Hotel Hell S3E3 l Town's Inn, Part 1

  • Published on Aug 2, 2016

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  • Calamity Echoes
    Calamity Echoes 2 days ago

    23:55 He looks *S H O O K E T H .*
    24:03 *Initiating heart attack..*

  • Gian Antonio Tribiana

    The witch who gave Snow white an apple has a lot of baskets...

  • Comrade Urod
    Comrade Urod Month ago

    I think my favourite character out of this episode besides Gordon is the chef

  • Nikola Martinis
    Nikola Martinis Month ago +1

    She was a teacher? Jesus that's scary...

  • your mom
    your mom 4 months ago +1

    The way she talks...that's like there is so much repressed anger inside this woman. Anger and pure madness

  • David Burgess
    David Burgess 5 months ago

    Gage is actually pretty cute ngl

  • Eduardo Zarate
    Eduardo Zarate 5 months ago

    Gage u a Savage

  • Dion7
    Dion7 5 months ago +1

    I love this episode. Gordon looks like he thinks he ended up in the twilight zone.

  • Jamie Justice
    Jamie Justice 5 months ago

    Is Jeff still there? I'm worried about Jeff it wasn't his fault he was told to do that stuff he deserves better.

  • Coper Field
    Coper Field 6 months ago

    Poor witch 😔

  • Prevara
    Prevara 6 months ago +1

    This is the best (worst?) episode of any Gordon Ramsay show. It’s just wall to wall insanity

  • Kaye Domingo
    Kaye Domingo 6 months ago

    what the fuck is this episode

  • 3boodiman 98
    3boodiman 98 7 months ago

    This is so fucking embarrassing, even for chef ramsay to talk to an old woman who could be a mother of five men....

  • Dagathaa
    Dagathaa 7 months ago +1

    This could be an horror movie

    LAURA M 7 months ago +1

    I'm so sorry for her, she's super sweet but probably has serious geriatric issues. The staff should have gave her kids some feedback.

  • Paula González Silva
    Paula González Silva 7 months ago

    I can say, after all the Gordon Ramsey marathons I've had, that his programs are like "what you don't have to do in a business". That and some common sense will help you AF

  • Kayla Freyerr
    Kayla Freyerr 8 months ago +3

    She looks like that witch lady from BRAVE

  • Steve schatz
    Steve schatz 8 months ago +6

    Is that the crazy cat lady from the simpsons?

  • Steve schatz
    Steve schatz 8 months ago

    Almost heaven diarrhea brown carpets shitty river......Take me home.... NO SERIOUSLY TAKE ME HOME!!!

  • itsSaal _
    itsSaal _ 8 months ago

    Who is the witch I'm watching right now??

  • Nati B.
    Nati B. 9 months ago

    Poor Gordon😂😂

  • Major Max Kolonko
    Major Max Kolonko 9 months ago +7

    i swear, if there were no cameras, she would kill him and cook him, with this smile on her face...

  • Ryanjmknn.o Boodoo
    Ryanjmknn.o Boodoo 9 months ago

    F**king hell man

  • Monkooze Tees
    Monkooze Tees 10 months ago +2

    1:18 The witch with her broom.

  • Marcelo Gutiérrez
    Marcelo Gutiérrez 10 months ago +1

    Karen kinda looks like Charles Manson

  • eljefe1989
    eljefe1989 10 months ago +9

    she gives me the creeps, like she is gonna drug me in my sleep and then torture me in the basement while ranting about some beautiful deluded god im about to be sacrificed to

    • Black fyre
      Black fyre 10 months ago

      eljefe1989 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Patsy Bailey
    Patsy Bailey 10 months ago

  • Keytube 101
    Keytube 101 10 months ago +6

    She should open up a hotel near Hogwarts

  • PichDextro
    PichDextro 11 months ago +5

    I'm pretty glad that I am not the only one smelling absolutely everything I can find, even though I know it's gonna be gross...
    I still shivered when he smelled her shoes...I mean, even I would hesitate.

  • foulpotato
    foulpotato 11 months ago

    West Virginia is going to the dogs

  • lucy waltz
    lucy waltz Year ago +4

    She looks like a witch

  • James Oesi
    James Oesi Year ago +18

    “Wikipedia editor”......

