Palpatine Talks About Darth Plagueis [1080p]

  • Published on Oct 25, 2016
  • Star Wars Episode 3 "Revenge of the Sith"

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    • Dan Church
      Dan Church 9 days ago

      We would be honored if you would join us

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      I love your channel

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      Hello there. Can you read the fanfiction I left on the "Luke vs The Senate what if".

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      We get it. You’re a big channel seeking attention.

  • XxWolfstormxX
    XxWolfstormxX 3 hours ago

    At 4:57 palpatines face just says “I did that”

  • Chorly Smith
    Chorly Smith 10 hours ago

    If only palpatine was a good guy he would be a great farther figure to anikin

  • Miklós Szekeres
    Miklós Szekeres 14 hours ago

    The Jedi use their power for good. But Palpatine use his power for "Gooood!"

  • Jeremy aka PlayfulTitan

    "The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural."
    Hmmm...this could explain his return in Episode 9 if he had an ability that could bring him back.

  • Javier Luna
    Javier Luna Day ago

    So how did he manage to kill his Master?

  • Jonah Fox
    Jonah Fox 2 days ago

    That is some trippy entertainment they are watching

  • Tadicuslegion78
    Tadicuslegion78 2 days ago

    Padme: So how was your meeting with the Chancellor?
    Anakin: Fine....I think.
    Padme: Why?
    Anakin: Well he told me this story called the Tragedy...
    Padme: of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
    Anakin: How did you know?
    Padme: Oh he tells that to everyone he likes. I must have heard it 50 times while Queen and Senator.
    Anakin: And it doesn't bother you he knows the story of a Dark Lord of the Sith?

  • Arkon Slorman
    Arkon Slorman 4 days ago

    the way he says "himself" at 5:03 you can clearly tell he wants to gain this power. Its kinda epic

  • Arkon Slorman
    Arkon Slorman 4 days ago +1

    It´s almost undescribable how much better the prequels are than the "new trilogy"

    • Arkon Slorman
      Arkon Slorman 14 hours ago

      +Jeremy aka PlayfulTitan yep there might be

    • Jeremy aka PlayfulTitan
      Jeremy aka PlayfulTitan Day ago

      It's rumored that Palpatine will come back in the newest Star Wars movie so there is hope.

  • デキ12
    デキ12 4 days ago

    0:21 Lucas

  • gamemaster gary
    gamemaster gary 5 days ago +2

    The dude playing Darth Sidious is one of the best actors i've ever seen every scene is flawless with him

    • Preston Thompson
      Preston Thompson 4 days ago

      The amazing thing is he played the same character in the movies made 20 years before this.

  • Veritech Girl
    Veritech Girl 5 days ago +2

    Bedtime stories with uncle Palpatine!

  • Strokaveli Basketcase

    Hook line sinker .... Lol

  • GenericUsername
    GenericUsername 6 days ago +1

    Did you people ever hear the story of Master Lucas the Naive? I thought not, its not a story Lucasfilm would tell you. It's a Disney legend.

    Master Lucas was a man who spent up to 40 years of his life creating the universe of Star Wars. So powerful he created a universe that spawned countless movies, videogames, merchandise, comedy skits and porn parodies. He had such an unrestrained imagination, even despite creating hated characters like Jar Jar he created a franchise so strong that even the fans who hated Jar Jar stuck around and continued supporting the franchise.

    The Star Wars franchise is a pathway to many attributes that people consider to be "nerdy" the only thing George was afraid of was having all these characters he created being killed off and having their character arcs ruined, which eventually of coarse they did.

    Unfortunately, he gave complete control of the franchise over to someone he thought he could trust, Kathleen Kennedy. Then she destroyed all his work in less than 10 year's.

    It's ironic, he could save other Star Wars characters from being ruined, but not his own.

  • David Harrison
    David Harrison 6 days ago

    I know many dislike Hayden as Anakin but I think he played the part well in Revenge as his on screen Chemistry with Ian's amazing Palpatine especially in this scene was brilliant. This scene will always be my favourite of the entire saga it's perfect

  • Cristián Paris
    Cristián Paris 6 days ago +1

    *Did you ever hear the tradegy of Daenerys Stormborn?*

  • Oliver Walton
    Oliver Walton 6 days ago

    man you know palpatine’s evil incarnate when he doesn’t offer Anakin a seat; the fucking manners what a sad intergalactic age we live in #Fucking sour grapes

  • CarzorStelatis
    CarzorStelatis 6 days ago

    2:57 I think it's here, rather than the later scene in the office, that Anakin realises who Palpatine is - even if he doesn't admit it to himself

  • Roguish
    Roguish 6 days ago +1

    Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Flatus the Silent? It stinks.

