• Published on Dec 2, 2019
  • It's fight week and unified heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr. and former champion Anthony Joshua are just days away from their highly-anticipated December 7 rematch at the Diriyah Arena in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. As we get closer to the fight, you don't want to miss what some of the biggest names in the sport had to say about the fight and much more. Check it out!
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  • Solomon Olorunleke
    Solomon Olorunleke 4 days ago

    Lennox, Wilder, Holyfield are association of fools

  • Drew Harding
    Drew Harding 19 days ago

    Holyfeid said Great Fighters make adjustments.... There you have Anthony Joshua is a GREAT FIGHTER💯 TWO TIMEEE, TWO TIMEE.

  • Leonard English
    Leonard English Month ago

    Buster Dougless a little different he did not have a 2nd fight with Tyson, but he lost to Holyfield, but no excuses, he got famed lazy after he got his big fat payday like Ruiz

  • Leonard English
    Leonard English Month ago

    Lennox & Holyfield said it right & Wilder it goes to show you he has no experience & on top of that he was Bias about AJ

  • TheLumeri
    TheLumeri Month ago

    Buster Douglas still senseless as ever. Dumbass HW!

  • TheLumeri
    TheLumeri Month ago

    Go straight to the point Wilder, all they asked for his predictions, not unification lemon; Lennox Lewis wrong too.

  • robertoandproctor
    robertoandproctor Month ago +1

    Evander 'great fighters make adjustments' Holyfield.

  • Rich Bespoke
    Rich Bespoke Month ago

    UK stans are funny.. AJ shouldve never lost to Andy in the 1st place. Real boxing fans want to see him fight the real competitors. AJ is canceled until he fights FURY OR WILDER.

  • Luca Duca
    Luca Duca Month ago

    Briggs nailed the game plan Josha had.

  • Claude Gomes
    Claude Gomes Month ago

    3 dicks..

  • A
    A Month ago +1

    I'm watching this video with a grin on my face 😁😁. Whilst the Joshua haters be like 😡😭😡😭🤬. Jarrell Miller talking about Saudi's lenient drug testing the nerve. A

  • David Harrison
    David Harrison Month ago

    Oh dear

  • First name ever Last name greatest

    Goes to show American fighters hate on Joshua . Now eat you humble pie 😃😃😃😃

  • Star Dust
    Star Dust Month ago +1

    press like if ur here after the 2nd fight and rather not leave a comment

  • Jayman Jay
    Jayman Jay Month ago

    Big baby Millar is such a big loser and hater, he had the opportunity and blew it up. Such an idiot 🤣

  • Jayman Jay
    Jayman Jay Month ago +1

    @FightHype.com please do another interview of this clowns on their predictions on Andy Ruiz winning and let see what they will say. AJ is the king of the division now haters

  • Jayman Jay
    Jayman Jay Month ago +4

    All those that said Ruiz was going to win, I hope they saw how Anthony Joshua schooled Ruiz pretty well

  • digwillhachi
    digwillhachi Month ago

    lol pussy wilder still riding AJs dick. Now he's lost a fight stopping being a pussy and step up bumsquad.

  • Sal Hardy
    Sal Hardy Month ago

    Wilder is a lying piece of shit. He didn't try to make that fight with AJ, he tried to be an "A" side with only one FN belt while demanding 50 times what he made his entire bum career. When Wilder was offered 100 million, his highest purse was 4 - 5 million. What a FN bum. 42 fights and the only good fighter he's fought, actually beat him "Tyson Fury".

  • therealestmc85
    therealestmc85 Month ago +1

    The first fight was a fluke. AJ didn’t take him seriously the first fight and he paid for it.

  • A A
    A A Month ago

    Funny how all these folks said AJ can't win and are now saying he won in a boring way. FFS you said the dude won't win. AJ can't ever catch a break

  • ray leo
    ray leo Month ago +1

    either they like it or not AJ has won and that is final

    • Boxing Critic
      Boxing Critic Month ago

      Pretty much. SUBSCRIBE to my channel family ✌

  • Tone Durage
    Tone Durage Month ago +4

    Wilder I love you but AJ will both out box you and knock you out. Remember that #Facts

  • Spread Love
    Spread Love Month ago

    Love A.J and Wilder, they are great for boxing but I think A.J should fight Wilder before he actually learns how to box because if that ever happens he may start killing people in the ring. The power is other worldly.

  • Graeme Digby
    Graeme Digby Month ago


  • Cheapestwhips
    Cheapestwhips Month ago

    Lewis is a hater

  • Adaoma Jesus
    Adaoma Jesus Month ago

    Now you people will shut up.

  • Zayid Qeen
    Zayid Qeen Month ago

    I believe that if Evander Holyfield come back to the ring (even at his age) he can become the heavy weight champion of the world again and unify all the belts. Anthony Joshua beat Ruiz, hands down, but he doesn't seem to me to have that knockout instinct needed to maintain himself in this division.

