Einstein's Relativistic Train in a Tunnel Paradox: Special Relativity

  • Published on Oct 7, 2015
  • Special Relativity's Train in a Tunnel Paradox.
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    • ShyaM KumAr
      ShyaM KumAr Month ago

      If the both are blind...what happened.?

  • Tukadiya Dharmesh

    This is not graspable

  • george washington
    george washington 12 days ago

    can einstein explain how top-heavy sara ended up looking like a prep school hooker?

  • Shlomo Cohen
    Shlomo Cohen 13 days ago

    If I run at the speed of light, will see Sara's skirt even shorter? How fast I do I have to run to see no skirt at all?

  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams 18 days ago

    Also, at 8:59 shouldn't it be impossible for Sarah to look at the train while it's falling since it is moving so fast? she would literally break her neck so quikly it would come off, hit the track, and explode like half the earth.

  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams 18 days ago

    If you want a FREE headache and your not a super smart scientist...watch this video.

  • محمد أحمد
    محمد أحمد 19 days ago

    لا تزالون مع اينشتاين تطوروا قليلا أعجب أنكم لم تكتشفوا بعد أنه يهذي

  • RozbeRoz RozbeRoz
    RozbeRoz RozbeRoz 20 days ago

    I feel so strongly that they are cheating in the explanation. If the train goes through the tunnel then from the point of that boy he should see the train *Becomming* shorter. Because from his point of view it is the rest of the universe IS shorter. And when he enters the darn tunnel he should be abel to draw the conclusion that now the lenght of his train is becomming shorter.
    Maby I'm stupid but i feel very strongly that they are deviding by ZERO. I cant set my finger on the right spot.

  • Zardoua Yassir
    Zardoua Yassir 27 days ago

    If the train is moving at the speed of light, sara won't see a thing

  • Sher Alam
    Sher Alam Month ago

    Wow! how complicated it is to explain and believe such phenomena.
    But when it comes to the existence of God, it become straight forward to deny it.
    Stephan Hawking can believe that _"aliens will attack the world and that before the Big Bang, time didn't exist. so when there was no time it was impossible for God to do anything at all (how simple is that!)"_ but can't believe that God exists.

  • Nikhil Negi
    Nikhil Negi Month ago

    Seriously this video has answered me which nobody answered
    Great job💎💎💎

  • Felix Carpio
    Felix Carpio Month ago

    What about if the train had an infinite rigidity??

  • Gabriel Castano
    Gabriel Castano Month ago

    What was Einstein smoking.

  • CtrlAltCreate
    CtrlAltCreate Month ago

    These comments tho, love it.

  • Angela Navarrete
    Angela Navarrete 2 months ago

    Instead of resorting to nonrigid bodies, i think it is much easier to understand if you keep in mind that for lengths and distances to shrink the speed of the train has to be CONSTANT. The moment the locomotive hits the exit door at the end of the tunnel it decelerates from whatever speed it was going to a complete stop, but nothing can accelerate or decelerate from a constant speed to zero speed in zero time. The very moment the speed starts decreasing towards zero special relativity length-contraction does not apply anymore and you have to use general relativity. Of course the effect of such sudden (but not instantaneous) deceleration is that the tunnel "resizes" quickly to its original size, that is, the size it had when the train is at rest and neither the train nor the tunnel are moving at a CONSTANT speed relative to one another. QED

  • Mahadev G I
    Mahadev G I 2 months ago

    The explanation is better but I think u should stop the background music which is quite disturbing..

  • DerpylordYT
    DerpylordYT 2 months ago

    But Adam's dead! How can they both agree if REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Wait, Adam's a god and can revive himself... ANIMATORS!!!???

  • DerpylordYT
    DerpylordYT 2 months ago

    And now Sarah's gon' get crushed by that speedy train!

  • DerpylordYT
    DerpylordYT 2 months ago

    And now Adam's gon' die in that fall O' his

  • DerpylordYT
    DerpylordYT 2 months ago

    And now Adam's gon' die in there! R.I.P Adam (Rest In Peace)

  • Youssef Benm
    Youssef Benm 2 months ago

    I prefer The train according the rails view
    Because Sara or Adam were drunks

  • School TV
    School TV 3 months ago

    great video. nice info

  • Gurjinder Malhi
    Gurjinder Malhi 3 months ago

    Hi I am from India and where you from?
    Nice video

  • ale luia
    ale luia 3 months ago

    greeks thought the planets are made of fire. since fire flows above air, then it explains why planets never fall from the sky, but doesn't explain why they never hit each other.
    is there something above air that holds the planets like boats on the surface of water? yep: the ether. therefore, the ether must be lighter than the fire itself. how does the ether keeps the planets apart?

