My Dad - Storytime

  • Published on Oct 18, 2018
  • Thank you so much to my friend Leo Farahmand for making the music box cover at the end for me. He’s super talented guys, go check him out

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  • Joji Kanojo
    Joji Kanojo 8 hours ago

    This just made me realize that my parents sacrifices a lot for me even more.
    Don't underestimate the birbs who feed you guys. They are big birb when you were a chicki, and still a big birb even if you are already living alone.

  • Kayano ZenSenpai
    Kayano ZenSenpai 8 hours ago

    Your dad is same as my dad he was an military too only for 1 or 2 years

  • Leo 11726
    Leo 11726 8 hours ago +1

    I always wanted a dad like that I guess life doesn’t go the way you want sometimes .I want to Cry when watching this video but i didn’t.
    Maybe it’s because I never had a real dad before that would be their for me all the time.

  • TheFrenchGKB
    TheFrenchGKB 9 hours ago

    I feel the same way about the doctor.. so infuriating especially on with one with only 2 levels. Also very sorry about your father. A great and loving man

  • Joseph Littlepage
    Joseph Littlepage 10 hours ago

    Wow... I'm so sorry that you lost your dad. Loss like that is the worse thing you can go threw. Seriously I dont care if I get big into voice acting like matt Mercer, if you need a free voice for your studio I'm in, seriously completely free. Your dad seemed like such a badass and I'm sorry for your loss

  • nathan Redden
    nathan Redden 10 hours ago

    I have the exact same story highway to hell and all. I hope your doin ok

  • Something u don't care about

    there aren't many things that make me actually feel things but this really hit me. never lost anyone in my life yet. you might be on my tippy top fav storytime youtuber

  • seafoam style kiss
    seafoam style kiss 14 hours ago

    admit it, we're all crying.

  • Tasha Harpin
    Tasha Harpin 16 hours ago

    your family is great

    i’m not crying

  • Dr.Dakooda
    Dr.Dakooda 16 hours ago

    thanks for making me cry

  • Ellis Love
    Ellis Love 19 hours ago

    I Am someone who only cries for at the most two seconds this made me cry I might be a kid but I act like an adult this video reminds me of my gran she died of cancer as well I'm not sure what type of cancer though and this was the most relative thing she died in 2016 and I thought I got over her but according to my friends who are never wrong when it comes to my emotions I haven't gotten over it I still wear her child hood bracelet and I miss her so much and October dont even get me started dont make me feel bad during that month cause that's the month she died it dosent help that my parents divorced the day she died so my friends are gonna have to deal with a lot of my shit on October

  • goldenmami327
    goldenmami327 Day ago

    Bro I cried 😢😭😢I’m soooooooooo sorry for your life

  • Kawaii Cookie's Art

    Y u make us all cry. This story is so beautiful 😢

  • Alnunu Alnunu
    Alnunu Alnunu Day ago


  • NightTime
    NightTime Day ago

    This is how I felt when my mom passed away

  • Ivy Yau
    Ivy Yau Day ago

    17:04 the I'm gonna make him proud made me cry so much

  • Vicky Tang
    Vicky Tang Day ago

    This makes me cry everytime, gosh

  • Dark Moon
    Dark Moon Day ago

    This broke my heart💔

  • Miles And Brady Asssmr

    I’ve watched this video like 17 times and everyone fine I cry

  • Pumpkin Gears
    Pumpkin Gears Day ago

    as soon as i heard the word cancer i exploded with tears. im so sorry for that loss reagan, and i hope that your father is peacefully in heaven

  • sweetname
    sweetname Day ago

    Hey Rae, I know this video is old but we really support and love you, we will be there when you have to let it all out again, we will listen, some people are going through some very tough times right now , and I'm positive watching your videos made them feel we owe you something for that

    Take care, we love you

  • Prof. Spy
    Prof. Spy 2 days ago

    did you play highway to hell at his funeral

  • 2KNNON
    2KNNON 2 days ago

    Man I’m really sorry! Your way of storytelling really made me feel like I really knew him, and hadn’t just listened to a 17 minute video about him.

  • Sky Thepokimontrianer

    My grandpa died recently so I know how you feel Also

  • Local IrishMan
    Local IrishMan 2 days ago

    My dad had the exact same cancer. Lost him nearly two years ago now.
    It was awful; that man was my rock and my biggest supporter. My sister and mother were never close to me, so losing him caused me to go into a deep, deep well of depression that I’m still not completely out off.
    To anyone reading this, family is important. Not just your blood relations, the people you call family. The people you’re close to.
    Do yourself a favour. Call those people. Remind them you love him, have a laugh. Enjoy every second, because when they’re gone, you’ll wish you’d done it more.

  • Viper Labs
    Viper Labs 2 days ago

    Ah god dammit now I’m sad and paranoid again because both of my parents are over 60

  • DatDank DoodleBoi
    DatDank DoodleBoi 2 days ago

    you're not missing out on thor 2

  • Deafening_Bird98 Sucks

    He’s in all of our hearts.

