Batman Forever - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Feb 14, 2018
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    The Last Angry Geek joins the review of one of the strangest Batman movies made. Some have a soft spot for Batman Forever, but is there really anything of worth?
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    Batman Forever is a 1995 American superhero film directed by Joel Schumacher and produced by Tim Burton, based on the DC Comics character Batman. It is the third installment of the initial Batman film series, with Val Kilmer replacing Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne / Batman.
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  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  Year ago +1117

    Happy Valentines Day! Our gift to you is a new Nostalgia Critic episode!
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    • Derrick Nichols
      Derrick Nichols 3 days ago

      Channel Awesome the part was good was the running at the end

    • Danny Noonan
      Danny Noonan 5 days ago


    • Joe McKenzie
      Joe McKenzie 17 days ago

      @Joseph Marsh fuck up

    • Joseph Marsh
      Joseph Marsh 18 days ago

      Critic, you need to do a review on Batman Returns and all the controversy surrounding how dark it got

    • HUJAN
      HUJAN Month ago

      Don't anyone know where i can find full Batman TAS on the internet?

  • George Webster
    George Webster 19 hours ago

    Batman: good
    Batman Returns: decent
    Batman Forever: loved it
    Batman & Robin: ๐Ÿšฝ

  • Mr Blue
    Mr Blue Day ago

    Val Kilmer's best film is The Doors

  • Patryk Marek
    Patryk Marek Day ago

    Did anyone count the Dick jokes by the way?

  • Hypnotic Skull
    Hypnotic Skull Day ago

    Joke, think about it

    PWN4G3FTW 2 days ago

    The "wholly" line is way too smart for this movie. I actually laughed at it.

  • JJ Clark
    JJ Clark 2 days ago

    Batman gets sexual harassed in this movie. Which is the last thing i want from batman

  • Andy Painter
    Andy Painter 2 days ago +1


  • Dreadknot Darkstorm
    Dreadknot Darkstorm 2 days ago

    blender box not a cone

  • Ameha K
    Ameha K 2 days ago

    "I'm acting like what a gay guy thinks horny women act like."

  • Connerd Corps
    Connerd Corps 4 days ago


  • Superpiair1
    Superpiair1 5 days ago

    To be honest: I always thought Jim Carey singlehandedly kind of saved the movie. Let s say he made it 'watchable". Loved the way he goes from a little crazy to full out bonkers.

  • Blayke Rietman
    Blayke Rietman 5 days ago

    Thatโ€™s a good Schumacher impression

  • XxEmerald- -SwordZ
    XxEmerald- -SwordZ 5 days ago

    Can't wait for the next movie Batman and Ralph

  • Alysa Aiday
    Alysa Aiday 5 days ago

    Nicole Kidman = Dr. Claire... I can't spell her surname, from Days of Thunder, Val Kilmer is Tom "Iceman"... can say but not spell his surname, from Top Gun. So, she's cheating on Cole Trickle with a naval aviator who tricks you into... metaphorically killing yourself out of boredom??
    Agent K from Men In Black is driven insane, Ace Ventura Pet Detective is gay, with a poetry/question fetish, & giddy as a school boy over Bruce at first.
    And, come on! *Wayne Enterprises* WE?! "WE..." what? WE care?! But I suppose since Bruce is Robin's... adoptive father...
    OH! I get it!! They called it the *"Box"* to avoid lawsuits from Paramount Pictures & whoever wrote Coneheads!!! Gotcha.

  • Thenos The Grape
    Thenos The Grape 5 days ago +3

    When I see this movie, I have no problem with the Riddler in this movie the problem is Two Face tries to act as zany as the Riddler if he was dark and the Riddler is goofy like Jim Carrey is in the movie the antagonists would be perfect

  • Danny Noonan
    Danny Noonan 5 days ago

    Please please please REVIEW BATMAN RETURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE ๐Ÿคฃ

  • Unoriginal 156
    Unoriginal 156 6 days ago

    Iโ€™m just gonna day it now... Joe Walker gave the best Batman performance

  • Jerome Lancashire
    Jerome Lancashire 6 days ago

    13:11 Then the killer must be....YOU!

