Photos That Prove Japan Is Different From The Rest Of The World

  • Published on Jan 13, 2019
  • Japanese culture is absolutely incomparable to any in our Western world. Their deeply rooted politeness, precision, and dedication to work are rarely seen anywhere else.
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  • screw your feelings
    screw your feelings 58 minutes ago

    In South Korea the students clean the schools (no janitors) they also have extra sinks even in the hallway, for students to brush teeth after lunch

  • Toyota4runner TrdPro16

    Failed to mention why half of the population wears a hospital mask in public is because they have so much disease over there I don’t want to catch it or spread it more. I guess with all the ladyboys running around who knows what your going to catch

  • boydstr
    boydstr 5 hours ago

    Smart guys those Japanese people especially the toilet is a great invention and saves a lot of water really cool.

  • creepersneaker
    creepersneaker 6 hours ago

    Sorry little Japan Fans, but Japan is on number 8 of the most suicides in the world. That means, there are over 240 countries where live is better than in Japan.
    So dont forget, its not gold just because it's blinking!

  • knowledge distributor
    knowledge distributor 10 hours ago +1

    If there is koi in sewer how will nobita fall in sewer and get his leg dirty black water???

    • dan flunk
      dan flunk 5 hours ago +1

      instead his legs should get purified

  • inimacam
    inimacam 10 hours ago

    Wow ! nice video on Japan. The country is beautiful . Thank you

  • Gab 16
    Gab 16 16 hours ago

    No offense but *CHINA* is more skilled than JAPAN,
    Even im from somewhere else

  • Lazy Jhun
    Lazy Jhun 20 hours ago

    I wonder if there is a single crime commited in Japan per day
    They're almost perfect in every way

  • Vincent Mileto
    Vincent Mileto Day ago

    End Immigration
    End diversity
    Start increasing the birthrate
    teach values at home

  • Vincent Mileto
    Vincent Mileto Day ago

    Yet their birth rate is down. When that happens you invite foreigners and you get shit like in the USA & western Europe!

  • Vincent Mileto
    Vincent Mileto Day ago

    In the west we try to force people to behave through laws.
    It cant be done. It begins with the culture!
    There is less and less culture and more and more laws in the West!
    Western civilization is falling apart! The far left is destroying western culture
    and replacing it with more and more laws to regulate human behavior.
    It's not working!!!!

  • YukoValis Sword
    YukoValis Sword Day ago

    Respect, discipline, and empathy should start at an early age, and that is the part the Japanese get the most right. That explains much of the rest of this video. Here in America our school system is broken, bloated, and lazy. Sometimes made worse by the very parents who don't want their kids to learn discipline.

    • Vincent Mileto
      Vincent Mileto Day ago

      In the west we try to force people to behave through laws.
      It cant be done. It begins with the culture!
      There is less and less culture and more and more laws in the West!
      Western civilization is falling apart! The far left is destroying western culture
      and replacing it with more and more laws to regulate human behavior.
      It's not working!!!!

  • CuriousG
    CuriousG Day ago +1

    Japanese people are so disciplined. I wish my country India too was such. (That seems impossible)

  • jaye simond
    jaye simond 2 days ago

    This is (in part) why Japan is NOT inclusive of foreigners. They want to preserve and protect their cultural « bubble » from us brutal filthy savages ;)

  • tragasus
    tragasus 2 days ago

    No Muslims or Africans. England was a clean and safe land once. The Japanese were right to refuse the globalist flood along with its monstrous Identity Politics that is eating away at the West.

  • Beth
    Beth 2 days ago

    Don't forget that's where doge came from!

  • Negrodamus
    Negrodamus 2 days ago

    I have major anxiety living in the US due to how loud and open people are, I find it rude telling me what I'm doing is wrong or to do something for them. I'd fit in much better in Japan.

  • Pretty Kitty
    Pretty Kitty 2 days ago +1

    We Americans need to incorporate some of the wisdom that Japanese culture has. We can do a lot better than we do many areas. Even having their incredible vending machines would be wonderful.

