Every Way to Cook a Whole Chicken (24 Methods) | Bon Appétit

  • For those of you who grew up cooking entire whole chickens in the microwave, do we have news for you! There are actually other ways to cook a whole chicken. Many other ways! Did you know you can cook chickens in the oven or even on the grill? Or you can even take a hair dryer to it and blast that bird for a while. If you're interested watch this video and allow Amiel Stanek to teach you almost every way to cook a whole chicken.
    Skip to each of the methods here:
    Poached 0:40
    Stock 1:20
    Roast Chicken (3 Ways) 2:10
    Roasted Spatchcock 4:29
    Brick Chicken 5:33
    Grilled (spatchcocked) 6:34
    Beer Can 7:21
    Bundt Pan--time permitting, lower priority 8:24
    Rack Roasted 9:23
    Oven Bag 10:20
    Salt-Crusted (w egg white) whole chicken 11:21
    Smoked 12:31
    On a String 13:10
    Deep Fried 13:59
    Braised 15:01
    Rotisserie 15:52
    Outdoor Rotisserie 16:49
    Baked (Fauxtisserie) 17:41
    Microwave 18:34
    Instant Pot 19:27
    Air Fryer 20:22
    Sous Vide then Searzall skin 21:10
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    Every Way to Cook a Whole Chicken (24 Methods) | Bon Appétit

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  • Mr Hamm
    Mr Hamm 29 minutes ago


  • Indigo Tech Master

    Are we gonna talk about how Ameil drank 2½ish cups of chicken stock like it was nothing?


    You know what, i don’t trust the opinion of a man who enjoys eating raw meat

  • king doge69
    king doge69 Hour ago


  • OGJohnnyboy
    OGJohnnyboy 3 hours ago

    I hope they didn’t waste any of the chicken

  • Emmett Moss Brown
    Emmett Moss Brown 10 hours ago

    the microwave chicken looks like a zombie! XD

  • -Hosniak-
    -Hosniak- 11 hours ago

    Woodfired chicken?

    How's a chicken gonna get a job Now?

  • NotThatSad YT
    NotThatSad YT 14 hours ago

    21:20 *under pressure starts playing*

  • David Manning
    David Manning 14 hours ago +1

    I like how he said “Breast feels juicy”

  • Wahaj ur Rehman
    Wahaj ur Rehman 15 hours ago +1

    Finaly I thought this guy like nothing

  • Elegant Artist
    Elegant Artist 16 hours ago

    Really nicely seasoned? All you put was SaLt

  • Ahmad Gievan
    Ahmad Gievan 18 hours ago

    No raw?

  • fatima_._._
    fatima_._._ 22 hours ago

    no seasoning like it doesn’t take that much time u dont even need to measure

  • TyshawnGaming XD
    TyshawnGaming XD 22 hours ago

    “Wow, That breast looks kinda awesome”
    -Amiel 2020

  • Inspector Steve
    Inspector Steve Day ago

    Pretty big waste of chicken. Hope they fed some homeless or someone who needs it with these.

  • Little Bear
    Little Bear Day ago

    13:59 . He's gotta be an atheist😄

  • Little Bear
    Little Bear Day ago

    "that breast looks kinda awesome"😁

  • Potatochip
    Potatochip Day ago

    Why it built like that 😉👅

  • Little Bear
    Little Bear Day ago

    What do you do with the leftovers? Give it to the homeless?

  • River Johnson
    River Johnson Day ago

    13:58 Every Way to Cook a Newborn Infant (30 Methods) | Bon Appétit

  • Aleshia Wisch
    Aleshia Wisch Day ago

    HIM: awwwww it's too cute to eat me: 1 are you a monster 2 it's a real baby

  • Jayvee Robrigado

    18:59 - I know it doesn't look good right now but watch this *props up flamethrower*

  • Transport
    Transport Day ago +1

    ITS PINK!!!!
    (Gordon Ramsey style lol)

  • RA Zone
    RA Zone Day ago +1

    Imagine idiot vegans watching this

  • Angie
    Angie Day ago

    someone PLEASE make a compilation video of all the innuendo in this video

  • Falcon Is going insane

    Everyone’s talking about him drinking chicken stock

    C A N W E T A L K A B O U T T H E B A B Y

    • River Johnson
      River Johnson Day ago

      Every Way to Cook a Newborn Infant (30 Methods) | Bon Appétit

  • S Selim
    S Selim Day ago


  • Kobe Nguyen
    Kobe Nguyen Day ago +1

    i realized today that all the method videos are prerecorded then he just records his voice talking over

  • Onee-chan no Ochinchin?

    How he didn't eat it raw

  • inSane
    inSane Day ago

    Is it normal to chug chicken stock like that? Just wondering

  • The crusader
    The crusader Day ago

    This is just discount binging with babish

  • CrimsonPrince 『κσtαrσυ』

    3:00 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • : P
    : P Day ago

    What did he do with all that chicken after the vid 🤔

  • Parker Ackles
    Parker Ackles Day ago +1

    I just don’t like how Ameil is making sound effects. Like he’s clearly testing and the doing voiceover. Its just unsettling

    • Xavier Burgess
      Xavier Burgess 16 hours ago

      When people made comments over it in the earlier episodes he took advantage of it ig lol

  • Cody Gentry
    Cody Gentry 2 days ago

    9/10 were RAW. Wtf

  • Cookie boy
    Cookie boy 2 days ago

    4:41 ummmmm Hannibal except it a whole chicken

  • That_One_Gay :3
    That_One_Gay :3 2 days ago +1

    Now I just really want chicken.

