Jojo Siwa Most Embarassing Moments Ever


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  • Kira Holemon
    Kira Holemon 53 minutes ago

    I don’t care for JoJo personally but I do think with time she could improve she is a public figure so she does need to be a bit more of what she says even though she’s a teenager. Sorry but by 15-16 we all generally know how to behave again there is time to grow. It’s not wrong to enjoy your childhood either but she does need to be careful with the hair cuz I lost a lot of my hair in the 7 years I cheered due to the ponytails so just yeah not hating just my opinion

  • Dagmara Wałczyk
    Dagmara Wałczyk 3 hours ago

    JoJo looks like a hamster when she's smiling

  • Rose Havrish
    Rose Havrish 3 hours ago

    She actually looks pretty

  • Camila Craft
    Camila Craft 3 hours ago

    TITUSS 2:20

  • B - Blox
    B - Blox 5 hours ago


  • Dominika Nagy
    Dominika Nagy 5 hours ago

    I don't like Jojo at all to be honest, but I feel like this video is too much :/

  • PROSPER Finances
    PROSPER Finances 6 hours ago

    I❤️love you jojo siwa

  • Hazel English
    Hazel English 7 hours ago +1

    At 6:39 they say Chicot instead of chick

  • Hope Allen
    Hope Allen 9 hours ago

    Oh my gosh im nine and hit puberty and jojo is fifteen like bruh her chest is sooo flat like im a curvy and im not even a teen so hows she fifteen with no tits like bro has puberty run away or something or is she a late comer again BRUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • nour0012
    nour0012 10 hours ago

    Why are people so mean to a child? Like Wtf just grow up people.

  • MehGirl
    MehGirl 13 hours ago

    Please remember she is a human and especially A KID - of course she is going to mess up

  • Archlynn Taytum
    Archlynn Taytum 13 hours ago

    People don’t be rude I mean jojo is still a human everyone makes mistakes 😊❤️

  • Karmah The GachaTuber
    Karmah The GachaTuber 14 hours ago

    Jojo sewia more like "im a big fuzzy wuzzy butt"sorry

  • Naomi Lewis
    Naomi Lewis 16 hours ago

    Jojo shake the haters off leave her alone she is awsome

  • Pegusus 4:20
    Pegusus 4:20 16 hours ago

    This video is pathetic, the dance moms shit she was a dang child. Praise the Lord I wasn't on a show at that age because I'd probably want to neck myself at this point. Not mention you have basically regurgitated all your info from different videos, no originality. You should make a video called my embarrassing life and how I talk shit about kids for a buck.


    *3 things wrong about Jojo.*
    1- Ego.. A lot of ego
    2-she's or was rude in dance moms
    3- her hairline doesn't exist

  • Yeolda •-•
    Yeolda •-• 18 hours ago

    Top 10 people who Eminem was afraid to diss lol

  • Oof Oof
    Oof Oof 19 hours ago

    Surprised this is only like 12 mins instead of 15yrs😂💀

  • Alex Eventing
    Alex Eventing 19 hours ago

    It’s worst then my dead great great great grandpa’s

  • Fluffy2016 Da Cut3 9u9
    Fluffy2016 Da Cut3 9u9 20 hours ago

    Hey guys its jojo and welcome to my TheXvid channel

  • Selah Woodard
    Selah Woodard 20 hours ago

    I don't like Jo Jo siwa

  • Charlotte Brady
    Charlotte Brady 21 hour ago

    Perfect timing hahaha

  • Lydia Opgaard
    Lydia Opgaard 22 hours ago

    I wish I could actually watch the video without it getting interrupted by ads constantly

  • Infamous_ HarleyQuinn

    Shes FUCKING annoying

  • Infamous_ HarleyQuinn

    My opinion

  • Awkward Weirdos
    Awkward Weirdos Day ago

    Do you think that Jojo has brain damage from her hairline?

  • Elsie Patchett
    Elsie Patchett Day ago

    No you little shit bag my coson is jojo siwa 😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Sinna
    Sinna Day ago

    0:01 your logo liika like Tseries logo

  • Princess Alanya’s World

    I’m gonna tell her this!!!

  • gacha Lily
    gacha Lily Day ago

    ACTUALLY jojo made a video and she said the weird intro your talking about, and then after she told us what she said

    I forgot what the video was called

  • G Game!
    G Game! Day ago +2

    JoJo ain’t sweet 2:47

    She is kinda a brat (like if you agree I never get likes)!

