Lacazette isn’t Happy with his FIFA 20 RATING!

  • Published on Oct 6, 2019
  • In this video I got Alexandre Lacazette to react to his own FIFA 20 rating, whilst creating the card he thought he SHOULD have on FIFA 20! #FIFA20 #FIFA20Ratings #FIFA20Rating
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Comments • 608

  • Noah Boehl videos
    Noah Boehl videos 3 months ago +1004

    Great vid reev mate keep it up

    • Zywwe
      Zywwe 3 months ago +3

      Tyler Verner Haha true that😂

    • Tyler Verner
      Tyler Verner 3 months ago +14

      Noah Boehl videos don’t pretend you haven’t commented this on every other vid to get pinned or get a heart

  • Tombo Odwyer
    Tombo Odwyer 11 days ago

    Laca has been in my ultimate team since it first came out he’s too good

  • Yash dash
    Yash dash 11 days ago

    Try not to cringe challenge I failed

  • Danald
    Danald 12 days ago +1

    Not even an arsenal fan, but if you haven't used lacazette's card yet, use it. It's so extremely underrated.

  • Adam jr.
    Adam jr. 13 days ago

    Lacca with Auba 😃 Lacca with anyone else 😠 😣

  • Simon Bauer
    Simon Bauer 13 days ago

    Firmino is much more underrateted

  • JhandiGames
    JhandiGames 14 days ago

    When Reev said he was biased I didn’t make sense of it as laca surely would be more biased baring in mind it is him
    Obviously he’s just incredibly humble

  • Soso Soso
    Soso Soso 14 days ago

    Mddrrr on dirait il est perdu lazetteca des fois😂

    RAMBO HARADINAJ 15 days ago

    who does he mean he is

  • Z3ROX
    Z3ROX 15 days ago +1

    Il parle mieux anglais que français le boug😂✅

  • DIOR Rrahmani
    DIOR Rrahmani 16 days ago

    Lacazette need 19

  • DARIJAN 07
    DARIJAN 07 16 days ago

    I have lacazette in my Team..

  • Saud Ali
    Saud Ali 18 days ago +1


  • Saladin Gucman
    Saladin Gucman 18 days ago

    I have fifa 20

  • Go Rogue
    Go Rogue 18 days ago +5

    Reev: Lacazette isn’t happy with his FUT card
    Lacazette: It’s not bad

  • I DK
    I DK 19 days ago

    Fam lacazette is so fricking overpowered he made me reach gold 2 at fut champions

  • Hus You
    Hus You 19 days ago +1

    He deserves an 87 for sure

  • Mata Terešak
    Mata Terešak 20 days ago


  • Ali G4mer YT
    Ali G4mer YT 20 days ago

    ولله جلطنا لاكازيت يطلع ووك اوت فرنسي ST حسبتة امبابي و يطلع لاكازيت

  • Marcus Rashford
    Marcus Rashford 21 day ago

    He is overrated

  • Subhan Chechi
    Subhan Chechi 21 day ago

    Auba should be 89 and Lacazette an 87-88

  • Unknown T
    Unknown T 23 days ago

    His pace toooo low

  • Tohka Yatogami
    Tohka Yatogami 24 days ago

    It's not his fault. He plays for arsenal. You're going to get at least -5 rating just because you play for arsenal.

  • Luke Holt
    Luke Holt 25 days ago

    Why he not happy his team is 11th 😂😂 he can't be that goof

  • CLUTCH Eclipsed
    CLUTCH Eclipsed 26 days ago

    Lacazet is my favorite card in fifa

  • Fatih Ridvan Kutanis
    Fatih Ridvan Kutanis 27 days ago

    Lacz card is so good in fut i tried

  • Andreas Østergaard
    Andreas Østergaard 29 days ago


  • Elias Klein
    Elias Klein Month ago +1

    Xbox is trash

  • David Domingos
    David Domingos Month ago

    So now we can say he deserves his rating lol

  • esc6p.
    esc6p. Month ago

    In game he's poor.

  • BREMusic
    BREMusic Month ago

    lacazette worst player in fifa 20

  • Flormeles
    Flormeles 2 months ago

    I swear lacazette when you try him he is gonna feel like 89 pac 90 sho 84 pas 87 dri 60 def 94 fys

  • Super Minum
    Super Minum 2 months ago +1

    Laca is great on fifa though

  • Alex T
    Alex T 2 months ago

    I wanna see the reaction from Kroos and his pace 😂😂

  • Pablo De guillerna
    Pablo De guillerna 2 months ago

    Lacazettes card on fifa is really OP

  • mohommad habibi
    mohommad habibi 2 months ago

    Vardy and maddison should be 87 and ozil and lacazette should be 83

  • AndreiHorecica
    AndreiHorecica 2 months ago

    Happy to have him in my ultimate team!

  • Eiswagen_bande
    Eiswagen_bande 2 months ago

    Lacazette FIFA 14 90 Pace😂

  • Par-T
    Par-T 2 months ago

    Bullshite this unlucky mate

  • Harold Big burton
    Harold Big burton 2 months ago


  • 15binks77 5
    15binks77 5 2 months ago +1

    I mérite plus srx 🇫🇷

  • Arjun Deckha
    Arjun Deckha 2 months ago +1

    Remember, when he was 84 rated with 88 pace. He should get a card like that.

  • shohan k
    shohan k 2 months ago

    His shooting is really underated

  • 3l GeeKoS
    3l GeeKoS 2 months ago +3

    Jsuis mort lacazette il comprend rien tu le vois a sa tête 😭😂

  • Micro
    Micro 2 months ago

    His tots in FIFA 19 was mental

  • Dafinsta
    Dafinsta 2 months ago

    hes quite clearly happy with every stat except passing...

    • Dafinsta
      Dafinsta 2 months ago

      @REEV true.. this is the first time a youtuber has responded to my comments haha. im not being funny though i live your vids bro

    • REEV
      REEV  2 months ago

      so, by definition, that is unhappy.

  • IzzOnly Unluck
    IzzOnly Unluck 2 months ago

    Lacazette is overrated

  • Lewis McIver
    Lewis McIver 2 months ago

    why does reev bang on about the stat being the same as his rating?

  • Broken
    Broken 2 months ago

    Ungratedul noigga

  • Askir Ali
    Askir Ali 2 months ago

    This is the shitest fifa

  • Anis kingdom
    Anis kingdom 2 months ago

    Mahrez better than lacazette but he has 84
    This ratings is not feer 😭😭

  • Hotshot Haythem
    Hotshot Haythem 2 months ago

    still his card in the game is a way better than the Suarez one

  • lloyd dyoll
    lloyd dyoll 2 months ago

    Talkativeness: 15

  • Ga La
    Ga La 2 months ago

    He doenst get the questions😅

  • Abelaso
    Abelaso 2 months ago

    Lacazette is a 85 at best

  • Hamilton Nwokolo
    Hamilton Nwokolo 3 months ago

    Great interviewer well done

  • Dean
    Dean 3 months ago +1

    "I will improve for the next one"
    Solid attitude on life there. Even if you feel hard done by, prove people wrong by going one better.

  • Giorgi Chichinadze
    Giorgi Chichinadze 3 months ago

    He seems so bothered, he would wanted to claim higher score that's for sure.. shooting must be a higher at least ..

  • wawa du 13
    wawa du 13 3 months ago

    Je frappe fort comme Lacazette numéro 10 lazette lazette ca en pleine lulu lazette lazette ça je suis né pour gagner lazette lazette ca olympique lyonnais lazette lazette ca

  • mj allstars
    mj allstars 3 months ago

    He shouldnt even be 86 rated