iPhone 11- One Month Later...

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • This is a review of the iPhone 11 one month later.
    iPhone 11: amzn.to/2mkqhy8
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    iPhone 11 Pro Max: amzn.to/2nhip0M
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Comments • 867

  • JSL Review
    JSL Review  Month ago +238

    Serious question - best iPhone ever made?? My answer - tie between iPhone 4 and 6!!

    • Jesus Grimaldo31
      Jesus Grimaldo31 4 days ago

      iPhone 8 Plus red

    • Daniel Lemus
      Daniel Lemus 6 days ago

      4s and 6s for me! ❤️👹

    • Zachary Allen
      Zachary Allen 7 days ago

      Imo Best ones of all time is iPhone 5s,i've been using it since 2015 and finally changed to iPhone 11 last week.it has served me well to the end

    • Trey Tevin
      Trey Tevin 8 days ago

      iPhone 6s Plus. Had better Touch ID, no bending issue and has a headphone jack

    • snuggles03
      snuggles03 8 days ago

      iPhone 7plus, still use it in 2019, NO issues

  • JuzAlvin98x3
    JuzAlvin98x3 Day ago

    Where do you get your wallpaper?!

  • Ashlyn Agon
    Ashlyn Agon Day ago

    wow almost all of you upgraded your iphones to iphone 11 while
    here am I still havent got my first iphone having no money to but one

  • theONEandONLY
    theONEandONLY Day ago

    Donald Duck 🤔 ( your voice )

  • Thomas Scolaro
    Thomas Scolaro Day ago

    I have a white iPhone 11

  • KingDavid
    KingDavid 2 days ago

    The iPhone 11 is not only the greatest iPhone ever released, it's the greatest phone ever released.

  • Sunit Bhargava
    Sunit Bhargava 3 days ago

    iPhone 5 steel body the best

  • Catherine Bella Mabalot

    Getting one on December😍

  • Alisia Lopez
    Alisia Lopez 3 days ago

    Watching on my 6s

  • Tropical KoolaidTV
    Tropical KoolaidTV 3 days ago

    iPhone 8 Plus best iPhone hands down

  • El Scorcho
    El Scorcho 3 days ago

    "nailed it out of the park" ummmm....

  • Emanuil Prichici
    Emanuil Prichici 4 days ago

    Best iPhone design - iPhone 4, best iPhone size - iPhone 6.
    I wanted to buy the iPhone 11, the only factor that stopped me on buying it is the size, is too big for me to use it with one hand.

  • petar gemovic
    petar gemovic 4 days ago

    I saw your initial iphone 11 review and i saw how stunning the red was, went out and got one. I went from a xs max with that insanely good apple oled panel it had, and i was sceptical because the 11 has 326ppi IPS LCD, and i very quickly found my fears alleviated. The 11 is superb ! Superb screen, superb camera, superb everything imho.

  • jk
    jk 4 days ago +2

    I get the iphone 11 next month do you think it will still be good?

  • Dymo
    Dymo 4 days ago

    What’s wrong with the notch, every app I go to has no use of that part of the screen any way. Like I saw OnePlus pro apps as well and they all have a blank spot up there. Just put a good camera there, and that’s what Apple did

  • Josh Owen Yeriel Susilo

    Quick question, should I switch to a xr or an 11 from 6s plus. Because xr is much more cheaper and I’m not that type of person that’s inti camera. But a part of me also wants the 11 because it’s much more classy :/. HELP

    • Josh Owen Yeriel Susilo
      Josh Owen Yeriel Susilo 4 days ago

      Dymo thanks

    • Dymo
      Dymo 4 days ago

      Josh Owen Yeriel Susilo if you use your camera a lot get 11. Only get the xr if for your country it’s more than $190 CAD cheaper. Convert that if you need

  • Lee FL
    Lee FL 5 days ago

    I find it laughable when people complain about the "thick bezels" on the XR and 11, I mean come on!! Don't forget how bezels used to be on iPhones! The XR/11 have an all screen display like the Pros...etc, they are the best iPhones over the Pro line-up. Apple need to stop pushing for £1k price-tag, it's just ridiculous. 2020 will be interesting, as it's been reported that Apple are pulling back on the Pro-line production in favour of the 'lower-end' model 11, are Apple finally waking up? Budget pricing is where they need to focus on, to continue to dominate the phone market. Tim Cook needs to go, he's held the company back long enough.

  • Carlos gamer
    Carlos gamer 5 days ago

    Excellent review!

  • Jacob Strupe
    Jacob Strupe 5 days ago

    iPhone 6s would definitely the best if the battery would survive more than an hour

  • v04012014
    v04012014 6 days ago

    6s typing with it now🤣. Still got my 4

  • Sophia Lehane
    Sophia Lehane 6 days ago

    Watching this on my teal iPhone 11

  • Mohd Johny
    Mohd Johny 7 days ago

    I had Iphone X with the OLED screen I loved it so much . But let’s think it through please . U r probably gonna feel the need to switch to a newer version in two years ! Iphone 11 is 95 percent of what The pros are . Except so cheaper . So I’ll have the same features of this apple generation of phones with the minimum pricing ! Then in two years I wouldn’t feel like i regret spending 1200 dollars on a phone just to see a new phone does much better ! I guess iphone11 is a solid choice and I just love that apple gave it the same processor and all the important features with fantastic variety of colors . And btw golden Iphone 6plus is the best .