  • Jamal Baker
    Jamal Baker 7 days ago

    I want to get to a point in my life when I can just say "Leave Us" to my wingmen, and they obey.

  • IcyBlaze616
    IcyBlaze616 7 days ago +1

    i never noticed those heavy twi'lek milkers at 0:05 when i was a kid

  • ja8ames
    ja8ames 7 days ago

    This is the best scene in the prequels.

  • Otto von Bismarck
    Otto von Bismarck 7 days ago

    1) They're attending the universe's most boring show.
    2) Why did EVERYTHING in these films have to be CG? Even the sets are almost entirely computer generated. It just looks terrible.

  • saint nic cage
    saint nic cage 7 days ago

    3 evil head turns in one speech.. ..the jedi had to be blind to miss it.

  • Jared S
    Jared S 7 days ago

    George Lucas on the left at 0:19

  • Victor Muntean
    Victor Muntean 8 days ago

    I honestly never saw how creating life and saving people from death (healing) would be a dark side power. The dark side is fueled by passion, hate, and anger. And self centered arrogance. The sith look to destroy life not save and create it.
    Where as the light is compassion, love, and justice. Saving someone from death and healing them sounds a lot like selfless compassion to me. How its a dark side power and not something the Jedi actually teach is beyond me LOL

    • Preston Thompson
      Preston Thompson 4 days ago

      Death is a part of the way of nature. The dark side interferes with that as well as many other things in the natural ways of the universe. While the dark side is fueled by hate, it can also be fed by more positive emotions. For example, you purchase a ship and fall in love with it. Then Jabba the Hut decides he wants your ship. The dark side acts upon you because you fear losing your ship.

  • SilentBigsteve
    SilentBigsteve 8 days ago

    Favorite childhood story

  • Aaamin Jer
    Aaamin Jer 8 days ago

    *Wtf he's alive in Star wars:IX*

  • Scorp10us
    Scorp10us 8 days ago

    I want a Star Wars movie that tells the story of Darth Plagueis the wise

  • Mr. Cheemps
    Mr. Cheemps 9 days ago +1

    They should've kept the best of the EU and make movies based on it, instead of retconning and making poor carciatures of it.

  • Honna Conna
    Honna Conna 9 days ago

    Palpatine ‘Have you ever heard of...’
    Anakin ‘yes’

  • eman297 361
    eman297 361 9 days ago

    Best non battle scene ever

  • ItzJustJack
    ItzJustJack 9 days ago

    I am the *s e n a t e*

  • Dan Church
    Dan Church 9 days ago

    “Search your feelings” not the first time somebody was lying saying that

  • Michael Buitrago
    Michael Buitrago 9 days ago

    save others from death, but not him self. ironic message Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious

  • MojoRisin
    MojoRisin 9 days ago

    i'm so dark side i can't even. also i'm a millennial. we suck.

  • Dr. Mantis Toboggan M.D.

    You ever hear of the Disney tragedy ?
    It cancels and removes all great shows from Netflix

  • Grimwol
    Grimwol 10 days ago

    Disney can only dream of making a scene this powerful. Not that they even try to.

  • Owen B.
    Owen B. 10 days ago

    I love how the music changes a bit at 3:33.

  • Jean-Luc deshayes
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  • Jayli0
    Jayli0 10 days ago

    At 4:57, you can see Sidious explain while recounting the "memory" with satisfaction.

  • Nicholas Arnold
    Nicholas Arnold 11 days ago

    Little does sidous knows that his master is probably still alive and has been watching his every move to see his appetince die and take back the empire he stole from him and will now create a new order that is far superior than the sith and the Jedi and will do everything in his power to rule the universe.

  • Msk205
    Msk205 11 days ago

    Palpatine: Did you ever hear the tradegy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
    Anakin: Yes.
    Palpatine: Wait what?....
    *Palpatine.exe stopped working*

  • Msk205
    Msk205 11 days ago

    Palpatine: Did you ever hear the tradegy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
    Anakin: Yeah. I just bough the EU novel. His apprentice looks a little bit like you
    Palpatine: ...

  • Andy Brooks
    Andy Brooks 11 days ago

    Darth Plagueis is Anakin's father? ;)

  • Ian H
    Ian H 11 days ago +1

    This scene could end up being the most important in all of the saga; especially as regards 9.