  • ale luia
    ale luia 3 months ago

    There's a flaw in your presentation.
    lets assume that while at rest, the train really fits in the tunnel.
    if the tunnel appears short when looked at from the train moving at light speed, how will the train still fit inside the tunnel?
    another question: the tunnel looks small when looked from the train. question is how small?
    when you look at an object while moving at light speed, the object must be located 10000km away; if is closer, the biologic latency of the eyesight won't detect it.
    how large is the tunnel when looked upon from at least 10000 km?
    how far back should the tunnel be, to be able to adjust the focus in order to catch more than a glimpse, say a moving image?
    from a perspective of an asteroid, there is no motion. the tidal effect of passing through gravitational field is all there is. when it collides, there's still no motion but tidal morphing.
    moving at the speed of light is equivalent to being at rest. what gives objects otherwise very far away from each other, the dimension and the appearance of closeness is the fact that they're moving so fast in respect to one another that a form of echo or sonic wave (obviously not sonic, but more importantly, the elusive quintessential makes a reentry) makes each object to be perceived from the perspective of another object as close-by and dimensional. we are all virtual objects since we don't belong close to each other. we just don't exist in the same space, so we don't move in any sense other that at light speed. were like the atom cores: existent in our own reference, impossible to put two in the same place or even close-by. yet fusion happens.
    conclusion: motion as we know it doesn't exist. question is: what does it mean that the train moves?

  • Mohit Das
    Mohit Das 3 months ago

    What if the trains length is of planks length.Will it contract for sarah

  • Em Jay
    Em Jay 3 months ago

    More evidence this world is a simulation...

  • CoconutJJ
    CoconutJJ 3 months ago

    Wait, if Adam's train falls through the hole, what makes Sarah's perspective more privileged than Adam's perspective. Couldn't we argue that since Adam's perspective is as equally correct as Sarah's, the hole is too small and the train does not fall through the hole at all in both of Adam's and Sarah's reference frames?

  • syasah
    syasah 3 months ago

    ADAM at rest in peace

  • Dana V
    Dana V 3 months ago

    Insanity! None of this is worth thinking about. Your explanations require a "let's think" ever changing unrealistic imagination stretch. You are correct about 1 thing. Each person sees things from thier own perspective; however no matter how things are percieved there is one one truth and perception has no bearing on its function. Either the train will or won't fit no matter what the human eye thinks.

  • inlovewithi
    inlovewithi 3 months ago

    Though technically these computer graphics require more power to run, I prefer the style of the original theory of relativity video on this channel. thexvid.com/video/ev9zrt__lec/video.html&t=

  • Stagger Lee
    Stagger Lee 3 months ago

    Bloody hell those graphics though. 🙈

  • Donna Cabot
    Donna Cabot 3 months ago

    If it was moving at the speed of light her hair'd be gone and her skirt up. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Inturnet explorer
    Inturnet explorer 4 months ago

    Wtf doesn’t that mean the train will fall through the hole even if lts like 1mm? Would that happen irl if there’s something moving close to speed of light?

  • siti matahari
    siti matahari 4 months ago +1

    tak faham langsung

  • fredda Onekz
    fredda Onekz 4 months ago

    To hell with astro science.. I don't understand anything in it

  • Jeffrey Rivers
    Jeffrey Rivers 4 months ago

    Adam would not be trapped, he would be dead!

  • Hugo Pan
    Hugo Pan 4 months ago

    excellent video, how come some people pressed con? it's more confusing than relativity.

  • David Chary
    David Chary 4 months ago

    Nothung but useless loud ads evey time. The video was probably deleted

  • Mr V
    Mr V 4 months ago

    Could you please lose the music in the future...? Very distracting and annoying....

  • Luis Aldamiz
    Luis Aldamiz 4 months ago

    IMO in the last example the train does not fall, even in the POV of Sarah, because it travels to fast to fall: it has too much inertia or escape velocity. So the mental experiment is wrongly formulated and thus the explanation is not valid. Sarah dies as much in that example as Adam does in the second example.

    • Luis Aldamiz
      Luis Aldamiz 4 months ago

      +Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky - OK... ish. But that's not how it is depicted in the video, that's not what Sarah sees.
      Also in such case I would not talk of a "hole in a bridge", but of "interstellar space", hard to see which way is down in that scenario, really.

    • Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky
      Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky  4 months ago

      If the hole is large enough, for example several light years across, then the train will fall through the hole.

  • Luis Aldamiz
    Luis Aldamiz 4 months ago

    This is so useful as analogy to explain, in terms relativistic, why the Quantum Eraser and even the Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser experiments produce the results that we, as "static" observers see: because for the photons all the process is happens simultaneously, in a perfectly synchronous "now" and perfectly compacted "here" (space-time is absolutely compressed at light speed). Cool.

  • tommy cane115
    tommy cane115 4 months ago

    ask yourself this numbnuts, the radical philosopher einstein, and his nonsense theory supposes not only does "spacetime" exist... but that it "curves." If it "curves".... critical thinking time..... why doesn't it "un-curve" itself??? any guesses?

  • Robert Spar
    Robert Spar 4 months ago

    Nah... I just don't believe it. Einstein must have been blowing snow, or we have no idea what he was trying to tell us.

  • DRENS2131
    DRENS2131 4 months ago

    Ok I'm not watching any more of this just got 50 seconds in and she said Adam is traveling in the opposite direction... What direction is dictating his positive and negative x and y axis here???

  • Anuj Chitale
    Anuj Chitale 4 months ago

    Why should the train fall through the hole? If the rest-length of the train is longer than the hole, there is absolutely no reason for the train to fall down. Sarah sees it short only because of it's speed. That doesn't imply the train will actually fall down. This video uses wrong hypothetical examples to explain relativity.

    • Anuj Chitale
      Anuj Chitale 4 months ago

      +Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky Yes this is correct. We both are making the same point- that train will fall if the the rest-length of hole is longer than rest-length of the train.

    • Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky
      Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky  4 months ago

      As the speed of the train approaches the speed of light relative to the surroundings, the person inside the train will see all the lengths outside the train approach close to zero, including the length of a hole that would otherwise be seen as over a light year across.

    • Anuj Chitale
      Anuj Chitale 4 months ago

      +Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky "Long enough" with respect to what? If the hole is light years long, then even the person in the train won't see the hole to be shrunk smaller than the train.

    • Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky
      Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky  4 months ago

      If the hole is long enough, for example several light years across, then the train will fall through the hole.

  • Anuj Chitale
    Anuj Chitale 4 months ago

    Even if the train is solid, the force is never transmitted instantly. No need to think of the train as many sections.

  • C:/Users/WindowsNT
    C:/Users/WindowsNT 4 months ago

    9:32 is the most epic game of light speed chicken.

  • Mohit Tiwari
    Mohit Tiwari 5 months ago

    I love math , science, and other logic but
    It's not good video sorry 😂😂😂😂

  • Christine LaBeach
    Christine LaBeach 5 months ago

    Why does Sarah's dress need to be so short? I mean I don't see the need to sexualize a video about special relativity.

  • The Red Wave
    The Red Wave 5 months ago

    I bet Sarah likes trains

  • hitesh harithas
    hitesh harithas 5 months ago

    In the second example , take Adams point of view , the gap is shorter than the train and hence the train passes easily .
    Now , take Sarah’s point of view , the train is shorter than the gap ,but from Adams we know that the train must pass the gap. Now device some logic to justify that in Sarah’s case also the train passes the gap.(just like we did the other way round in the video )
    Does choosing a particular reference frame first dictate the common action between both?
    Or , are both considerations analysed and the more logically seeming common action is agreed upon ?
    I know that sounds stupid 😂, but I want to know where I am wrong and what is the link I’m missing !

  • Feynstein 100
    Feynstein 100 5 months ago +2

    While the first example was amazing, I think the explanation could have been much much better. For example, it illustrates one of the fundamental assumptions of special relativity: all observers must agree that events occur. They will simply disagree about when and where those events occur. In this case, the opening and closing of the two gates are two events and hence both Adam and Sarah must agree that they happen. However, they need not agree on when those two events happen. This takes us to the difference between spacelike and timelike events. In Sarah's frame of reference, the opening/closing of the two gates happens simultaneously, meaning that the two events couldn't possibly be causally related and are thus spacelike. And for spacelike events, the order of the events doesn't matter. One of the events could occur before the other, or vice versa, or they could happen at the same time. However, if the two events were causally related (and so timelike), then the results would be very different. For example, if one of the doors closed first and then sent a signal to the other door to close as well, then both Adam and Sarah would have to agree about which door closed first. Now I guess you could ask why the train being inside the tunnel doesn't count as an event, forcing both Adam and Sarah to agree that it happened. And honestly, I don't know. What counts and doesn't count as an event?