  • IDreamOfZiggy
    IDreamOfZiggy 2 days ago

    Im gonna say it because i didnt see it in the comments "SALT IS NOT SEASONING, IT IS A FLAVOR ENHANCER!" wtf has Gordon Ramsey taught you anything?

  • The Fluff
    The Fluff 2 days ago

    What human decided that, hmm my chicken doesn’t have enough of a ceramic taste. Ah, I know! I’ll cook my chicken under a brick!

  • Nathen Rhoad
    Nathen Rhoad 2 days ago

    Trash can chicken or turkey, it's a the bird sitting upwards on a rod beneath a steel trash can and on the outside hot coald. Taste amazing and definitely recommend

  • colaptesauratus
    colaptesauratus 2 days ago

    i found at least 3 mistakes in your closed captioning. you should hire me to do your closed captioning instead

  • dubstepjack
    dubstepjack 2 days ago

    Imagine Thanksgiving at this guys house 😂😂😂 raw turkey mmmmmmmmm

  • Delta
    Delta 2 days ago

    that chicken stock audio is the most cursed thing I’ve heard all day

  • Monika Aledrovich
    Monika Aledrovich 2 days ago

    Cooks whole chicken eats 3 bites of it and the chicken goes to the void

  • Cassandra Johns
    Cassandra Johns 2 days ago

    Y’all meat eaters be doing the most

  • MarsTyr
    MarsTyr 2 days ago

    watching you fake chewing makes me really hate you, i don't know why but you just seem so unlikable when you do that

  • Temi Oguntolu
    Temi Oguntolu 2 days ago

    Love the channel but where is the seasoning😭😭

    NTMOTan BFB 2 days ago

    Blue Chicken

  • UG granpops
    UG granpops 2 days ago +3

    "press down on it like we're doing CPR until we feel it crack"
    I...I don't think that's what you're lookinh for in a CPR procedure

  • Harsh Potato
    Harsh Potato 2 days ago

    "Black chicken" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Drolo's Shack
    Drolo's Shack 3 days ago

    What do you guys do with the leftovers?

    SICKNICK 3 days ago

    At least it's not raw like the hamburgers.

  • Schizo Neva
    Schizo Neva 3 days ago

    I came to the comments for the baby

  • Saraia Thompson
    Saraia Thompson 3 days ago

    Can't do raw chicken...

  • Mas Arsyaq
    Mas Arsyaq 3 days ago

    IM drooling🤤

  • Revan MF
    Revan MF 3 days ago

    1:41 ITS like the color on the Masako (cooking ingredients rasa ayam )

  • -Rip_your_kd- [XGOD]

    19:51 there is an eagle

  • Gold Face The Scuba Diver

    I thought he was gonna eat the chicken medium rare
    It’s a bit overcooked 🧐

  • roguedogx
    roguedogx 3 days ago

    8:06 the liquid also adds weight and stabilizes the bird. Otherwise it would be way too easy to knock over.
    You could probably get the same effect with rocks and you might get some additional browning.

  • relative pronouns and demonstrative pronouns

    Ameil: presses chicken with the spatula to get as much contact as possible
    Also Ameil: we're going to grab these two bricks

  • MisterNinetySeven
    MisterNinetySeven 3 days ago

    Plot twist: that chicken stock is actually whiskey

  • Jade Briones
    Jade Briones 4 days ago

    sad he didnt even eat it raw. 0/10 video

  • Cean Artifyk
    Cean Artifyk 4 days ago

    The black chicken, a nicken

  • Moza Khaliza Al-Shafiera

    16:55 minecraft villager sound

  • Priyansh Thanks
    Priyansh Thanks 4 days ago

    Thanos was so right 🙄🙄🙄

  • Simple Shades
    Simple Shades 4 days ago +1

    RIP to all the chickens in this video that were killed just to be cooked without seasoning

  • Ameya Kulkarni
    Ameya Kulkarni 4 days ago


  • Phantom Nick
    Phantom Nick 4 days ago

    I never realized how Many ways to cook food until I watched this

  • Kai The God
    Kai The God 4 days ago

    You know that u were drunk during set he put a beer can in side of the chicken he put a baby in a copping board

  • Olivia Souza
    Olivia Souza 5 days ago

    But... Whose baby is that???

  • PanAmAviator
    PanAmAviator 5 days ago +3

    Does he talk to his wife like this oh god

  • ItsAStikbotParty!
    ItsAStikbotParty! 5 days ago +3

    “Very tender. The leg just pops off”
    Amiel says while struggling to get the leg off

  • Brooklynn Meyer
    Brooklynn Meyer 5 days ago

    Cool vid! I loved it!!

  • Andrew Conlan
    Andrew Conlan 5 days ago

    coward, cook the baby

  • Prince Charles Cordova

    My chickenssss😢 dont cook my chickens😭❤️I love them😢❤️

  • Ayo Fabricio
    Ayo Fabricio 5 days ago

    stop spoiling how they look

  • Franky Ramone
    Franky Ramone 5 days ago


  • Hayiii 2900
    Hayiii 2900 6 days ago

    Wow reminded me of howtobasic

  • Kazuto Lu
    Kazuto Lu 6 days ago

    Chicken: Exist

  • Ibrahim Gassama
    Ibrahim Gassama 6 days ago

    Mate I'm sorry but salting something is not seasoning it