  • Weronika i Ola Stachowiak

    I just think that she just wants to be herself and I am fine with that even though she was quite rude on Dance Moms, JoJo learnt her lesson and I think she came a long way

  • Std
    Std Day ago

    After the first one I will always hate her

  • Trenice Mclemor
    Trenice Mclemor Day ago

    If I was her friend her hair would look waaaaaaaaayyyyy better

  • Angel White
    Angel White Day ago

    What do I think of JoJo JoJo the wondergirl JoJo the wonderful .I will leave it there...

  • Kiera Kasper
    Kiera Kasper Day ago

    I really hate Jojo😡


    Jojo sucks.😜

    Come at me jojo fans.😁

  • Angélica Cáceres

    So.. grown ass adults pointing out 15 year old girl's embarrassing moments, most of which happened back when she was a kid..?
    It seems to me they are the ones that should be embarrassed. Ironic.

  • goochie water
    goochie water Day ago +1

    Don’t come at me but I don’t hate Jojo. She does dress and act childish, which is pretty weird. And her hairline is.. umm. But over all she is a nice person and a good role model to younger kids.

  • Sumayyah piper
    Sumayyah piper Day ago

    What up its Jojo juice gibberish gibberish Hindi korean mellamo Jojo soy muy. Muyloco

  • Kayden Smith
    Kayden Smith Day ago

    First she is wearing sports bras and crop tops being rude and dramatic then she goes to 15 years old and dresses like a freaking toddler wth🙄

  • dreams &disasters
    dreams &disasters Day ago +1

    I saw the vid about the dad accident thing and at the end I was like..... That little b*tch

  • Daisy Leigh
    Daisy Leigh Day ago

    You bitch shut up she has a life you must have a weird hair line

  • Orange Wolfbut
    Orange Wolfbut Day ago

    Jono has frends

  • chubb Wingate
    chubb Wingate Day ago

    Why is Jojo getting upset embarassing?I

  • fixy
    fixy Day ago

    i don’t hate her 🤷‍♀️ she is a sweet girl 💓

  • Maia Laing
    Maia Laing Day ago

    Her intro says:
    Ayo you guys good morning to every single siwanator in this entire little baby world! How’s it going today guys? Good? So glad to hear that!

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  • Morgan Kirby
    Morgan Kirby Day ago

    I can always understand what Jo Jo says in her intros 🤔

  • Jasmine H
    Jasmine H 2 days ago

    Hilarious 😂

  • Ebr Brjean
    Ebr Brjean 2 days ago +1

    Bye hairline , hello baldness

  • Deborah Thompson
    Deborah Thompson 2 days ago

    it sounds like jojo's intro is saying goodmorningtoeverysinglestudentoutthere!!! wtf

  • Holly Garza
    Holly Garza 2 days ago


  • GRACE Google
    GRACE Google 2 days ago

    I think she is spoilt and cheekie

    EJAYPE - GAMING 2 days ago

    I thought The Intro Logo Was T-Series All Because That Its T And Red

  • Alex does art
    Alex does art 2 days ago

    Jojo gonna be looking like god damn Bob Duncan by the time shes 20

  • Bindi Leech
    Bindi Leech 2 days ago

    This video is wrong. I’m not a fan of jojo, but you’re encouraging people to be unkind to her by saying all the things she’s “done wrong” - she’s just a kid!!! You should a ashamed that you’re making money by making fun of a young girl.

  • Aransiola Damola
    Aransiola Damola 2 days ago

    Y'all niggas can make fun of the girls hairline and publicly shame her all you want....Fact of the matter is that girl is out there living her life and making a name for herself. What have you done?! Maybe If being your parents *biggest* regret and disappointment is an achievement 🙄 then yess. That so called cringy 16 year old has a net worth of 8 million. She has her freaking own brand of bows and dolls. Worked with Nickelodeon, girl gat a new convertible with her face painted on it last Christmas!! And virtually has her own book, "Jojo's routine." Should I go on.....Try to understand that she's just a kid and probably doesn't know any better. You fully grown ass adults out there trolling and anyone else hating on that *kid's role model* should be ashamed of themselves, Idiots!😌

  • Lisa Walter
    Lisa Walter 2 days ago

    Omg she's getting bald

  • Taylor B.
    Taylor B. 2 days ago

    Never hated anyone as much as this twerp, even her name is annoying.

  • Saphie Diamond
    Saphie Diamond 2 days ago

    BrAd MoNdO

  • Leilani Utupo
    Leilani Utupo 2 days ago

    Not gonna lie JoJo is hella cringey and has a messed up hairline but at least shes not like other teenagers these days who be losing their virginity at 13 or 14 and be smoking weed👀

  • McKayla Doyle
    McKayla Doyle 2 days ago

    in the jojo vs kenzie moment i always thought if that was me i wouldn’t have done that😂✋😤

  • Layla Sills
    Layla Sills 2 days ago

    i don’t like her

  • XxGachaCupcakexX _
    XxGachaCupcakexX _ 2 days ago

    You forget the rest of her social life

  • Katy Garcia
    Katy Garcia 2 days ago

    8:56 she was saying thank you for being complemented not for someone calling Danielle a bad influence. I don’t think she did anything wrong.

