Wartskin Angler Live Feeding

  • Published on Sep 6, 2020
  • I set up a Wartskin Angler Frogfish Aquarium. Frogfish care is pretty simple. However, They eat live foods only so be careful. Keep watching to see my new alien fish eat some live minnows
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  • Chris Houston
    Chris Houston Year ago +15

    For the future, don’t expose your angler to air. It’s best to keep them submerged if you have to move it again. They can swallow air which is pretty much a death sentence.

  • Joopp Pruim
    Joopp Pruim Year ago +4

    You should get a pair of apistogamma cacatoutis in ur planted tank. They are beautiful and easy to breed

  • DanielHR1969
    DanielHR1969 Year ago +2

    I want one of those Wartskin Angler fish! So cool!

  • DD R
    DD R 9 months ago

    Has the frogfish's color changed since you got it?

  • Elsa Innamorato
    Elsa Innamorato 3 months ago +1

    Wow this fish looks unbelievable

  • Bawie Mawie
    Bawie Mawie 9 months ago

    I wouldn't keep any cichlids in a planted tank along with other fish because they are very aggressive and they love to eat plants so they will completely shred all of them. That being said you can have a very nice hard scape tank with african cichlids. Their colors are amazing. There are peaceful species of cichlids you can keep in community planted tanks so you can look into that.

  • Thế Nam
    Thế Nam Year ago

    i love your style ♥

  • Pangrum Paige
    Pangrum Paige Year ago

    You can house puffer and frogfish together in the same tank? They're my fav fishy!!

    • I Man
      I Man 10 months ago

      Please don’t try this

  • Jill Velayos
    Jill Velayos Year ago +1

    Love that crazy angler!

  • sam
    sam Year ago

    you just got a new subscriber. :)

  • Shark puppet & Friends Show🦈🧀

    what fish did that wartskin fish eat?

  • Botzz28
    Botzz28 3 months ago

    How is this guy. I’m. Thinking about one for my nano

  • Rx mal
    Rx mal Year ago

    the channel goin up like bing

  • Jameson McMullen
    Jameson McMullen Year ago

    Thank god ur back 🙏

  • Ari Meister
    Ari Meister Year ago

    Thank god ur back

  • Jp Ramseur
    Jp Ramseur 2 months ago

    Bad ass fish but what's that instrumental at 2:00

  • Broke Teenager
    Broke Teenager Year ago

    Almost 1k subs man

  • Maria Neighbor
    Maria Neighbor 5 months ago

    So they do use their fins as little hands

    ERALP DEMİRKAZİK 9 days ago

    Can frog fish bite your finger? Or attack your hand while yolu are near him?

  • Joseph Cruz
    Joseph Cruz 2 months ago

    If those are freshwater fish they can be bad for your marine fish health

  • Krissh Ray
    Krissh Ray Year ago

    is that a fresh water tank

  • ProTeam VLOG
    ProTeam VLOG Year ago

    Nice vidios

  • Rx mal
    Rx mal Year ago

    kurt ANGLER

  • Ethan McCosh
    Ethan McCosh Year ago +1

    You didn’t even aklamate him

    • Pi$tol B
      Pi$tol B 8 months ago

      He probably uses water from his other tanks.

  • Broke Teenager
    Broke Teenager Year ago


    • ARMAN SV
      ARMAN SV 19 days ago

      @Nick SBF hi can I ask what is that rock

    • Nick SBF
      Nick SBF  Year ago

      YESSIR! My Man❤️🙏

  • FlatTommyToad
    FlatTommyToad 8 months ago

    Mabuna cichlids

  • Bawie Mawie
    Bawie Mawie 9 months ago +1

    I would also recommend you don't feed freshwater fish to your frog fish. It's not very healthy for them and they can die from it 😢

  • D Willis
    D Willis 7 months ago

    Oh poor you that you are dealing with "stuff at home" your fish are dealing with worse. You don't love your fish.

    • Mujtaba Siddiqui
      Mujtaba Siddiqui 4 months ago

      Nobody that keeps pet fish loves their fish. Fish are not domestic, they are meant to be in the wild. You want a pet? Buy a cat or dog.

  • D Willis
    D Willis 7 months ago


  • Bishal Haldar
    Bishal Haldar Year ago

    Try discuss

  • Video Games
    Video Games 9 months ago

    Worst music ever I’m sorry but...