons

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • OnePlus 7 Pro In-depth detailed review after using it for 12 days in India with Airtel & Jio sim cards. I divide the review in 2 parts what I liked with this Oneplus 7 Pro flagship smartphone and things that I didn't like so that you can make an informed decision if the OnePlus 7 Pro is the right smartphone for you.
    My OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing & Overview video
    OnePlus 7 Pro is sold in India official via
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  • Athul Issac George

    Average stereo speakers... really..... Its one of the best as said in many reviews like gsmarena where op7 produces fuller sound than the s10 plus... And the iPhone 11 pro speakers are worse compared to last year iPhone xs... Im no oneplus fan... My current phone is Xperia 1..... just saying... I may be wrong..

  • Vara Sivaramakrishna

    Any ip rating(water resistance or not)

  • Sahil Shah
    Sahil Shah 13 days ago

    Its warp not wrap charger

  • Pranay naman
    Pranay naman 19 days ago

    Bhosdi ke Hindi me bol

  • alokesh dey
    alokesh dey 28 days ago

    Which phone I take among 7t or 7 pro??

  • Dalchandra Rajput
    Dalchandra Rajput Month ago

    Sir ranjit please send this video to one plus community to get the updates you asking for

  • animesh sahu
    animesh sahu Month ago

    oneplus 7 pro is osam handset

  • Prithvi Tej
    Prithvi Tej Month ago

    Hello, is the pop up selfie cam reliable on oneplus 7 pro because we have been seeing the renders of oneplus 8 with a hole punch design rather than a popup is it because of any flaws or complaints about the pop up camera? Please explain

  • Krishi
    Krishi Month ago

    Hi the sale, I got Samsung s9 plus(6gb rom 64gb ram) for 33000 and one plus 7 pro(6gb rom and 64gb ram) for 40000. Which one do you think is more better? I actually like edge I want to go with edge phones for not more than 40k.please suggest

  • Kalyan Chakravathy
    Kalyan Chakravathy Month ago

    Does it has heating issue with Battery.

  • Sunny Choudhary
    Sunny Choudhary Month ago

    Airtel sucks

  • Priyaranjan Mishra
    Priyaranjan Mishra 2 months ago

    I was supposed to buy this but after seeing this i am not going to buy this one

  • yogesh jadhav
    yogesh jadhav 2 months ago

    Does this device support 5G !?

  • ipsvarun
    ipsvarun 2 months ago

    Hello Ranjit sir....i m a big time fan of ur honest reviews u give on any device.....from past 2 years i have purchased a dozen phones for me and my family purely based on ur suggestions.....currently i m planning to buy a new phone in a budget of 50k.....i m confused between one plus 7 pro(53k) and huawei mate 20 pro(i m getting it for 50k).....i m currently using a honor phone so i m familiar with EMUI. What is ur final verdict over it. should i go for mate20 pro being it a 2018 phone and with its company's issues going with U.S or should i go for one plus 7 pro or even wait for one plus 7T pro. Do u have any other suggestions in the same price range. I will 100% follow ur advice.

    WILLMAN MONTEIRO 2 months ago

    Does it support 5g?

  • Saurabh Ahalawat
    Saurabh Ahalawat 2 months ago

    Dear sir please make a comparison video between 1plus 7pro and samsung A80.
    I am very confuse which phone I should buy.

  • Suraj Chawla
    Suraj Chawla 2 months ago

    Ap hindi me review nahi de sakte kya ... This is your weakpoint ..

  • kamal Mehara
    kamal Mehara 2 months ago

    This is the best tech channel so far.

  • Arya Kumar
    Arya Kumar 3 months ago


  • sarthaktandon21
    sarthaktandon21 3 months ago

    Sir mein late hogya apka video dekhna mein chu katt gya mera kash mein note 10+ lele ta, mine is one day old ready to sell 2ooo less anyone interested msg

  • sathi moto
    sathi moto 3 months ago

    The only genuine reviewer found on RalTheXvid.Really love his reviews.

  • Debye FIFA
    Debye FIFA 3 months ago

    He is angry as hell on oneplus during cons

  • Hari krishna
    Hari krishna 3 months ago +1

    I want to buy ONE PLUS 7 PRO...Is it best or not plz tell me

    • Mukund Pandey
      Mukund Pandey 3 months ago +1

      Buy redmi k20 pro,
      And gift remaining money to a NGO.

  • nishant saloki
    nishant saloki 3 months ago

    Good video ranjit. I bought this phone today and loving it to the core.

    DARSHAN ULLAS 3 months ago

    Sir i have a confuse between phones...1) samsung galaxy note 9
    2) samsung galaxy s10 plus
    3) oneplus 7 pro
    I have confused of these phones...i am looking for camera,performance,display plz sir give me an idea which is best phone...

    • Aston R
      Aston R 3 months ago

      @Rahul Sinha Thanks man...i loved the new note 10 +..👍😊

    • Rahul Sinha
      Rahul Sinha 3 months ago +1

      Go for note 10+

  • Hèet Babla
    Hèet Babla 3 months ago

    Great Review! Worth the 18 minutes ⚡️

  • Abhishek Negi
    Abhishek Negi 3 months ago +2

    Everyone is biased towards oneplus
    They have all youtuber in their pocket
    Except Ranjit bhai.

