PS4 VS PS5 : Insane Load Time Comparaison (GTA 5, RDR2,Days Gone)


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  • Kedi Ve Kuş Kardeşler REİS VE PAŞA

    Wow man i didnt know ps5 made the game with better speed with the loading screen serioulsy psv is probably 2x or 3x or either 4x ps4 and ur too dumb to notice that? Oh please

  • Drachseele
    Drachseele 2 days ago

    normal for PC players lol (r: 8Gb/s, w: 6Gb/s -> M2 )

  • NotRedWolf
    NotRedWolf 3 days ago

    Is anyone going to talk about that the ps5 haven't came out yet?

  • Bjorg Hamburglet
    Bjorg Hamburglet 4 days ago

    wow how did you get a console that's design is still in conception? this site is fucking dying because of this blatant clickbate

  • Black lighting
    Black lighting 4 days ago

    Looks like this new PlayStation ain't messing around at all

  • 팬치귀욤
    팬치귀욤 5 days ago

    Oh ... my

  • Alberto Esquivel
    Alberto Esquivel 5 days ago

    Report him

  • Alberto Esquivel
    Alberto Esquivel 5 days ago

    Are u pendejo?

  • hawraman Mahmud
    hawraman Mahmud 7 days ago


  • NinjaYT _
    NinjaYT _ 8 days ago

    The time of loading screens of GTA V on my every platform:

    PC:6 sec
    PS4 Pro:12 sec
    XBox One X:36 sec
    PS3:21 sec
    Android:57 sec(damn GTA V took me 57GB on my android and plus its original GTA V but PS4 controlls cuz its from a guy who made it (its a fan of GTA V) but he just made it in Unity and copied the files from original GTA V to Unity and made it a android game)
    PSV:0,7 sec(holy heck i want the bikini lady)
    XBox 360:46 sec

    All of em r bought without any use but PS4 is my main console i use lmao

  • Italia in Cucina
    Italia in Cucina 8 days ago

    Merda di video

  • aden izaz
    aden izaz 8 days ago

    PSv apaan!!

  • tommy Bull
    tommy Bull 9 days ago


  • TelmoGG
    TelmoGG 9 days ago

    Es mas falso que viendo a krilin en super sayan 3

  • Lexa Olldashi
    Lexa Olldashi 9 days ago

    Although this is impressive it only applies to previous gen games when ps4 only titles come out dont expect that quick of a load time yes it's not gonna be too long but for the scale of the next gen games its going to be a good balance

  • tomasz lukasiewicz
    tomasz lukasiewicz 11 days ago

    Thats ain't real ;-)

  • tomasz lukasiewicz
    tomasz lukasiewicz 11 days ago

    Is that f****n joke???

  • Mikail last life
    Mikail last life 13 days ago

    PSV 4K 60fps ???

  • Nugget
    Nugget 14 days ago

    Ps5 not even out yet lol

  • Heat Cool
    Heat Cool 15 days ago

    But then again, developers will push all this new tech to its limit,
    Above you are comparing ps3 and ps4 games on a ps5...
    Ps5 games will have longer loading times because everything is relevant. Their games will have an order of magnitude more to process so I think there will always be long load times

  • tiago castanheira
    tiago castanheira 19 days ago

    I’m buying it just so I don’t have to sit over a min waiting for red dead to load, So annoying !!!

    GLITCH MISTRZ 20 days ago

    Loanding pc gta v

  • rihard360xd GT
    rihard360xd GT 20 days ago +1

    Lol you play in the fastest gamer pc

  • Kmilo Javier
    Kmilo Javier 22 days ago

    Ps5: I can load gta 5 the fastest
    Ssd nvme. 2: *"watch this"*

  • Hejterek
    Hejterek 24 days ago

    PSV-Play Station Vita

  • levom the retard
    levom the retard 25 days ago

    Holy shit does the ps5 load fast as shit. Im going to have my third ps now

  • Maryum Munawar
    Maryum Munawar 27 days ago

    Play and play i am having ps 6 2 update


    PS4 best

  • WHO is BEST?
    WHO is BEST? 29 days ago +1

    2:15 when that ps5 screen turned black my whole brain was rebooted with even more freshness

