• Published on Sep 13, 2018
  • TFIL SUMMER CAMP: New Zealand (Day 2) Taking 20 Strangers from around the world skydiving for their first time. This was activity #2 of 17.... So get ready for a pretty epic trip.
    Thank you Skydive Auckland (www.skydiveauckland.com/) for making this such an incredible experience for everyone!
    To everyone watching - thank you for all your support!
    This is a 7 part series.
    The final 2 TFIL trips will be announced soon =)
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  • TFIL
    TFIL  7 months ago +185

    I hope you all realize... no matter what you say... I'm ALWAYS first...
    Support the channel! Grab your SEND IT SOCIETY gear at www.senditsociety.com
    Kk. Ruv yew all.
    Also. Maybe small chance we do this again. Who knows. Doubt it. maybe. hmmm.

    • Tyler Tsusaki
      Tyler Tsusaki 3 months ago

      I jump out of planes for a living! Every jump i do i get a rush! Its an amazing feeling. Night jumps are by far my absolute favorite. I jump with at least 40 pounds of combat gear but its still the best feeling ever!!! #Airborne #82division

    • Tyler Tsusaki
      Tyler Tsusaki 3 months ago

      TFIL i jump out of planes for a living. Every jump i do i get a rush. Its amazing!!! I jump with at least 40 pounds of combat gear but its still amazing. Night jumps are my absolute favorite!!

    • Jdiururjrhfhruejeirjejrkd Musseau
      Jdiururjrhfhruejeirjejrkd Musseau 7 months ago

      TFIL lium

    • Josephine Messina
      Josephine Messina 7 months ago

      Please do this again. Of course you will always be first we love you so much.

    • Lëmôñ Bōy
      Lëmôñ Bōy 7 months ago

      Can we please make Elton wax his legs?

  • 2K _Ninjah
    2K _Ninjah 11 days ago

    this is funny asf ive watched this when it first cae out, but its still so funny. the very first scene when you go into the toilet is soooo funny lol.

  • Raul Ojeda
    Raul Ojeda 11 days ago +5

    I came here from the Corey and Aaron podcast and Elton was talking about one the girls sleep walking.

    • Raul Ojeda
      Raul Ojeda 4 days ago +1

      +Chef Bobby Flame no he did not upload it could be on his patron or he never upload it because the girl did not want no one to see it.

    • Stella B
      Stella B 10 days ago

      I can’t find it:((

    • Chef Bobby Flame
      Chef Bobby Flame 11 days ago +1

      Raul Ojeda did you find where it happened yet I’m looking

  • Kaitlin Simmons
    Kaitlin Simmons 27 days ago

    omg will you ever do the summer camp again? because if so id love to join!

  • IreneGaming 1975
    IreneGaming 1975 2 months ago

    Imagine if you were using the bathroom and the door just opens

  • Jim Hamberg
    Jim Hamberg 2 months ago

    This has gotta be one of the BEST jobs ever. These dudes get PAID to jump a person out of a plane and move around

  • ballistic panda
    ballistic panda 3 months ago

    Why were they all girls

  • Vay Vlogs
    Vay Vlogs 4 months ago

    I like how Elton just had a straight face XD

  • Lalaina White
    Lalaina White 5 months ago

    Who's watching this in 2018.

  • Lalaina White
    Lalaina White 5 months ago

    Sam is calm.

  • Gacha Girls Club
    Gacha Girls Club 5 months ago

    *omg Sarah is adorible* 💙😝

  • Halie Ireton
    Halie Ireton 5 months ago

    I like how their is just that one girl in Sam and Colby merch

  • Ayyoli
    Ayyoli 5 months ago

    I love that he’s scared of our toilets 😂😂

  • Otonashi Jorge
    Otonashi Jorge 5 months ago

    4:34 Why is she soo cute!?!?

  • Lunar Ãnimation
    Lunar Ãnimation 6 months ago +1

    I'm craping myself just the thought of doing that!!!

