THE IMPOSSIBLE BRIDGE! (We Were Here Together #2 with Simon)

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
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  • I forgot my name
    I forgot my name Month ago


  • andersen141
    andersen141 Month ago +1

    how did they f up with 4 moves left like 3 times

  • Jean-Paul Strauss
    Jean-Paul Strauss Month ago

    Josh this hurts me to see you guys struggle on that star thing fml

  • lionel2504j
    lionel2504j Month ago

    My braincells hurt watching josh play this game omfg

  • MrReeK
    MrReeK Month ago

    The art style of this game reminds me of Firewatch (easily one of my favourite games). Its a shame this game hasn't attracted more attention from bigger TheXvidrs.

  • how to be the floor 101

    these are my favourite kind of vids, shame they get lowest views

  • Will Boyer
    Will Boyer Month ago +1

    Why are the most frustrating things to watch also the most fun?

  • Andrej Nikolov
    Andrej Nikolov Month ago +12

    Love it when Josh and Simon play together. They have awesome chemistry.

  • Dylan Redpath
    Dylan Redpath Month ago +5

    Wasn’t josh meant to be the smartest sidemen 😆

  • Sparky Kids
    Sparky Kids Month ago

    I want more how to minecraft

  • Zero Zero
    Zero Zero Month ago +4

    I love this game, just as much as the first and second time! Keep it up!

  • Keiran Hostead
    Keiran Hostead Month ago

    I know this doesnt have many views but please finish this series josh its fuckin ace

  • XiDark_PhoeniX
    XiDark_PhoeniX Month ago

    Upload these earlier please

  • Jake 777
    Jake 777 Month ago

    Came from simons video to hear the guys voice at the end but hes not in the video😂

  • Dragos Pahontu
    Dragos Pahontu Month ago +2

    13:00 man said planet with a ring around it.

    • Dragos Pahontu
      Dragos Pahontu Month ago

      @Lucy P I guess but blin that got me going.

    • Lucy P
      Lucy P Month ago

      he's not wrong tho?

  • Dragos Pahontu
    Dragos Pahontu Month ago +1

    this game is mad.

  • Adrian Gant
    Adrian Gant Month ago +2

    Never watched a video and got so angry and stressed at shouting at the answers 😂😂

  • YuvalB
    YuvalB Month ago +3

    Can you turn the background music down a bit?

  • Sam Willis
    Sam Willis Month ago +48

    I was screaming move the star for bare long

  • themaxluca
    themaxluca Month ago +1

    Josh is in Optic Sprat favourite bo4 reactions

  • Ben Roberts brown
    Ben Roberts brown Month ago +3

    Packed out today?

  • Juan Mossos
    Juan Mossos Month ago +2

    Another banger of a sleeping vid keep it up boys and I’ll be snoozing all day

  • Tyler Holzer
    Tyler Holzer Month ago +5

    I love this series, keep it up Josh!!

  • therealMeastro
    therealMeastro Month ago +48

    How the f dis josh make it past kindergarten

    • lacari0
      lacari0 Month ago

      The Gaming Shack He opted out of kindergarten and went to primary school to get a real education

    • The Gaming Shack
      The Gaming Shack Month ago +4

      therealMeastro because he is English

  • Dove
    Dove Month ago

    Legend has it that if zerkaa sees this he has a big penis bigger than jjs

  • God Usopp
    God Usopp Month ago

    Guess Minecraft is done then

  • DXS
    DXS Month ago +1

    How is joshes 17 minutes longer than Simons....

    • soccer nation 8
      soccer nation 8 Month ago

      simon doesn't record all of it

    • Peakbaggers
      Peakbaggers Month ago +3

      Because editing exists and Simon does more of it.

  • Prezinger 46
    Prezinger 46 Month ago +9

    Love these kind of videos, keep it up josh!!!👌🏽

  • AS
    AS Month ago

    Why would you cut parts out of a puzzle game? Even when you cut to your face cam it’s annoying. Please just upload the raw footage

    • AS
      AS Month ago

      danielacti I doubt they’d sit in discord together and not talk for 10 minutes, even if they’re looking up a solution. But fair enough if Josh wants to cut that out and reference it when they return because there’s no progression. But on the final puzzle, the board had no lines and then it suddenly just cut to like four long lines on the grid. We’ve no idea how that happened. It’s dangerous cutting puzzle games anyway because part of it is so the viewers can play along and try to figure it out for themselves. Cutting it can make the viewers lose track if they miss information.

    • danielacti
      danielacti Month ago

      @AS Still, if its 10 minutes of them not talking and/or looking up solutions, why would you want to watch that?