  • Rockstar Game
    Rockstar Game Month ago

    Ok first of all I don't think ps5 loading sceen would be that fast I mean how you supposed to read the words when Rockstar is telling you about the new DLCs that's coming and awards you have to complete to get more money if like the loading sceen is that fast you wouldn't know what's going on if you cant get a chance to read.Thats why we have loading sceen in the first place it's not all about how much the game can take cause it uses so much space to make it load so long but yea I have a ps4 slim and when I play red dead redemption 2 or GTA 5 it loads my games tell 3 or 4 minutes and I'm on the game just like that with no problems unlike ps3 yea the loading sceen takes a little longer cause ps3 can burley handle bigger games like GTA V or just cause 1 and 2 you know the bigger the games the more MGB it takes then yea of course it will take long plus it would lag the game so hard.

  • SENO Gaming
    SENO Gaming Month ago


  • Waldo Play04
    Waldo Play04 Month ago

    Good bye ps4 :(

  • Shivam Soni
    Shivam Soni Month ago

    song name ?

  • Tonmai Pan
    Tonmai Pan Month ago


  • Austin Williams
    Austin Williams Month ago

    It doesnt take 1 min and some change to load into rdr2 on ps4. Maybe it would on a purposefully slowed down console just to hype the ps5

  • Parabéns tv
    Parabéns tv Month ago

    Stop -dinossauros- mister ps4i-ytis-top

  • Javaunie Downs
    Javaunie Downs Month ago

    I desperately need to know what the instrumental in the background is.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • The Informer
    The Informer Month ago

    i think i'll buy ps5 to have less loading time for my ps4 games.

  • Blaze Gaming
    Blaze Gaming Month ago


  • Spider Comics
    Spider Comics Month ago

    Can't wait my ps4 is so last year

  • Danny Boyle
    Danny Boyle Month ago

    When did they change the controls to A B X and Y

  • SarcastikB
    SarcastikB Month ago

    This is amazing coming from someone who bought GTA V launch weekend for the 360 and having to wait HOURS for it to install.

  • Hikiki Monogatari
    Hikiki Monogatari Month ago

    Idk if i buy ps5 or pc fuckkkkkkkk

  • Kenner Rodriguez
    Kenner Rodriguez Month ago

    IMPOSIBLE 😤😤😤😤😤 PS5 arruinara la ps4

  • Tolga Kuyubasi
    Tolga Kuyubasi Month ago +4

    And at the end, it will load games like an normal ssd
    I bet 1000$ that it will not load that fast like in this tech demo hype video
    Lets not forget, the Pro should do real "native 4K" which was a lie ;)

    • misagi
      misagi Month ago

      Tolga Kuyubasi shut up Xbox fanboy

    • Gamers 4 life
      Gamers 4 life Month ago

      I had the same thought, sony lied us many times

  • djole
    djole Month ago +1

    Really same shit guys 😏

  • Mr. Anonymous
    Mr. Anonymous Month ago

    What the hell do you mean by PSV

    ROBO_ ROBISZ Month ago

    I definitly buy PSV 'cause just dont want to wait more extra seconds.

  • Andrey _ destiny
    Andrey _ destiny Month ago +1

    I already imagine how people will bomb because they bought 100,000 PCs for speed, but there is a PS5 for 40,000👍👍👍👍😂😂😂😂

  • XCALL Me isaacX
    XCALL Me isaacX Month ago

    Imagine Skyrim

  • Offical Sheldon Rollins

    My ps4 pro load this fast with ssd

  • reedickyaluss reed
    reedickyaluss reed 2 months ago

    Considering nobody has a PS5 - Nice video editing.

  • Jon Bonjontit
    Jon Bonjontit 2 months ago

    Did you mention that monster me is I inc ?

  • Isak Heikkinen
    Isak Heikkinen 2 months ago

    hes on the facking computer you idiots

  • Lee Fletcher
    Lee Fletcher 2 months ago

    The ps5 will taking longer then 2.?? Seconds as the games have to lose or u will be getting rubbish renders of content

    MADD LAMAR 2 months ago +1

    Me: listens to music
    Me: fair well gta 4 loading screen =(

    WALID GAMER87 2 months ago


    MOHAMAD NURWAN 2 months ago


  • Rendi Rian
    Rendi Rian 2 months ago