TikTok vs YouTube Boxing Recap ft Austin McBroom, FaZe Jarvis, Bryce Hall, Deji, and more...

  • Published on Jun 12, 2021
  • The Tiktok vs TheXvid boxing has concluded and haymakers were thrown, knockouts happened, and it was a great night.. Here is your TikTok vs TheXvid boxing event recap.
    Ryan Johnston vs Cale Saurage
    Landon McBroom vs Ben Azelart
    Tanner Fox vs Ryland Storms
    FaZe Jarvis vs Michael Le
    DDG vs Nate Wyatt
    AnEsonGib vs Tayler Holder
    Deji vs Vinnie Hacker
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  • Influenced by DEXERTO
    Influenced by DEXERTO  11 months ago +1194

    Gib has been given the win if you guys have not heard. We made another video on that, but... that isn't accurate in this video

    • Andy D
      Andy D 4 months ago

      Jesus loves you

    • Aplias 20
      Aplias 20 4 months ago

      Yeah heard on instagram

    • Saint SmAsH
      Saint SmAsH 9 months ago

      66 *5* th kilike like . hmoh . hmph . yare yarr a yare a da dikangja .

    • Kalushevish
      Kalushevish 10 months ago

      Hey bro what is the name of the font u used in this video please?

  • lucidbeatz
    lucidbeatz 11 months ago +3447

    Austin:”imma lift him up''
    Also him:''bryce FALL''

    • ShirtlessShulkTv
      ShirtlessShulkTv 3 months ago


    • Antonio
      Antonio 3 months ago +1

      @Mr Noble mcdoomed isn’t that that clever

    • FlashFan
      FlashFan 3 months ago

      @The True Squad ok see…you just seem like these other people 😔

    • The True Squad
      The True Squad 3 months ago

      @FlashFan not many people would say they are a fighter and had over 40 Street fights when they didn't in fact the ONLY person to do this is Bryce and then he said he didn't lol

    • FlashFan
      FlashFan 4 months ago

      Y’all got no respect at all I mean I was rooting for Austin but give Bryce credit at least. He went in the ring and there aren’t many people that would do that but all y’all people care about was when Bryce said “ I’m not a fighter” just remember the guy is 21 he’s still young

  • Thebeesknees
    Thebeesknees 11 months ago +280

    Vinnie did great especially fighting someone that was supposed to be an “experienced” boxer…. Mad respect to Vinnie

    • Nihil
      Nihil 7 months ago

      "Experienced" that guy box like a drug addict, vinnie did fight nice , deserved to win

    • Caleb Ruiz
      Caleb Ruiz 9 months ago

      @YuhMoh not even

    • YuhMoh
      YuhMoh 9 months ago +1

      I'm not hating but the only reason vinnie won is specifically because deji had no stamina left. Like did you see the previous round? Deji was kinda rocking him

    • Akmal Idrees
      Akmal Idrees 10 months ago

      @Caleb Ruiz funny as

    • Caleb Ruiz
      Caleb Ruiz 10 months ago +1

      Deji has experience fighting the mcdonalds menu

  • EzFM
    EzFM 11 months ago +1636

    "Imma lift him up"
    *Flashback to him beating Bryce so badly that Bryce went down*

    • DryMonkeyBalls
      DryMonkeyBalls 8 months ago

      @Thecardiaz BR bryce almost died

    • alif
      alif 11 months ago +1

      @Thecardiaz BR *still he got ko*

    • Rude Patato *yee yee
      Rude Patato *yee yee 11 months ago +1

      @Clemente Hernandez You do know that he was falling then hugged Austin, and Austin just brushed him off. Like Bryce wanted to fight so bad, why when he’s falling he would hold on to Austin? ExAcTlY

    • Virgocx
      Virgocx 11 months ago +1

      @Clemente Hernandez EXACTLY

  • Lord Zoggs
    Lord Zoggs 11 months ago +978

    GIB WON... the commission officially stated him as the winner a few of day later!

    • NawfDallasTJ
      NawfDallasTJ 8 months ago

      @Joshua Lilly i think he is🤣🤣🤣😩

    • Michael Henderson
      Michael Henderson 9 months ago

      Supposedly the company that had the fight is nearly bankrupt

    • Loui Kimchi
      Loui Kimchi 9 months ago

      Yeah but still. He got robbed, maybe not of the win anymore but of the moment. HIS moment, we all know he won but getting a tie and only get the dub days/weeks later is not the same as being proclaimed the winner on the sameday. Robbed.

