NIKE PHANTOM VENOM REVIEW - The Best Nike Football Boots?

  • Published on Jan 14, 2019
  • Nike Phantom Venom Review - We play test and review the brand new Nike Phantom Venom football boots, a boot which can claim to continue the evolution of Nike's deadly strike series that began with the T90 and takes over from the Hypervenom!
    The Nike Phantom Venom football boots will be worn by Nike's deadliest attackers, including Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, Marcus Rashford and Toni Duggan. Watch our review on these exciting new boots and see how they perform as we take them to the pitch for a play test.
    What do you think of the new Nike Phantom Venom #footballboots as the Hypervenom replacement? Share your opinion in the comments!
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Comments • 97

  • Vian Murgod
    Vian Murgod 4 months ago +1

    I play for a professional academy which is residential I need a pair of football boots any boots will do pls no family so no money I am promising player and really need a pair of football boots really really need a pair of football boots pls

  • Oliver Illingworth
    Oliver Illingworth 6 months ago +2

    The sickest colour for phantom boots great vid

  • sanya khan
    sanya khan 8 months ago +3

    I have those

  • joodin jose
    joodin jose 10 months ago +1

    💜 your video,s
    And the boot

  • Egger
    Egger 10 months ago +3

    To answer your title: YES

  • Emmanuel Oboke
    Emmanuel Oboke 10 months ago +1

    Love the video and boots tutorial 🤮♥️

  • DCM
    DCM 10 months ago +2


  • Georgina Essuman
    Georgina Essuman 11 months ago +1

    What a banger of a video

  • # JD. 7
    # JD. 7 11 months ago +1


  • Christian Paljusaj
    Christian Paljusaj 11 months ago +1

    just got these and are definitely worth every dollar

  • Wafaduck
    Wafaduck 11 months ago

    Can you add a size 6.5 M in planning to cope one of these 🔥

  • Wafaduck
    Wafaduck 11 months ago

    Nike PhantomVenom or the adidas x18+? Im a winger who loves to dribble and sprint and shoot? im buying it off you website? what do you think

  • Lmao Boy
    Lmao Boy 11 months ago

    Adidas x18+ or this? I cant pick D: , i'm a winger and I love sprinting and dribbling and finishing. I cant choose bc I live in the philippines and i'm ordering it from your webiste? What do you think?

  • Sheldon Reed
    Sheldon Reed 11 months ago +1

    Just bought them yesterday

  • Maged Darwish
    Maged Darwish Year ago +1

    #Kailem Vs keyl

  • Late Night In Paris
    Late Night In Paris Year ago +1


  • Soccer Rift
    Soccer Rift Year ago +10

    Moms buying me these gotta give her the grades she deserves 😭😭

    • Mudbone gaming
      Mudbone gaming Month ago

      Soccer Rift “MoMs BuYiNg Me ThEsE gOtTa GiVe HeR tHe GrAdEs ShE dEsErVeS” stfu up. Stupid little kid. Get your grown man on.

  • 윤상길
    윤상길 Year ago

    Is there an Ag product?

  • 超転生のび太
    超転生のび太 Year ago +3

    I want to buy a it

  • Mrilove2k
    Mrilove2k Year ago +1

    Great review

  • 윤상현
    윤상현 Year ago

    I wear Hypervenom Phantom 3 UK8 size. should I go the same size with this?

  • XiPythonZz
    XiPythonZz Year ago

    Mahnnnn just bought boots 🥴

  • shervin mollahassani

    So they basically be out back the tiempo shoots again.

  • Your mom Is ur dad
    Your mom Is ur dad Year ago +2

    Looks like a good boot to wear and help improve your game I think Nike has done a good one on this looking forward to try and get a pair

  • 0 subs 0 vids
    0 subs 0 vids Year ago

    I’m jealous I have hyper venom this just 1 ups it

  • casillasscorer
    casillasscorer Year ago +2

    This “review” doesn’t actually cover how it performs. It just runs through Nike’s press release and tech specs.

