A Gamer's Dream Home Office Makeover

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
  • Check out everything you need to DIY this home office makeover here: www.buzzfeed.com/emilyshwake/gamer-home-office-makeover
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Comments • 72

  • Tebii
    Tebii 3 months ago

    What are you gonna play there?
    Road rash?

  • 한국인 사람
    한국인 사람 3 months ago

    Looks like you dont game, because you put a plant on a xbox 😂😂😂😂

  • Bilectal
    Bilectal 5 months ago


  • bobandbobandbob
    bobandbobandbob 9 months ago

    Keep the monitor arm

  • michael smith
    michael smith 10 months ago +1

    This is actually horrible

  • Nikka M
    Nikka M 11 months ago +1

    Wouldn't it be better if you put the sticker labels on the outside of the drawers so you can actually see what's inside without opening? Great job with the cable management

  • MiniStarNY
    MiniStarNY 11 months ago

    Labeling was unnecessary here.

  • Ionia'sArms
    Ionia'sArms Year ago +2

    I just wanna know why you gotta stack some of the cameras like that...

  • jonas mieyi
    jonas mieyi Year ago

    purrfect. is that a lumiy lightblade lamp. perfect!

  • La Dolce Mama
    La Dolce Mama Year ago +2

    Bring out the awesome “nerd stuff” for display... and apply the organizational labels carefully- so they’re all straight. (Oh, that drove me crazy.) Also, how’s the cat gonna get up to that wall cradle? Jump off the office chair? Annoying! That one has me wondering, honestly.

  • Josh Feinkind
    Josh Feinkind Year ago +1

    Well the Cat Shelves were cool. From therefinedfeline.com

  • Kathy -Lee
    Kathy -Lee Year ago +1

    Tbh as a former teen WoW gamer, I don't see a lot of nerdyness in this video. I could understand certain storage utilities for organizing purposes (esp. Controllers) but it looks more like a pod cast station rather then a gaming station. It feels very bland and not like a gamers heaven. I understand the neat look but in gaming, comfort and utility is more important then "open space" and "aesthetics".

  • DesigningaNewMe
    DesigningaNewMe Year ago +4

    They took down the gamer pictures and put a bunch of eyelashes on the wall 😂😂 Not okay!

  • PlatinumHexafluoride

    You put away the cute toys!
    (Using black railways on the old desk would have been enough imho)

  • stkleme
    stkleme Year ago +5

    lol white walls, plant on console and hidden nerd stuff
    sounds like mom's makeover

  • ItsMeSwirl
    ItsMeSwirl Year ago +4

    You took a gaming setup and removed the mousepad... that was kind of a low move

  • Csb1289
    Csb1289 Year ago +4

    the ONLY thing this room needed was a dust down and those cable concealers, a bit more organization of collectibles maybe. That's it. This just killed all the joys of being a gamer, proudly displaying the things you love. Maybe I'd paint the shelving white and put up the wallpaper but that's all.

  • Mateusz K
    Mateusz K Year ago

    I wana ask...WHERE IS DOCK FOR THE SWITCH?! :D

  • Nick Rego
    Nick Rego Year ago +1

    Shout out to everyone who has a 'Nerd Drawer'....

  • Tesla Cannon
    Tesla Cannon Year ago +2

    This really doesn’t match gamer aesthetic.

  • Celine Mangahas
    Celine Mangahas Year ago +4

    I hate how non-nerdy it is. No matter how organized it is there’s nothing there that says I play games

  • Darla Ann
    Darla Ann Year ago

    Where do I sign up?

  • Anthony D
    Anthony D Year ago +2

    I’m pretty sure the guy will make the space his own and add his own touch in the future. They gave him a fresh start, he had a mess before. he can add as many accessories as he wants like shelves for his collections and records or whatever. Y’all are too critical. Pretty sure this is supposed to be inspiration not a literal taken so literally

  • Henrique Mendes
    Henrique Mendes Year ago +10

    I got one freaking thing to say...don’t put a plant pot above a console...that doesn’t make any sense...

  • wolveswithtea
    wolveswithtea Year ago +2

    Uh, where’s the pc tower now sitting? As where it is before is now taken up with drawers listed ‘nerd stuff’...

  • sofeels
    sofeels Year ago +4

    Is anyone else bother by how crooked every single thing they hanged is? And don't even get me started on the labels.... the "camera gear" one is giving me nightmares

  • Danae Goliath
    Danae Goliath Year ago +1

    It's pretty, but I think of a gamers room as being more...dramatic? Nothing wrong with it i'm just kind of over the white minimal look.

