zendaya is meechee


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  • Woodstock1
    Woodstock1 6 hours ago

    This is less than a minute but it feels like hours

  • hannah chapman
    hannah chapman 10 hours ago

    I almost forgot to watch this today.

  • tomas giles
    tomas giles 11 hours ago

    bro, just found out your in the band that made "sun go down", blew my mind. You gotta make a music video for that. its got like 3 million listens on spotify

  • Amber M
    Amber M 15 hours ago

    2 months after this meme and i still think about it

  • kris
    kris Day ago

    This is really confusing

  • Lavisha Sharma
    Lavisha Sharma 2 days ago

    Victoria Justice seeing this at her 'Recommended for you' : "I think we *ALL* are meechee."

  • EMLY
    EMLY 2 days ago

    Saw a guy on tinder who’s name was meechie

  • Girlio
    Girlio 2 days ago +1

    I like tha part where he says "Zendaya is Meechee"

  • thalia lawrence
    thalia lawrence 2 days ago


  • Hayden Fisher
    Hayden Fisher 3 days ago +1

    Animated movies are fucking shit now

  • Speccle
    Speccle 3 days ago

    Why am I laughing so hard wth

  • meme lord
    meme lord 3 days ago

    I think we’re ALL meechee

  • Kay Lourdes
    Kay Lourdes 4 days ago +1

    Ok so Danny devito is meechee?

  • Holly Bot86
    Holly Bot86 4 days ago +17

    I’m already Meechee

  • Kira Vega
    Kira Vega 5 days ago +6

    I think we’re ALL Meechee.

  • a92lovin
    a92lovin 5 days ago +4

    calling it now gabe is the oscar host 2019 needs

  • ShaylinAnimates
    ShaylinAnimates 5 days ago +1

    Zendaya is meechie

  • EMLY
    EMLY 6 days ago

    Watching this completely ruined my day

  • Louie Dale
    Louie Dale 6 days ago

    one of the best meme videos of the year

  • Kaira Te
    Kaira Te 7 days ago +1

    sooo.... zendaya is dorgle?

  • AUdrey Beitnes
    AUdrey Beitnes 7 days ago +2

    Catch me interpretive dancing to this

  • Haven Anderson
    Haven Anderson 8 days ago +3

    Who’s here from Thomas Sanders

  • Locke Brady
    Locke Brady 10 days ago

    This song is literally the only reason I saw the movie.

  • Campbell Sullivan
    Campbell Sullivan 12 days ago +1

    i think we are ALL meechee..

  • ANT 237
    ANT 237 12 days ago

    Why did the crazier name come first

  • awill48
    awill48 13 days ago +1

    maybe the real meechee is the zendaya we met along the way

  • Dilara Kurşun
    Dilara Kurşun 15 days ago +2

    "she's meechee" "who?" "the zendaya reading this"

  • charlie brown
    charlie brown 17 days ago

    Is this music? I love music. If I ever have a kid, I’m gonna let them listen to music

  • shem
    shem 18 days ago

    i didn't catch that, who is zendaya again?

  • Gabriel Huff
    Gabriel Huff 18 days ago +1

    Ok but that little spin at 0:13 is so perfect.

  • shady boots
    shady boots 18 days ago

    He needs to make a sequel to this called Beyonce is Nala

  • meh guy
    meh guy 19 days ago

    I was so tired I fell asleep to this video. When I woke I thought it was all a fever dream.

  • meredyth with a y
    meredyth with a y 20 days ago +4

    I love the emotion behind “Common is Stonekeeper”

  • JdawginLB
    JdawginLB 21 day ago

    hello my fellow gay agendaee isn’t Zendaya meechee

  • auxie
    auxie 21 day ago +1

    i want a full version of this song so bad

  • Learn OK Please
    Learn OK Please 22 days ago +1

    Cancer cured finally

  • Papa Dankelson
    Papa Dankelson 22 days ago

    next level shit. the slow zoom in pic at the end really seals the deal.

  • Good Comment Man
    Good Comment Man 23 days ago

    I mean this in a good way. You’re an idiot.

  • Miku Miraculous
    Miku Miraculous 24 days ago

    Or IS she-

  • the po master
    the po master 24 days ago

    Zendaya is meechee, but who is migo?????

  • Travis_Redfern
    Travis_Redfern 24 days ago

    I feel like this 1 minute video will be better than the entire movie 😅

  • Fanny Evelina
    Fanny Evelina 24 days ago

    i had no idea you had a youtube channel!! you were my fav on vine❤️❤️

  • Sarah Channels
    Sarah Channels 24 days ago

    thank u

  • Original the Name, do NOT steal.

    Can’t stop thinking the title is Zenyatta is Mcree in Overwatch.

  • Rainbow Sugar Tits
    Rainbow Sugar Tits 25 days ago

    And you are my dad

  • jkflames24
    jkflames24 25 days ago

    Who's here after losing out on HQ?

  • Brianna Finucane
    Brianna Finucane 26 days ago

    I’m confused. Who’s meechee?

  • Melanie Bohs
    Melanie Bohs 26 days ago

    Dude I'm actually mad that zendaya isn't in smallfoot

  • A Simpleton :I
    A Simpleton :I 26 days ago

    Okay, so this is what I gathered so far: Zendaya is Meechee.

