Palpatine Talks About Darth Plagueis [1080p]


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  • Star Wars Theory
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  • James Moore
    James Moore 51 minute ago

    "leave us" = pimp af

  • Filimon Galogavros
    Filimon Galogavros 2 hours ago

    Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise ?

  • Megumi Hayashida
    Megumi Hayashida 3 hours ago

    I like how everyone is now respecting episode III after the travesty that was ep VII & VIII

  • Schwatvogel
    Schwatvogel 3 hours ago

    "Did you ever hear the tragedy of..."
    "Please, I'm watching the show!"
    "Oh, sorry..."
    "Chancellor, shh!"

  • Hespi
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  • Kimmo Laine
    Kimmo Laine 8 hours ago +1

    Great acting right there.

  • Carly Rios
    Carly Rios 18 hours ago

    Irionic could save others from death but not himself

  • Sander Fitzwilliam
    Sander Fitzwilliam 22 hours ago

    Yeah back in the day when we thought the prequals were bad...

  • Webdigo
    Webdigo Day ago +1

    What are they even watching?

  • Young Assassin
    Young Assassin Day ago

    Anakin: how do you know so much about Darth Plagieus and the Dark Side
    Palpatine: becuase I am a Sith who’s trying to get you in the Dark Side.
    Anakin: What?
    Palpatine: What?!! I mean, I can save Padme
    Anakin: Really?!

  • Max Howlett
    Max Howlett Day ago +1

    "Good is a point of view"
    That delivery is godlike

  • Wew Lad
    Wew Lad Day ago +1

    Ever hear the story of darth PELAGIUS!

  • Wilczur 111
    Wilczur 111 Day ago

    Jedi send Anakin to spy on Palpatine... clever move jedi.

  • Damian Matras
    Damian Matras Day ago

    ... unnatural ...

  • Bobby Federico
    Bobby Federico 2 days ago

    I want more ... but I know I shouldn’t

  • sr20DETdrift
    sr20DETdrift 2 days ago

    My favorite character . Palpatine was a boss.

  • Toby Thurlow White
    Toby Thurlow White 2 days ago


  • Black Hulk
    Black Hulk 3 days ago

    Wow, intense 5 minutes

  • Kedovil 53
    Kedovil 53 3 days ago

    LOL so many memes in 5 min

  • MrTron
    MrTron 4 days ago

    "Ever been in a Turkish prison?"

  • Neroshi Interactive
    Neroshi Interactive 4 days ago

    The one speech that made Anakin rethink his position

  • Henry Jones Jr.
    Henry Jones Jr. 4 days ago +1

    He could save others from mediocre posts, but not himself.

  • TheRealSamPreece
    TheRealSamPreece 4 days ago +3

    Back when star wars felt like real star wars. The style cant be replaced.

  • Guybrush Threepweed
    Guybrush Threepweed 4 days ago +1

    Palpatine steals this film.

  • kurgan highlander
    kurgan highlander 4 days ago +2

    Rogue 1, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, hands down the best of all the SW franchise!

  • Grumpy Cat
    Grumpy Cat 4 days ago +3

    “The expanded universe contains stories that some may consider Uncannon “
    “ is it possible to learn these stories?”

    “ Not From A Mouse.”

    • Hwl.
      Hwl. Day ago

      The theatrical universe contains stories that some may consider uncannon.
      Is it possible I can learn these stories?
      Yes, from a mouse

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass 5 days ago

    Why was Anakin pacing up the theatre stairs, and the guards didn't even bat an eye at him in 00:27?

  • Oshaoxin
    Oshaoxin 5 days ago

    153 people never heard of Darth Plagueis the Wise.

  • Dustin Dongon
    Dustin Dongon 5 days ago +1

    A nice conversation between Belichick and Brady

  • Rageblade Warstormer

    I used to hate the prequels. But after Rian, Ryan? Rihanna? got through gut raping the galactic snot out of everything Star Wars, I like them quite a bit.

  • King Leo XVII
    King Leo XVII 7 days ago

    Man Palpatine even had the Royal Guard back then.