    • MrCurt123
      MrCurt123 9 months ago +2

      Lol. Isn't everybody?

  • mp sp
    mp sp Year ago +5

    Bats rats and alley cats

  • mp sp
    mp sp Year ago +17

    Lol this is the funniest episode

  • Abir Ahmed
    Abir Ahmed Year ago +6

    Very very

    funny episode

  • Abir Ahmed
    Abir Ahmed Year ago +1

    If gordon was woman he'd look like the owner

  • Saartje de Hond
    Saartje de Hond Year ago +17

    I'm surprised the guests don't run away immediately after seeing all that mess.

  • Saartje de Hond
    Saartje de Hond Year ago +6

    Those servers are 17 year old. Are they allowed to work in the evening in a hotel? And I understand they work there during the day too? What about school? What about child labor?

  • Saartje de Hond
    Saartje de Hond Year ago +18

    That friend is just as nuts, I feel sorry for the staff. Especially that chef who just wants to do his job. His REAL job. Cook.

  • Saartje de Hond
    Saartje de Hond Year ago

    Shocking they bleep his words. Don't make a show with Gordon Ramsey if you can't handle the words. And 'bloody hell' is ok, but 'fuck' isn't. LMAO. How hypocrite... And later they even bleep jesus christ. Pathetic and childish.

  • Saartje de Hond
    Saartje de Hond Year ago

    Scary when people almost whisper and mind more about someone saying jesus and fuck than taking care of the hotel and guests.

  • Saartje de Hond
    Saartje de Hond Year ago +78

    Of course she owns baskets. How do they expect her to bring the apples to Snow White?

  • Saartje de Hond
    Saartje de Hond Year ago +4

    My sister is a grandmother too but her house doesn't look like that, lol

  • GalaxxyGhost Cosplay

    13:07 Karen's thoughts with that yes was "Oh I will chop his d1ck off."

  • Broken
    Broken Year ago

    Who the fuck boils a burger

  • Mikko 。
    Mikko 。 Year ago +79

    Why is a witch managing a hotel?

    • Prevara
      Prevara 6 months ago

      Good supply of people to murder

    • paolo922
      paolo922 7 months ago

      So she can put you in the pot when you check in!

    • QuantumStriker 003
      QuantumStriker 003 8 months ago

      She just want to shit all over the floor.

    • Edwin Buana
      Edwin Buana Year ago


    • Mikko 。
      Mikko 。 Year ago +2

      Saartje de Hond in the closet

  • Stephanie LoveyouShema

    Who the fuck boil a hamburger?

  • leenalee witch
    leenalee witch Year ago +25

    She is an undercover witch.

    • Black fyre
      Black fyre 9 months ago +1

      Not a very good disguise if that's the case 😊

  • Oldenvye6432
    Oldenvye6432 Year ago +24

    33:32 - The closest thing to actual Steamed Hams you're ever going to get...

    • Nothing
      Nothing Year ago +2

      Well, xxxxx, you are an odd fellow, but you boil a good burger :-D

    • Ismael Moncada
      Ismael Moncada Year ago +4

      oldenvye6432 Yes, and you call them steamed hams despite the fact that they're obviously boiled.

  • Real Ali A
    Real Ali A Year ago +12

    Poor jeff

  • Дмитрий Гусарев

    That hotel is fucking rancid. I mean "holy fuck what the hell is that" level of rancid

  • Kioriin
    Kioriin Year ago +10

    The owner can't see, that she's the reason why the hotel is Bad 🇫🇮

  • Grimalkin Felidae
    Grimalkin Felidae Year ago +13

    She reminds me of the mother in Carrie (the original '70s film not the shitty remake) hahaha

  • Grimalkin Felidae
    Grimalkin Felidae Year ago +9

    What a fruitcake

  • BendOfMind
    BendOfMind Year ago +24

    13:00 what was the purpose of smelling old woman shoes?

    • sippy1sippy
      sippy1sippy Year ago +6

      BendOfMind it's Gordon, he honestly touches, pokes and smells anything gross he finds in a kitchen or hotel XD

    • Grimalkin Felidae
      Grimalkin Felidae Year ago

      I know right haha