  • Richard Stephen 2126
    Richard Stephen 2126 3 months ago

    Mr. Ranjit, Could you tell which are the best camera smartphones from price point; high to low order. It'd be great, Thanks in advance!

  • AE Insane
    AE Insane 3 months ago

    Do a video on one plus 7 pro vs k20 pro

  • umrunicorn88
    umrunicorn88 3 months ago +1

    13:02 can you please revisit the camera. Its been two months and I think they improved the camera quality 😊

  • rajratna ahire
    rajratna ahire 3 months ago

    This is really a best review ever
    Thanks geekyranjit.

  • infant gopinath
    infant gopinath 4 months ago

    @geekyranjit sir the camera comparison between Samsung s10plus vs oneplus 7 pro which is better and natural effect without beauty effect

  • mohit chaudhary
    mohit chaudhary 4 months ago

    Sir can u suggest me which phone ia better under 25k .
    Please, i need ur help regarding this !!

  • Fair Human
    Fair Human 4 months ago

    Nice honest opinion rather than a advert.

  • MBSB
    MBSB 4 months ago

    That is why ranjit reviews are so flawless and serene compared to other high reviewed channels . The details ranjit gives are so detailed . He is one of the most revered in the industry

    TARUN 4 months ago +1

    Phone's success depends on company's R n D capabilities. Oneplus is just another china mobile which copy oppo vivo tech. & present it in stylish way .

  • Johny Randy
    Johny Randy 4 months ago +1

    Waste Of Money Buying This Crap Phone For 49K

  • PUBG verma
    PUBG verma 4 months ago

    भईया हिंदी भी बोल लिया करो तो ज्यादा अच्छा रहेगा सीन भी अच्छा होगा और हम जैसे को समझ मे भी अच्छा आएगा

  • Dhanunjay Reddy
    Dhanunjay Reddy 4 months ago

    Does op 7 pro heats up while charging?

  • Vivek Sree ram
    Vivek Sree ram 4 months ago

    What about Face Unlock ji??

  • PROgamers CLUB
    PROgamers CLUB 4 months ago

    This video helped me most

  • Amar Cool
    Amar Cool 4 months ago

    This is the time I have watched geeky ranjit sir review regarding mobile and I saw I guess he made a note and kept it a side so that he can memorise it if he forgets... Anyways nice review sir

  • Rajat Ambastha
    Rajat Ambastha 4 months ago

    Hello sir...
    I wanted to ask if the one plus 7 pro supports 5G?
    Or will it give the support for 5G via update, as the SD 855 supports 5G?
    Its a request, please reply to this. Thank you.

  • sidratul haque
    sidratul haque 4 months ago

    Please suggest one, oneplus 7 pro or S10+

  • D B
    D B 4 months ago

    what! 😒poor english

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar 4 months ago

    Hi sir, I want to know exactly like one plus 7 or one plus 7 pro is better'..???

  • kramdens1967
    kramdens1967 4 months ago

    Very good review. Thanks.

  • Lohitkumar S. Nainegali

    Dear Ranjit Sir,
    As of today's date, is it worth buying LG V30+ B&O available at Amazon at RS. 27,999/-.
    Waiting for your kind reply.

  • YK
    YK 4 months ago

    If you don't like then is a con ...LOL

  • Joel D'sa
    Joel D'sa 4 months ago

    Hi Ranjit, I heard that couple of software updates have improved the camera performance on the OnePlus 7 Pro. Please help me by answering this question as I am looking to buy this phone. Specially, the low light performance.

  • Akhil Reddy
    Akhil Reddy 4 months ago

    Make a video on Samsung Galaxy a80....plzz

  • thanoj jagannati
    thanoj jagannati 4 months ago

    Cool 12.00 you got too aggressive towards one plus

  • Mayur Dubey
    Mayur Dubey 4 months ago

    I ordered a One+ 7 Pro today afternoon but after watching your review I just cancelled the order.
    Saved my 53k.
    What other options do I've in this price segment??

  • Shashank Singh
    Shashank Singh 5 months ago +1

    Happy to see your honest review.....🙂

  • gopi s
    gopi s 5 months ago

    A mobile should be 5-5.5 inches not more than that,more than 6 inches may look good but handling it will be hard and many may get irritated,top mobile companies didn't understand that, we just need a mobile phone not a tab!!!

  • Unforgiving Samurai
    Unforgiving Samurai 5 months ago +2

    Great review! Thanks.. But I still battery life is not a con

  • Krishna Chaitanya Hota
    Krishna Chaitanya Hota 5 months ago

    Mr Ram had called you....if possible could you hide the number

  • prakeerth prakhi
    prakeerth prakhi 5 months ago

    Sir...Iam planning to buy oneplus 7 pro....Is the camera of this device is very worse? Could it be solve on os update?? Please give reply sir....Iam the die hard fan of samsung but i dont like punch hole one ui and notch...thats why I choose oneplus 7 pro...please reply

  • Ajith Pillai
    Ajith Pillai 5 months ago

    Sir, your videos our amazing and it helps us a lot in understanding abt the devices. Sir if possible can you do a detailed review on Oppo Reno 10x zoom and comparison with Oneplus 7 pro..!! Thankyou


    hi sir. vivo v15 pro pros and cons please !