  • Robo
    Robo 11 days ago +1

    Did you ever hear the tragedy of Star Wars Expanded Universe stories?
    I thought not. Its not a story Disney would tell you.
    There are actually more star wars stories?
    The Expanded Universe has many good stories, some considered to be non-canon
    Is it possible to learn these stories?
    Not from Disney

  • TheBarser
    TheBarser 11 days ago +2

    Episode 3 was actually pretty good. Palpatine is just super fun whenever he is on screen.

  • Clouds Below92
    Clouds Below92 12 days ago

    I like how his voice squeaks at 03:24

  • Hello There
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  • Schwatvogel
    Schwatvogel 12 days ago

    "Did you ever hear the tragedy of..."
    "Please, I'm watching the show!"
    "Oh, sorry..."
    "Chancellor, shh!"

  • Harjun Bhuller
    Harjun Bhuller 12 days ago +1

    Such a good scene one could even call it... Iconic

  • Magni Thorson
    Magni Thorson 12 days ago +1

    I didn't know palpatine liked watching blitzball.

  • hanzo hattori
    hanzo hattori 13 days ago

    anybody spot George Lucas at the top of the stairs?

  • Chillionx
    Chillionx 13 days ago

    I just realized that this whole city scene looks cyberpunk af

  • TheBlackDemon1996
    TheBlackDemon1996 13 days ago

    That head turn at the end. You call tell he was thinking "I got him...".

  • reformedfruit
    reformedfruit 13 days ago

    I love the dark foreboding of the music that John Williams paints here...

  • Egon Del
    Egon Del 13 days ago

    I can't be enthusiastic about the reappearance of Palpatine, not as long as it's under the claw of Disney :( - They gonna trash it as they've nearly trashed all star wars motives.

  • Soluminia0G
    Soluminia0G 14 days ago

    Anakin got played like an old person getting emailed by a nigerian prince

  • Preston Thompson
    Preston Thompson 14 days ago

    Luke says “no one is ever really gone”.
    Palpatine says “the dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural”.
    Funny. It seems almost as if these two lines, separated by two films made a good number of years apart, were meant to be related.

  • jerome2022
    jerome2022 14 days ago

    If you understand that ep8 is about 1994 to 9/11 ....

  • Hanna Pawłowska
    Hanna Pawłowska 14 days ago

    He probably created Anakin, right?

    • QUEX
      QUEX 13 days ago

      +Preston Thompson Of course Anakin was created. His mother is the Virgin Mary for christ sakes. Lucas is such a fucking idiot and can't write a script to save his life. Also, if the sperm and egg symbolism they are literally watching didn't make it obvious enough, Palpatine created Anakin, which ironically leads to his defeat.

    • Preston Thompson
      Preston Thompson 14 days ago

      It’s possible but not really clear. Anakin was presumed to be a “chosen one”. And while things didn’t exactly pan out as the Jedi envisioned, Anakin ultimately did destroy the Sith (the emperor and himself). Unless of course the “chosen one” is actually Rey, in which case I guess he probably was created with dark side abilities.

  • Hanna Pawłowska
    Hanna Pawłowska 14 days ago

    He probably created Anakin, right?

  • Adam West
    Adam West 14 days ago

    @3:35 he knew he was a sith lord when he brought that story up but of course anakin wanted to hear it either way

    YOUNG WARLOCK 14 days ago

    Can't wait for him to tell Ray this!

  • Chris Dardar
    Chris Dardar 14 days ago

    After decades of building foundation of trust as a father figure (and creating him with Plagues by The forces reaction to their manipulations), time to seduce the chosen one officially

  • Tertiary Adjunct
    Tertiary Adjunct 15 days ago


  • Glorious Content
    Glorious Content 15 days ago

    You didn't have to leave in Anican Naruto running to the theater, but then again neither did the film so it's good that you shamed its makers.

  • erich84502ify
    erich84502ify 15 days ago

    This is what Mr Lucas wanted to be remembered for.

  • spongeyspikes09
    spongeyspikes09 15 days ago

    Have you ever hear the tragedy of Rian Johnson the Unwise?

  • CoolsBreeze
    CoolsBreeze 15 days ago

    This one whole scene was ten times better than Last Jedi.