  • Eric Chambers
    Eric Chambers 5 months ago

    yes, but did the tunnel consent?

    VIRAJ JOSHI 5 months ago

    If various position of observer gives different observation then position is new criteria to define the reallity of incident in various dimensions?

  • Wolfgang Breitenseher
    Wolfgang Breitenseher 6 months ago

    Einsteins postulates are nothing but dealing with perception issues and trying to turn concepts into reality.

    • Aaron Curtis
      Aaron Curtis 6 days ago

      That's a common misunderstanding, but sounds silly if one actually knows about physics. His concepts are based on observing reality. I.e. Scientific exeperiment. And then coming up with the math to help explain it. And subsequently testing the predictions. So yeah, your statement makes no sense.

    • Cosmic Rift
      Cosmic Rift 6 months ago

      Wolfgang Breitenseher nope no perception issues and no optical illusions in his theory

  • Chief Quief
    Chief Quief 6 months ago

    when does the train stop acting as a solid rectangle and begin to act as many small ones. if i can lift a long pole by only holding one end of it would i not be able to do that at the speed of light, as it would fall apart as the train did ?

  • Otto Nomicus
    Otto Nomicus 6 months ago

    Here's something to ponder. Though in theory you couldn't tell which object was moving if they were moving directly toward or away from each other, you CAN tell when they are moving on courses that would mean that one moves in front of another, like a car driving along a street and you sitting on a bench parallel to the street. There's no way to replicate that effect by the car sitting still and you moving toward it, unless you move on a course which is not straight but varies direction. You would have to veer toward the car from one side and then once you got within sidewalk to street distance you would have to make a turn and veer over the other way. Obviously you would notice your varying course due to inertia, like an amusement park ride. So I guess Einstein was wrong if he said you can't tell which object is moving and which isn't, or at least which is moving faster than the other. Unless, like I said, they're either on a collision course or the exact reverse of a collision course.
    You can work out the relative motion from the time it takes for the object to pass between two lines at certain angles to each other, centered on you, and then the same angle from that point and so on, like a pie sliced up. If it's moving and will pass in front of you, the time will get shorter to pass between each successive two lines at the same angles to each other. You could probably work out how many units in which direction you are moving to how many units in which direction it is moving. I never actually tried it because it would be complicated but it seems logical that it could all be worked out with geometry and mathematics combined with a timer. I don't know whether you could actually tell if you're stationary or not, maybe, especially if there were two or more other objects to calculate the motions of in relation to you. My guess is that nothing in the universe is dead stationary. BTW, I don't see how time could vary in any of this.

  • Ants
    Ants 6 months ago

    Rip Sarah.. she didnt know she wasnt suppose to stand there...

  • JS A
    JS A 6 months ago

    Even with cartoons there will be the same group of humanoids that will not figure out the sience and will launch stupid comments.

  • Sal AveNU
    Sal AveNU 6 months ago +1

    That was neat !!! But again I live in New Jersey so trains going through tunnels that are closed off. And over bridges with sections missing, that made me kind of laugh. I'm planning to share this on Facebook with the comment "If Einstein Took NJ Transit"

  • Sal AveNU
    Sal AveNU 6 months ago

    A section of the bridge missing, again WHY IS THIS VIDEO BEING DONE BY NJ TRANSIT ?!?!

  • Sal AveNU
    Sal AveNU 6 months ago

    Closing Off The Tunnel !!?!? What is this New Jersey Transit !?!?!

  • Sandy J Renfroe
    Sandy J Renfroe 6 months ago

    Oh, my brain hurts. I would never have been able to figure THAT out. It's positively twisted.

  • William Yang
    William Yang 6 months ago

    Yo but what about when the train just entered the tunnel from sarah's perspective but did not hit the far wall yet since it is percieved as much shorter than the tunnel? There are no horizontal forces acting on the train yet, but the whole thing is contained

  • ashwin parekh
    ashwin parekh 6 months ago

    But if second senario is true and we can take the tunnel and train of any length initially,than doesn't that means that the train as a rigid body is infinitely compresable , because if we take the perspective of Adam and the doors are unbreakable than an infinitely long rigid train must have fitted into the tunnel.
    And also,if the train is traveling at nearly the speed of light,than according to Adam's perspective,the tunnel must have shrinked to very small place.