    • AS
      AS Month ago

      danielacti it would probably only be 10 more minutes

    • danielacti
      danielacti Month ago

      No. That would last forever

  • Jessica and leona Games

    Just wonted to say well done and thank you for all the work you do just to make fun vids for us to enjoy and keep up the grate work u Put into the Vids u make and best of luck with everything 💚💙💚💙💚

  • Aymane Elhaj
    Aymane Elhaj Month ago +1

    Where is Man of Medan ?

    • Aymane Elhaj
      Aymane Elhaj Month ago

      @Gavin Harris Wasnt Simon the one who did it ? I was waiting for Josh's version... Correct me if Im wrong

    • Gavin Harris
      Gavin Harris Month ago +1

      They finished the series mate

  • David Levett
    David Levett Month ago +3

    Im watching this one instead of simons ine because its longer

  • TexasStrong 88
    TexasStrong 88 Month ago +107

    Was about to ask about how to minecraft but then i remembered josh never finishes series 😂

    • creativedreams
      creativedreams Month ago +2

      he said a while ago that he stopped it because there isn't much content anymore

  • Steelers Gang
    Steelers Gang Month ago +1

    You can play this stupid game but quit minecraft....... wtf is wrong with you Josh? AT LEAST TELL VIK HE CAN HAVE YOUR STUFF FROM YOUR HOUSE and log back on to transfer your money to him... Like this so he sees or copy paste this message every where

  • Steelers Gang
    Steelers Gang Month ago +1

    You can play this stupid game but quit minecraft....... wtf is wrong with you Josh? AT LEAST TELL VIK HE CAN HAVE YOUR STUFF FROM YOUR HOUSE and log back on to transfer your money to him... Like this so he sees or copy paste this message every where

  • HunT Craft
    HunT Craft Month ago +30

    Its annoying finding the answer way before them and then Waiting for them to get it.

    • BritishManDan
      BritishManDan Month ago +1

      @HunT Craft you claimed you wait for them to find the answer suggesting you dont skip ahead 🧐

    • HunT Craft
      HunT Craft Month ago

      @BritishManDan Its bold of you to assume I don't do that already 🤔

    • BritishManDan
      BritishManDan Month ago

      Thats why i skip until they start making progress and getting close to the answer use your brain too pal

    • Ben
      Ben Month ago

      no one's forcing you to watch. you have your own brain and you chose to watch it.

    • luna
      luna Month ago +1

      I was looking for another comment like this 😂

  • Gaming With Mak
    Gaming With Mak Month ago

    *Future fortnite*

  • Leon Noble
    Leon Noble Month ago +3

    Josh please don’t stop this series I love it keep it up

  • Henry Webb
    Henry Webb Month ago +3

    I think sidemen and TGF should collab on sidemen Sunday

  • Tomislav Štimac
    Tomislav Štimac Month ago +10

    when is the next episode of packed out coming?

    • Emily B
      Emily B Month ago

      Google Account ??

    • Google Account
      Google Account Month ago

      Tomislav Štimac His fifa videos are a bit delayed because he’s around Joe too much

  • Luke
    Luke Month ago +1

    Green pizza

  • Bilal Aleem
    Bilal Aleem Month ago +1

    Should do sidemen pummel party

  • Insanemind
    Insanemind Month ago +3

    Too much brain power for me this game lol gz on 6 years 😎

  • The Bananasupreme5
    The Bananasupreme5 Month ago

    Wow I’m early

  • Jacob Tucker
    Jacob Tucker Month ago +2

    Love you keep up the good work

  • Declan Dowo
    Declan Dowo Month ago

    Mint vid👍

  • xMason_J
    xMason_J Month ago


  • PseudoBro
    PseudoBro Month ago

    Hi zerka

  • Meme.central
    Meme.central Month ago +2

    Make it a series by liking this comment😁😁

  • Meme.central
    Meme.central Month ago +3

    This should become a series

    • Meme.central
      Meme.central Month ago

      Blair McMillan no because josh gives up easily on series because of the amount of likes

    • Blair McMillan
      Blair McMillan Month ago +2

      It is a series

  • Connor Lynch
    Connor Lynch Month ago


  • That Guy
    That Guy Month ago +1

    Let me guess, josh and simon miss something obvious in this episode

  • rarkzy
    rarkzy Month ago +3

    Who else is a true fan of Zerkaa??
    👇🏼 _I am gifting my next 53 loyal subs_

  • abir intesar
    abir intesar Month ago +31

    Who else is waiting for Packed Out

  • Meme.central
    Meme.central Month ago +1


  • HadesM9 yt
    HadesM9 yt Month ago +7

    Miniminter uploaded his but waited to see yours 1st

    THORNEY Month ago +18

    Who else loves theses

  • Erik
    Erik Month ago


  • Marni Etn
    Marni Etn Month ago +2

    Who else is a true fan of ZerkaaPlays??👿


    _Btw I’m gifting my next 5 Activé Subš🌹_