    • AR 17
      AR 17 4 months ago

      That's where unisport is better


    I need these

  • Quan the vlogger
    Quan the vlogger Year ago

    The Nike boots keeps getting uglier and uglier sigh I hope this is not the end of hyper venom

  • Declan Robinson
    Declan Robinson Year ago +1

    They look so nice👀🔥

  • NestorL
    NestorL Year ago

    hagan video es idioma español tambien

  • Halim Najas
    Halim Najas Year ago

    Nike Total 90 V2

  • TrueFadi
    TrueFadi Year ago

    Wish I can get them cuz these are fire unfortunately there is no Nike stores were I live

  • Arctic 1ce
    Arctic 1ce Year ago

    Not exactly sold on the looks especially that part covered lace cover but in person it might look better

  • Ariel Saravia
    Ariel Saravia Year ago

    Music at 1:04?

  • Isaac Zhang
    Isaac Zhang Year ago

    Phantom vision elite vs. phantom venom???🤔

  • Brandon Matthews
    Brandon Matthews Year ago

    1:22 Full flyknit upper?

  • Travel Nutz
    Travel Nutz Year ago

    Sant Andreu?

  • wangupicha
    wangupicha Year ago

    Sorry but this is not a review, it's an advert

  • okboy
    okboy Year ago

    Isn't it like T90 IV

  • Fuad Ahmed
    Fuad Ahmed Year ago

    Basically they just got t90 added a different material made it lighter and re named it... Nice...

  • ManYuster 425
    ManYuster 425 Year ago

    Si esas son las mejores m corto un testiculo

  • Enieli Frias
    Enieli Frias Year ago

    Nike você pode mandar essa chuteira da ultima linha para mim fazer um vídeo no meu canal só na boleragem

  • Adip Padzil
    Adip Padzil Year ago

    Like total 90😍

  • Geo YT
    Geo YT Year ago +2

    No hypervenom for this? Nahhh

    • Quan the vlogger
      Quan the vlogger Year ago

      Hypervenom was the best thing ever happened to football and it's gone now 😭😭

    • Lewis Beattie
      Lewis Beattie Year ago

      Like even if tech-wise these are better, the Hypervenom just was and is a better looking boot, especially the low-cut variation.

  • Fear DK
    Fear DK Year ago

    Will this break your ankle like the superfly 360?

  • jose12 GK
    jose12 GK Year ago +1


  • noobmaster 69 Ngassa

    I don't like it , I love it 😍😍

  • Samm
    Samm Year ago +2

    Amazing video guys 🙌🏼
    Can’t wait to get my football boots again from pro direct.

  • Jacob Kim
    Jacob Kim Year ago

    Nemesis on Steroids

  • miguel flores
    miguel flores Year ago +1

    music? 1:18

  • Darkness Lonlyness

    Hey pro direct soccer I have a Question to ask you

  • 099ilokhl
    099ilokhl Year ago

    Finally T90s are back. Hated the Hypervenoms

    • Sebastian Turkalj
      Sebastian Turkalj Year ago

      @PROBENIC COMPS Hypervenoms weren't bad, but they killed off the T90 line which was better (imo)

      PROBENIC COMPS Year ago +2

      099ilokhl 😂😂 Hyperphanoms were awesome how are the hyper venoms bad

  • Shayne Stack
    Shayne Stack Year ago

    Like if u think pro:direct is better than unisport

  • FaizHa Aziz
    FaizHa Aziz Year ago +1

    Look like t90 🤔

  • Santiago Cervera
    Santiago Cervera Year ago

    no black and gold color?

  • Joshua Billmeyer
    Joshua Billmeyer Year ago +11

    Ok looks cool. Now to wait for a white color release and I'm game!

  • A A
    A A Year ago +4

    but phantom vision is top of top

  • MR. MR.
    MR. MR. Year ago

    Look like an adidas boot

    M4DRUG4 MATADOR Year ago +1


  • Wong Gilbert
    Wong Gilbert Year ago +3

    Can you do like a compare video between the phantom, mercurial, and predator please Im not sure which one to buy