Sonic the Hedgehog Movie (1999) - First Viewing

  • Published on Aug 2, 2018
  • Doug and Rob take their first look at the anime OVA. It was a strange experience to say the least.
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Comments • 755

  • killerjason 3000
    killerjason 3000 11 days ago

    At least they made Sonic look like Sonic EVEN F&$+#@! SANIC LOOKS MORE LIKE SONIC THAN THE 2019 MOVIE

  • Shadow Hound
    Shadow Hound 21 day ago

    I still think that Sega should make a sonic satam movie.

  • Richard Savings
    Richard Savings 22 days ago

    9:23 "Is it weird to say this is kind of how I see real life politics working out? Just a bunch of shit that makes no sense and it results in nothing but a lot of destruction?"
    And then the screen flashes and instead of 'Sonic', it says 'Brexit'.

  • HisSignatureStudios
    HisSignatureStudios 27 days ago

    What? Dr. Robotnik is evolving. *pokemon evolution music plays* Dr. Robotnik evolved into Muppet Satan!

  • unknownmezzybaby
    unknownmezzybaby 29 days ago

    This movie was so fun to watch but yeah, it confuses the hell out of me in the best way

    RANJIT P Month ago

    I played the video games

  • bluesnake462
    bluesnake462 Month ago

    Wander what he would say about Sonic X

  • Donatelia Sakura
    Donatelia Sakura Month ago +2

    I'm here to make them know what they probably already know.
    November 2019 will have a new Sonic movie. It has Jim Carrey and that dude from Hop. Sonic is fully CGI and looks... Weird...
    Yeah. Prepare yourselves.

  • Shadic MCGS
    Shadic MCGS Month ago +1

    Who else thinks the "First Viewing" is better than the actual episode?

  • Elena's Show
    Elena's Show Month ago +1

    I just realized Doug was wearing a mr peanut butter shirt

  • James Belmore The Nostalgia Kid

    (WAKE ME UP)
    *S* *A* *V* *E* *M* *E*

  • Fidel Alonzo
    Fidel Alonzo 2 months ago +1

    Tails looks adorable

  • Killer Kirby
    Killer Kirby 2 months ago

    Actually that's a real therory with plenty of stuff to back it up that there on earth

  • RingTeam
    RingTeam 2 months ago

    Man, I have to rewatch this film. I don't remember it that complicated, confusing or even random (the random inner voice of the president xD).

  • Trusty McCoolguy
    Trusty McCoolguy 2 months ago +1

    It's wierd seeing classic Eggman animated since all we got was the wierd American black-eyes Robotnik

  • ILikeYourMemes ,
    ILikeYourMemes , 2 months ago

    Are you going to review the new sonic movie coming out this year?

  • Stan Wheeler
    Stan Wheeler 2 months ago

    “I don’t drink the purple stuff I like sunny deeeeeeeeee”lmao

  • Comic Fan 13
    Comic Fan 13 2 months ago

    1:58 Unpopular opinion: I’m not much of a fan of Sonic SATAM.
    I’m not sure why, maybe it’s alienating to me? When I got into the Sonic Series there was already characters like Amy, Shadow, and Knuckles.

  • Christian Abernethy
    Christian Abernethy 2 months ago

    If your going to do a review like sonic it would have been better in the original Japanese version. I like the film and sound track but always prefer the original.

  • MrKaywyn
    MrKaywyn 2 months ago

    This is so deliciously bad.

  • PlushyDom 2004
    PlushyDom 2004 3 months ago +1

    (Mad Max Fury Road review)

  • Woken Lunatic
    Woken Lunatic 3 months ago

    Sonic: knuckles how did you got that hat?
    Knuckles: I was in Australia
    Sonic: what and you didn’t tale me!
    Knuckles: what you was Bessie so I didn’t bother you

  • Crews Owen
    Crews Owen 3 months ago

    I enjoyed this movie as a kid. Nowadays, I still enjoy it, but it’s more funny for some of the stuff that doesn’t work.

