College Football Pump Up (2020 Playoff Hype) ᴴᴰ

  • Published on Nov 21, 2019
  • College Football 2019-2020 - PLAYOFF HYPE
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  • Logan Blanton
    Logan Blanton 2 hours ago

    LSU are goats all there is to it we ballin out this year

  • Let’s get 100,000 subs

    Best college football pump up songs

    Mo bamba- Sheck Wes
    Hot- Gunna Young Thug
    Suge- DaBaby
    Die Young- Roddy Ricch
    Sicko Mode- Travis Scott, Swae Lee, Drake, Big Hawk
    Middle Child- J Cole
    A lot- 21 savage, and J cole
    Can’t leave without it- 21 savage
    Broccoli- Lil Yachty
    Don’t like- Chief Keef
    Love Sosa- Chief Keef
    Faneto- Chief Keef

  • TheAnimationLads

    Good vid, tho a little inconsistent on the clips used. Tons of Oregon even tho they are out, a lot of teams otherwise that aren’t contending, barely any SEC at all even tho there were 3-4 teams contending. Etc.

  • Nsgolf18
    Nsgolf18 Day ago

    Utah sucks

  • Phillip Salter
    Phillip Salter Day ago

    how is tua getting hurt in a pump up video,are yall that scared of bama?haters goin to hate.

  • The OverLord
    The OverLord Day ago

    Welp there goes Utah

  • Rap God
    Rap God Day ago

    Bro I like how u show the one play OU got from kstate because other than that play we shredded them

  • OneGoalieBoi
    OneGoalieBoi Day ago +2

    So we just forgot that Penn State exists?

  • spadesSZN
    spadesSZN Day ago

    lmao utah lost and oregon so nice montage on two non playoff teams

  • The ThingyMuhJig

    wheres jerry jeudy in this video?

  • Only bangrz
    Only bangrz 2 days ago

    Here after Oklahoma made the playoffs go boomer

  • Oliver Quiroz
    Oliver Quiroz 2 days ago


  • master b
    master b 3 days ago

    put teams who have a chance to get in. not sorry teams an more of a variety

  • Cp3king10
    Cp3king10 3 days ago

    Did like a Utah highlights 😂😂💀💀

  • Skyler Baird
    Skyler Baird 4 days ago

    As a Utah fan I loved it. But our defense needed a bit more love. Bradley dang that kid is about to break the all time sack record for utah!

  • Z3 Clan !
    Z3 Clan ! 4 days ago

    Relly good vid go utes

  • Sezeniii
    Sezeniii 4 days ago

    This is the best hype video ever

  • Football Bro21 & LOL Unicorn Sis

    Go OHIO STATE #1

    MR. SAMSUNG 4 days ago +1

    Yes!!!! Utah please make playoffs!! So my Buckeyes have a bye week to the NC🤣🤣🤣

  • M N
    M N 5 days ago +1

    Great season beat orygun

  • Philip Turner
    Philip Turner 5 days ago

    Can you do a TxSt Bryan London montage

  • Baylor Green
    Baylor Green 5 days ago +3

    Utah is playing Cinderella this year and everyone loves it. How can you not love Utah?! Let them in and play these teams that are in it every year.

    • Ryan Norton
      Ryan Norton 2 days ago

      Lol gtfo Utah

    • Logan King
      Logan King 2 days ago +1

      Now Georgia vs LSU and Baylor vs Oklahoma are the only games that matter

    • MightyLarson 1835
      MightyLarson 1835 3 days ago +1

      Baylor Green this didn’t age well

  • Travis Arnold
    Travis Arnold 6 days ago

    Utah wants to be tOSU So bad...

  • Mark Saladin
    Mark Saladin 8 days ago

    U like utah

  • CK 25
    CK 25 9 days ago +1

    This thing is wayyy too Utah oriented. Utah ain’t doin nothing even if they make the playoff. Ain’t played nobody

    • Baylor Green
      Baylor Green 5 days ago

      Who has played anybody besides LSU in the playoff? Utah has played 2 ranked teams and will play a third

  • Tracy Stone
    Tracy Stone 9 days ago +1

    Finally a guy who recognizes the west teams. The pac 12 and the west teams don’t get enough recognition

    • Ritvik Bonam
      Ritvik Bonam Day ago

      @Tracy Stone Proves how half baked the entire PAC-12 is, a 2 loss team won the conference.

    • Tracy Stone
      Tracy Stone 2 days ago

      Ritvik Bonam Oregon won their conference

    • Ritvik Bonam
      Ritvik Bonam 3 days ago

      @Tracy Stone wow you think a 2 loss team is underrated? they won't even their conference

    • Tracy Stone
      Tracy Stone 4 days ago

      No they are not I personally think Oregon underated

    • Ritvik Bonam
      Ritvik Bonam 4 days ago

      its because they are trash

  • thecjc97
    thecjc97 10 days ago

    ..playoff hype video that featured every team (Including those not ranked)....but then leaves out the top 3 teams (OSU, LSU, and Clemson)..