  • SkyWrld
    SkyWrld 7 days ago

    Wow the soul of nostalgia critic is gone none of the jokes landed

  • Gamer gang
    Gamer gang 8 days ago


  • Trevor Thoenen: The Movie Marvelous

    Bat Ass though

  • Trevor Thoenen: The Movie Marvelous

    "Like" if this is one of your favorite guilty pleasure films

    • Game man
      Game man 8 days ago

      It's one of my favorite movies although not a guilty pleasure movie.

  • kryceksangel
    kryceksangel 8 days ago

    I liked Batman Forever

  • Lord Commander of the Shark Guard

    my local dick is my dad so..... no.

  • latina_fangirl
    latina_fangirl 10 days ago

    3:58 Lol I had the catwoman car.
    5:28 Omg we also had a couple of those glasses!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Dennis Coy
    Dennis Coy 10 days ago

    THE RIDDLER invented the INTERNET. Hmmmm.

  • UltraSaiyan419
    UltraSaiyan419 10 days ago +1

    In all honesty, Nicole Kidman was pretty sexy in this movie.

    • Game man
      Game man 8 days ago

      That was kinda the point so it makes sense.

  • Ryan Springer
    Ryan Springer 10 days ago

    12:25 foreshadowing that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be in the next movie

  • Merio
    Merio 11 days ago

    This guy doesn't care about us cause he has a sponsor and there are ads.

  • Jadyn Murrell
    Jadyn Murrell 11 days ago

    there is A spider that is red but shes taken

  • RogueBrit Gravy1
    RogueBrit Gravy1 12 days ago

    I have one question. Doesn't the 'batman... yeahh' guy look like Dana carvey? The guy from Wayne's world and master of disguise?

  • Soul Shackles
    Soul Shackles 12 days ago

    As pointless as the slowmo shot is, I gotta admit it looks badass still.

  • Hraefncin
    Hraefncin 12 days ago

    Sorry, but I fucking love this movie and its sequel--I grew up watching Adam West as Batman, and this is the best spiritual successor. I'll always love Batman Begins and Dark Knight, but every other incarnation of BM on the Big Screen has been ridiculous, hilarious and goofy whether intentional or not (and Tim Burton eats horse shit every morning for breakfast and calls it art)

  • Jojo91210
    Jojo91210 13 days ago

    I wonder if there's someone out there that turned 20:05 into a meme. I would love to see that scene become a meme lol

  • TONY
    TONY 13 days ago

    I want that batman t-shirt

  • GrimSister
    GrimSister 14 days ago

    Is it weird I wanted Curry and Jones to end up together? They had better chemistry than Chase and Batman

  • Wolf O'Donnell
    Wolf O'Donnell 14 days ago +8

    Trick or treat! Release the hounds... LOL dat Mr. Burns reference

  • Silverdust engine92
    Silverdust engine92 14 days ago

    30:06 "That was for my Mother! My Father!! MY BROTHER!!!"

  • JugularTV
    JugularTV 14 days ago

    Can you guys do a review on Batman & Ralph??

  • The Corsair
    The Corsair 14 days ago +1

    Ok why was the Doctor in Arkham Asylum called Dr. Burton by Chase at 32:58

  • Rosann Francis
    Rosann Francis 15 days ago

    Um, I think that helicopter crashing into lady liberty has a bad reputation by now when this comment is being sent.

  • kissfan7
    kissfan7 16 days ago

    Holy crap, Last Angry Geek is freakin' huge!

  • Travis Vinning
    Travis Vinning 17 days ago

    wrong. this movie accomplishes what it sets out to. its a cartoon and it knows it...its actually impressive.

  • Turkish Reich Channel
    Turkish Reich Channel 17 days ago +6

    "Release the hounds"

    I laughed so hard

  • Snow Titanic
    Snow Titanic 17 days ago +1

    *I was asking you*

  • Clare Monagle
    Clare Monagle 17 days ago +1

    I cannot sanction your buffoonery.