  • Itz MEH!
    Itz MEH! 6 months ago

    honestly sarah and elton are meant to beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......

  • Skull !
    Skull ! 6 months ago +2


  • Isis Sylvester
    Isis Sylvester 6 months ago +1

    What's the name of the song at 3:58? Can someone plz help me

  • Eric Miller Vlogs
    Eric Miller Vlogs 6 months ago +1

    this was a good day to watch this bc they sang happy b day and it’s my bday today

  • Shadow RoMave
    Shadow RoMave 6 months ago

    Waffandles for lifeeeee

  • AlcoholAndLAG
    AlcoholAndLAG 6 months ago

    Me and my brother were walking past one of them toilets and it opened up on a guy

  • Lpswind productions
    Lpswind productions 6 months ago

    I love how calm they are🤣

  • Kaylea Stenz
    Kaylea Stenz 6 months ago

    I’m the same I hate heights and clowns there the only things that will get me

  • xXLingLing07Xx
    xXLingLing07Xx 6 months ago

    Yesssssssssssss pls go Sydneyyyyyyy

  • Ash.X
    Ash.X 6 months ago

    Imagine having this as a job jumping out of planes for a living hahaha

  • Creeper Girl
    Creeper Girl 6 months ago +3

    I still miss it when he did all of these w/ Sam, colby, and corey but I like all the vids you do so it doesn't matter to me who you choose to do these vids with, as log as your having fun in the vid its a GREAT vid

  • Holly Ø
    Holly Ø 7 months ago

    I would totally do this if I wasn’t attached to someone else

  • Scarecrow
    Scarecrow 7 months ago


  • Ace bailey
    Ace bailey 7 months ago

    why dose Elton not look happy

  • k22tysime
    k22tysime 7 months ago

    I hope they thanked the bus driver!

  • Aislynn Jabusch
    Aislynn Jabusch 7 months ago

    Anyone know the song. HMU with the name plz

  • Hunter Storm Jackson
    Hunter Storm Jackson 7 months ago

    Anyone possibly know what RJ's socials medias are? I'm going crazy trying to find them

  • Kassifer Allen
    Kassifer Allen 7 months ago

    Omg I’d love to go bungee jumping and skydiving

  • slickfox57
    slickfox57 7 months ago

    What’s the song?

  • Celine Palacio
    Celine Palacio 7 months ago

    i so wanna do this when im older

  • naomi burke
    naomi burke 7 months ago

    Frickle frackle at the end when they sang happy birthday to Alana shit almost made me cry that was cute I felt the love

  • Vicente Aviles
    Vicente Aviles 7 months ago

    I love when some of them has words on them

  • Hannah Grabill
    Hannah Grabill 7 months ago

    Lol Elton looked scared for the falling part until they opened the parachute

  • nicgaming 1
    nicgaming 1 7 months ago

    Taking 20 girls skydiving

  • Shanelle Jones
    Shanelle Jones 7 months ago

    Currently saving up for the next summer camp!

  • Sebastian Grimm
    Sebastian Grimm 7 months ago

    I want to join the Summer Camp so bad 😅😂

  • Mori C Con
    Mori C Con 7 months ago

    Why are your likes and views going down. Same with Brennan. I want you to be going on tho :(

  • Ghost 7352
    Ghost 7352 7 months ago

    No words...... 😢

  • Jaz
    Jaz 7 months ago

    "Your a little spoon"~ Uncle Elton 2018 😂 2:52

  • Emily Wilson
    Emily Wilson 7 months ago

    Elton and TFIL gives me faith that I can do anything

  • SaucySaladBoi
    SaucySaladBoi 7 months ago +2

    Top 10 things I hate.
    1. I h8 wen ppl shortn wrds wen it nt nesery.
    2. I Hate It When People Capitalise Every Word To Their Sentence.
    3. I hate it when people suddenly misspell a simpul word randomly.
    4. I hate it when people make their picture after their name.
    5. I hate it when people edit their comments.
    6. I hate it when people like their own comments.
    8. I hate it when people miss out letters when counting.
    8. I hate it when people repeat themselves.
    9.I hate it when people contradict themselves.
    10. I hate when people make top 10 lists and it’s not 10 things.
    11. I hate lists.

