TOP 50 FREE iOS 10 - 10.2 Jailbreak Tweaks

  • Published on Jan 26, 2017
  • TOP 50 FREE iOS 10 - 10.2 Jailbreak Tweaks - These are 50 free tweaks compatible with iOS 10 - 10.2 jailbreak.
    The iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak and the iOS 10.2 jailbreak are still on beta, so if you decide to jailbreak and install tweaks you have to do it at your own risk. I have tested all the tweaks on my iPhone 7 on 10.1, they should work fine on all iOS 10 version 10 - 10.2
    HideLabels10 repo:
    NoFolderBackground repo:
    Cask repo:
    Snoverlay repo:
    Cuttlefish repo:
    Creamless repo:
    Date In Statusbar repo:
    QuickShuffleRepeat repo:
    App Admin repo:
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  • iReviews
    iReviews  5 years ago +79

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      Cathy Smith 3 years ago

      iReviews iiii

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    • Intelligent Investor
      Intelligent Investor 5 years ago

      @***** but can you get your old keyboard click sounds and lock sound back? ios9 and older.

    • Intelligent Investor
      Intelligent Investor 5 years ago +1

      what tweak gets my old text sounds and unlock/lock sounds back HALP

    • Declan Ellis
      Declan Ellis 5 years ago

      iReviews what tweak lets you long press a number to unlock your phone without typing a passcode?

  • 631hmu
    631hmu 5 years ago +1

    This tweak is absolutely amazing and it's absolutely stupid for Apple to limit the devices potential. 10/10

  • Moon Scape
    Moon Scape 5 years ago

    Thanks for all the work you put in !!

    • iReviews
      iReviews  5 years ago

      Thank you for watching.

  • Jayden Pray
    Jayden Pray 5 years ago

    Appreciate the time you took to make this video:) thanks

  • jacob
    jacob 5 years ago

    LOve the video but can you also put all the tweaks in the description next video that would be great! Keep up the good Work!

  • TheProductPro
    TheProductPro 5 years ago

    I do use the picture in picture tweak.I will install more from your series.Thanks for sharing the tweaks for jailbreak!

  • T_nology
    T_nology 5 years ago

    Thanks for this video! Now I can improve my iPod touch 6 even more! :D

  • Christopher Schoeb
    Christopher Schoeb 4 years ago +1

    Thank you this was so helpful

  • RitzierLime 05
    RitzierLime 05 5 years ago

    this is actually one of the better ios 10 tweak videos ive seen you get mad props from me

  • benecke23
    benecke23 5 years ago

    Thanks for your great video! What is the name of your "Dark mode" tweak in your ControlCenter?

  • Tomfst
    Tomfst 5 years ago +3

    So what happens when the full release comes out and I'm still on beta?

  • Luc Puffle
    Luc Puffle 5 years ago

    It makes me so happy whenever he says repo :D

  • Jax Kraync
    Jax Kraync 5 years ago

    Thanks a million man :) you should make more of these

  • J-Funk
    J-Funk 5 years ago

    I'm glad you added GlowDock because I was wondering how your dock was glowing like that.

  • LapiLapi
    LapiLapi 5 years ago

    is there a tweak where you can speed up the wait time ? what it is called

  • I'm Da GOAT
    I'm Da GOAT 5 years ago

    can you use old tweaks from previous jailbreaks?

  • Bill Hurst
    Bill Hurst 5 years ago

    One of the best jailbreak you tubers 👌👍🏻

  • PacoAguilar
    PacoAguilar 5 years ago

    Love your Videos 😍❤

  • Vlad Mitroiu
    Vlad Mitroiu 5 years ago

    @iReviews One question, is it worth jailbreaking on beta 7, or there will be another update? Please answer, i bet everyone wants to know

  • Arya Sukesh
    Arya Sukesh 5 years ago

    Btw I've got a weird question... How do you download the tweaks? 😂

  • Daniel B.
    Daniel B. 5 years ago

    how did you get the dark mode toggle in your control center?