  • Joseph Marsh
    Joseph Marsh 17 days ago

    Before this review, I never noticed the Riddler standing off to the side in the hideout scene

  • sans
    sans 18 days ago

    How do you f up a movie this bad that you accidentally change the size a diamond mod edit, also why the fuck do you need to edit some picking up a diamond , what was that to hard?

  • Racoon X
    Racoon X 18 days ago

    She is a reverse harly Quinn

  • Simon Randall
    Simon Randall 19 days ago

    Now I get it. Nanananananananaanana...Batman! Or is it "Fishing"!

  • Daniel The king
    Daniel The king 19 days ago

    The red lobster is a public menace.

  • Frak Spikes
    Frak Spikes 19 days ago

    you clearly haven't witnessed the "mild terror"
    of a single file line, of new born baby spiders
    they were soo bright bright red

  • Motley's TV Classics
    Motley's TV Classics 19 days ago

    Looking back at this, I can't fucking believe not a single one of the deleted scenes was mentioned in this video.
    Goddammit, Critic. -_-

  • Zach Gorski
    Zach Gorski 19 days ago

    Doctor BURTON did know one get that Joke Tim Burton the director of the original Batman

  • Rob Salem
    Rob Salem 20 days ago

    About 7 or 8....of red spiders are red.

  • Mikey Morales
    Mikey Morales 20 days ago

    Honestly I like this movie when I was a kid looking at it now i see it as more of a remake of the 1960s Batman. ether way it is just a Bmovie topped with cheese and with a side of corny and I fucking love it

  • Dontae Jones
    Dontae Jones 21 day ago

    More reviews by you two together please

  • Tod The Fox
    Tod The Fox 21 day ago +1

    *Riddler:* I'll be back Batsy, when you least expect it. I'm a master of disguise who does Not come from a terrible Dana Carvey movie. I can follow you anywhere, I can become Anyone, and I'll get my hands on you and your bird boy's fortune if it's the last thing I do!
    *Me:* Shut up Olaf! Or I'll turn you into a snowman and make you act in another shitty parody to do with ice.

  • David Higgins
    David Higgins 21 day ago

    Not gonna lie, Nicole Kidman was smoking in this movie when I was a young teenager and she's still smoking in this movie decades later.

  • Dunald Turnip
    Dunald Turnip 21 day ago

    the DeVitonater

  • Echo 18
    Echo 18 21 day ago +1

    27:28 itโ€™s so weird that how in this scene The Riddler has a perfect Dr Eggman laugh- oh wait.

  • bigtrajik1
    bigtrajik1 22 days ago

    Dr. Chase looking sexy as hell

  • sharksandsheep
    sharksandsheep 22 days ago

    Does that Angry Geek guy have jaundice?

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith 22 days ago +1

    25:47 Bat nerp ENGAGE!

  • RipleyandWeeds
    RipleyandWeeds 23 days ago

    you know its a joel schumacher film when there's very weird horny undertones

  • Neo-Xgray87
    Neo-Xgray87 24 days ago

    Man, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles didn't have that much of a problem figuring out where the Batcave was, and they had to follow the trails in the sewers leading to Wayne Manor.

  • Olympian Samson
    Olympian Samson 24 days ago

    Why does Jim fit Joel Shumaker very well?

  • Mr . Weird
    Mr . Weird 24 days ago

    In a few scenes i here the grinch

  • Kunisake The Artist
    Kunisake The Artist 24 days ago +1

    The music was pretty okay

  • jb111082
    jb111082 24 days ago

    I need the "Poop Like A Champion Today" sign

  • BlacKnight Gaming
    BlacKnight Gaming 25 days ago

    Am I the only one that sees that both the Villains in this movie act like Joker? Riddler is supposed to be this almost superior individual because no one can figure his riddles besides the "worlds greatest detective", that should be the drive for Riddler is to kill Batman in order to prove he is intellectually superior. As for Two-Face he should act conflicting and almost insane, one side of him is trying to hold onto its humanity while the other side is trying to throw it away. Honestly I think that is the movies greatest downfall, it's as if the writers saw how popular Joker was and decided "Hey, if this works for Joker then it can work will all villains!" and that isn't at all how it should be done. Make the villains interesting, have different motives and personalities that conflict with one another, don;t just make them insane. I think once DC movies as a whole (including the newer ones) figure this out, then they can be comparable to Marvel.