  • Focally
    Focally 11 days ago +1

    How do you get these clips?

    SK GAMING 11 days ago +1

    Does anyone know the same of the song played at 4:38 - 5:00 ??

  • eric_h
    eric_h 11 days ago


  • C4 Sells VC
    C4 Sells VC 11 days ago

    Go ducks 🦆🤘

  • Jonathan Rearic
    Jonathan Rearic 12 days ago +3

    Anyone else realize that Huskies linebacker looks like trevor Laurence at 0:42

  • Mason McElveen
    Mason McElveen 12 days ago

    I’m speechless in a bad way

  • Comment Cop
    Comment Cop 12 days ago

    Utah is so overrated and I feel like I’m the only one that thinks that

    • Comment Cop
      Comment Cop 8 days ago

      Mathew Raso honestly I do not know. I am just stating everything wrong with college football

    • Mathew Raso
      Mathew Raso 8 days ago

      Comment Cop how does that have to deal with anything you said in the first place

    • Comment Cop
      Comment Cop 12 days ago

      Mathew Raso PAC 12 is the worst power 5 conference normally. This year it is the ACC

    • Mathew Raso
      Mathew Raso 12 days ago

      if anything we are underrated. We are always the underdog.

  • Heather Gill
    Heather Gill 12 days ago +1

    Ohio state is going to win the last game of the year

  • Adam Svoboda
    Adam Svoboda 12 days ago

    The song at 7:22 is called "Post Malone - Circles (Gabe Ceribelli X Hibell Remix) thank me later ;)

  • Flynt Cleveland
    Flynt Cleveland 13 days ago

    God dang why so much hate on Auburn

  • Matthew Morell
    Matthew Morell 14 days ago

    Man Corey Sutton has an insane circus catch and Darrynton Evans took off for a TD when the defense thought he was down. Was hoping to see those in here. Still a great video though💪🏻

  • I like Music
    I like Music 14 days ago

    I transferred from Utah to Clemson this January. Guess I was their bad luck charm

    But seriously this video is like 90% Oregon and Utah

  • JSRE Videos
    JSRE Videos 14 days ago

    There is literally like 4 or 5 Ohio state Buckeyes clips. Stop hating. Also 2 or 3 of the players on the Buckeyes are heismen canadits

  • Pace Player
    Pace Player 14 days ago

    Something tells me this guy is Utah fan

  • Penguin Jones
    Penguin Jones 14 days ago +1

    Who else is a Utes fan!

  • Flezzo
    Flezzo 15 days ago

    Where do you get these clips from and thumbnail pictures?

  • UnrealisticGorilla557
    UnrealisticGorilla557 15 days ago +4

    This isn’t a college pump up this is a Utah pump up😂

  • Pierce Isaac
    Pierce Isaac 15 days ago +9

    Y’all gotta stop hating on which team gets more screen time, this guy puts in so much effort towards his videos 🔥

    • Pierce Isaac
      Pierce Isaac 4 days ago

      Ann Boyette you right about that one man but I’m just excited to see the utes in the spotlight for once 🤷‍♂️

    • Ann Boyette
      Ann Boyette 6 days ago +1

      you a utah fan, that's why

  • Kaden Frink
    Kaden Frink 15 days ago

    who else is here in 2026

  • Thomas Robinson
    Thomas Robinson 15 days ago

    Jesus show something that isn’t pac 12 or bid 10

  • Kevin Cote
    Kevin Cote 15 days ago

    Vivre notre passion pour le meilleur sport aux monde 🤘🤙

  • Sean C
    Sean C 16 days ago

    Could’ve used some more LSU clips haha but great video as always

  • Brady Petty
    Brady Petty 16 days ago

    Wait so where is the number one team in the country LSU are they not part of this video

  • Gene Rutherford
    Gene Rutherford 16 days ago

    Pick some better songs

  • TDJ
    TDJ 16 days ago +3

    Thank you for putting Utah in the thumbnail

  • Britton Marko
    Britton Marko 16 days ago

    anyone know the song name??

  • Saucy PHG TV 13
    Saucy PHG TV 13 16 days ago

    Can you make a hype video of all Texas Longhorns rising moments and down falls I think I would make a Great video because who’s does not like Texas you can’t hate on them 🤘🏻!!! I know many people won’t like this comment but please do, thanks!!!

  • Preston Sams
    Preston Sams 16 days ago +1

    Fuck Michigan

  • Football Zone
    Football Zone 16 days ago +1

    Where is SMU

  • The Govners
    The Govners 16 days ago

    The pac 12 championship will be a game for the ages

  • Bryce Hennefer
    Bryce Hennefer 16 days ago +1

    Aight I'm hyped! Sick vid!

  • 1000 subscribers with no videos?

    Cee dee lamb is easily the best college receiver of recent years in my opinion

  • Fazos Wrld
    Fazos Wrld 16 days ago

    Anyone know the song at 4:10