Kate Middleton and Prince William Jet Off To Private Island For Prince George's Birthday

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • Kate Middleton, Prince William and their three kiddos are jetting off for a tropical vacay! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are taking a break from their royal duties to have some fun in the sun on the Caribbean island of Mustique. The family will also celebrate Prince George's sixth birthday while on their summer vacay. A royal insider told The Sun that the fancy island is, “incredibly private” which makes it the perfect getaway for Kate and William. The Duke and Duchess took a trip to the tropical destination last year as well.
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Comments • 624

  • Shaka Khan
    Shaka Khan Month ago

    Dung and Dungass preCambrian REALLY NEED AND DESERVE their vacation. All that handdhaking, smiling and laughing....SUCH HARD WORK!!!!????
    WHAT????!! So what does that make everyone who stood in line for hours (often freezing their arses off) shook hands back and smiled back. Is that not considered work too? Should the crowds not be compensated for their end of the "work??

  • Meg megie
    Meg megie Month ago

    If it was Meghan and Harry, oh my goodness, the endless negativity.

  • doll maleficent
    doll maleficent Month ago

    royal duty all she does is fake smile shake hands sucking wills cock taking it in the ass have welfare kids who cares

  • Laura Ragazzi
    Laura Ragazzi Month ago +2

    Happy birthday to prince George

  • Fay Jones
    Fay Jones Month ago +2

    Have a good holiday away from the nutters ..

  • Safa Safa
    Safa Safa Month ago

    They will get the Merkel treatment. innit?

  • Leyla Me
    Leyla Me Month ago

    OMG! What happened to Kate's face? How old is she? 50?

  • Anna Maria Natale
    Anna Maria Natale Month ago

    questi due hanno sorrisi cavallini.

  • Myrna Gaskill
    Myrna Gaskill Month ago +2


    • Nondumiso Voyi
      Nondumiso Voyi Month ago

      @Myrna Who cares about your dislikes. She's not married to you 😃😃😃

  • LiliSimon
    LiliSimon Month ago

    I thought they couldn't all fly on the same plane at the same time

  • Koltaj Gliev
    Koltaj Gliev Month ago +4

    Lovely, we all feel genuine love with this beautiful family. William and Kate's openness and simplicity are what makes people love them

  • James Lamont
    James Lamont Month ago

    Camila the QUEEN .🙈🙊😞😭😭😭😭😭😭it just can't happend
    William and Harry will be devasted it!!!!!!

  • Dawn Brackemyer
    Dawn Brackemyer Month ago +11

    William and Kate have followed the rules. They have allowed the media and the world to see their babies on the steps of the hospital. They don't have scandal after scandal with Kate's family. They don't yell privacy all of the time. The public gets to see their children playing, going to school, traveling, meeting people. Kate is frugal and recycles her cloths. You see her in the same outfits more than 2 or more times. Most importantly William will be King and Kate Queen. Harry and Meghan are Junior Royals. Much less important. The people tend to forget this fact. Harry and Meghan want to do things their way. The none Royal way. Against protocol. They must know people are not going to like this. Their fans get ugly defending them. Just like those who dislike them. Harry and Meghan made their choices. Now they have to live with them. William and Kate have been working for the Royal Family for 8 years. They have generated a lot of money. Meghan and Harry definitely could not have made near what the Cambridges have. If people would just think before speaking. William and Kate are given a budget. Their money comes from Prince Charles and the Dutchy. Not the Queen and the taxes. Most of that goes to upkeep on the buildings and herself. A very small portion goes to specific members of the family.

    • Jane Locke
      Jane Locke 13 days ago

      Yaa Boama I believe the Duchess of Cambridge was on maternity leave in 2018.

    • Anne DeWitt
      Anne DeWitt 25 days ago

      Prince William and Catherine’s children are royal children and the Cambridges are obligated to march their children in front of royal reporters because William is going to be King, as is George. Archie Harrison is a private citizen, and no one has a right, real or moral, to put their nose into his business. Don’t start on taxpayer money-the taxpayer money is actually $$ earned by the Crown Estates (and the wages paid to those who work on all Crown things to bring the money in get paid by the Crown Estate revenues). The Crown Estates give all money to the government’s treasury and the treasury, in turn, gives the Queen a yearly sovereign grant. I’m talking souvenirs, pictures, tours of all the castles, anything and everything about all the Queen manages, except the property she privately owns. The Crown Estate’s earnings outweigh what the Treasury gives the Queen mightily. To be clear, this year, and several years going forward, the Queen will receive more. The reason for this is because $$ is to be spent on the repairs and renovations to Buckingham Palace, which you own part of, and people continually pay $$ to tour it, attend exhibitions, etc. No reporters, news shows or private individuals have rights to Archie.