  • OneKGrams
    OneKGrams 5 years ago

    I have a silly question:
    Would I be able to use the Yalu jailbreak on my iPhone 7plus if I'm running iOS 10.1.1 instead of using the unstable jailbreak that was released before the Yalu?
    Thank you for the help

  • Isaac Salas
    Isaac Salas 5 years ago

    Any application that simulates 3D touch technology (ios10.2) ??? Your channel is perfect today you won a new subscriber

  • sunny m.
    sunny m. 5 years ago

    is there any working tweak that can get me 3d touch on my iPhone 6? I've tried reveal menu, force, and peek-a-boo but none of them work :(

  • Geo995
    Geo995 5 years ago

    How did you remove the icon names?

  • Omar Moutraji
    Omar Moutraji 5 years ago

    keep it up nice job

  • Unknown Banana
    Unknown Banana 5 years ago +1

    I love your videos

  • Wiesiek Kot
    Wiesiek Kot 5 years ago

    iReviews, how did you get rid of 'key zoom' on the keyboard when you pressing keys?

  • Imran Rakib
    Imran Rakib 5 years ago +1

    I jb my 6s it works fine please do more tweaks video thanks

  • J-Funk
    J-Funk 5 years ago

    Thanks for the video bro.

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith 5 years ago

    Just done sub.👍 great vid helps alot

  • Miguel 〽
    Miguel 〽 5 years ago

    Great video, and can anyone help me on how to add a repo please (its my first time jailbreaking)

  • Mehmet Suat Yağlı
    Mehmet Suat Yağlı 5 years ago

    hi nice video, but i wanna to ask question.How can download dark mode on iOS 10.2 ? can you say how?

    • Mehmet Suat Yağlı
      Mehmet Suat Yağlı 5 years ago

      all right thanx

    • G Lonzo
      G Lonzo 5 years ago

      Mehmet Suat Yağlı not that I know of. I know that eclipse 4 is still in beta mode.

    • Mehmet Suat Yağlı
      Mehmet Suat Yağlı 5 years ago

      i download eclipse 4, but it does not work totally. Is there another tweaks about dark mode ?

    • G Lonzo
      G Lonzo 5 years ago +1

      Mehmet Suat Yağlı eclipse 4

  • alexis s
    alexis s 5 years ago

    How do I fix the error every time I try to install a tweak??

  • Clement Timothy Jude Horak

    thanks man this was great

  • An An
    An An 4 years ago

    good video 👍

  • Jovany Hernandez
    Jovany Hernandez 5 years ago

    Awesome tweaks! Any badge color changers that receive recent updates and aren't charging?

  • J-Funk
    J-Funk 5 years ago

    CCLowPowerMode is a great tweak. It's so quick and simple. The normal way takes longer.

  • Tim Karlsson
    Tim Karlsson 5 years ago

    What option was it to change the top left corner?

  • Matt Phillips
    Matt Phillips 5 years ago

    Anyone happen to know if Reflectrix (I think that's how it's spelled) works on iOS 10.2?

  • The Legend27
    The Legend27 5 years ago

    Is there a tweak for landscape mode on smaller devices

  • alwaystarving
    alwaystarving 5 years ago

    does the jailbreak work on 10.0.2?

  • AllenInventions
    AllenInventions 5 years ago +1

    How do you get night mode?

  • dominic lopez
    dominic lopez 5 years ago

    What is that slide tweak called? When you slide to the next page on the home screen that tweak

  • filmgeek17
    filmgeek17 5 years ago

    Great video!

  • Misfit Mods
    Misfit Mods 5 years ago +4

    I freaking love your vids

    • iReviews
      iReviews  5 years ago +6

      I freaking thank you so much

  • Marc Zephyr
    Marc Zephyr 5 years ago

    How did you managed to get Cream 2 to work with FlipControlCenter installed?

  • Zachary Bouchard
    Zachary Bouchard 5 years ago

    A tweak for remove the update pop up? And automatique update?

  • SuperBlob2019
    SuperBlob2019 5 years ago

    Does Peak and pop work, even though it says for iOS 9.3.4

  • Adam Zapata
    Adam Zapata 5 years ago

    what tool do we use for Iphone 7?

  • haim malka
    haim malka 5 years ago

    3:15 Minute
    Signal Icon How do you do this?

  • St Louis Eagles
    St Louis Eagles 5 years ago

    Hi Brother. Gravitation and do iOS 10 release available? And by the way, thanks for the videos. :)))) Wonderful narration great video. %100.