  • Fines Kiko
    Fines Kiko 7 days ago +1

    Iphone SE 🔥👌🥢🥩

  • Mike JW
    Mike JW 8 days ago

    Enjoyed this video. Thx. One thing I wished you touched on is the difference in two vs three camera lenses

  • Rahul Dhruv
    Rahul Dhruv 8 days ago

    I phone11 which colour is good?

  • Flora's channel
    Flora's channel 8 days ago

    11 is the best iphone

  • Chris Lagrana
    Chris Lagrana 9 days ago

    I want one 🙏

  • Nick Nick
    Nick Nick 9 days ago

    iPhone 8 anybody?

  • CasualPrince
    CasualPrince 9 days ago +2

    As a broke iPod user still, I don’t understand how some people can’t even tolerate it. What??

  • SP 79
    SP 79 9 days ago +1

    iPhone 11 is by far the greatest choice!

  • TheGamingSniper 7
    TheGamingSniper 7 10 days ago

    Have an 8 plus 256gb dont know if i should upgrade to the 11

  • rohan amara
    rohan amara 10 days ago

    I phone 5

  • Sergeev
    Sergeev 10 days ago


  • t kean jie
    t kean jie 10 days ago

    iPhone 5 and iPhone 6s Plus.

  • ImaginaryFilm
    ImaginaryFilm 10 days ago

    Coming off a iPhone 8 Plus I will probably be satisfied

  • Zisha Made It
    Zisha Made It 11 days ago +2

    Black iPhone 5 was a beast design wise imo

  • Sacto1654
    Sacto1654 11 days ago

    Ever since you published this video, the update to the current iOS 13.2.2 has added quite a bit to its capability, especially the _Deep Fusion_ image processing system.

  • Erik E
    Erik E 11 days ago +1

    But would you spend $1000 on the iPhone 11 in a place where the 11 pro costs $1337?

  • ShadTheGhad
    ShadTheGhad 11 days ago

    On me, this phone is Kawhi Leonard SOLID!! Yes it doesn’t have the extra lens but I agree, I’d hardly use it so it’s not a deal breaker! One would REALLY be nit picking if they take issue with the overall design and performance of this phone ✊🏾 #iphone11gang

  • J
    J 11 days ago +1

    who’s upgrading from a 7?? once i get paid gonna go buy this cant wait!!

  • Naeem Ali
    Naeem Ali 11 days ago

    Iphone 11 is best phone right now.... Great Great review thanks

  • Rahul Jha
    Rahul Jha 11 days ago

    iPhone 5s

  • Guido Lamanna
    Guido Lamanna 11 days ago +1

    People never criticized the iPhone 7 or 8 when they came with 326 ppi

  • Ritam Ghosh
    Ritam Ghosh 12 days ago

    This phone is nice but still has plenty of software glitches

  • Estio504
    Estio504 12 days ago +1

    iPhone 4s in white was beautiful imo

  • Griimnak
    Griimnak 12 days ago +1

    I'm not sure why everyone loves OLED.
    If you use your phone a lot, OLED is bad for longevity as it is most susceptible to screen burn. Also look at 4:18, notice how the pro's whites look almost purple, this gets worse over time 100%.
    In short: Apple's IPS retina FTW

  • It’s OnlyMonica
    It’s OnlyMonica 12 days ago

    I got in red and it’s awesome

    JCLEARNING 12 days ago

    What is the quality difference between the Ipro 11 and Ipro Max? Can you show a side by side picture the 11 pro versus the max on the same subject?

    JCLEARNING 12 days ago

    TheXvidrs, stop asking us what we think just so TheXvid CAN PAY YOU MORE.

  • Ady_zubir
    Ady_zubir 12 days ago

    Watching with my iPhone 6s it was awesome 💯🔥

  • kramshiron
    kramshiron 13 days ago

    Watching on my 128gb iPhone 11 white.

  • babu indrakumar
    babu indrakumar 13 days ago

    Best iPhone I used is iPhone SE

  • nataly hernandez
    nataly hernandez 13 days ago +5

    Im getting the phone for Christmas if i pass the semester 🥺

  • AVoice ForThePeople
    AVoice ForThePeople 13 days ago

    I miss my flip phone!

  • Mihail Dimovski
    Mihail Dimovski 13 days ago

    i cant decide between iphone 11 and 11 pro max..help.....

  • Milus
    Milus 14 days ago

    Great phoneeee

  • Peter Allen
    Peter Allen 14 days ago +1

    I phone SE small and powerful, still using one.

  • Speed Ster
    Speed Ster 14 days ago

    No 5g capability..

  • 이윤재
    이윤재 15 days ago

    I was thinking to upgrade to either the 11 or the pro max but the thing with the 11 is, it looks so cheap while the pro max is just darn too expensive. If they had 128gb for promax I wouldn’t have a problem with it but well I’m just gonna safe my $$$$ for now- IPhone 7 Plus

  • Magnus Rain
    Magnus Rain 15 days ago +2

    I’m using the iPhone 11. I sold my iPhone Xr to buy this one. It’s amazing. Though I know some reviews mentioned that it’s not wise to upgrade from Xr to 11 but I would rather sold my Xr this year than next year. Market value tends to go down. I watched a lot of iPhone 11 reviews. Yes. This phone is astoundingly awesome. I had no regrets in upgrading from Xr. I am not picky with outer appearance. It’s the performance that matters and the software that is offered. iPhone lover here! 😊