  • JBarrettBornready
    JBarrettBornready 7 months ago

    For your next overnight challenge you guys should go to Clinton road in New Jersey and go into the woods, and follow the trucks and do a Ouija board. There is also a road called jungle habitat, and another called Jenny Jump State Forest. Those are all in New Jersey and I think you guys should check those out

  • cole williamson
    cole williamson 7 months ago

    i miss the old tfil

  • One inky squid Sans
    One inky squid Sans 7 months ago +5

    its like a less screwed up virsion of total drama

  • Ruthie Hargrove
    Ruthie Hargrove 7 months ago

    Alright I know that you are doing this camp but will you please keep doing them? Maybe even have it for teens???

  • Jennifer Hirak
    Jennifer Hirak 7 months ago

    Plz go back to the mall

  • karma martinez
    karma martinez 7 months ago

    tfil summer camp in dubai!!!! 100000000%

  • Alanna Edwards
    Alanna Edwards 7 months ago


  • Alanna Edwards
    Alanna Edwards 7 months ago +1

    How did Elton find these people?

    • Caitlin Chan
      Caitlin Chan 7 months ago

      He announced like a month or so ago that anyone could sign up and buy a package to join his summer camp; so basically first 20 people to buy it. So they found him!

  • Mary
    Mary 7 months ago

    I have been waiting for this!!

  • Kiki Gameplay
    Kiki Gameplay 7 months ago

    Were is da Music vid (Ilove you, goodbye?) U said it would come out?

  • Hokuya
    Hokuya 7 months ago

    I wish this was a real camp

  • Saiya Gold
    Saiya Gold 7 months ago

    Awe ‘my names sam’ awwweeee my heart it’s just so cute aawwweee 1:21

  • Natasha Chung
    Natasha Chung 7 months ago

    I want you to go back to Corey,Sam and Cobly !

  • Maddison_yeemo24 Yeemo
    Maddison_yeemo24 Yeemo 7 months ago

    This was amazing

  • SupremeTigerTheGod 5
    SupremeTigerTheGod 5 7 months ago

    We know but like subscribers we know your first

  • Multiple Harizz
    Multiple Harizz 7 months ago

    Why do not you make any paranormal videos again?

    IKE GRIZZLY 7 months ago

    lol my birth day was on that day to xd

  • Joseph Pendzich
    Joseph Pendzich 7 months ago

    You need to get Corey Sam Colby and Amanda to stay overnight at Waverly Hills Sanitarium

  • Allison Unverricht
    Allison Unverricht 7 months ago

    Awesome video. I love it. Got to see a bit of back home as well. New Zealand is a great place to go. xx

  • Hunter Holcomb
    Hunter Holcomb 7 months ago

    I luv you so much y’all have help me thru depressed time thank you so much

  • Cool Cat
    Cool Cat 7 months ago


  • Pantaløøn Piløts
    Pantaløøn Piløts 7 months ago

    i would love if elton sang me happy birthday XD

  • Josalyn Krantz
    Josalyn Krantz 7 months ago

    That was amazing

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones 7 months ago

    Anyone else wish they booked onto this now?

  • Lauren Clarke
    Lauren Clarke 7 months ago

    i was smilling while watching this entire thing :))

  • Alexis Porter
    Alexis Porter 7 months ago

    You are an amazing person 😭🙏🏽

  • r g
    r g 7 months ago

    these are times where i wish i was over 18 :(( im honestly so proud of u uncle elty for what you're doing and it just makes me so happy !!! much love

  • Sami Seidl
    Sami Seidl 7 months ago

    I’m terrified of flying but that’s mostly due to airport security I have had horrible experiences with tsa

  • Katie Ford
    Katie Ford 7 months ago

    I am loving seeing everyone do this! It looks so awesome!
    Also, it is awesome the friendships that are getting formed through this experience. Everyone is so fortunate!