  • Dayno
    Dayno 5 years ago

    App admin isn't working for me. It just force quits out the App Store after I select a version to downgrade to :(

  • humberto lopez
    humberto lopez 5 years ago

    When you add a repo does it drain your battery?

  • Aws_azmaH
    Aws_azmaH 5 years ago +16

    I'm looking for tweaks that allows you to get free in app purchases and tweaks that gets you iphone 6s features on an iphone 6.

    • rr
      rr 5 years ago

      Thiz_Guy_Dope LocalIAPStore might help you

    • Victor Y
      Victor Y 5 years ago

      Hey can u get spotify

    • Big Boss
      Big Boss 5 years ago +1

      Ye but most of the time you need them coins only, and you don't need to worry about making fake receipts

    • Axis Aligned
      Axis Aligned 5 years ago

      Big Boss that has nothing to do with in app purchases

    • Big Boss
      Big Boss 5 years ago

      Gamegem, u modify the value(s)

  • qawzii
    qawzii 5 years ago +3

    i'm so happy to have a jailbreak again!!!!

  • Dominique Lewis
    Dominique Lewis 5 years ago +2

    Finally 🙏🏽👍🏾

  • LRealG089
    LRealG089 5 years ago

    I didnt used a jailbreak iphone since years but the most of the tweaks he reviewed are out there since 2012 and i hoped there would come out some new cool tweaks :/

  • Zeyad Mahmoud
    Zeyad Mahmoud 5 years ago

    Some tweaks i cant found like forceln picture and power tap and more

  • Quan Howze
    Quan Howze 5 years ago

    if i install the beta, can i update to the full when u releases ?

    • Kee Lynn
      Kee Lynn 5 years ago

      Quan Howze yes u can just delete yalu

    • ye ye
      ye ye 5 years ago

      Quan Howze that's my question.

  • Alpha Walker
    Alpha Walker 5 years ago

    Everytime I try to downgrade using app admin my app App Store crashes any fixes??

  • DOC
    DOC 5 years ago +1

    How about a list of the used tweaks?
    Bothers me more than it should to watch the entire video to see all of them

  • SwiftTheGent
    SwiftTheGent 5 years ago

    When I try to downgrade an app with AppAdmin the AppStore crashes. Any fix for this?

  • Darko Ivanovic
    Darko Ivanovic 5 years ago +1

    I tried it with my iPhone 7 running iOS 10.1.1 but it wont load cydia after i press GO it restarts but there is no cydia PLS HELP

  • Raymond Rogan
    Raymond Rogan 5 years ago

    How do I get In app purchases free? Thanks in advance!

    DOOMatiCOZONE 5 years ago

    how do i install tweaks?

  • Lil Leshy
    Lil Leshy 5 years ago

    Am i the only one that has everything working on my 7+ 10.1.1 but when i install tweaks, respring, and rejailbreak, the tweaks just do not show up in my settings. Not a single one, the only tweak I've yet to have is iCleaner, which is in app form. Other then that, nothing, please help

  • leo
    leo 5 years ago

    great video

  • AbdelMerciful Gaming
    AbdelMerciful Gaming 5 years ago

    How do you add a repo??

  • Jorge Ardila
    Jorge Ardila 5 years ago

    Which one is the tweak for downgrade apps version

  • Nathan Gates
    Nathan Gates 5 years ago

    What repo is ForcelnPicture under? Thanks

  • Silenced
    Silenced 5 years ago

    im looking for a tweak that moves the apps where i want them can someone help...??

  • Jaron
    Jaron 5 years ago +33

    yo put a list of the tweaks names in the description, i'm not gonna watch a 20 minute video to find one tweak i don't have, not worth my time

    • Liam Stout
      Liam Stout 5 years ago +5

      Everyone is in it for the money

    • Jaron
      Jaron 5 years ago

      fair enough, but you're saying you care more about the money than your community.