  • Ryuu Ronin
    Ryuu Ronin 3 months ago

    Wait what Sonic movie was Doug in that he was talking about at the begining?

  • fluttershy thecutest
    fluttershy thecutest 3 months ago

    That's no good

  • kawaii kate
    kawaii kate 4 months ago

    Well of course! That’s just science.

  • cheezemonkeyeater
    cheezemonkeyeater 4 months ago

    "If you didn't know the games, would you be able to follow this at all?"
    Honestly, this thing is so aberrant that even knowing the games doesn't help with that.

  • Kyo Mao
    Kyo Mao 4 months ago

    I loved this movie

  • Aleplayer’s Domain
    Aleplayer’s Domain 4 months ago

    Love Sonic! :D

  • sebastien holmes
    sebastien holmes 4 months ago

    9:23 that exactly how i feel

  • Stone Bowser2904
    Stone Bowser2904 4 months ago

    Tails blow your fucking nose!

  • Tom Valentino
    Tom Valentino 4 months ago

    Oh man. I saw this movie when I was a kid. I totally forgot about it. Amazing.

  • liamdude5
    liamdude5 5 months ago

    I play the games and I dont follow any of this

  • Rômulo Gomes
    Rômulo Gomes 5 months ago

    sometimes i feel like doug walker and nostalgia critic are two different people

  • Bernadette Tucker
    Bernadette Tucker 5 months ago

    I grew up on this movie. It may be bad, but it's so good.

  • MyLifeIsOdd
    MyLifeIsOdd 5 months ago

    I hope the new sonic movie is better then this cause by God was it weird not bad but weird..

  • PhyrexianMetal
    PhyrexianMetal 5 months ago


  • chase ross
    chase ross 5 months ago

    Anime Abandon did it first

    • Andrew Kind
      Andrew Kind 5 months ago

      He knows he was in the anime abandon episode

  • Ben Lewis
    Ben Lewis 5 months ago

    7.8 outta ten.

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 5 months ago +2

    4:10 I swear that was the speed racer way of anime reading

  • Awesome Inspector
    Awesome Inspector 6 months ago


  • Andrew Kind
    Andrew Kind 6 months ago

    Her name is amy

  • The Ashen Nathan Croft
    The Ashen Nathan Croft 6 months ago +1

    You guys should react to sonic for hire

  • Sketch_ Tepig
    Sketch_ Tepig 6 months ago

    Pika-boom I'm here assholes

  • Roseheart Toxic
    Roseheart Toxic 7 months ago

    Ah some real nostalgia… ❤

  • super syfy dude 1980
    super syfy dude 1980 7 months ago

    Gotta go fast

  • JeveGreen
    JeveGreen 7 months ago

    I think you need to watch this movie with a big load of suspension of disbelief. It helps being a fan too... >_>
    Yeah, the movie's pretty bad, but it's at least enjoyable in its campiness. I know I liked parts of it when I first saw it. And I have a feeling it'd be easier to sit through if it wasn't dubbed so poorly, maybe the original Japanese version is marginally better?

    And I don't really understand why everyone seems to dislike Tails so much. Yes his voice is annoying, and his character traits are often misused or flat out ignored, but he's also such a nice relief from all the super-confident people of Sonic's universe, at least when the writing's done well. He can still be a badass, but he doesn't brag about it excessively or act like the centre of attention, he just wants to do good. I've always liked him, despite his inconsistant character quality.
    I suppose if you've never played the games you'd not like him that much... And I'm not sure whether or not that's a tragedy.

  • Dragon Lex
    Dragon Lex 7 months ago

    Stop its Dr.Metal Robotnic? Or Dr.Robotnic? (King clearly said metal robotnic)

  • Kyle Shiflet
    Kyle Shiflet 8 months ago +3

    The guy that play eggman plays the hitchhiker in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  • Bowmaj 86
    Bowmaj 86 8 months ago

    "I think the movie needed the instruction book to explain the backstory!"
    I don't know, Doug. It would probably accidentally call that human/cat girl "Princess Sally", kind of like the Sonic CD instruction book, and cause mass confusion among the fans about the different Sonic continuities, ultimately causing even more rifts and whiney arguments in the Sonic fan base. And my god, we've got enough of that already!