    • Noen
      Noen 9 months ago

      @Joshua Lilly that made no sense

    • Pepa pig boo baa boo Oink miki maki
      Pepa pig boo baa boo Oink miki maki 10 months ago +1

      @GRINSPLIT no it's sarcasm which shows he was clearly irritated

  • Reina_Kousak.a
    Reina_Kousak.a 11 months ago +522

    I respect Vinnie he's a Good kid. Sure Deji and Vinnie respects each other

  • Peluche En Tu Estuche
    Peluche En Tu Estuche 11 months ago +79

    “I’ve been in 40 street fights and I’m undefeated” ~Bryce Fall

    • trollge
      trollge 10 months ago +3

      @justine gomez "I HaVe FiGHtiNg eXpEriEnCe

    • trollge
      trollge 10 months ago +2

      @justine gomez "I HaVe FiGHtiNg eXpEriEnCe

    • justine gomez
      justine gomez 11 months ago +10

      “Im not a boxer, im not a fighter, ive never claimed to be a fighter”
      “Im gonna knock out Austin cuz im an actual fighter and ive been through 40 street fights”

  • Skin
    Skin 11 months ago +218

    Vinnie is the only tiktoker i had respect for. He was the only tiktoker who won i think.

    • Speed is gay
      Speed is gay 5 months ago

      He was but Degi did not train.😔 and was out of shape

    • carter hart was cold at lake tahoe
      carter hart was cold at lake tahoe 10 months ago

      @trollge ok.

    • trollge
      trollge 10 months ago +1

      @carter hart was cold at lake tahoe due i saw your comment the other day at an bryce hall 2017 vs KSI 2017 vid

    • Łe๏ 10
      Łe๏ 10 11 months ago

      @Jagoát :\ You try boxing with a flabby chest and stomach, he did decently in these conditions.

    • Zen
      Zen 11 months ago

      @Jagoát :\ he showed up with a gut to a boxing match. That’s a dead giveaway that one his nutrition wasn’t right and two that he wasn’t training hard enough.

  • JackB123
    JackB123 11 months ago +48

    Luckily they gave Gib the win later on or I would have rioted

  • Kakivi Stm
    Kakivi Stm 4 months ago

    I love how u sound so happy when u said 'Austin completely dominated Bryce hall snapping his round for three rounds straight' hah 😂 I love it 🔥

    DSC MAX 10 months ago +2

    "I'm not a fighter I never claimed to be"
    Also Bryce" I have a wrestling background, I got into about 40 Street fights"

  • Bernard The III
    Bernard The III 11 months ago +8

    Austin used a broom to clean the Hall that belongs to Bryce

  • YungRezzno
    YungRezzno 11 months ago +1

    He was only showing the kid love cause he snatched 1 mil from him 😂

  • Abdulla Eminov
    Abdulla Eminov 11 months ago +88

    This mans said bryce FALL, that’s how his career ended up

  • purplecheats
    purplecheats 11 months ago +61

    don’t disrespect ddg like that, bro was one of the best boxers out there

    • KyosisPlays
      KyosisPlays 2 months ago

      @Listen Goofy when he didn't, DDG wasn't throwing enough, wasn't even committing to the punches half the time, BRO nate legit looked away from DDG, and DDG did NOTHING! Your opponent ain't even looking at you and you don't do shit.....He was overhyped.

    • Listen
      Listen 2 months ago

      @KyosisPlays goofy u clearly saw Nate grabbing him every time he threw a shot

    • -sir_eli-
      -sir_eli- 5 months ago

      @binns I didn’t watch the fight so there’s quite a high chance he is but that’s why he’s making millions rapping

    • binns
      binns 10 months ago

      @DEDMOVE that's what I'm saying he didnt look terrible but you could tell he hadn't really trained or if he did not well

  • GoldenJordan619
    GoldenJordan619 11 months ago +11

    Bryce Hall got rocked so hard he lost his hairline. Lol look at the last freeze frame.