  • Cardinal Kid87
    Cardinal Kid87 26 days ago +61

    Chase: Who is Batman?
    Nygma: Robert Pattinson
    Chase: Yep totally insane

  • Nicole Nobody
    Nicole Nobody 26 days ago

    Hey anistolga critic can you see the morio movie (Its bad)

  • Daniel Critchley
    Daniel Critchley 26 days ago

    Lose some weight fat shit

  • Real samurais drink strawberry milk

    I really wish the Red Lobster said "woop woop woop" as he was scampering away

  • All Smiles
    All Smiles 26 days ago

    I wanna know what that piano riff is from

  • Ryan Vaughn
    Ryan Vaughn 26 days ago

    The box is probably the television which is linked to the"box."

  • NinjaBluefyre
    NinjaBluefyre 27 days ago

    19:40 Free time for skipping the ad

  • Smith Wesson
    Smith Wesson 28 days ago +2

    I cannot sanction your buffoonery

  • Santiago Ramos
    Santiago Ramos 28 days ago +3

    Please review The Lost Boys. Just Please.

    MARIO 29 days ago

    30:20 Syndromes hair Liberaceโ€™s outfit and elton John outfit

  • Joseph Greenhorn
    Joseph Greenhorn 29 days ago

    i really liked Carrey in this film i think hes pretty funny ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

    MARIO 29 days ago

    10:09 hey thatโ€™s my pipe sound

  • nrrork
    nrrork 29 days ago

    Doug Walker covering Batman Forever. That takes me back.
    First time I ever even heard of Doug was when he and his brother won that iRiff contest at Rifftrax about ten years ago.

  • Ian McCasland
    Ian McCasland Month ago +1

    I think these two together is fucking hilarious. They should work together more often

  • Maxwell Garrison
    Maxwell Garrison Month ago

    Earl Grey is not herbal tea.

  • Cain Butler
    Cain Butler Month ago

    15:59 I shall be the Green light bulb! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Cain Butler
    Cain Butler Month ago

    We cut immediately to a horse humping a rock 14:40 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜lmao

  • Frogwell
    Frogwell Month ago

    Nostalgia critic racist to white people.

  • Joel's Playhouse25
    Joel's Playhouse25 Month ago

    7:42 Lol

  • We Remotely Low
    We Remotely Low Month ago +1

    This feels like an old NC video.

    • Bradley Keats
      Bradley Keats 22 days ago

      We Remotely Low I appreciate your wise words!

    • We Remotely Low
      We Remotely Low 22 days ago

      Bradley Keats I donโ€™t necessarily agree, but I wonโ€™t necessarily argue

    • Bradley Keats
      Bradley Keats 22 days ago

      The best of his newer reviews! ๐Ÿ˜…

  • John Boats
    John Boats Month ago

    I'll get drive thru but im only ordering JUSTICE!!!!

  • 80's Snorklover
    80's Snorklover Month ago

    Fuck you guys I find this movie funny!!!!!!....๐Ÿ‘ฟ
    It just you guys are not
    Understanding it!!!...๐Ÿ˜ 

  • 80's Snorklover
    80's Snorklover Month ago

    What!? Batman does not
    Look silly in his suits.!
    Nether is robin you assholes!!!!....๐Ÿ˜ก

  • 80's Snorklover
    80's Snorklover Month ago

    Dude! Jim Carry fucking funny!!!!!!!! Cut him some
    Slack you ass holes.๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  • chris notyou
    chris notyou Month ago

    I wonder why I have nipples too.

  • Ross DiamondThief
    Ross DiamondThief Month ago +6

    - Dr. Burton tells me you know who Batman is.
    - Robert Pattinson!
    - Okay, heโ€™s clearly nuts.