True Facts About Sloths

  • Published on Jan 3, 2013
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  • KipperTheArt
    KipperTheArt 7 years ago +3

    They're adorable as long as they're slow. Just imagine if a sloth was quick while it crawls on the floor like that.

  • Ramonerdna
    Ramonerdna 5 years ago +5

    "They havent done shit and the havent gone extinct...I'm sure you can afford to take a nap"

  • David Q
    David Q 7 years ago +2

    if u ever think you are stupid, just rememebr, sloths sometimes grab their own arm while climbing up a tree (thinking its a branch) and fall to their deaths.

  • THE Processor: J-Merc
    THE Processor: J-Merc 8 years ago +1

    This guy seriously needs to be a narrator for the boring ass history vids we watch in class

  • Nocteliv
    Nocteliv 6 years ago +976

    "If you're having a stressed out day, remember the sloth. They don't do shit and they haven't gone extinct."

  • April Jones
    April Jones 6 years ago +1

    "The sloth has razor-sharp claws on its fingers, and it would be the world's most deadly predator, but only if the world slowed way the fuck down."

  • ButtMasterHurterson
    ButtMasterHurterson 6 years ago +847

    Sloths are the only animals I know that have a smile in their face at all times

  • Ashley Casey
    Ashley Casey 7 years ago +4

    "Which is a astounding 3 feet per minute faster than a dead sloth"

  • MyDogIsYoshi
    MyDogIsYoshi 6 years ago +1

    What if, sloths actually moved so fast we only see an after-image of them?

  • rey
    rey 5 years ago +684

    "On average, the sloth can move around 3 feet per minute, which is an impressive 3 feet per minute faster than a dead sloth"

  • Adam Geiser
    Adam Geiser 6 years ago +439

    "if you are having a stressful day. just look at the sloth. they don't shit and haven't gone extinct. you can afford to take a nap"

  • Girthy Gumbolini
    Girthy Gumbolini 8 years ago +1

    Your voice is like audible liquid gold.

  • Squig Rattlehead
    Squig Rattlehead 7 years ago +2

    Why did the sloth cross the road?

  • Lassie Sandiego
    Lassie Sandiego 7 years ago +25

    I watch this when my depression turns me into a sloth and I think I can't make it to the next day. These guys survived thousands of years... Thanks, Ze Frank, for the solid vid. That ending does wonders.

  • RobBubble
    RobBubble 9 years ago +7

    Ze, you are the best! You are a legend and deserve to be more popular!

  • metalslugunleashed27
    metalslugunleashed27 8 years ago +161

    What makes it funny is the fact that the animal facts are very serious, yet the narrator is not being professional telling it.

  • Jesse Salo
    Jesse Salo 8 years ago +349

    "They dont do shit and they havent gone extinct yet" Best line. Im so jealous of them

  • Banjo34
    Banjo34 6 years ago +374

    3 years later Since I last watched this, I'm still thinking about it.

  • gigas81
    gigas81 8 years ago +24

    That's amazing that the sloth can exist as it is. Maybe because of the environment it lives in there aren't many predators, because I can't see it surviving anywhere else by only using algae growing on its back as a defense.

  • Whateverfloats Yourground
    Whateverfloats Yourground 6 years ago +115

    "sloths sleep their lives away and they haven't gone extinct", that's so inspiring it makes me go back to sleep!