  • Speed is gay
    Speed is gay 5 months ago

    “I’m only gonna lift him up” Then throws him on the floor when he destroys bryce

  • Tajkiya
    Tajkiya 9 months ago

    “People want to keep having me talk sh*t about Bryce FALL”
    “Im only going to lift him up”

  • JNR
    JNR 11 months ago +5

    Respect to Vinnie but Deji could do better. Also they finally announced that Gib won so 6-1 let's go!

    • Thecardiaz BR
      Thecardiaz BR 11 months ago

      He’ll get better at boxing soon

    • Rinkachichirikumei 12345
      Rinkachichirikumei 12345 11 months ago +4

      Almost a clean sweep but Deji had to ruin it. Vinnie is a cool dude tho so im not upset about it.

  • Fawaazul Akram
    Fawaazul Akram 11 months ago

    Damn. Broom really swept the floors off the hall. All puns intended.

  • Why is it your buisness?
    Why is it your buisness? 10 months ago

    Bruh the whole fight Bryce didn’t want to hurt him he wanted a hug 🤗

  • L C
    L C 11 months ago

    All Bryce kept talking about was training I honestly want to know what was he training for the fact of not getting knocked out because clearly he can take a punch or multiple punches but clearly he also has no clue how to box

  • Matthew Hyman
    Matthew Hyman 10 months ago +5

    Austin: "Bryce Fall"
    Me: dies from banger

  • Kingrese
    Kingrese 11 months ago +87

    Ddg ain’t throw pillow punches there was just hella grabbing

    • Kingrese
      Kingrese 2 months ago

      @Listen indeed

    • Listen
      Listen 2 months ago +1

      Nate was just hella grabbing*

    • The Unknown Guy☪️
      The Unknown Guy☪️ 9 months ago

      Yep that guy made dog look bad lol, bad boxer makes good boxer look bad

    • Alex
      Alex 11 months ago +7

      @23 What are you on about lol black eyes are one of the easiest things you can get while fighting... It doesn't take a hard punch whatsoever to get a black eye.

    • sean acheampo
      sean acheampo 11 months ago


  • Abraham Orrego
    Abraham Orrego 11 months ago

    The reason Michael lost was because he was fighting blindsided he lost his contact in the first round

  • God
    God 11 months ago +1

    I love how Austin tryna copy Floyd and call Bryce Bryce fall so corny

  • Rick Udoh
    Rick Udoh 10 months ago

    I knew deji was going to lose because when I saw his training on Instagram and TheXvid he wasn’t even trying his all

  • onei
    onei 11 months ago +2

    Bryce hall is so cocky I’m glad he got clapped on.

  • Bigman6555
    Bigman6555 10 months ago

    kinda funny deji was a major let down for a second time in a row😂😂 man is a joke in the ring

  • Dark Astro Editz
    Dark Astro Editz 10 months ago

    Bryce even lost his hairline 😂

  • Madara
    Madara 4 months ago

    "I am a fighter" "I am not a fighter" famous quotes from bryce fall

  • Oscar Buglass
    Oscar Buglass 4 months ago

    Vinnie is tough he took Deji’s power and Deji got smashed

  • Peter_Buck
    Peter_Buck 11 months ago

    Love how in Bryce's fight when the ref called it off he was like "What!? What do you mean it's over!?" As if he hadn't been Austin's bitch since the first second of the fight....

  • Snuker
    Snuker 10 months ago

    I love how in every video about the fight they always say tik tokers got their ass beat by youtubers. Deji lucky everyone else beat their guys to the point no one is mentioning that hes the only youtuber who lost

  • mxrzfnm
    mxrzfnm 11 months ago +21

    The Gib v Taylor decision was overturned. They said that Gib won

  • mrbo0gus
    mrbo0gus 4 months ago

    Vinnie only looked good because he was fighting deji 😂

  • xplixit truth
    xplixit truth 5 months ago

    The only TheXvidr that truly lost was deji, he failed us and himself.

  • ɪ ᴡᴀɴɴᴀ ʀɪᴅᴇ ᴅᴀ ᴘᴏɴʏ

    Meanwhile Frazier sitting at home watching the Jarvis Michael le fight:

  • ella<3
    ella<3 11 months ago

    Nate Wyatt didn’t even want to fight on this, he got dragged into it by Bryce Hall and Tayler Holder like they do all the time.

  • Garner Godfrey
    Garner Godfrey 11 months ago

    When I was watching this my family started laughing bc he said Bryce fall

    • Manladan
      Manladan 11 months ago

      Why are you watching it with you’re family ?