  • aubri
    aubri 26 days ago

    I think we're ALL Meechee

  • ThatOneLoser
    ThatOneLoser 27 days ago

    zendaya is meechee
    and lebron james is gwangi
    danny devito is dorgle
    common is stonekeeper
    and zendaya is meechee (zendaya is meechee)
    gina rodgriguez is kolka
    and zendaya is meechee (zendaya is meechee)
    ooooh, zendaya is meechee (zendaya is meechee)

  • Anni Ka
    Anni Ka 27 days ago +1

    How can I like a video more than once?

  • Sabina
    Sabina 28 days ago +1

    Only an adhd can look at a kids movie poster and make a bop out of it

  • lavendercaina
    lavendercaina 28 days ago +1

    this is a more effective advertisement for smallfoot than any of the actual trailers

  • Russell Kilgour
    Russell Kilgour 29 days ago +1

    Such a wholesome meme and I don't feel bad for revisiting. Daily.

  • InkTea
    InkTea 29 days ago

    epic win

  • ShakedownDreams
    ShakedownDreams Month ago

    I really dont get it

  • Mia Naron
    Mia Naron Month ago

    I swear to god, since I’ve seen this video my life has been better.

  • 2D's blue-ty shorts

    Get outta here, hets. This meme is queer only 😎

  • The Real Dirty Dan
    The Real Dirty Dan Month ago

    also can i get this on spotify???

  • The Real Dirty Dan
    The Real Dirty Dan Month ago +1

    Meechee is Zendaya

  • tamara Perez
    tamara Perez Month ago

    i dont understand why this is supposed to be funny

  • amber rose
    amber rose Month ago

    danny devito is dorgle

  • Thea S
    Thea S Month ago

    If Zendaya is Meechee, why is the thumbnail Kolki?

  • Aaron Ross
    Aaron Ross Month ago

    Approaching hour four of this song on repeat in my head!

  • Molotera
    Molotera Month ago

    how are we sure this wasnt an ad for Smallfoot

  • Tea hoe
    Tea hoe Month ago

    okay so in conclusion Zendaya is Meechee

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash Month ago

    Arin hason from gamegrumps gave your channel a shut out

  • India Rose
    India Rose Month ago

    Maybe zendaya is the friends we made along the way

  • YoungAbel15
    YoungAbel15 Month ago

    Voting day today.

  • Unluckery
    Unluckery Month ago

    Maybe i'll be Gwangi
    I'm already Gwangi
    What about Stonekeeper?
    I'm already Stonekeeper
    What about Dorgle?
    You're right, so Kolka?
    I wanna be Kolka.
    I'll just be Meechee....

    *T R I G G E R E D*

  • Kaya Mendelsohn
    Kaya Mendelsohn Month ago


  • Florence Ives
    Florence Ives Month ago

    this guy sings like an angel

  • Kae B
    Kae B Month ago

    It’s thanks to this video alone I now know how to finally pronounce zendaya

  • RELOAD Official
    RELOAD Official Month ago

    Gabriel Gundacker is
    the guy who composed the Wii Sports Music.
    (No joke)

  • kiel tem
    kiel tem Month ago


  • Ben Shapiro
    Ben Shapiro Month ago

    Why did this shit go viral

  • Toots
    Toots Month ago +1

    I love how extremely dedicated and happy his expression his lmao.

  • Pres Web
    Pres Web Month ago +1

    Well, they just got free advertising...

  • Storieswithstoriesss
    Storieswithstoriesss Month ago +1

    Can people stop attempting to be 'witty' in the comment section and realize what they're witnessing here.

  • skieshwi
    skieshwi Month ago

    i just realized you're also the 'you are my daaad, you're my dad! boogie woogie woogie' guy and i think i found my new loml

  • William
    William Month ago

    ive watched this video everyday for the past month and i doesnt get old.

  • Lucy
    Lucy Month ago +5

    is this the “I’m an adult virgin” vine guy lmao

  • DesiredEnergy
    DesiredEnergy Month ago

    I don’t get it....

  • Will O
    Will O Month ago

    So wholesome

  • ghostbuddy 1203
    ghostbuddy 1203 Month ago

    Ok so Meechee is Zendaya? Noice

  • ohitscosmo
    ohitscosmo Month ago

    zendaya is meechee

  • Crystal Amalgam
    Crystal Amalgam Month ago

    Ya better be going to church

  • Ari m.
    Ari m. Month ago


  • Ash Tree Yggdrasil, The World Tree

    He's got such a soul voice Patrick Stump would be jealous.

  • Robert Rivera
    Robert Rivera Month ago +1

    Wait who is Zendaya again?

  • Brenna The meme master

    In my science class I write “ Zendaya is meechee” where I sit every day
    Also since I know all the lyrics to this I will randomly sing it during the day and people think I’m weird

  • Matthew Hunter
    Matthew Hunter Month ago +1

    I watch this almost everyday. It’s like a prayer.

  • Laura Thomas
    Laura Thomas Month ago +1

    Great another unattainable youtuber to instantly fall in love with

  • Emma TriesToSmile
    Emma TriesToSmile Month ago +1

    No one can say why this made us laugh. We just know it did.

  • mid90s
    mid90s Month ago

    so zendaya isn’t meechee?

  • rainbowsOnmyeyeballs

    This was so inspiring and uplifting

  • currently trash
    currently trash Month ago

    You gonna be on vine 2/v2

  • thearmandas YT
    thearmandas YT Month ago


  • partyinthetardis
    partyinthetardis Month ago

    This is such classic TheXvid. Wow. It feels like 10 years ago.