  • Cleo Fierro
    Cleo Fierro 6 months ago

    Sarah and Adam...there is a Third answer to all of this- Only one is right: The 'difference' is merely optical illusion.

  • Doomxeen
    Doomxeen 7 months ago

    As other commentators have clearly noticed, Sarah is way too hot for the purposes of this video haha.

  • Mario M
    Mario M 7 months ago

    While it is an interesting choice to olay Wagner wheb talking about a physicist who had to flee the Nazis, explaining the segmentation of the train via a force is misleading, as the effect is of geometric nature. I will also dream of AAAAAAAAAinstaain tonight, I assume. Still an okay explanation which does not miss the opportunity of off-topic-objectifying women.

  • Lawrence Shirley
    Lawrence Shirley 7 months ago

    I read a book on this in 1967. This was a reasonable paradox at the time but has since been mathematically explained to my satisfaction. Unfortunately, you have to dismiss the layman's understanding and instead recognize that many of the statements made are logical, but not mathematically sound.

    • Lawrence Shirley
      Lawrence Shirley 7 months ago

      BTW, if you really want to have some fun with this, then you can use the math to explain what would happen at speeds greater than the speed of light! FTL (faster than light) is not only feasible, but it has been mathematically provable and demonstratable since October 1956 when science first created FTL engines. Yes, that's right. We have had spaceships that go faster than the speed of light since 1956.

  • AlexthunderGnum
    AlexthunderGnum 7 months ago

    So what is the paradox?.. yaawn

  • scott walker
    scott walker 7 months ago

    makes no sense...how can the train be travelling at anyones perspecive at the speed of light / that train is going 10 miles an hour max....PFTTT

  • M.T Asfi
    M.T Asfi 7 months ago

    why the train size is different for Adam & Sarah.
    I'm totally confused!!

  • Ayava Kyavata
    Ayava Kyavata 7 months ago

    This is witchcraft.

  • Ayava Kyavata
    Ayava Kyavata 7 months ago


  • อิรฟาน ราซมัน

    Adam is wrong because Sarah (a woman) is always right.

  • Jan Fellstrom - Design
    Jan Fellstrom - Design 7 months ago

    Rubbish to ask, 'will the doors hit the train when closed?'. Physically the train has not changed. It is just an optical illusion depending on where you are standing. Not sure what that has to do with Einstein's theory.

    • Cosmic Rift
      Cosmic Rift 6 months ago

      Jan Fellstrom - Design nope this is relativity of simultaneity

  • Josh Combs
    Josh Combs 7 months ago

    For a train going the speed of light, this is a slow ass train

  • Munky Bidness
    Munky Bidness 7 months ago

    The theory of relativity is incomplete and the truth is that the train exists in a superposition until am observer measures its position, and so for Adam it'll split off into a universe in which the doors don't close at the same time / the train doesn't fall off the bridge, and for Sarah it'll split off into another universe where the train will be crushed inside the tunnel / will fall off the bridge.

    • Cosmic Rift
      Cosmic Rift 6 months ago

      Munky Bidness it’s not a coherent state so no

  • Misiulo
    Misiulo 7 months ago

    What if from Adam's perspective the special relativity is true, whereas from Sarah's perspective it is false?

  • DragonBallDave363
    DragonBallDave363 7 months ago

    So relativity States that if there are two contradictory ideas neither is correct and both are right at the same time. It shows how we can seemingly only understand on a subjective level. Nothing appears to be "universal" except the concept of relativity itself.

    • Cosmic Rift
      Cosmic Rift 5 months ago

      DragonBallDave363 oh that’s what you’re saying sorry 😅

    • DragonBallDave363
      DragonBallDave363 5 months ago

      Cosmic Rift I get what your saying, but you keep replying with “no”.
      I’m sorry friend, but the idea of relativity does show how contradictory viewpoints can represent the same thing.
      Literally one person thinks the tunnel is longer and the other thinks the train is longer. Those are contradictory ideas.

    • Cosmic Rift
      Cosmic Rift 5 months ago

      DragonBallDave363 no you will observe certain events. You can check them to be the same in both reference frames by using relativity of simultaneity. From your perspective the inside of the train will never be completely trapped inside tunnel at the same train time. In other words what the train observes.

