Village & Pillage: A Wanderous Journey

  • Published on Apr 16, 2019
  • A journey begins as a Wandering Trader sets out into the Overworld with a trusty llama. Will they find what they are searching for?
    Part of the Village & Pillage update. Learn more about the Wandering Trader:

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  • Phoenix SC
    Phoenix SC 3 years ago +682


  • Romulus Rommel Salazar: History and Gaming Channel

    Imagine spending your whole life wandering the world in hopes giving others the access of useful and lifesaving items... only to get slaughtered by some dude looking for leads and a free llama

  • Water Boi
    Water Boi Year ago +2

    Wondering trader in trailers:

  • Keanu Ortiz
    Keanu Ortiz Year ago +4

    Mojang: the wandering trader is a cute npc that just wants to interact

  • Nathan Andecker
    Nathan Andecker Year ago +5

    Dangit. They gave him consciousness, personality, and emotion. I’ll never be able to kill him again.

  • ThatBrainiac
    ThatBrainiac Year ago +2

    Never knew they travel so far to us just to be slayed

  • Arda Bilgin
    Arda Bilgin 3 years ago +1

    Wandering Trader:

  • Prior Saurus
    Prior Saurus Year ago +1

    I feel so bad for the trader he’s just trying to find somebody to trade.

  • blucreeperking7
    blucreeperking7 Year ago +1

    I never realized what wandering traders went through until i watched this video.... i feel bad for killing them

  • Emma Narvaja
    Emma Narvaja Year ago +3

    "Perhaps I treated you too harshly"

  • howltae Ackerman
    howltae Ackerman Year ago +614

    Me: "Everywhere I go, I see him"

  • The Maniac 90876

    There is a reason why everytime I see him in creative mode, I spawn in emerald blocks to buy afew items from him.

  • Ash Lee Ketchum
    Ash Lee Ketchum 2 years ago +2

    Mojang please upgrade the wandering trader so that he isn’t just a lead dispenser and actually trades something useful instead of 18 emeralds for a bush

  • Octo Birb
    Octo Birb Year ago +332

    I once traded with a wandering trader for 1 sugarcane, and so that's how I started my sugarcane farm. (i was in a taiga biome, no sugarcane found, and i lived in an underground base with some stairs so that i could go up to the surface)

  • SomeObbyistDude
    SomeObbyistDude Year ago +103

    I once found him in a flat world while building a house in creative mode, so I bough all of his stuff no matter it's good or bad, and made him a small "shop", and the next day I know, he despawned.

  • Luuk de Voogd

    Ever since I found one that's willing to trade me slime, I'm actually really happy with these guys because I'm a redstone engineer and I really like slime blocks

  • TheArtVandal
    TheArtVandal Year ago +280

    When you thought nothing in the world could make you feel bad about killing all the wandering traders...

  • TheRDMusic
    TheRDMusic Year ago +743


  • Mx
    Mx 2 years ago +3

    Trading villager: One of the rarest mob in minecraft

  • The Almighty One
    The Almighty One Year ago +267

    I feel so bad for the wandering traders, they live a very rough life.