  • Tomato slicer
    Tomato slicer 11 months ago

    Bryce once said
    “I’m a real fighter I’m going to beat him the fuck up”

  • Piyush Rawat
    Piyush Rawat 8 months ago

    Vinnie won because of his Entry song. and he's a good man ❤️❤️

  • Gabe Gale
    Gabe Gale 11 months ago

    When he said Bryce fall I started dying

  • PlaneBoat
    PlaneBoat 10 months ago

    I’m not a big fan of Austin McBroom but I’m glad he beat the shit out of Bryce hall

  • Hotdawgwatr
    Hotdawgwatr 8 months ago

    I find it amusing that Deji was the one to lose

  • Playz Playz
    Playz Playz 2 months ago

    The fights in a nutshell :
    Jarvis knocked lee like he was the one who banned him
    Ddg and nate is sheet
    Its deji guys, cmon
    Gib got robbed like he was a victim to a thief simulator player
    And we dont talk bout '40 street fights in his moms womb' vs Austin

  • BrianAnCróga
    BrianAnCróga 10 months ago

    I can get that Austin feels more powerful after his fight, but challenging KSI and Logan? He’s gonna get his ass beat.

  • what.tf.is.this_shit
    what.tf.is.this_shit 11 months ago

    If only deji had higher stamina he would've dominated, but fr how could they say that was a draw come on

  • Dark
    Dark 4 months ago

    “jarvis does one fight” IMA PROO BOXER

  • Lorenzo
    Lorenzo 10 months ago

    Everyone knew Deji would lose. He goes on and on about seeing him win but he doesn’t put in any effort same thing happened with jake paul

  • Eleven piece
    Eleven piece 10 months ago +1

    It’s funny how Bruce hall made beef with him and got SHIT ON and then he tried to start beef with ksi

  • B H
    B H 8 months ago

    Of course dejis the only one to lose😂

  • Hailie✨
    Hailie✨ 11 months ago +5

    When they called a draw for gib vs Taylor
    Me:StOp ThE cAp 🧢!!!!

  • Litt
    Litt 10 months ago

    Deji threw so hard lol

  • Harish
    Harish 10 months ago +1

    F in the chat for Deji the Tank .The person who got knocked out by a tik toker who just dances and makes Cringe ass videos

  • Erick 33
    Erick 33 2 months ago

    Everyone is talking about Bryce Fall, but i'm actually impressed by Faze Jarvis who was crying to Fortnite and now he's boxing and doing actual cool content

  • Zahori
    Zahori 11 months ago +1

    Imagine if someone was fighting “EDP”😳

  • 𝓮𝓭𝓲𝓽𝓼ッ
    𝓮𝓭𝓲𝓽𝓼ッ 11 months ago +69

    TheXvid will forever be the better platform

  • Der Willhelm
    Der Willhelm 10 months ago

    How did Deji lose holy shit homie needs help

  • LuckyCharms
    LuckyCharms 9 months ago

    Jarvis knocked him out like he was the one who banned him

  • Francisco Alejandre
    Francisco Alejandre 10 months ago

    Of course deji lost.
    After gib was announced winner, I think things ended as they should’ve

  • EyeballTrey
    EyeballTrey 10 months ago

    Deji called himself a failure after the fight and vinny said deji wasnt and they follow each other on twitter

  • Hayden K
    Hayden K 5 months ago

    Jarvis literally one pumped him

  • vT_xCeZza
    vT_xCeZza 9 months ago

    When deji would train right once he would be good but yeah

  • Hckd_213
    Hckd_213 11 months ago

    Literally my 82 year old grandfather has more muscles than deji on that night...

  • Karissa Covey
    Karissa Covey 11 months ago

    I added up the scores of the gib fight and here are the results: Tayler Holder 138, Gib 148,

  • Nhelilsean
    Nhelilsean 11 months ago

    I’m a real boxer and you disrespected tf outta ddg, talkin bout pillow punches nothing crazy 🤦🏽‍♂️he out boxed him for 5 rounds and slipped almost all the other dudes punches,the best performance of the night💯

  • AdamWRLD
    AdamWRLD 10 months ago

    Jarvis feel the insane back after got banned on fortnite for a year and half😂

  • Adisun
    Adisun 9 months ago

    TheXvidrs tend to be older and are often gonna be more physically developed and stronger. It’s not all that matters but in boxing at this level it’s definitely not insignificant.

