Vishy Anand's last two games before he turns 50!

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • On 11th of December 2019 Vishy Anand will turn 50 years old. Before turning 50 he played two games at the Bundesliga in Germany for his team OSG Baden Baden. These games were played on 7th and 8th of December, just a couple of days before his birthday. These were Vishy's final two games before he turns 50 years old!
    Video: Sagar Shah
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Comments • 21

  • ishvi aggarwal
    ishvi aggarwal Month ago

    happy bday anand

  • TT0
    TT0 Month ago +1

    14:28 any better move here???

  • TT0
    TT0 Month ago

    4:27 guess book moves 10:43 I see

  • TT0
    TT0 Month ago

    3:21 Nd2 is good too

  • TT0
    TT0 Month ago

    2:14 Bb4 check lose one tempo whtşe lose one tempo =0 nothing Bb4 check
    Just blocking early Nd2 varitions

  • Debkumar Biswas
    Debkumar Biswas Month ago

    And rightly so, he must be credited as being an inspiration for an entire nation. Class by Sagar.

  • Adi
    Adi Month ago

    Damn. I didn't know Vishy was so old. 50! Is so long. He's been alive since the universe began

  • Inner Worlds
    Inner Worlds Month ago +8

    I am not Indian, but I fully understand that you want to take some time to show your respect for Vishy Anand, one of the greatest chessplayers of all time. After all, this channel is called ChessbaseINDIA, if his birthday is not celebrated here, then where else??
    I sometimes really wonder why some people are so negative on social media, even taking shots and making hateful comments about youngsters like Praggnanandhaa. It is very sad really, and a poor reflection on us humans.....
    Keep up the good work. I think I speak for many when I say that it is highly appreciated around the world....

  • Sailesh Raut
    Sailesh Raut Month ago

    Happy Birthday Vishy Sir

  • Hidden Cuber
    Hidden Cuber Month ago

    Will you try to speed up your English after Anand turns 50 ? Or am I the one who still feeling bad with your English ? But wanna watch the videos anyway.

  • Ashish shewale
    Ashish shewale Month ago


  • Sakthi Bhai
    Sakthi Bhai Month ago

    Happy birthday vishy.

  • Axlaam Ali
    Axlaam Ali Month ago

    Happy birthday to you And 🍰

  • Om Modi
    Om Modi Month ago

    Hapie BIRTHDAY vishy🎂🎂🍰🍫🍭🍬🧁🍸🥤

  • Shaunak Nadkarni
    Shaunak Nadkarni Month ago +7


  • montetank tankkiller
    montetank tankkiller Month ago +2

    In germany, Anand would get awarded with the "Bundesverdienstkreuz" for all what he did. Its something like the "medal of honor" in USA or the Bharat Ratna in India.

  • Navirath Navi
    Navirath Navi Month ago +1

    1 st

  • Omkar Brahmbhatt
    Omkar Brahmbhatt Month ago

    Sir!! Great job!!

  • pistachios2012
    pistachios2012 Month ago