  • Roxanne Ruiz
    Roxanne Ruiz Year ago +8

    What a weird layout. I prefer the before side tbh. I thought she was going to make a hanging bookshelf and display things neatly or make lsd lighting more brighter or something. But this layout is put everything away, destroying a PS4 while adding an ugly wallpaper in the background.

  • aoibhealfae
    aoibhealfae Year ago +1

    flower pot on the ps4 though...

  • BlueMoon Builds
    BlueMoon Builds Year ago +3

    How is the cat supposed to get up there...

  • cuddly pandas
    cuddly pandas Year ago

    Was this for a guy or a girl? The gamers den turned into a feminine workplace...light colors and decor? What happened to favourite game posters and whatnot? Stuff that makes a gaming room look and feel like a gaming room. Somewhere to chill out and play spacies, good but just a bit different I guess.

  • Kirin
    Kirin Year ago +1

    wh. dont put a plant on the ps4

  • mikiyachi2
    mikiyachi2 Year ago +11

    Do you know how we know the designer isn't a gamer? They put all the merch away in a drawer!!
    "Nerd stuff" lol, it needs to be on display

    DIVOCK ORIGI Year ago

    For all the beta males out there

  • Laura Eskins Art Vlog
    Laura Eskins Art Vlog Year ago +47

    Please don't put plants that need watering on top of your game consoles.

  • c g
    c g Year ago +63

    Why hide away the nerd stash?

    • anie6142
      anie6142 11 months ago

      its only a suggestion, you can keep collectibles around and use the shelf for something else :)

    • Ana
      Ana Year ago

      Chrissy Edits to be hipster. Cause that’s what it looks like now. A hipster cave.

  • Twiggy ZigZag
    Twiggy ZigZag Year ago +74

    Please dont put plants on electronics. That sounds like a bad idea anyway you look at it.

    • Cheryl Ross
      Cheryl Ross Year ago +5

      Also, labels on the inside of the drawers, who does that serve?

    • Cali Aux
      Cali Aux Year ago +2

      Fake plants?

  • Carrie Myers
    Carrie Myers Year ago

    I want to know where the desk is from!

  • Tami Paz
    Tami Paz Year ago +10

    I love the cord organization. The before looks like my son's room. It's so hard to clean the floor and around the desk. I definitely wouldn't change his display of posters or anything else he has out. It shows his personality.

  • Cameron Alexander

    Smh like where’s the RGB this guy is clearly trash

  • RainbowManatee
    RainbowManatee Year ago +3

    I can tell some of you are clearly the cliche 'gamers' that live in a pile of your own filth, cheeto dust, and mountain dew bottles.
    Just because you play games a lot doesn't mean you can't take care of the space you're in.
    You honestly don't even have to go to the lengths they did here to look like you care about your environment.
    But honestly I would encourage you to go so much further. Especially considering this looks more like a space made for steaming with how the background setup is.

  • Jenny Brown
    Jenny Brown Year ago +5

    It does not look like a gamers office first off it should be darker or at least be bold coloured as a wallcovering, not whites or pastels especially if there is a source of light that causes glare like a window you do not want glare if you are playing games if this can not be done put the desk on the same wall that the windows are on or remove the sliding doors of a closet and put the desk in there or install blackout curtains second do not hide your action figures or funko pops or other figurines they are ment to be seen put them on a shelf not in a drawer and if you see a poster for a game you like put it on the wall for lighting inderect or soft lighting is best and as for as how gadgets are placed have them be put in a way so that it is easy to set them up and move them if you have to in case you get a new council,computer or you just want to dust and put your games on shelves or in a CD holder if they are disks or in a small box if they are cartrages without a case

  • MentalStatus
    MentalStatus Year ago +25

    This is a great office, but not made for gamers. Why would you hide the "nerd stuff" like funko pop's and game posters? I get making everything seem a little more sleek and minimal, but gamers really want something that stands out.

    MIMI KIKI Year ago +5

    that cable concealer cleaned the room

  • okashi10
    okashi10 Year ago +7

    I've been waiting for something like this. How to have a gaming setup that matches the rest of your home, and actually looks mature and minimal without looking too cheesy... (Most gaming setups are too dark, modern, and have waaay too many LED lights, accessories, and posters.)
    I know a lot of people will disagree and say this design is "hiding accessories" and "isn't nerdy enough", but TBH I'm an adult and I want a home that looks grown-up -- while still being able to game. So this works for me.