  • Samantha Evans
    Samantha Evans 7 months ago

    Loving the new content!! Keep up the amazing job my friend!! ❤️❤️😘😬

  • Kyleigh ******
    Kyleigh ****** 7 months ago

    I flipping wish I could of gone to that camp but I'm probably to young and in school still

  • Arcyan
    Arcyan 7 months ago +2

    I’m so depressed that tfil (the fuck it list) “ended”..
    but 20 strangers are now (hopefully) *permanent* family to you guys :D

  • Beckaboo3397
    Beckaboo3397 7 months ago

    Geez I wish I could have been on this journey so badly. I’ve been to hell and back and had to face so many things. I know I’d come home a different more confident me.
    Love TFFffė

  • Fake xXslayerXx 9731 Choose xXslayerXx9731_Gaming

    You deserve 10 mil like

  • Jacob M
    Jacob M 7 months ago

    you are amazing

  • Outsideboy 14
    Outsideboy 14 7 months ago

    I wish I could have done the same things you guys have sense day one

  • Beando Birbdon
    Beando Birbdon 7 months ago

    I really would love to come with you there. I really want to experience that stuff with you. I hope you do this again. Love you lots!! All the way from Auckland, New Zealand❤️

  • Bouncing baby Boy
    Bouncing baby Boy 7 months ago

    Now we know the world is flat

  • kindlesworld
    kindlesworld 7 months ago

    i love that you do this

  • Emma Chandler
    Emma Chandler 7 months ago

    Love you guys and this new series ❤❤❤

  • Dalton Mcmillan
    Dalton Mcmillan 7 months ago

    Will keep on watching for these videos

  • Dalton Mcmillan
    Dalton Mcmillan 7 months ago

    The best i have see u actually take people out and have a great time is one of my dreams but so glad u can do it for other people

  • Vladimir Cain
    Vladimir Cain 7 months ago

    I anticipate these videos so much. You have literally risen to best TheXvidr

  • Puk de Lange
    Puk de Lange 7 months ago


  • Rebecca Lee
    Rebecca Lee 7 months ago +1

    Absolutely Luv Yr videos keep them comming

  • Abigail Tolano
    Abigail Tolano 7 months ago

    I really wish I could've gone on this trip. You've literally inspired me to not only become a youtuber but to get off my ass and want to travel around the world and do amazing things like this. This would've been the perfect opportunity for me to go outside of my comfort zones and just have fun with the people around me. If you do a Summer Camp Australia. I would be the first to sign up. cause even though I've been here my whole life, I have not done very much at all. I know you were only in Brisbane in April this year (but I didn't get to meet you) but I need y'all to come back so I can give you a big hug and just thank you for everything you've done for me in my life

  • Austin Robertson
    Austin Robertson 7 months ago +2

    Through all yours fears behind u and live life to the fullest

  • Stacey Flavell
    Stacey Flavell 7 months ago

    Wish I could see you uncle elton

  • Stacey Flavell
    Stacey Flavell 7 months ago

    I'm from Auckland newzealand bois

  • Tennessee Daly
    Tennessee Daly 7 months ago +4

    Ahhhh I can't believe you actually choose to come to New Zealand to do your summer camp! Out of all the crazy, beautiful, and extraordinary places in the world you choose new Zealand, our small, sheep land country.
    Thanks Elton, for all the happy, scary and even sad moments, I will always do what scares me! Thank you Elton, it means a lot

  • sara
    sara 7 months ago

    That looks so fun

  • KRYS S.Philly
    KRYS S.Philly 7 months ago

    Omg Elton this is such a good idea..an a nice way to give back to ur fans

  • Cynthia atondo
    Cynthia atondo 7 months ago

    elton your videos are amazing they always wanna make me cry i wish there was a love button

  • Shadow Wolfy
    Shadow Wolfy 7 months ago

    I like how that one girl is wearing xplr merch