My Favorite TRANSITIONS in Premiere Pro

  • Published on Nov 23, 2018
  • These 2 are my all the time favorite transitions(SPEED RAMP AND VIDEO REVEAL).
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  • Richard Ngebeh
    Richard Ngebeh Day ago

    That's great work. The only problem here is the text of your speech. Its covers the tutorial of your editing in this video. It's annoying.

    DRUK VLOGGER 3 days ago

    Awesome tutorial

  • ELyong
    ELyong 5 days ago

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  • Aman Saxena Vlogs
    Aman Saxena Vlogs 7 days ago

    Your video solved my query..will apply on my vlogs too. thanks for this informative video brother :)

  • Art Piece
    Art Piece 15 days ago

    Hindi me boliye sir. Yeh India hai, koi foreign country nahi.

  • raja subbaraman
    raja subbaraman 16 days ago

    very nice explanation

  • Jerome de Leon
    Jerome de Leon 20 days ago

    "so smooth you wouldn't even recognize what happen" well said. lol thanks tho I learn a lot.

  • Mark Anthony Villanueva

    Very well said habibi... I will try this one.

  • DANISH JR 0312
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  • Sam Hartfield Lewis

    Thank you that was nice to understand, was wondering about the whole mask thing

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    why do you use a clip with a 'pole' right in front of your subject? Find another shot

  • MA Traveling Tech
    MA Traveling Tech Month ago

    Nice video bro 👍

  • ARyan
    ARyan Month ago

    Thank you for the video Ankit, it is the clearest one to follow that I have seen.

  • Supreeth M
    Supreeth M Month ago

    Your Travel Vedios. Are Lit bro....nd Your editing tips are very easier to learn....keep it going..all the best

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  • Classic Videography

    What kind of color preset you used in this video? If possible please share with me ( Regards

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    CS Village vlogger Month ago

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  • Zeejah
    Zeejah 2 months ago

    Could you also make on shooting from the camera

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    michael ilizirov 2 months ago

    very good man !!! your explanation was very good and helpful.

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    BigPicture Visuals 2 months ago

    Very helpful! New subscriber coming along for the journey! Thanks for the tips 🙌

  • Bhanu Shaw
    Bhanu Shaw 2 months ago

    Can we use these transition for free for our monetized video???

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    Jay Fries 2 months ago

    Thank you , I've been looking for this tuto for like a few days , I'm glad you exist lol

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    Disha Babbar 2 months ago

    Hey . Can you help me out in one thing . In my premiere pro , i m not able to upload a video Rather it's showing something wrong in Creative Cloud. How can I fix that ?

    • Indrajit Auddy
      Indrajit Auddy 2 months ago

      Check your video it might be unavailable. Import another video

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    zain alabdin Alhakim 2 months ago

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    Lori DeLoach 2 months ago

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  • M I S U A L P A Resurrection

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  • Abdo Ize
    Abdo Ize 2 months ago

    thank you so much that looks more easier to me now I have been wondering how to edit my videos like the way you did but it looks hard but now it's so easy I'm still new in this field but I hope I can get more help from your videos keep it up and thank you again

    RAMESH CHOUHAN 2 months ago

    Thank you Bhai

  • Ordeal Arin
    Ordeal Arin 2 months ago

    this one is help ful

  • שרון פדידה
    שרון פדידה 2 months ago

    Can you please explain how do you split several screens in parallel?

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    שרון פדידה 2 months ago

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    Mohammed adhil 3 months ago +2
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  • Nadh Weh
    Nadh Weh 3 months ago

    why mine the mask cut it and bring the cut part to the next video..its like the edit part are bring to the next instead of disaapear lol help pleasee great content btw XD

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    lots of love from Nepal

  • Inf1nityPlus1
    Inf1nityPlus1 3 months ago

    Well-explained, and more importantly, the transitions actually are universally useful and very cool (unlike many other "best transitions" videos I've watched, which tend to be either cheesy or over the top or both). Subscribed 👍

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