      SHEBELONG2THESTREETS 5 years ago +1

      Jaron Viss gotta get that ad revenue

  • nelson sagulo
    nelson sagulo 5 years ago

    all apps you mentioned i can not find or not exist in my cydia :(

  • Colton Hall
    Colton Hall 5 years ago

    which repo does app admin work from

  • Kaneki
    Kaneki 5 years ago

    Does it work with ios 10.0.1

  • Juan vanwyk1
    Juan vanwyk1 5 years ago +1

    I am on ios 10.1.1 and dont know how to jailbreak , can anyone help me

  • AbdelMerciful Gaming
    AbdelMerciful Gaming 5 years ago

    When you turn off your device dose the jailbreak tweaks stay ??

  • DAN2803
    DAN2803 5 years ago

    every time i try to downgrade an app the app store crashes how do i fix this

  • jT
    jT 5 years ago

    cydown is a must needed one
    it lets you download tweaks you need to pay for free

  • ohell gabs
    ohell gabs 5 years ago

    is there a tweak for an add blocker on apps?? im sure there is but i jus dont kno wut it is called? lol plz help ☺

  • hammyboi
    hammyboi 5 years ago

    thanks so much this is dope

  • Oktay Güven
    Oktay Güven 5 years ago +1

    do I need to go from iOS 10.1.1 to 10.2?

    • b1g glo
      b1g glo 5 years ago

      The website says 10 - 10.2 all iOS 10 except for 10.2.1 and 10.3

    • JakeMini123
      JakeMini123 5 years ago +1

      Oktay Güven Yes

    • Oktay Güven
      Oktay Güven 5 years ago

      ElectroGFX what sg?

    • nihadmzade
      nihadmzade 5 years ago

      Oktay Güven sg

  • Tutoriales JotaPe
    Tutoriales JotaPe 5 years ago

    Repo to imageboard? , forceinpicture? Saludos desde chile!! 🇨🇱

  • Trippel Thorsen
    Trippel Thorsen 5 years ago

    whats the animation that you use to scroll throug pages, is it in cylinder?

  • MrC6Dave
    MrC6Dave 5 years ago

    If you pause the video at 6:46, and 12:40. how did you get the old style signal bars in the top left of your phone?

  • Tony Fuentes
    Tony Fuentes 5 years ago

    How stable has the 10.1.1 JB been on your 7?

    • Sin
      Sin 5 years ago

      Tony Fuentes it has not been updated yet so is still very unstable

  • Shantam Arora
    Shantam Arora 5 years ago

    Guys can pls someone tell me if one can prevent certificate revocation by jailbreaking?
    Like i love downloading tweaked apps and games but they get revoked

  • Theo Blondel
    Theo Blondel 5 years ago

    I'm looking for a tweak that remove the app's name like he have at 17:05, I know there his HideLabels but it dont work for me :/ thanks

  • CoTy Y 🅥
    CoTy Y 🅥 5 years ago +1

    Can't find the "Cask" on cydia, great video btw

    • Fa ah sah
      Fa ah sah 5 years ago

      SacorKill get the repo first

  • Javier C
    Javier C 5 years ago

    Does anyone know the tweak to re-arrange the status bar?

    • Gieter20
      Gieter20 5 years ago

      Javier C i think its called zeppelin

  • hargefries
    hargefries 5 years ago

    I need help. Which tweak was is to delete apps by swiping up on the app instead of pressing it?

  • J’vous baise tous
    J’vous baise tous 5 years ago

    LowerPowerMode and CC Record don't work :'( can you help me please

  • jhonnyvisk
    jhonnyvisk 5 years ago

    Whats the repo for customCarrier?

  • Shiv Patel
    Shiv Patel 5 years ago

    I have the iPhone 7 running 10.1.1, should I update to 10.2.1

  • Asad Husain
    Asad Husain 5 years ago


  • Rehan
    Rehan 5 years ago

    I cant find the downgrade app tweak can somebody help me?

  • Malte Karlen
    Malte Karlen 5 years ago +1

    Not a single one of them worked on my jailbreaked iPad mini 2, iOS 10.2.

  • Nova Shadows
    Nova Shadows 5 years ago +1

    It said the source can't be found for the Cask tweak

  • Ivan singh
    Ivan singh 5 years ago

    is there any app to download TheXvid videos? other then saving it to the photo library? please help.

    • Hampus Lomander
      Hampus Lomander 5 years ago

      You can download any video without jb With youtube++