  • galactic-visitor Etxavarria

    Thank you so much,for sharing all this your personal observations & impressions,about the so,but so admiring Japanese Culture!!.I do Love Japan too,even,some years back,I dreamed being there,but it had not become true yet.But I hope,it will become real,before leaving this so beautiful planet!!. :-) !!!.Japan & Singapur,are the 2 Asian countries in the top of the list,I consider,WE MUST TO KNOW,BEFORE WE DIE.Those countries are so extremely interesting and so good examples to the rest of the world,that that`s why,they hold the 2 most powerful Passports on Earth.Greetings!!!. :-) !!!.

  • matt mostowicz
    matt mostowicz 3 days ago

    I have always envied the Japanese and their discipline, kindness, politenrss, hard work ethic, intelligence, and amazing creativity. If there is a people on this planet that will ever achieve true Utopia, it will be the Japanese. All my respect to the heros of human progress and evolution. Thank you for showing the world what is possible.

  • hjander 09
    hjander 09 3 days ago

    Very interesting.

  • DepotCat
    DepotCat 3 days ago

    At 4:33. If that was in the UK the driver would lose their job.

  • libra8a
    libra8a 3 days ago

    And yet they still hunt whales and catch sharks, cut off their fins and throw them back. Fuck Japan.

    • esculentum Lycopersicon
      esculentum Lycopersicon Day ago

      >throw them back.
      I'm afraid to say that you seem ignorance. Present Japan does not occupy other Asian countries. It means they don't throw almost all parts.
      The western countries, which used to do whaling, were throwing away everything except material for women's clothes and oil. In those days, even if the country, that you insult, said "It is a blasphemy when taking away a life." that would have not effected on the Western countries that used to do whaling. Countries with values that are easy to change often claim that their values are justice, and tend to impose their values on others. It sounds that they say we are a master race. For example, even if Britain, which made fox hunting a gentleman's sport, cries out anti-whaling, most Japanese people only get puzzled.
      Lashing each other and one-sided accusation are far from solving the problem.
      It seems the point you posted was just “anti-Japan(ese).”

  • The Fozzy Bear
    The Fozzy Bear 3 days ago

    Not the rest of the world, The rest of America.

  • Jeroen Stobbe
    Jeroen Stobbe 3 days ago

    This is why I can't visit Japan! :-/

  • Kathie Brophy
    Kathie Brophy 4 days ago +1

    Sure af different from NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don't have enough time to put all the exclamation points this comment deserves.

  • R Berg
    R Berg 4 days ago

    Yeah! Japan has no black or Hispanics, that’s the difference.

  • R Berg
    R Berg 4 days ago

    Yes, Japan is a haven because they have refused to embrace this politically correct thing called “diversity”. The U.S. was once similar, but not anymore with savages that come here from the Third World, that can’t embrace a sophisticated civilized country. Europe is also being embraced with this savagery, of criminals, rapists, murderers and the like from Africa, and the Middle East. Crime has sky rocketed because of savage immigrants. A homogeneous society is best. Immigration hurts society.

  • Marsha Dance
    Marsha Dance 4 days ago +2

    Makes me really want to visit Japan. The Japanese people who come over here must really thnk we are horrible. Wish we were more like them.

  • Bill Shatner
    Bill Shatner 4 days ago

    Mindblowing. i'd heard they were Honourable people but wow. makes me think if wanting to live there. and find a wife please!!.. i bought a rare secondhand japanese made radio recently off a Japanese Website that specalizing in dealing with non jap customers and the radio arrived eventually after all the red tape into the UK here. excellent working condition in the original box, all like the day it was sold. are these really the people that treated prisoners so cruelly during the 2nd world war? whats the deal ??

    • keithtko
      keithtko Day ago

      Bill Shatner
      Because history is written by the victors.

  • NAR
    NAR 4 days ago

    The beauty of Japan have been portrayed very well in anime & manga 😄 I really want to visit Japan somedays with my family / friends !

  • girl cub
    girl cub 4 days ago

    So innovative. Japanese people make life easier

  • nichtprivat
    nichtprivat 4 days ago

    just WOW!

