G.C.F in Tokyo (정국&지민)

  • Published on Nov 8, 2017
  • Golden Closet Film in Tokyo with JM @ 2017
    Director JK
    Director Of Photography JK
    Editor JK
    Actor JM
    (BGM : There For You - Martin Garrix, Troye Sivan)
  • MusicMusic

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  • Hotel? Trivago.
    Hotel? Trivago. 24 minutes ago +1

    Ate gurl, sana ol may jowa

  • Pjm Knw
    Pjm Knw Hour ago


  • A R M Y _ J
    A R M Y _ J 4 hours ago

    Let’s get 20M !

  • Nini Cj
    Nini Cj 5 hours ago

    Has anyone ever thought JK didn’t call it Golden “Closet” Film for nothing 🤭???

  • calvin ly
    calvin ly 6 hours ago

    *running just to keep my hands on you..* 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • JIKOOK STANForever
    JIKOOK STANForever 6 hours ago

    GCF in Tokyo
    .2% Tokyo
    .98% JIMIN
    .*Tokeyo caught in a lieeee 😐😐
    Aww my JIKOOK heartuu❤️💞😘🐰🐥

  • j hope
    j hope 9 hours ago +1

    martin Garrix & Troye Sivan - There For You (Official Video)

  • ARMY FoRever brasil
    ARMY FoRever brasil 11 hours ago +1

    G.C.F for Jimin um Tokyo

  • Nancy He
    Nancy He 13 hours ago +2

    I am sorry but this looks like a date and my jikook heart can't take it

  • Babel Martins
    Babel Martins 13 hours ago

    Lindos maravilhoso 🇧🇷🇧🇷😁

  • Imingguk
    Imingguk 14 hours ago

    Nossa Jikook, tudo com vocês é na base de: romance, fofura, vlog, sorrisos, paixão, carinho, amor.

    Assim não dá, vou ter que ir aí e dar um abraço em vocês e gritar
    oi, Bighit

  • Eyshila Santos desafios e jogos santos

    Alguém em 2020

  • Аяжан Алтынбекова

    It is look like love story😍😍Jimin with Y/N(your name)

  • Jimins.salami
    Jimins.salami 17 hours ago +1

    when i tell you ive watched this everyday for the past 2 years and cry every time- i mean it.

  • Zehra Keskin
    Zehra Keskin 17 hours ago

    Miss jikook😭

  • SM CG
    SM CG 20 hours ago


  • Jhaal Momo Sauce
    Jhaal Momo Sauce 22 hours ago +2

    Aww man how does this video exist and people still think Jungkook isn't madly in love with Jimin. Just. HOW.

  • luz bravo cervantes
    luz bravo cervantes 23 hours ago

    Se ven tan lindo juntos 💜

  • Mah E Kamil
    Mah E Kamil 23 hours ago

    One of my fav song

  • Denise Higuera
    Denise Higuera Day ago

    Jikook history that we all love

  • Wilda Siti Nursyifa

    this G.C.F took place in Tokyo, but the whole video was about JIMIN
    Tokyo : *hold my Disneyland*

  • Helo_ Gamer
    Helo_ Gamer Day ago


  • HANFilms
    HANFilms Day ago

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    Hello🥰 im a small youtuber that uploads vlogs like this ( and also kinda GCF inspired🐰) it would make me happy if i can reach 100 subs!☺️ it would also help me alot if you share it and subscribe. Thank you very much for visiting my account if you did!❤

  • Anh Ngụy
    Anh Ngụy Day ago

    jungkook love jimin

  • Heloïse Chopet
    Heloïse Chopet Day ago +2

    3:27 his eyes are literally shining, he's happy people

  • Hatice Yardımcı
    Hatice Yardımcı Day ago +1

    Jikook my baby 😍😘😍😍😍

  • 晏雪雅
    晏雪雅 Day ago

    别问 问就是结婚🎎

  • Maria Antônia
    Maria Antônia Day ago +1

    não consigo assistir sem chorar fodase

  • Lana del BTS
    Lana del BTS Day ago

    800k more to 20M the first GCF of Jk :((( I'm proud and emotional

  • Crazlynn
    Crazlynn Day ago


    K-LOVE BR Day ago

    qm está em 2020 reassistindo esse video pra levar AINDA MAIS TIROS DESSE CASAL MARAVILHOSO ?!?! EU AMO JIKOOK MEU POVO!

  • jeon dai
    jeon dai Day ago +2

    jimin... he's in love with you

  • Natalie Rios
    Natalie Rios Day ago

    No me canso de ver esto, Kookimin tu religión

  • Natalie Rios
    Natalie Rios Day ago +1

    Los dislikes son de l@s ardidos que no aceptan que jikook/kookmin es real

  • Esmeralda avalos


  • Flor Contreras
    Flor Contreras Day ago


  • Lukas Aramayo
    Lukas Aramayo Day ago +1

    #jikook 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

  • Muffin Plant
    Muffin Plant Day ago

    Es muy hermoso, gracias por este film JK!

  • Ann 96
    Ann 96 Day ago +3

    And this is our Jimin when he thinks that he's alone with his Kookie. This smile and this nature beauty. Your love is so pure, naturally and beautiful and he's the happiest person in the entire universe. 😍🏳️‍🌈💜

  • modo army ativado cts

    Vim boiolar pelos boiolas

  • jinhit entretenimento

    Jimin na Disney
    Resultado: príncipes desempregados

  • jinhit entretenimento

    Se ele tivesse fazendo esse vlog no Brasil já tinha perdido a câmera, o celular e o jimin

  • jinhit entretenimento

    E a música no fundo mano minha música namoral

  • jinhit entretenimento

    JK o vlogger

  • мαρ σf тнє ѕσυl 7

    Boy I'm holding onto something, won't leg go of you for nothing

  • Misaki Army
    Misaki Army Day ago

    viva el kookmin ;3

  • Misaki Army
    Misaki Army Day ago

    Solo falta que las vkukas digan que la canción es dedicada al taetae jjsjsjsjjsjs, deos dame paciencia

  • Eylül şahin
    Eylül şahin Day ago


  • stan verivery
    stan verivery Day ago +2

    jikook is real and all you taekook shippers cant change my mind 😤

  • Manu
    Manu Day ago +2


  • Busanboys
    Busanboys Day ago +6

    When I showed my friend this film, She says she wants this kind of boyfriend too.
    Me: too?
    My Friend: Aren't they real?

  • Min A.R.M.Y
    Min A.R.M.Y Day ago +2

    " I'll be there for you
    But you gotta be there for me too "
    *You are me I am you*

  • Eylül Eylül
    Eylül Eylül 2 days ago +2

    We always here. Because Jikook so cute. I love them.

  • thaiseokjin ;-;
    thaiseokjin ;-; 2 days ago

    quase 20M💜

  • Danna Dgml
    Danna Dgml 2 days ago

    Aún no supero este HERMOSO video, Viva el Jikook❤🐣

  • amo el kpop
    amo el kpop 2 days ago

  • - Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs -

    Good work JK 🎥
    A rose for our angel JM 🌹

  • faux print
    faux print 2 days ago +4

    felt depressed that means it's time to watch gcf in tokyo again

  • Adany lmao
    Adany lmao 2 days ago

    como??me??tatuo??un??viddo?? Yahoo respuestas

  • sofi solis
    sofi solis 2 days ago

    aaaaaaa jikook kookmin real forever