  • Paquito el frijolero
    Paquito el frijolero 8 months ago +1

    Jarvis does to much he won one fight and is fighting everyone in the universe

  • boxing4 life
    boxing4 life 10 months ago

    I thought gib was the biggest bum against jake… but he improved a lot since then

  • Trashcontent.gaming YT
    Trashcontent.gaming YT 4 months ago

    And now McBroom is dodging Gib after his own company tried robbing Gib of that win

  • sIck mY dUck
    sIck mY dUck 11 months ago

    Austin should have ended Bryce Fall career then and there. Being nice to him after the match just give him an excuse to all the shit he talked before the match

  • Mr_ Hiroshi
    Mr_ Hiroshi 11 months ago +1

    And that's how the Bryce Fall meme came alive

    • Manladan
      Manladan 11 months ago

      No it’s not. It was a thing before

  • Skeleton_lord
    Skeleton_lord 10 months ago

    Bruh deji was in full on flab dad mode like damn

  • ZO RO
    ZO RO 11 months ago

    In India Tik Tok got banned after Tik Tok vs TheXvid
    And I feel great 👍😂

  • Mr.X
    Mr.X 10 months ago +1

    Dude literally anybody can beat deji

  • Gabriel Brown
    Gabriel Brown 8 months ago

    It was obvious Jarvis was gonna ko since he has aimbot installed on his fists

  • Hezbollah
    Hezbollah 9 months ago

    I hate that this is happening at all but in all honesty I’m glad TheXvid is beating ass

  • Caden Harvey
    Caden Harvey 11 months ago

    I am so glad they reversed the gun fight

  • Jlets
    Jlets 5 months ago +1

    The reason his name is mc broom is because he swept the floor with bryce

  • 효
     11 months ago +1

    Deji should've put in the effort and beat him up

  • YoBridges
    YoBridges 11 months ago +6

    They reversed the gib draw he won W

  • Polarized Productions
    Polarized Productions 11 months ago

    After Bryce Fall “falled” in the boxing match, he went to change his government name but the dude said “ayo you fell so you’re name is accurate enough” later that day Bruce sobbed loudly in his car.

  • Abdul Furqaan
    Abdul Furqaan 10 months ago

    😂 😂 😂 I want to see complete video of their fight

  • Xan!ty
    Xan!ty 11 months ago

    Ddg was honestly playing with him💀

  • eli rhines
    eli rhines 11 months ago +1

    This isnt what he really said they always cut it to make it seem like they said something they didnt

  • gunsmith
    gunsmith 10 months ago

    Of course deji was the one who lost lol

  • Teariki Toroa
    Teariki Toroa 11 months ago

    Honestly I haven’t even heard of vinnie the hacker and I knew it was going to be bad when I heard the pain theme play

    • Nariyell Jones carmon
      Nariyell Jones carmon 10 months ago

      And I respect you for that most people would have been mad about that because the didn’t know ✨vinnie✨ thank you for that

  • S P E C A L  F O R C E S
    S P E C A L F O R C E S 10 months ago

    Wow, didnt know FaZe Jarvis could do something beside cry, play games, and talk smack, wow

  • Dirty Red
    Dirty Red 10 months ago

    What if I told you that elite athletes actually do this🤔

  • TheDelicateDesigner 06
    TheDelicateDesigner 06 9 months ago

    Ksi: Damn I was a few years off

  • Ava V
    Ava V 11 months ago +1


  • matthew fallon
    matthew fallon 9 months ago

    I really want to see the Danny Duncan fight

  • Jeremiah Bryant
    Jeremiah Bryant 10 months ago

    Gib won tho they declared him winner like a day or two after the fight

  • no content
    no content 11 months ago

    Give me one night and I’d go through them all for 10k

  • jesus torres
    jesus torres 11 months ago

    a put sum respect on my boy ddg. out worked em all rounds. at least say it was a unanimous win.

  • RL-_-Sxdra
    RL-_-Sxdra 11 months ago +11

    That was insane Jarvis

  • Roscoe Schott
    Roscoe Schott 10 months ago +2

    RIP for all the babies that Bryce hall lightly ingered in his 50 winning street fights

  • AMR761
    AMR761 2 months ago

    Of course out of every yt who lost was Deji wow