The Moon Terminator Illusion

  • Published on Jun 7, 2015
    Sources and sites to learn more below!!!
    dolly zoom effect:
    visual angle:
    great visual angle / angular diameter chart:
    moon terminator illusion resources:
    rogers and olga naumenko (2014):
    moon tile illusion [PDF]:
    the (more famous) moon illusion:
    cylindrical perspective animation:
    graphical perspective:
    optics of perspective:
    keystone effect:
    subjective constancy:
    crepuscular rays:,_India.JPG
    lunar phase interactive:
    car illusion:
    star field illusion:
    hallway illusion:
    Euclid’s Optics: [PDF]
    art resources:
    other geometric illusions:
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    Oh crap! He has gone sickomode

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    Man I have learnt more from your videos than in school but I sell

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    The thumbnail is proof of aliens

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    Matthebonn vonbon 9 days ago

    Hey Euclid! I know that name from fallout new vegas lol Euclids c finder

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    0:00 Michael goes Sicko Mode

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    vsauce showld do a mandela effect video

  • Scr4tch
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    0:20 No A Terminator is Arnold Schwarzenegger

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    2:40 M E G A M I N D

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    2:43 vsause confirmed for megamind role in new live action movie

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    1:53 is this monster inc?

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    Lucas Feltain 24 days ago

    the railroad track at 1:10 is located in the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

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    Song at 7:15 sounds like Revolution 9

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    i got a headache when watches this video

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    It looks like sicko mode

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    Dark Rainbow Month ago

    Is the moon a dong?

  • YZFoFittie
    YZFoFittie Month ago

    FIRST video of his, I think he forgot to explain WHY after HOW. Started off talking about the sun/moon, then used visuals that never explained the illusion.

  • Harambe McHarambeface

    This illusion must be part of the reason why flat earthers think the way they do...

  • Niko Rakos
    Niko Rakos Month ago

    Michael, that example of a "pre-renaissance" painting that you used does not prove what you think it does. Byzantine iconography is drawn using a reverse perspective for theological reasons, in fact, modern day Byzantine iconography is still drawn this way. You can read more about it here:

  • Blinkii
    Blinkii Month ago

    If you are sitting in the middle of a room
    Look at the edeges and look at the angles
    You will recognise that all of them seem to have more than 90 degree wich really doesnt make sense right?

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    Da fuk

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    ...... oh my god.. there are no aliens... I feel like I tasted the fruit of knowledge and just realized I'm naked. This blows, I enjoyed the lies I believed in.

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    The moon is flat

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    I love the flat-rarth diss at 5:30! 😂
    Keep it up Michael!

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    Dont you mean Sicko Mode effect?

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    2:43 hello Megamind

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    Beginning: "hey, VSauce, Michael here."
    Middle: "or is it?"
    End: "and, as always, thanks for watching."

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    In the cars with different sizes picture, just squint your eyes, and they will all be the same size

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    Travis Scott watched this video

  • Gracin Tepoel
    Gracin Tepoel Month ago

    walk into a room and tilt your head sideways the walls look taller and at an angle

  • Lana Cooper
    Lana Cooper Month ago

    When I was in the car with my mom driving. I asked her why the moon was moving everywhere and I asked why it kept switching directions. Of course she told me it wasn't. I always wondered why it seemed the moon was following us in the car.

  • Lana Cooper
    Lana Cooper Month ago

    No. Actually a camera and a camera will help us demonstrate. (Because ur filming urself to make this vsauce video). 3:11 (if I took you litterally). Lol

  • CJ R
    CJ R Month ago

    Honestly thought this was gonna talk about the Terminator video game where if you shoot at the moon, it changes size

  • Edgar Macza-shelstad

    i never knew pseudo-science could be so funny

  • There is no God. Just think about it OK!!

    Hehh you people need to see 2:22


    1:45 yooo michael's so tiny

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    Michael out here looking like megamind

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    4:43 That's because it is flat! LOL!

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    We free viewers miss you, Michael

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    Out of context as usual..

  • Sarfnic Productions
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    7:48 This is why if you move towards the sun it never grows in comparison to the nearby buildings (because it is so damn far away), but if you zoom in everything grows, including the sun.

  • 1,000 subs with no good content?


  • TofAnimation
    TofAnimation Month ago

    Worst Vsauce video yet. Starts by describing an illusion that I've never seen or heard of (the moon's angle of illumination has always looked just fine to me) then goes into tons of needless explanation about perspective, foreshortening, and parallax (common knowledge) and never gets back to the moon thing at all, ending up on perspective in art history. What a load of clickbait.

    MR FBI MOTH Month ago

    whys my hole hurt

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    4:05 xD I died LOL

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    @vsause We need more stuff

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    Every few months i re-watch this to ward of suicidal thoughts...

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      Vsauce went sicko mode before anyone could

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    5:04 was listening with headphones and though someone broke in my house

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    I start all Vsauce vids so hopeful to understand one, but after about a minute, he's lost me.....everytime.