  • Franz Mendoza
    Franz Mendoza Year ago +30

    You need to showcase the nerd stuff to make it a gamer's room. It looks like an office than a gamer's room. No game related design in the room lol

  • blue rain
    blue rain Year ago

    The original room does not feel lived in

  • Afreen Afshaan
    Afreen Afshaan Year ago

    Can someone help me to grow my channel?
    I sub you back.
    Comment when done.

  • Robin Toll
    Robin Toll Year ago +164

    I'm sorry, but while the makeover definitely neatened the room, I think it was a terrible end result. Why hide all the "Nerd Stuff" if it's supposed to be a "Gamer's Dream Office"? I *want* shelves of Pop Vinyls and my nerd art on the walls. Why remove the articulated monitor arm, making it harder to arrange the monitor comfortably?
    Maybe my problem is that the video is just mis-branded. But while my sister might love the result, I'd be upset at how... Non-gamer and non-nerdy the result was.

    • Taylor Strutton
      Taylor Strutton Year ago +7

      I agree. as a gamer and nerd, those nerdy things should be on display! I can understand a basket for controllers, because those are kind of hard to store. This would appeal to a female twitch "gamer" maybe but even thats a stretch. also that wall paper is hideous

    • Cheryl Ross
      Cheryl Ross Year ago +8

      Agreed Robin, the fun was stripped away. I'm not a techie, nerd or into gaming, but I can see the problem. You want to see your personality, not just an organized clean rm. Also, someome like me watches this type of makeover too see what you do with rm arrangement and all those cables. Good job, but once again the product was left out of your info and links.

    • Laura Eskins Art Vlog
      Laura Eskins Art Vlog Year ago +6

      I don't like these types of interior design, it sacrifices function for cheap trends.

  • Nina Toll
    Nina Toll Year ago +159

    It no longer looks like a gamer's room. It looks like a regular office, which is fine, but...it looks like someone who doesn't game tried to "tidy up" their partner's space as a kindness but made it over in their own style. The room looks good, don't get me wrong, but...it lost a lot of personality in my opinion. Also, I'd be upset if someone moved my stuff into a single drawer labeled "nerd stuff" instead of using it as accent pieces the way they were intended.

    • okashi10
      okashi10 Year ago

      @Taylor Strutton - I agree, if I had a separate room just for gaming I'd probably make it look nerdier. Though if I had another room I'd probably make it a home office + guest room combo, so I'd still be wanting it to look a little more mature and minimal. That's just my style though.

    • Taylor Strutton
      Taylor Strutton Year ago +3

      @okashi10 if your gaming space was in a main room (mine is) yes I agree. But if its a seperate room, who cares if it has a nerdy look to it

    • Emsey Walker
      Emsey Walker Year ago +4

      Also all the artwork was taken down!

    • okashi10
      okashi10 Year ago +3

      @Nina Toll - You'd be surprised haha... For example, a lot of my friends just started watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix this week, so they're getting rid of a ton of their old stuff. So while they're at it, at least 3 are going to be reorganizing their condos and making them more minimal. (These are the 3 who actually own condos...) I also just moved so I have to design a new gaming setup from scratch. We're all in the "nerds who graduated a long time ago and getting closer to 30" age group, so some of us are putting more effort in making our homes look less like college dorms and more like pinterest-worthy interior design spaces.

    • Nina Toll
      Nina Toll Year ago

      @okashi10 Which is totally cool and understandable, but I suspect you wouldn't have your gaming setup the way this person did in the first place and therefore wouldn't "need" a makeover. :)

  • zwatchtowerz
    zwatchtowerz Year ago +140

    Why would you put a Funko Pop hidden in a drawer?

  • Lindy Ichihara
    Lindy Ichihara Year ago +43

    I have to say that this decor needed some gaming posters as decoration. The cat looked a little lost with those things on the wall they look a little far for the cat to use.

    • okashi10
      okashi10 Year ago

      Personally, I think putting posters on the wall looks really immature unless they are really nicely framed and match the aesthetic of the rest of the house. But since this gaming area is just a tiny corner, I don't think a large framed poster would look good crammed in there.

  • Ourdream
    Ourdream Year ago


  • Cammy
    Cammy Year ago +26

    Gamers nightmare. No gamer has time for organising

  • Khalifa Almisned
    Khalifa Almisned Year ago


  • Clara Gallotti
    Clara Gallotti Year ago