    • DragonBallDave363
      DragonBallDave363 6 months ago

      Cosmic Rift right that’s what I said. Because it varies it’s like complementary contradictions lol.
      Intuitive what be what you feel, and as the person on the train you would already know the train is longer than the tunnel, but from your perspective of observing (experiment and logic) the tunnel is longer. YOU will go all the way in the tunnel before you come out.
      It’s just like the question are we coming or going? Based on perspective the answer may vary even though the end result is the same. As you mentioned above. It’s still the same, but the views/ideas can vary. A varying perspective doesn’t change the end result, but opposite views and both point to the same thing.
      Lol after about 25 we are probably for sure going though huh? Not getting any ginger for sure!!!

    • Cosmic Rift
      Cosmic Rift 6 months ago +1

      Same universe. Same events same laws and same ,,objective interiors´´. They are whats called lorentz invariant. So Relativity lets everything what must be agreed upon by every other observer the same. The perspective however may vary. Relativity of Position over time may seem more intuitive, but it’s no more special than for example relativity of time varying over space. Intuitivity means Nothing only reason and experiment does.

  • Nmplifier G
    Nmplifier G 7 months ago

    My question is in the 2nd case if adam cross the bridge then it would mean that too short train cross the bridge in sarah perspective. So, the only explanation is time dilation with which Sarah can come up with. SO WHERE IS THE PARADOX?

  • Khaled Been Shams
    Khaled Been Shams 7 months ago


  • Peaceful Stranger
    Peaceful Stranger 7 months ago

    I can't even see the train

  • puneet dubey
    puneet dubey 7 months ago

    This video is a test of Patience.

  • avirut ghojs
    avirut ghojs 7 months ago

    Its femimost perspective.ypu al will be dead and see whthppens slaves no you dont deserve to be slave.see what is do dd.

    M3TALH3AD 7 months ago

    Mehh! Answer is simple. Women are always right. Sarah's always right and Adam is wrong. Just check for yourselves.

  • Ronit Muduli
    Ronit Muduli 7 months ago

    Sarah is a thot.

  • binayak gc
    binayak gc 7 months ago

    Maybe I've got small brain so I couldn't understand the purpose of this video.

  • jon smith
    jon smith 7 months ago

    sarah is so hot in that miniskirt

  • Michael Judd
    Michael Judd 7 months ago

    Please get rid of that god-awful music.

  • kd9bwi
    kd9bwi 7 months ago

    Ok, so, it makes sense that a train is made of sections as there is space between atoms and molecules. But it's super weird to think that the harder I acellerate my truck, the shorter it gets. So, if information cannot be transfered faster than light, does that mean a near light speed object with rear end propulsion will look like a pancake while traveling?

  • GRAYgoose124
    GRAYgoose124 7 months ago

    I like your videos but they're way too slow. I don't mind speeding them up, but your narrator talks too slow and there are way too many pauses. This could have been a 2 minute video, but even at 2x speed it's still 6.

  • Ansh Gupta
    Ansh Gupta 7 months ago

    The door should have to close nearly at the speed of light to do that

  • Ansh Gupta
    Ansh Gupta 7 months ago

    Somebody tell me what if I am going at speed of light and turned on my tail lights at my ships back will light be going slower

    • Ansh Gupta
      Ansh Gupta 7 months ago

      Okay now I understand the concept. It is much more than time dilation

    • SIGMA _Ansh
      SIGMA _Ansh 7 months ago

      Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky I watched it thorough...what a video relativity!! I am your new fan now

    • Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky
      Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky  7 months ago +1

      Light always travels at the same speed for all observers. I describe this in detail in my main video on Relativity. The link is at the top of my TheXvid home page.

  • Jose Arias-Villareal
    Jose Arias-Villareal 7 months ago

    No more doors on tunnels.

  • Cigmorfil
    Cigmorfil 7 months ago

    The reason the train fits inside the tunnel when it hits the closed exit door is nornal crash crumpling.
    Surely the train would not fall down the gap as its momentum would cause it to fly over the gap?

  • Madar Saheb
    Madar Saheb 7 months ago

    The last example was not appropriate, do you think anything travelling with nearly the speed of light can get affected with gravity , atleast not for a distance of 10^8 km.

  • Khor Mun Huai
    Khor Mun Huai 7 months ago

    To me, when something travels approximatly the speed of light. What we sees might shrink or stretch, but that does not translate the actual physical object shrinked or stretched. We sees the object shrink is because the light cannot travel faster than Light speed constant, physically the object does not shrink unless there is seriously heavy gravity working on it like the black hole.