  • Darius Plays ROBLOX Games

    MIchael is Megamind confirmed

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    Lol dis nibba look like megamind lmao

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    would love to hear about the flat earthers (gleeful im sure) theory on this. they are always so entertaining

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    Everytime Michael's eyes intensify you know that he blow will your mind.

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    2:37 Vsauce look like megamind

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    Micheal must have a great butt from squatting under the camera so much 😋

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    Vsauce is the channel you watch when you’re high so you can discover the secrets of the universe.

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    I got an alien documentary ad before this

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    oğlum bu adam soner sarıkabadayı lan

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    it acctualy moves faster when covering the middle of the screen 8:16

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    I can see why it's easier to just assume that the sky is fake.

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    You answered something i always wondered looking at the moon. Thanks

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    2:40 will haunt my dreams

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    6:09 This got me good

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    Michael is always tying his shoelaces

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    Wow, so this is what me and my wife called "Frodo in the road effect"

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    The thumbnail makes you look like Megamind.

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    God i miss the old vsauce

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    Michael is literally megamind

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    Basically it's because people are assuming the sun and moon are on the same plane like they're right next to each other, when the sun is like 93 million miles away, and the moon is only about 240,000 miles away on average. Your perception of perspective is messed up, unless you really think about it.

  • Lungam Bangyang
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    Flat earthers only agreed at 4:30

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    Common sense.

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    This was in the sicko mode video right?

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    6:40 OCD gets triggered. You notice, and become very triggered. I am, indeed, very triggered too. You welcome

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    Well, I must be some freakin art genius, because I paint like a spasmatic 4 year old.

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    *closes laptop*
    friend: calm down it isnt
    friend: what even
    friend: *leaves*

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    Either that door was huge, or Michael is tiny

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    Thank you youtube for putting this in my recommended

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    4:05 Here's a clue: CLUES 🤯

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    Who else thought he was talking about the robot Terminator 🤖

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    When ur foreshortened u look like a forehead only. Boi

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    They use the dolly zoom effect in sicko mode music video.

  • Paul Stewart
    Paul Stewart 2 months ago

    Vsauce, Michael here, you are as clear as mud. I know you're a paid actor and all, but if what you are saying is true, then not only is the moon terminator line an illusion for me here in Illinois, it has to be an illusion for the other 7 billion inhabitants here on earth. Really? The questions begs, how was this determined? By what mathematician? And from what angle was this realized? From outer space? Are we to believe that illusion is the basis for our perception? This is pure skullduggery.

  • KanedaSyndrome
    KanedaSyndrome 2 months ago

    I'm late to the party, but thank you for an amazing video. One of the best. Really liked the music as well.

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    0:02 8:02 Sicko Mode

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    This could quite possibly explain distances in the cosmos being way smaller than once thought due to zooming, maybe not. You're videos are great man, Drawing lesson 101 ere.

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    2:36 dat forhead tho

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    Aww he's always so excited ...Michael I understood everything 👍

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    Why does he have a vcube
    He could've gotten a gans air

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    0.05sec see seems he is in INDIA
    behind him there is a statue of godess Saraswati

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    2:52 - 2:55
    All i could hear was
    "The line where my forehead stops and my hairline starts is non existent."

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    thank you v sauce. you just convinced me the earth is flat.
    no really.
    it was you and this video that did it.
    again, thanks. i was on the fence.

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    The Dolly Zoom Effect looks like that Sicko Mode effect

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    3:50 who else thought he was gonna say.
    “Or does it?”

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    You have big brain

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    Does that mean the line separating the dark and enlightened face of the moon comme from the future to save Sarah Connor ?

  • Amma K
    Amma K 2 months ago

    tldr: hi's wrong about the icon thing.
    Icons like the one in his example don't have the same perspective as those renessance paintings do. They don't even try to look that way, and it's much more about theology than knowledge or skills of realistic painting. It's based on the prohibition of statues of gods in judaism, which partly spred to christinianity. Orthodox church interprets that prohibition by following a rule in the holy pictures, which doesn't allow "normal" perspective because that would be too close to statues that are three dimentional. The perspective is instead opposite to the western, and seems to come towards the observer, as if the picture takes the one looking at it inside of the scene. They are windows to Heaven after all.

  • TheJudge01
    TheJudge01 2 months ago

    Interesting. Watching educational stuff like this is so much better than the stupid shit of politics. Whats the science behind stupidity? Just a question. Trying to understand people better.

    • TheJudge01
      TheJudge01 2 months ago

      +Adûnâi Not race nor IQ, more like ideaology and behavior in the age of reasoning and still people hold on to irrational beliefs. Even when it goes against their own interest. It's self defeating in my opinion but I don't know theirs and IQ wouldn't provide the answer. There's alot of intelligent people, regular people with good jobs and families, they pay their bills, educated, but a different side will show when it gets personal and they become psychotic. I know a 10th grade math teacher who swears Obamas the anti-christ. Shit like that. You know.

    • Adûnâi
      Adûnâi 2 months ago

      Research race and IQ...
      ...oh wait, that's the definition of politics, my bad :(