    • Nicole London
      Nicole London Month ago +2

      Not that Kate was on maternity leave for 6 months in 2018. Of "THE FAB FOUR", Prince William was the busiest.

    • Yaa Boama
      Yaa Boama Month ago

      Around the Royal Wedding, all of the major designers who contributed to Meghan's looks saw a massive increase in their search traffic, per Elle UK. Stella McCartney, responsible for Meghan's much-gushed-over reception gown, saw a 3,000 percent increase in searched for their dresses, while Givenchy, who designed the custom wedding dress, saw their search increase 61 percent.
      Of course, it's not just Meghan's wedding looks that have inspired frenzy online hunts; a crossbody bag she carried on several occasions sold out, leading to a 3,000 person wait list.

    • Yaa Boama
      Yaa Boama Month ago

      Overall 2018 royal rankings, by total number of engagements:
      Prince Charles
      Princess Anne
      Prince Edward
      Prince Andrew
      Queen Elizabeth II
      Sophie, Countess of Wessex
      Duke of Gloucester
      Prince William
      Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
      Prince Harry
      Duke of Kent
      Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
      Duchess of Gloucester
      Kate, Duchess of Cambridge
      Princess Alexandra of Kent

  • Miffy
    Miffy Month ago +1

    I am quite sad that Kate Middleton nowadays seldom wears skirts or dresses that show off her long toned legs,it might be due to her accidental marilyn manroe moment a few years back while visiting overseas

  • Mary Rickles
    Mary Rickles Month ago +5

    Good for them 💕💕

  • Isabel Martins
    Isabel Martins Month ago +3

    lovely couple

  • Alexandra Cuco
    Alexandra Cuco Month ago +1

    All the God blesses for my i ask to GOD peace, help to Russian Federation, health, fire, air, water,land.... all monarchies in worl help me please......

  • Alexandra Cuco
    Alexandra Cuco Month ago +1

    the best to Prince George and to all family....

  • LOWE sonia
    LOWE sonia Month ago +5

    Wish you all a lovely holiday .

  • Mishti Juno
    Mishti Juno Month ago +3

    Happy birthday Prince George! Hope they have a great holiday. God bless this family

  • kathleen shepherd
    kathleen shepherd Month ago +2

    Lucky him, and he’s six, there’s more money wasted, why not a party at home like those who pay for this,

  • Triple Threat Girls
    Triple Threat Girls Month ago +3

    Happy birthday George
    Your 6 now
    The world wishes you a good day

  • Alexandra Cuco
    Alexandra Cuco Month ago

    Happy birthday…...the peace win in world….

  • I & J Lopez Zavala
    I & J Lopez Zavala Month ago +2

    What a beautiful family. I love to seem them all out together. I love the fact that these Royals share pics of their children.

  • Emma Leitch
    Emma Leitch Month ago +6

    They deserve a holiday, love and best wishes to the Royal Cambridge Family.

  • Christine Bergseth
    Christine Bergseth Month ago +9

    William Kate 💕 love 💗👍🥰💐💫✨🌺🤴👸🌹🌷❤️👍🇨🇦🇨🇦👍

  • Cynthia Burrus
    Cynthia Burrus Month ago +2

    Just an observation here. Every photo I see of Kate and William together shows a personal connection which would be enviable for any married couple. There is no "sliding of the eyes" all over their faces. You know what I mean as we see exactly those "sliding eyes" between another royal couple when they are in the public. Its meaning is clear and so easy to read. Their eyes not only reinforce what is being said it is clearly honest as evidenced by direct and unapologetic eye contact in delivery. They don't look furtively at one another as if to get permission to say...anything. They KNOW that whatever each says, it will be acceptable to the other person because they KNOW HONESTY is what is expected between them. In the early years of Charles' and Diana's engagement and subsequent marriage, EVERY QUESTION CAUSED DIANA TO SEARCH CHARLES FACE TO SEE IF WHAT SHE HAD SAID OR WAS ABOUT TO SAY, WAS "ACCEPTABLE TO CHARLES". That shows a complete lack of trust between the two. It doesn't matter WHO the couple is, If you are engaging in a "Dance to Please" your partner you are involved in a relationship built on sand. If you cannot express yourself openly in the company of others, your ultimate success as a couple is impossible. When William and Catherine look at one another's faces during a verbal exchange, they actually REINFORCE one another's words. Their eyes smile. In so doing, they once again are in the moment being referred to and are already laughing internally and are looking forward to seeing their spouses reliving the moment they are talking about in exactly the same way. There is Joy in being in one another's presence. They feel comfortable in knowing their spouse is not only happy but that they are HAPPY IN THIS RELATIONSHIP. You WILL NEVER SEE THIS IN A SHAKEY RELATIONSHIP. It IS NOT about their agreeing about Everything they say. It is about Trust, Joy, Remembering and living their lives openly with one another. When you see one partner frequently "tease" the other about a personal behavior...they "ARE NOT TEASING". THEY ARE DEMEANING. When a couple naturally look into their partners eyes when they retell an event, they are reaffirming that love and joy are at the center of their relationship. It is not a physical response it is an emotional one. They don't feel the need to behave in a way that other people will believe, "Oh, isn't that romantic". They can be in any environment and behave just as they feel...they are a Couple and carrying it even further, they are BEST FRIENDS.

