Which Way Is Down?

  • Published on Nov 2, 2017
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    Thanks to Eric Langlay (thexvid.com/user/ericdraven30) for producing, editing, and animating this episode with me. Thanks also to Henry Reich (thexvid.com/user/minutephysics) for his advice and guidance.
    Universe Sandbox² : universesandbox.com/
    Mass vs weight:
    Great Veritasium video: thexvid.com/video/_Z0X0yE8Ioc/video.html
    two other great videos: thexvid.com/video/6ccIjRwYO9U/video.html and thexvid.com/video/aCqQzrPCcFM/video.html
    baseballs coming together under gravitational attraction can be simulated in Universe Sandbox 2. More math behind it can be found here: www.reddit.com/r/explainlikeimfive/comments/2vyxl7/eli5_will_two_baseballs_a_foot_apart_in_deep/
    Weight to mass (on surface of Earth) convertor: www.convertunits.com/from/kilograms/to/newton
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    “Spacetime And Geometry: An Introduction To General Relativity” by Sean Carrol www.amazon.com/gp/product/9332571651/
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    six and a half flat thousand earthers disliked this video

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    And this concluded one of the most valuable channels on TheXvid.

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    Deez Nuttz 20 hours ago

    So you're saying that if you jump out of an airplane you're not going to feel it

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    R.I.P in peace Michael

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    Bruh you got me thinking if I was actually born

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    Current Curiosity Box 2017

  • backlash bassin
    backlash bassin Day ago

    Me: Hey Michael whats up?
    Michael: which way is down?
    Vsauce music plays
    Me: oh no not this shit again.

  • Ora nge
    Ora nge Day ago +2

    Did vsauce just pirate the game?

  • talha ehsan
    talha ehsan Day ago

    coughs black blood. That clogged my throat

  • baccon eatter
    baccon eatter Day ago

    what I can drop a pencil a trillion times form 6ft earth will go up by a proton so ive already dropped a pencil 300,000

  • Braeden Martin
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    thexvid.com/video/rd1Rm-oXlGs/video.html watch to increase your IQ

  • James Luqqy
    James Luqqy Day ago

    When you realize time travel is real. We are moving through time forward one second per second. Just think about it

  • Killer Gamer
    Killer Gamer Day ago

    I guess TheXvid red shows what type of a person you are. If he really wanted to educate all of us he would still be uploading new videos for us not just TheXvid red. I don't speak for everyone but I definitely feel that at least for this channel at first he wanted to give information to all and then TheXvid red comes around and it's f*** you throwing everyone else who can't afford it under the bus who actually brought him to this point and he's f*** you give me money although I could definitely be wrong it's just how I feel

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    Amazing vid!

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    fucking sellouts

  • Bill Cunigan
    Bill Cunigan Day ago

    At the time marker of 12 :41 this video made my day I have wondered what the earth was really shaped like since I was a kid thank you.

  • NickMurph
    NickMurph Day ago

    Michael: It's got moving/changing insides...
    Me giggling at 2 in the morning: ooooh i love it when you talk dirty to me 😍

  • Will Mattes
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    Moons haunted

  • Jake Shealy
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    I liked "the earth weighs 180lbs on me" shot. Noice!

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    The way down is this

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    I miss when he uploaded these videos :’)

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    Down is at the enemy's gates

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    My mind was blown.

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    scientists scream: everybody is going away from each other, soon we wont see stars in the sky.... Meanwhile: everybodys gettin in a same spot: great attractor... wtf

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    Just watch the channel D!NG if you want to watch Michael be Michael. Same shit different channel.

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    Horizontal slapping

  • Buddy Butt
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  • Reed Pearson
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    “First things first let’s turn the sun into a black hole” vsauce

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    I keep telling everybody should move on to DING/DONG. Some do. But not us.

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      Wooooooow... one of the best comments on this channel

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    I just wanted to know WHICH way is down.

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    I was expecting a mom joke

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    How fast is time?

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    So if you were in minecraft space and you were orbiting the theoretical spherical earth then you would just be building up fall damage since you’re just falling

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    im just saying, i really need to know the background music at around the 10:00 mark

    • Vorzky
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      Sounds like copyright free elevator music

  • Sam Weaver
    Sam Weaver 3 days ago

    Down is everything below you from your perspective. So if someone is upside-down and there is a bystander, they are actually both upside-down and right-side up because of both of your perspectives.

  • SkippitySkoop925
    SkippitySkoop925 3 days ago

    Person: What’s your favorite color?
    Vsauce: first of all, WHATS A COLOR?

  • SkippitySkoop925
    SkippitySkoop925 3 days ago

    *when someone tries to weigh air*

  • Sopnorajjo Foundation

    The theory of mass you gave is inertial mass not gravitational mass so

  • SuperCrazy Gamer
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    the entire first minute of this video gives me thousands of emotions that aren't even real

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    wait is him howtobasic

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    SCRUMB 3 days ago

    Looking at the thumbnail and looking at the title, makes me feel retarded

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    *T I M E T R A V E L*

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    "Its an AIR-ror"...His puns are so subtle

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    You are a fucking retard u fucking ass hole peace of shit and don’t mind my spelling

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    0:44 A cop asked to see my drivers license the other day and this was my response.
    Was I wrong?

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    This is soooo fascinating!!!

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    2:40 who or what was on that hammock...i bet a black hole was involved

  • Chi Phan. D
    Chi Phan. D 4 days ago

    Hint: if you make long 100 meter straight beam, it still bend, that count on the gravitation forces and the beam strength thin or thickness. If you make a beam that has no bend forces, like straight line in computer
    Think they like the start point beam to end point beam are going out space

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    He said he put in a code to get the game for free, is there a way
    i can do that too? if i find the code?

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    but guys his youtube red show is really REALLY good
    and then there is vsauce 2

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    #GotMass ?

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    I've been watching too much vsauce tonight, now I'm questioning what I really know

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    Which way does down go? Does it have to do with time travel? First, let’s turn the sun into a black hole.
    Never stop being Vsauce, Vsauce.

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    Fake ..flat earth

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    I always did think if you dig deep enough you would reach the opposite side of the world

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    Taylor Haws 5 days ago

    5:35 Did you say that pounds are units of mass and not force? because that is incorect. pounds are units of force, and slugs are units of mass in the same way that killograms are units of mass and newtons are units of force.

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    20:36 meow

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    the flaw with the cone model is that time doesnt loop. if you follow the cone youd come back around and travel up the geodesic.

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    they tell you up is to the sky down is the earth , i say down is away from the strongest gravity , up is to it !!!

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    Jag älskar dig


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    died actually making a good deal and some money so you guys should just relax and pirate it all

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    9:51 It's actually quite noticeable

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    Go to chanel
    All videos are premium
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