    VICTOR CHIDI Month ago

    Deontay wilder go fight Andy Ruiz,if you think AJ was running around in the ring to get the Victory .....and let see if you can knock Andy out...

  • Waliaula Justin
    Waliaula Justin Month ago +1

    Who's laughing now!!

  • Ze Bud
    Ze Bud Month ago

    Lol joshua won

  • Daniel Cartwright
    Daniel Cartwright Month ago

    Wilder before the fight "Ruiz wins easy, I'll unify the division whoever's wins, 1 champion, 1 face, 1 name"
    Wilder after the fight "ruiz is trash, I will NEVER fight joshua in a unification bout" 👀
    Clown 🤣🤣🤣

  • nun
    nun Month ago +1

    I guess he'll recycle Fury and Ortiz a couple more times then.

  • jjosephdubya
    jjosephdubya Month ago

    I love Gerry Cooney. I don't like black fighters. They don't have the same class. Keep the Cooney type interviews guys. Thanks.

  • Spence Raglan Sportz

    ruiz might of been a replacement but he had a long 17week camp and a warm up before june1

  • Spence Raglan Sportz
    Spence Raglan Sportz Month ago +1

    the same guys who wrote joshua off are now using ajs pic as their profile pic again. fake as disloyal mutha fuckaz

  • You're My Wife Now
    You're My Wife Now Month ago

    Wrong 😂

  • Khalid Mahmood
    Khalid Mahmood Month ago +1

    Ruiz didn't anticipate the power of Joshua's punches and floyd Mayweather tactics.

  • Titanium Hearts Loft

    1 champ 1 face 1 name 1 Nigga

  • I'mSmarterThanYouAndThereIsNothingYouCanDoAboutIt

    Buster douglas looking like ruiz long lost black brother damn. Ruiz another one hit wonder like him anyways. Fluke

  • I'mSmarterThanYouAndThereIsNothingYouCanDoAboutIt

    Mini mini mini times .... lol stammering and stuttering and straight up lying

  • Desmond Atkinson
    Desmond Atkinson Month ago

    What u sayin' now Wilder? Try and speak clearly and coherently this time instead of all that usual "diarrhea of the mouth" that pours out of that huge trap of yours! You too Evander...Try and write your thoughts down before you speak, maybe you'll sound better. RUIZ HIT JOSHUA WITH ONE LUCKY PUNCH ON HIS EAR! RUIZ IS LUCKY HE HAS SUCH AN IRONHEAD!

  • PEK16
    PEK16 Month ago

    They did tell the truth the heavyweight devision is coming back hard specially now that a latino or mexican guy is in...

  • Scott Worley
    Scott Worley Month ago +1

    Holyfield! 3x heavyweight champion of the world!

  • PEK16
    PEK16 Month ago

    Joshua dodges and picks and chooses Ruiz kinda just accepts and attends

  • olumide odeyemi
    olumide odeyemi Month ago +3

    The title of the interview:When you can not think because of hatred

  • Raymond Vitale
    Raymond Vitale Month ago

    Rahman knows his shit. Everything he said was right on point.

  • mansh ali
    mansh ali Month ago

    Holyfield and believe or not Shannon Briggs were the two who came out with real talk.

  • P.J. Sidhu
    P.J. Sidhu Month ago

    I called Joshua winning it on rematch. First match he just didn't use his reach, instead tried to brawl. Andy Ruiz can brawl. Also Ruiz didn't look like he train on time or listened to his team before the fight. While Joshua busted his ass in camp, Ruiz gained 30 pounds of fat. He was too busy buying shit than actually preparing for rematch. I don't really want to see a rematch. Andy just didn't deliver.

  • J Foster
    J Foster Month ago +1

    Let’s go Champ!!!...Shannon Briggs called it exactly...

  • Nathan Powers
    Nathan Powers Month ago

    Yee tbh people out here boxing now not just fight but by all means get down

  • Alaxa Macqueen
    Alaxa Macqueen Month ago

    I bet t they're eating their words now

  • freeyourmind
    freeyourmind Month ago

    Buster is a nobody and a hater. Aj proved this idiot does not know what he is talking about.

  • depe01
    depe01 Month ago

    Some are better at predicting than others.

  • Kareem Rhouila
    Kareem Rhouila Month ago

    a process where we have diffran malmarcus being stretched - Deontish

  • Comfort Ama Owusuaa.

    Stupid fool just answer the question and stop talking bullshit, all yo jealous! AJ it’s a genius! Only Holyfield talk sense!

  • Kelvin Hamilton
    Kelvin Hamilton Month ago +2

    I wonder what Douglas is saying now after seeing what AJ did to Ruiz?
    No one can say anything now... AJ made adjustments and reclaimed what was once his.

    JE :AJ-GOLDBOMBER Month ago

    AJ breaks Box office Records... Wilder? Nope. Fury? Nope.
    lol They all eating their words.

  • FI5H R1200R
    FI5H R1200R Month ago

    Joshua builds stadiums clout chaser can’t fill the fuckin things 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • John Francis
    John Francis Month ago +1

    Wilder dont even believe himself