  • Jimmy James
    Jimmy James 7 days ago

    Good is a point of view

  • Димитър Георгиев

    3:22 when you dont have anything to say

  • Ouissam
    Ouissam 7 days ago

    Snoke is NOT Darth Plagueis.

  • Brad
    Brad 8 days ago

    The green screens hold up really well lol

  • Ola Uteligger
    Ola Uteligger 8 days ago +1

    It's better to be a Dark Side Sithlord, than a Disney Shitlord.

  • annakin skywalker
    annakin skywalker 8 days ago +1

    plagueis is the one to blame for all he does to palpatine and turn him to a monster evil must read the book plagueis if you don't have

  • Extraordinary Gentleman

    Is this man actually Darth Sidious?

  • lol who did this
    lol who did this 8 days ago +1

    Palpatine : Its not a story that the jedi would tell you.
    Anakin : So how do you know it?
    Written and directed by
    George Lucas

    • annakin skywalker
      annakin skywalker 8 days ago


    • lol who did this
      lol who did this 8 days ago +1

      +annakin skywalker yeah, little did he knew. Palpatine had his eyes on Anakin since he was born. Palpatine played him like a damn fiddle.

    • annakin skywalker
      annakin skywalker 8 days ago +1

      so true but annakin is altered by the dark side of the force...

  • Kevin Budzinski
    Kevin Budzinski 8 days ago +1

    "All who gain power are afraid to lose it."
    That describes almost every politician or CEO in real life!

  • Dave Ridlespriger
    Dave Ridlespriger 9 days ago

    April died from AIDS.

  • Miky Dicy
    Miky Dicy 9 days ago +1

    Palpatine: Did you ever heard the tragedy of the Star Wars Expanded Universe?
    Anakin: No.
    Palpatine: I thought not. It's not a story the Empire of the Mouse would tell you. It's a Space Opera legend. The Star Wars Expanded Universe was a shared universe of space opera literature so huge and so old, its writers could use their skill to influence George Lucas to stories. Its greatest writers had such knowledge of the mechanics and history of the shared universe, that they could even retcon the characters they cared about...from death.
    Anakin: They could fan-favorite characters from death?
    Palpatine: The Expanded Universe is a pathway to many stories some consider to be Legends.
    Anakin: What happened to it?
    Palpatine: It became so big... the only thing it was afraid of was losing its status, which eventually, of course, it did. Unfortunately, it showed its successor everything it created, and then one night, the Empire of the Mouse killed it in its sleep. Ironic. It could retcon others back from death, but not itself.
    Anakin Skywalker: Is it possible to learn these stories?

    Palpatine: Not from a mouse.

  • GravityLee
    GravityLee 9 days ago +1

    Why do you zit faced virgins try to shit on these movies and the anakin actors? Theyre pretty good as long as you dont compare them to the originals and really not many movies can hang with the originals in quality anyway.

  • Henry B
    Henry B 9 days ago

    The most recent movies make the prequels look amazing. I am seriously starting to love the prequels.

  • Konichisan
    Konichisan 10 days ago

    why do people hate the prequels? I love this scene, it has such an awesome atmosphere and whatnot

  • Cayden
    Cayden 10 days ago

    oooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - the music

  • Surf git fit EP
    Surf git fit EP 11 days ago

    It was papatine who made ankian evil

  • Autopia Alana Lewis
    Autopia Alana Lewis 12 days ago +1

    This was the BEST star wars movie EVER!💯👍🏻

  • Nishe Siel
    Nishe Siel 12 days ago

    You ever hear the tragedy of Darth Tragedus the Wise?

  • Andy Ferr
    Andy Ferr 12 days ago

    So the only thing Darth Vader wants is to save lives :D

  • Dan Castro
    Dan Castro 13 days ago

    If you look at the blue uniformed officer with the hat @:10 that's Anthony Daniels who we best know as C 3PO

  • Stephen Lynx
    Stephen Lynx 14 days ago

    I was expecting memes.