  • Christopher Bailey
    Christopher Bailey 8 months ago

    Depending on which version of sonic this is that might be the twist.

  • Kelli Pflug
    Kelli Pflug 8 months ago


  • Dead Cool
    Dead Cool 8 months ago

    3:06 and then I'll eat her liber with some Fava Beans and a nice Chianti

  • dark knight
    dark knight 8 months ago +1

    The female hedgehog was Amy rose.

  • Cameron Cleaves
    Cameron Cleaves 8 months ago +1

    1:55 Amy Rose.

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller 8 months ago +1

    Could Rob be the new voice of Sonic?

  • SoniLOID
    SoniLOID 8 months ago +1

    Seriously, could someone get Tails a fucking Neti-pot or something? I mean, he sounds like he's congested the whole movie!

  • potitishogun2961997
    potitishogun2961997 8 months ago +3

    "Sally was hot"
    --Nostalgia Critic, 2018

  • Kevin Perales
    Kevin Perales 9 months ago

    Great first viewing but the joke at 3:42 had me dying.

  • Teen Anxt
    Teen Anxt 9 months ago +3

    The only reason I like tails is because he's adorable and I kinda like his voice... I can't be the only one right?

    • Blaze Derg
      Blaze Derg 8 months ago +2

      He is cute I'll give you that.

  • broEye1
    broEye1 9 months ago +1

    How can Doug have no clue whether this's any good or not? He did a skit not long before in which Sage from Anime Abandon called him up and chewed him out for claiming some other Sonic was the worst ever; Doug guesses he's trying to demand a collab and Sage gives him a minute-long explanation of just how much he can suck his d*ck.

  • Hazama 06
    Hazama 06 9 months ago +3

    Is sonic on Earth ?
    Me: ummmmm... Yeah if you read the comics sonic is a hedgehog mutated by alien super weapons {seriously}

  • scitechian
    scitechian 9 months ago

    "The land of the sky is held together by a huge glacier." ...WHAT?!

  • monsterjambrony
    monsterjambrony 9 months ago

    Did this movie get released in theaters? Just wondering.

  • 99legion
    99legion 9 months ago +1

    You talk shit about alex jones, and yet he's right 90% of the time...

  • sonic and friends ahaj
    sonic and friends ahaj 9 months ago

    Tails: ahhhhh im afraid of lighting

  • James Dalby
    James Dalby 9 months ago

    Antoine sucks!

  • Gwendolyn Gladhart
    Gwendolyn Gladhart 10 months ago

    SHUT UP EAT ME!!!!

  • DoMo CaN
    DoMo CaN 10 months ago +2

    Can someone explain to me why Sonic took over Deviant Art?

  • Edward M
    Edward M 10 months ago

    they got to review Summer School 1987

  • TheTommyTron / Tommy Rose

    “I see!”

  • emoscreename
    emoscreename 10 months ago +3

    Rob will have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

  • Emmanuel U
    Emmanuel U 10 months ago

    Please do another show about COMMERCIALS!

  • EnlightenPanda
    EnlightenPanda 10 months ago

    There was a sonic movie in 1999? Never heard shit about this movie till now

  • bigoldinosaur
    bigoldinosaur 10 months ago

    It's nice to see that Rob and Doug are finally addressing Deviantart.

  • Overbound Game Studio
    Overbound Game Studio 10 months ago +1

    First viewing? You are in for a treat!

    LORDSQUID abe 10 months ago

    Who came first metal mario or metal sonic

    LORDSQUID abe 10 months ago


  • Jacqui Wilkinson
    Jacqui Wilkinson 10 months ago

    If you could pick any studio that could make a Sonic movie... and SAVE it!! Make it enjoyable! which would you pick?