  • Crystal loza
    Crystal loza 5 days ago

    I need to move there.. here in America people are selfish.. rude.. mean.. jerks.. I totally respect how they are living over there.. people here don't care for anyone but themselves.. I need to be around kind hearted people that are nice.. respectful and know how to act..

  • jesbsnrn
    jesbsnrn 5 days ago

    wow. now lets take a look at China.

    KC IRTAP 5 days ago +3

    Life looks quite complicated there. But it's nice to see some people who live polite and disciplined together. Maybe it is a big advantage for a society to have no big migration from other countries and cultures (no racist)

  • OddLuckyOne
    OddLuckyOne 5 days ago

    Japanese people are amazing generally altruistic and selfless but the japanese society is a nightmare that's so sad.

    • keithtko
      keithtko Day ago

      That’s because “society is a nightmare” notion comes from western mind set causing stereotypes. People who live in nightmare can’t build country like this. People talk about high suicide rate but when is last time anyone really checked their suicide rate?

  • Mikah Marie
    Mikah Marie 5 days ago

    I have a feeling I’d like people way better in Japan.. I’ll be honest most Americans suck and I am one.. 🙄😒

  • Country First
    Country First 5 days ago +1

    The million Dollar question now is, "Can the Japanese survive in the infected Red Zone (Rest of the world)?"

  • Country First
    Country First 5 days ago

    Dark Angel Lucifer landed in Europe...........his HOLY ALMIGHTY FATHER landed in Japan.

  • AlainNaigeon
    AlainNaigeon 5 days ago

    I hate these whale killers

  • T Mike
    T Mike 5 days ago

    This is the last civilized nation on Earth where woman haven't taken over. That should help most of you understand the destruction that women (via weak men) have unleashed upon the world. Wake up men, it's time to take the world back from the children.

  • Andrea Bennington
    Andrea Bennington 5 days ago

    Braille on the soda cans is a great idea! It wouldn’t cost much to replicate that on all drink cans.

  • Rajesha Shakyamuni
    Rajesha Shakyamuni 5 days ago +1

    I love Japan. It is a model nation for the world in terms of discipline!!

  • Dolores Del Castillo

    Melody Rogers.
    The unworthy priests you are talking about are and were criminals, as there are criminals in any other organizations. The great majority of priests and nuns are good persons that love God and deserve our respect.

  • Roxxas theDemonslayer
    Roxxas theDemonslayer 6 days ago +1

    i'll see your Egg vending machine and raise you one from... Norway? that sold fresh cuts of fish.

  • Diana Gillen
    Diana Gillen 6 days ago

    Loved it All 😍 music too 😍 Thanks 😎🤗😘

  • April L
    April L 6 days ago


  • HAN LE
    HAN LE 6 days ago +3

    Great video. Beautiful views. Very good information! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jimmy Marchini
    Jimmy Marchini 6 days ago +2

    Was there about 10 years ago... most polite, courteous, people on earth. At Narita they had to inspect my 'gadget' bag... apologizing to me for the inconvenience then assigning a pretty lady to drive me to the boarding gate in a golf cart because of the inconvenience. Landing at LAX, with many Japanese tourists, OUR airport personnel cussed the Japanese for 'not speaking English' and not understanding the signs indicating where to stand. I nearly bought a return ticket to Japan where people are actually civilized.

    • Lilly Rose
      Lilly Rose 6 days ago +1

      Agree. When I came back to Germany, landing in Frankfurt and visiting the woman's washroom - I was in shock and about to cry and die - remembering the beautiful, clean washrooms in Japan with real fresh flower bouquets.
      I'm back 3 months and I still have problems adjusting in my home country. Once you know and experienced the magic of Japan you feel kind of heartbroken 💔.

  • Ivy Banerjee
    Ivy Banerjee 6 days ago

    Far too steamlined!!!

  • sc0tte416
    sc0tte416 6 days ago +3

    More like photos that prove western society is going down the shitter.

  • Nachtjager
    Nachtjager 6 days ago

    i want to see the suicide forest at the foot of Mt Fuji, where overworked japanese go to hang themselves from the trees. And Fukushima.