  • Kedovil 53
    Kedovil 53 14 days ago

    This only scene had so much soul and Star Wars magic than all the Disney Star Wars movies combined

  • OnlyOneJeree
    OnlyOneJeree 15 days ago +1

    What were they watching? It's beautiful... I wish we could attend events like that... Imagine all the non-canon people who attended during this scene.... So many untold stories and that saddens me

  • Joel del Angel Morales Perez

    what the hell is that shit they are watching?

  • Nevan Slone
    Nevan Slone 15 days ago

    I reloaded the video to skip a 15 second advertisement... The Dark Side of the Force is a Pathway to many abilities, some consider to be unnatural

  • Sam
    Sam 15 days ago

    Ani should report to the jedi high council, that palpetine knew about the dark force. So the jedi would suspecting he is one of the sith.

  • matthew davis
    matthew davis 15 days ago

    The cat and the tiger fable

  • II Veathkyn II
    II Veathkyn II 16 days ago

    Back when star wars was good..

  • BLACKHAWK 7075
    BLACKHAWK 7075 16 days ago

    Star Wars Fan: Did you ever hear the tragedy of the non-canon Force Unleashed games?
    Disney Fan: No.
    Star Wars Fan: I thought not, it's a story Disney would not tell you, it's a Star Wars Legend.
    Star Wars Fan: The Force Unleashed games were so great and so fun that they could keep the fandom from dying.
    Disney Fan: So they could actually... save the fandom from death?
    Star Wars Fan: The Force Unleashed games are a pathway to many opportunities some consider to be unnatural.
    Disney Fan: What happened to them?
    Star Wars Fan: The second game sadly wasn't as successful as the first one, and the third game was canceled, and not long after Lucas sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney.
    Disney Fan: Why were they never brought back?
    Star Wars Fan: Unfortunately Kathleen Kennedy the feminazi of lucasfilm hated Starkiller because he was a overpowered white male, then she erased the games from canon and prevented them from coming back.
    Star Wars Fan: Ironic... Disney had the
    opportunity to please the fandom, and they wasted it on The Power Ranger Flight Academy Show... I mean,
    "The Resistance Show"
    Disney Fan: Is it possible to bring them back?
    Star Wars Fan: Not from Disney.

  • Rachel&John Hyatt
    Rachel&John Hyatt 17 days ago

    plagueis could't cheat death i think Palpatine is lying or a liar.

  • Nightley the Rogue
    Nightley the Rogue 17 days ago

    *Darth* *Leave-us* *the* *wise*

  • Filimon Galogavros
    Filimon Galogavros 18 days ago

    It would be really great to save others from death . . .

  • Filimon Galogavros
    Filimon Galogavros 18 days ago

    Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise ?

  • Sean Arsenault
    Sean Arsenault 18 days ago

    Is Palpatine the apprentice that killed plagus? I don't know much about the lore.

  • MeMad Max
    MeMad Max 18 days ago

    This is one of my favorite scenes in the new Star Wars trilogy, but it only lasts between 0:04 and 0:14 in this particular vid.

  • Eric Mata
    Eric Mata 20 days ago

    The cgi in this scene... 😟

  • Josiah Thibodeaux
    Josiah Thibodeaux 20 days ago

    “Vader was seduced by the dark side of the force.”

  • LordZorg
    LordZorg 20 days ago

    I came for the memes

  • wmfthehorseman
    wmfthehorseman 21 day ago

    NOtice how the shot of the ballet as seen from behind their shoulders kinda looks like Snoke's head LOL

  • Василий Пупкин

    Good -- is a point of view

  • Horulus Dalius
    Horulus Dalius 21 day ago

    How he said "Leave us" still terrifies me

  • Σliskūya M. Thūrwolf

    that last quote "not from a jedi" made me raise an eyebrow up, Palpatine, you cunning sly devil

  • David McCain
    David McCain 24 days ago +1

    :18-:23-Lucas himself, dressed in blue, far left bottom corner, with his daugther.

  • KKEM641
    KKEM641 24 days ago

    If you look closely, you can see him smirk -- just a little -- about his master's death..