  • Allie K Toys
    Allie K Toys 2 days ago

    I HATE Jojo siwa ☹️🧐😡

  • ROBLOX Gril gamer
    ROBLOX Gril gamer 2 days ago


  • TheCandyStarlight
    TheCandyStarlight 2 days ago

    I think I'm gay

  • Izzy Izzy
    Izzy Izzy 2 days ago +7

    4:28 " *Almost* everyday. "

    Are you sure about that? Because I think it's *everyday*

  • RosieLPS Star
    RosieLPS Star 2 days ago

    I mean uuh *she must be embarrassed by her hairline...*

  • xEtherealWings
    xEtherealWings 2 days ago +1

    She's a kid guys, a kid in the famous world. These kids are exposed and wear skimpy outfits and are trained to be competitive, and with all the stress and drama going on, it's just not healthy for them. Stop continuing the drama by being hurtful to her. I don't even follow this sort of thing, but I came across this video and it's just a bit much tbh.

    • Glor¡a Green
      Glor¡a Green 2 days ago

      you're mostly right, but she's almost 16, not that much of a kid anymore, and she's kind of a brat

  • Suvidhi Anand
    Suvidhi Anand 2 days ago

    Wait jojo is from Canada 🤢🤧

    ELLA OLERICH 2 days ago

    In a video Jojo said what her intro is

  • Paige ThePage
    Paige ThePage 2 days ago

    JoJo sucks ha

  • Pointless Kid
    Pointless Kid 2 days ago

    She is just a KID

  • Dantdm Dantdm
    Dantdm Dantdm 2 days ago

    The intro says hey guys welcome back to a random jo jo video

  • Bridget Eljiah
    Bridget Eljiah 2 days ago

    Dance moms was not a fan of her i kinda hate her but i thought id just say it

  • tealcoholic.
    tealcoholic. 2 days ago

    0:21 please don't subscribe to t-series

  • • Morningleaf •
    • Morningleaf • 2 days ago

    Her hair is like being slowly pulled out.... 0-0 ow

  • Nadija and katya Daly
    Nadija and katya Daly 3 days ago +1

    WTF she is sooo rude😡😡😡

  • Grace H
    Grace H 3 days ago

    I tried to watch one but she just made me think of mega mind so I watched that instead hahahahaha

  • Caroline Childers
    Caroline Childers 3 days ago

    My nieces look up to her, shes adorable

  • Jessica Moniz
    Jessica Moniz 3 days ago +4

    Jojo’s intro is: hey guys how’s it going to every single siwanator in this entire small little planet!! How you doing guys?? Good!!! So glad to here!!!

    • Rain
      Rain Day ago +1


  • Møchii
    Møchii 3 days ago

    0:58 I heard that studded

  • London Alexander
    London Alexander 3 days ago

    no jojo suck as heckkkk

  • Attaya Tru
    Attaya Tru 3 days ago

    Jojo can you at least lwave yoyr hair down for a week

  • Mollies vlogs
    Mollies vlogs 3 days ago

    She looks and talks and ACTS like a 2 yr old

  • Capella N
    Capella N 3 days ago

    Haha do you guys remember when she had a hairline?

  • Sarah Dewrock
    Sarah Dewrock 3 days ago

    I mean she's a little sassy but hey no need to be mean ok

  • MAswager12345677
    MAswager12345677 3 days ago +3

    Smh, she ain't gon be MJ anytime soon ,because dem dance moves be nothing but cringe.

  • Ava Woodman
    Ava Woodman 3 days ago

    I absolutely hate jo jo

  • galaxy kitty AJ
    galaxy kitty AJ 3 days ago

    I hate Jojo siwa she's such a idiot and does it for the money!

  • Bubble Kitten
    Bubble Kitten 3 days ago


  • Aoife Killeen
    Aoife Killeen 3 days ago

    Abbey screams at every one for nothing

  • Yasmine Aziz
    Yasmine Aziz 3 days ago

    The time is 20:18

  • steph baybiie
    steph baybiie 3 days ago

    The difference between JoJo and Danielle is genetics and location really. I grew up with a buncha jojos but ended up going the opposite way. Thats just life

  • xtaekooksexual
    xtaekooksexual 4 days ago

    her life is the most embarassing

  • Jenil Bell
    Jenil Bell 4 days ago

    You are not nice

  • Cоолspiкеs117
    Cоолspiкеs117 4 days ago

    She sucks :P