  • Heroic Heropon
    Heroic Heropon 2 days ago

    1:01 well technically it isn't your mom's fault because the male actually decides the gender
    3:17 don't worry you're not missing much
    Lastly.....I CAN'T STOP CRYING 😭😭😭😭

  • Chizal 25
    Chizal 25 2 days ago

    AAAAAAH.... I'm not crying your crying!... and holy crap Im only halfway through the video T_T
    ok I've subbed, I've subbed. now to try and endure the rest of this emotional video haha!
    edit: NO NO NO! this got way more emotional I'm so sorry :(

  • stephanie Holton
    stephanie Holton 2 days ago

    I'm not crying I'm not crying I'm not crying........ OK IM CRYINGGGGGG

  • Agent 6
    Agent 6 2 days ago +1

    Rest in peace mr. Ginja ninja he was a great man even though I didn't meet him he sounds like a great man

  • William Lee
    William Lee 2 days ago

    This story time... Is a tough story time

    AUTISTIC TEEN 3 days ago +1

    This is so sad this hits close to home for me. My dad died when I was 15 months and I never really got to know him aside form stories my grandparents would tell me.

  • Kit no last name given

    The way you told this story is incredible. In such a short amount of time you made it seem like I knew him. If there is an afterlife, I know he is looking at you, so proud. good job, you made me cry :)

  • Cecil
    Cecil 3 days ago

    this makes me warm and fuzzy cause my dad hates me

  • Mandy Baptie
    Mandy Baptie 3 days ago

    Im so sorry for you and im also crying so much

  • Maddie Price
    Maddie Price 3 days ago

    Sorry for your loss I’m praying for you❤️

  • Maddie Price
    Maddie Price 3 days ago

    Your dad reminds me a lot of mine

  • sierra teague
    sierra teague 3 days ago

    Girl this is the first video that I have seen of yours and dame I get your pan my fother passed away as well when I 10 and my mother when I was 4 I think that all the time, how my dad will never see me get married or how my mom and dad will never get to see me graduate.

  • Wolfist Life
    Wolfist Life 3 days ago

    I’m not crying because I am sad. I’m crying because I’m glad to know that people out there have good relationships with their parents. Better relationships then I had.

  • Cow Dog
    Cow Dog 3 days ago


  • Cherri Cream
    Cherri Cream 3 days ago

    I just realized she’s wearing all black 😔

  • MadeOfRamen
    MadeOfRamen 3 days ago

    Oml I love dead by daylight. I have over 200+ hours

  • Christian Nitcher
    Christian Nitcher 3 days ago

    you have the best dad this made me cry and i never cry at anything

  • Briana Anselmo
    Briana Anselmo 3 days ago

    I’m so sorry for what happened to your dad..your video made me cry so bad because it’s never promised there is a tomorrow

  • Lil Pumpkin
    Lil Pumpkin 3 days ago

    Your dad sounds like he was an amazing man...!😭

  • Angeliiq
    Angeliiq 3 days ago

    Your dad reminds me so my of mine, now my drawing tablet is wet.

  • • Søber x Tîpšy • ədìts •

    *im crying, my dad is the same, i almost lost him at 7..*

  • Oathy Espinal
    Oathy Espinal 3 days ago

    Omg this video made me cry so much. I never thought story time video would make me cry.

  • Sasha B.
    Sasha B. 3 days ago

    This is just... wholesome
    Your dad sacrificed everything for you.
    But also, I'm not crying ToT

  • BossTyrant
    BossTyrant 4 days ago

    came to see wholesome daughter dad stories, left crying.

  • Becca Walker
    Becca Walker 4 days ago

    Hey GinjaNinjaOWO... uhm I know you don’t normally respond to comments much but your video helps me remember my dad too... I lost this past summer hours before Father’s Day. Your video is very amazing and I hope your new year is going great! (Sorry for the sad comment.)

  • Muu
    Muu 4 days ago

    Wow my first time seeing 1 of your videos and It's an emotional roller coaster but he sounds like a great guy

  • E
    E 4 days ago

    I hope you're ok

  • Zeke Loves Gaster
    Zeke Loves Gaster 4 days ago

    I love your dad. He was an amazing human. I wish my father was a part of the man yours was.

  • MG45 YEETS
    MG45 YEETS 4 days ago

    3:55 oversteer or drift of power slide ok it's oversteer

  • galaxy nick
    galaxy nick 4 days ago

    wow I wish I got the same father as yours cuz my best stepdad died too cuz of bone cancer my mom was crying and my brother comforts her and I was crying silent at night and your story I can't stop crying

  • dan plays games very poorly

    I lost my dad in 2016 when i was 13

  • Midnight DarkDemon
    Midnight DarkDemon 4 days ago

    I am still crying after this has ended.
    Your brave for talking about this