  • Nachtjager
    Nachtjager 6 days ago

    How is multiculturalism working for the French? Or for the rest of us? The japanese used to yearn after Paris, they thought it was the capital of love, they even built Tokyo tower after the Eiffel Tower, these days the Eiffel Tower is behind bulletproof glass and armed guards because of jewish-pushed multiculturalism. Meanwhile you drool at one of the most racist and less multicultural societies on Earth, Japan. Think about it idiots!

  • Nachtjager
    Nachtjager 6 days ago

    because they're racially homogenous and have very little to no crime, thus they do things for their own people because they know it'll revert on their own society at large, their efforts wont go to waste on lazy ungrateful economic migrants who are there for the dole only. They don't have minorities demanding special privileges and reparations, imagine koreans and the chinese asking Japan reparations for invading and genociding them in WWII? But in America blacks think they're owed because less than 1% of Americans had indentured servants aka "slaves" who didn't want for anything, and Mexicans think they own the place because the southwest was Mexican for 10 years after they stole the land from Spain and the indians. Also imagine leaving a bank note after knocking a bike in America? It wouldn't last a second. The japanese are extremely racist BTW and kill big beautiful animals like whales to satisfy their vanities.

  • Virginia Alonso
    Virginia Alonso 6 days ago +1

    I love the order in everything that is done there, the cleanliness of the streets and how polite they are.

  • John Trail
    John Trail 6 days ago


  • shanllie Richards
    shanllie Richards 7 days ago +1

    I’ve never considered visiting Japan, up until now ✨

    • Phil Shovlin
      Phil Shovlin 5 days ago +1

      Shanllie, definitely go. Japan is unique in so many ways. Depending on your schedule, if you can go during the time the Cherry blossom is in bloom, it is worth going for that alone. Nagoya is my favourite place, just beautiful.

  • Jess Connelly
    Jess Connelly 7 days ago +1

    And the women are super hot also

  • Jess Connelly
    Jess Connelly 7 days ago +1

    Any place with koi fish is ok with me👍👍👍👍

  • Noodle Soup
    Noodle Soup 7 days ago +3

    Japan makes other countries look like a Dystopia compared to them

  • Zerox Tantra 69
    Zerox Tantra 69 7 days ago

    "... and learning how to become more productive members of society". Of course. Otherwise you aren't worth a shit, right? Is this attitute the reason, japanese are more unlucky than europeans or americans and have less sex than the most people? This country is polite, but extremly prudish.

  • blackdaan
    blackdaan 7 days ago +1

    i only drive toyotas

  • Azz Gazz
    Azz Gazz 7 days ago +3

    Wow Japan !!! Are you Aliens from a better planet or something? 👍🏿

  • dinnerandashow
    dinnerandashow 7 days ago

    Looks just like Detroit or Nigeria.

  • Scott Sullivan
    Scott Sullivan 7 days ago +1

    High I.Q. homogeneous population.
    In the U.S. we have diversity, people of all I.Q.s and mental illnesses.

  • solobackpacking
    solobackpacking 7 days ago +2

    I visited Soul, Korea.
    Left a backpack filled with high tech gear. About $5000 worth.
    Not only did it stay on the bus untouched, but at the end of the driver's shift he tracked me down and found my hotel. He refused a generous reward.
    Back in New York, I dropped my car keys and before I can pick it up, two Latinos swooped down and ran away with them.
    I had to guard my car for hours until the lock smith came. My car keys and alarm was on it.
    In another incident, right after I locked my bike to get my dry cleaning, another Latino comes by and in seconds breaks the lock and takes off with new bike.

    Keep your country beautiful and safe. Have strong borders S. Korea.

  • Kristins Rowland
    Kristins Rowland 7 days ago +1

    It all starts with big respect for yourself and others then your surroundings. They don't care to be rebles n break rules. .

  • Jian Mo
    Jian Mo 7 days ago +2

    I wanna go to Japan now😢😢

  • Compton26 Scully
    Compton26 Scully 7 days ago +1

    Beautiful well organised Country just wish they would stop whale hunting.