  • Tyler Tomlinson
    Tyler Tomlinson 10 months ago

    Can you make a kong skull osland review

  • Fouad the hedgehog
    Fouad the hedgehog 10 months ago

    i love that movie

  • Fouad the hedgehog
    Fouad the hedgehog 10 months ago +1

    this is my favourite adaptation of sonic actually , it's just about sonic ,tails and knuckles going on an adventure to defeat eggman ,what .else could i ask for it's just fun it's not a masterpiece ,but it's fun ,maybe the reason why i don't have any problems with it, is because i'm a sonic fan

  • Amethyst_Dawn
    Amethyst_Dawn 10 months ago

    Actually, Australian Knuckles is probably a good idea. Sega just needs to reboot the Sonic franchise... and make it good.

  • Ichimatsu Matsuno
    Ichimatsu Matsuno 10 months ago

    This will probably mean nothing to you guys but with the comics, which the original Sonic cartoon followed the same plot, the planet Mobius which is where Sonic and all the other characters live, is the future Earth after some sort of catastrophe. The human race basically went extinct except for a select few, which would include the Robotnik family as well as a few others, and animals had evolved or mutated into the current human like state they are in, but animal species might have no resemblance to the original animal itself, which explains hedgehogs and echidnas seeming to look nothing like actual hedgehogs and echidnas. Now you know my useless knowledge of the Sonic universe. And some of it may be off since it has been awhile since I read the comics.

  • Jonathan Amalidosan
    Jonathan Amalidosan 10 months ago

    Rip they missed shut up tails…
    And Strange isn’t it

  • melissa albrecht
    melissa albrecht 10 months ago

    I love you guys so much... Isle of dogs

  • Rushy
    Rushy 10 months ago

    Edwin Neal as Robotnik... the fucking Hitchhiker from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was ROBOTNIK!?!?

  • Rathcore 18
    Rathcore 18 10 months ago

    While I respect his opinion, it's obvious he dosen't know much about the Sonic franchise. Sure Sat Am's story was good, but poor compaired to Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Mania, and the Adventure games.

  • Andy Manjarres
    Andy Manjarres 10 months ago

    Hi Doug, since in the past you made a video about the Ducktales Remake, have you thought about doing something about the first episode of the teenage mutant ninja turtles that Nick put for free on TheXvid?

  • yuh66h
    yuh66h 10 months ago

    this movie has a really high quantity of mystical energy

  • Marx
    Marx 10 months ago

    Hating Sonic CD is a sin.

  • Jamoe Clopton
    Jamoe Clopton 10 months ago +1

    #BrakingAlexJones science bitch :)

  • ChubbyOddball
    ChubbyOddball 10 months ago

    Doug cameod in Bennet The Sage's review of this movie, but didn't even know the movie existed. That's... kind of disappointing in a way.

  • Callan Fox
    Callan Fox 10 months ago

    Mabey you can get gaming wildlife

  • LegitMan335
    LegitMan335 10 months ago

    I wanna watch this movie again!! Is this out on DVD yet?

  • DarkshadowXD63
    DarkshadowXD63 10 months ago

    Guilty pleasure I still remember renting the VHS from a Block Buster or a Hollywood Video

  • iteachvader
    iteachvader 10 months ago +74

    _"I am Ruspanic!"_

    • UnderEarthFilms
      UnderEarthFilms 10 months ago +3

      iteachvader I always thought he was Norgernese.

  • Nathaniel Hassan
    Nathaniel Hassan 10 months ago +2

    Amy the Hedgehog

  • Steve DSign
    Steve DSign 10 months ago

    Hi guys, I wonder if kung fu films are on the table, like Drunken Master, Hero, Ip Man, etc.

  • R. C.
    R. C. 10 months ago

    I wish the Sat am cartoon was continued and finished. Ugh I wanna watch it again or read the comics. It was so good!!!!