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BTS: Inside Episode 4 w/ Bill Hader & Alec Berg | Barry | HBO


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  • Linny Crocus
    Linny Crocus 4 months ago

    Am I the only one who found Barry's romantic gesture endearing?

  • 1958yankeefan
    1958yankeefan 10 months ago

    I think every guy has known a Sally.....cuz I sure did!
    Emotional vampire, it’s all about her, and sex is just something she uses to make herself feel better.
    The guy might as well be a dildo for all it means to her!!
    And the second you act like you think you’re now a couple.....because you had the nerve to think the sex actually meant something, she gets pissed and accuses you of being to pushy.
    Sarah Goldberg is amazing!!

  • Kakha
    Kakha 10 months ago

    Last chance, to get UrSOUND

  • Jay Halley
    Jay Halley 10 months ago +2

    Great show

  • Franklin Warner
    Franklin Warner 10 months ago


  • CDGFubar 89
    CDGFubar 89 10 months ago +1

    Great show!

  • Anna Bass
    Anna Bass 10 months ago +4

    also that whole daydream sequence was amazing.

  • Anna Bass
    Anna Bass 10 months ago +3

    thank goodness for this i couldn't end this episode for the week on such a sad note. Great episode too