  • Z-95SkyHunter
    Z-95SkyHunter 24 days ago

    3:20: "He's still clinging to his beliefs...better drop the big reveal.."

  • Lrdstrkil19
    Lrdstrkil19 25 days ago

    i always wondered
    did Darth Plagueis or Darth Sidious use the force to "force" the triggering of the profecy of balance?
    after all the Jedi were too short sighted that it mean balance for the force itself instead of the galaxy?
    i just wonder so pls dont burn me or anything :3

  • El Duderino
    El Duderino 25 days ago +1

    best scene of the prequels by far

  • TheYoung Wolf
    TheYoung Wolf 25 days ago

    Great scene 👏

  • Jason Samuel
    Jason Samuel 25 days ago +1

    He got killed from his apprentice in return of the Jedi. Now that's a balance

  • ali car
    ali car 25 days ago

    what kind of sith loses hair even they didnt find solution

  • Shadow Spino
    Shadow Spino 26 days ago

    the sith were extinct
    the sith returned
    now the jedi is extinct
    the jedi return again
    then jedi and sith have a war once again

  • Josh S-TV
    Josh S-TV 27 days ago

    I like this film and scene

  • VengefulSage
    VengefulSage 29 days ago +3

    im sorry..but shit like this is what makes the prequels brilliant. VERY VERY good storytelling and lore overall.

  • Kurt Crockenberg
    Kurt Crockenberg 29 days ago +1

    Did You Ever Hear The Tragedy of Darth Jar Jar The Wise?
    I Thought Not It's Not A Story Disney Would Tell You It's a Lucas Legend.
    Darth Jar Jar was a Dark Lord Of the Sith So Powerful and So Wise He Could Hide Undetected has a Bumbling Fool The Only Thing He Was Afraid Of Was Backlash Which Eventually He Got So Lucas Killed Him In His Sleep.

  • NUJAC1000
    NUJAC1000 Month ago

    Thats it...thats a flashback scene in episode 9...young palpatine killing plaegus...or so he thought...just like everyone thought that kylo killed snoke!!Snoke is Plaegus!!!!

  • ItsNoahScott
    ItsNoahScott Month ago

    Darth Sidious- “Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagues the Wise?”
    Anakin- “No”
    *The End*

  • Josh S-TV
    Josh S-TV Month ago

    Good scene

  • menamgamg
    menamgamg Month ago

    Ugh why is the comment section on every SW video full of so much hate?
    I love all SW trilogies and this is my favorite scene from the prequels. From the sequels it's when Kylo kills Han Solo and from the original trilogy it's the scene when Luke and Vader meet on Endor :)

  • Playstation Elation
    Playstation Elation Month ago +3

    This scene is better than The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi combined.

  • Saman Harch
    Saman Harch Month ago +1

    Have you ever had sex with my wife... WHAT?? its a old porn movie wife fuck a old man then dad fucks teen girls.. I can teach you the way of the dark side of the force....

  • Christian Naumann
    Christian Naumann Month ago

    The emperor, the chicken hawk of Star Wars

  • TheFly212
    TheFly212 Month ago +1

    But... But... But. I thought Lucas couldn't write great dialogue...
    Some of the best writing in all of Star Wars here. Directing is on point to. Great cinematography and score. Acting is pretty good too.

  • Jonah Fox
    Jonah Fox Month ago

    1:08 that's one trippy show they have gone to.

  • Kylo Ren 0127
    Kylo Ren 0127 Month ago

    Palpatine "Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth -- ."
    Random Alien "Shut the Hell up, we have already heard this story a thousand times, and i am try to watch some squids move in a floating bubble!"

  • Diego Sebastian Velazquez

    Coruscant's Cirque du Soleil

  • Backfisch TV
    Backfisch TV Month ago

    3:25 yOu eVeR hEaRd tHe tRaGeDy oF dArTh PlAgUeIs tHe wIsE?

  • Truth118
    Truth118 Month ago

    Did you ever hear of the plague of Darth Tragedus the wise?

  • Christoph Czeitschner

    Ian McDarmid's performance is by far the best part of an otherwise very mediocre movie.