  • Mt Isp
    Mt Isp 15 days ago

    Before Anakin says "No." the music turns dark as Vader's suit

  • Josh Johnson
    Josh Johnson 16 days ago

    Which this exactly leads us to episode 9 where the Sith Lord is still alive somehow

  • Hans
    Hans 16 days ago

    3:37 turn up the volume lmao and to the left someone's going

    *Wwhheeeewww wwhhhoooeww*

  • The Ghost of Winterfell

    You ever hear the tragedy of Darth Kennedy, the Stupid? Of course not. It's a story the Legends canon would tell you. It's a Disney legend. Darth Kennedy was a Dark Lady of Disney. A producer so powerful and so influential that she was given the control over producing new Star Wars movies after Disney adquire the rights to it. Yet, even with all this knowledge of the lore, she couldn't make decisions to make that franchise to work.[...] She became so powerful, the only thing she feared was losing her power, which she did. Unfortunately, she trusted her apprentice, Darth Johnson, to save the franchise, and he killed the franchise during her sleep. Ironic. She tried to improve Star Wars with bold political ideas, and destroyed it for good.

  • cixhusjzxh do hssggxhxhs

    Who is the person sitting next to palpatine before anakin sits down?

  • TASI Channel
    TASI Channel 16 days ago

    Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Iger, The Turd?

  • Barkley
    Barkley 17 days ago +2

    After reading Darth Plagueis...

  • MidgetWidget
    MidgetWidget 17 days ago

    Darth Plagueis probably prevent Sidious from death.

  • Ninja Wizard
    Ninja Wizard 18 days ago +2

    Only seven more months to be totally disappointed again.

    OUTLAW THE DON 18 days ago

    Best scene from the prequels.
    Ian McDiarmid plays Palpatine perfectly.

  • Arun
    Arun 18 days ago

    So this is Palpatine trying to say he is Anakin's father and will be back in episode 9, what an awesome character arch if true!

  • Ben M
    Ben M 19 days ago +1

    Technically didn’t Vader fulfil the Sith line of succession, rather than fulfil his destiny as the Chosen One by killing his master, just as all Sith apprentices are encouraged to do eventually?

  • Ronald Nelson Jr.
    Ronald Nelson Jr. 19 days ago

    This is the story of Snoke, or by his real name: Plageueis.

  • Emanuel Gonzalez
    Emanuel Gonzalez 19 days ago

    Jaing and my homie Komrk found Grievous !

  • Martin Patchell
    Martin Patchell 19 days ago +1

    And the seed was planted

  • Wesley VL
    Wesley VL 19 days ago +1

    To bad that star wars sucks now

  • Foil Hattiest
    Foil Hattiest 19 days ago

    Great bubble show.

  • David Bloyd
    David Bloyd 19 days ago

    I wonder of anything in this scene will be related to anything we see in Episode 9.

  • Joey Tribani
    Joey Tribani 19 days ago

    It os this point that shot went down on nankins mind

  • AzAlexZ
    AzAlexZ 20 days ago +1

    0:05, the lady in the white dress is like, almost naked...... no bra or anything

    • Gedmend
      Gedmend 7 days ago

      George Lucas has said there are no bras in the star wars universe. Leia didn't have one either. I have no idea why.

  • Lion Phoenix
    Lion Phoenix 20 days ago

    I see great potential.
    A stand alone movie about Palpatine learning the Dark Side from Darth Plagueis and Palpatine training his apprentice Darth Maul in secret. And I would cast James McAvoy to play the part of young Palpatine.

  • Screaming Chickens
    Screaming Chickens 20 days ago

    The prequels were a shambles, but this scene is incredible. If only everything else was as well directed and thought out as this one...

    • Brandon Waters
      Brandon Waters 19 days ago +1

      They are way better than Disneys crap..acting, story and fights way better, sure they had some corny parts but rather have that than some agenda being pushed by Disney...honestly I still believe if you like the Disney star wars you are not a true fan

  • bengalsfanaz
    bengalsfanaz 20 days ago

    This is the best scene in the prequels, hands-down. In the scenes with the characters, no FX, no alternate timeline crap. Just good acting. If only Lucas had stuck with this, these movies could be gold...

  • buba tunda
    buba tunda 20 days ago

    0:31 Coleman Trebor

  • GenericUsername
    GenericUsername 21 day ago +1

    have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Kennedy the Stupid?...

  • Rudra
    Rudra 21 day ago

    CGI background really ruins these scenes. If this was filmed I studios with real lighting.. The scene would've been more impactful and epic.
    This just looks like a short film on TheXvid by students. WtF

  • TheMarker2015 L.S
    TheMarker2015 L.S 21 day ago +1

    Don't worry, Barbara spectre has huge plans for all of you.

  • SuperGiantRobot Rocket
    SuperGiantRobot Rocket 22 days ago +1

    If u haven’t read the Darth Plagueis book u gotta read it! It makes the prequels so much deeper & entertaining knowing all the world building & behind the scenes stuff makes it all the more awesome!