    • Nicole London
      Nicole London Month ago +1

      @Leyla Me Everyone knows that story of William's affair was nothing but FAKE RUMOURS. Please change the record as this is getting REALLY OLD and boring! And yes, William and Kate love each other very much. You are just a jealous MM troll who BTW left another comment before this one saying she is old, etc.

    • Leyla Me
      Leyla Me Month ago +1

      ¢ynthia Burus. You are trying to convince yoruself. William hardly glance at Kate. What are you trying to tell people? But we never forget that there is oen beautiful lady called Rose Hanburry! William knows it! LOL You cant convince people, my dear, with your long comments! LOL

    • Donate Schul
      Donate Schul Month ago

      The Schow must go on stupid Stupid People in the World and UK

    • Lauralei Cathell
      Lauralei Cathell Month ago +1

      Very true!

  • Toina Nwachuku
    Toina Nwachuku Month ago +5

    A holiday from what?...every day is an holiday for these useless bums.....

    • Donate Schul
      Donate Schul Month ago

      Kate Middelton Parents and Sister Pippa Matthew and Hedgefond Matthew and her Son = Mustique 😂😂😂😂komplett Taxpayer from UK working Peoples?

  • Toina Nwachuku
    Toina Nwachuku Month ago

    The so called royals..nothing more than welfare recipients.....living off the people.....isn't that what welfare recipients do?......they keep having kids, that the people taxes are paying for.

  • Yasmine
    Yasmine Month ago

    Royal duties???? Big chores !!!!

    • Yasmine
      Yasmine Month ago

      Nicole London Thank god!!!!

  • Andra Thomas
    Andra Thomas Month ago +1

    Welcome to our island of st Vincent

  • nobody's fool
    nobody's fool Month ago +3

    That sounds like so much fun!! Happy birthday to Prince George!!

    BING HELLWAGNER Month ago +4


  • Sonia Sali
    Sonia Sali Month ago +4

    Happy birthday Prince George❤👏👏🎉🎉🎁

  • Catherine Eckstein
    Catherine Eckstein Month ago +6

    Here’s hoping they have ‘privacy’ from you know who🙄

  • 전정순
    전정순 Month ago


  • dani MarieBernadette D'Angelo

    Happy Birthday # 6 y 🎂 🎈 🎁💂😍😍😍😍 to adorable Prince George. Have a fun day and build many happy memories. You are my favorite Royals.

  • dani MarieBernadette D'Angelo

    I love the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge...They are so classy... and I want them to have an amazing vacay. I can only imagine that they need a little R & R after dealing with the Sussex's.

    • Toina Nwachuku
      Toina Nwachuku Month ago +2

      Carol Amsterdam the fact that you used that tacky word classy....shows that you are not..

    • Alexandria Taylor
      Alexandria Taylor Month ago +3

      so true. Me Gain wouldn't want to go there anyway as there will be no cameras focused on her lol

    • Carol Amsterdam
      Carol Amsterdam Month ago +5

      They dont deal with the Susseses. The Sussexs are an independent family. They don't even live close by so cut the crap. They can be on permanent vacation no one will miss them not even the media.

  • Susan Metz
    Susan Metz Month ago +5

    I sincerely hope they have a lovely vacation. Happy Birthday Prince George!

  • Gina Mir
    Gina Mir Month ago +14

    Thats how they live on taxpayers money . crazy

    • Nicole London
      Nicole London Month ago +2

      Holidays are NOT funded by taxpayers.

    • James Lamont
      James Lamont Month ago +1

      I hope the queen last for ever lol,,,

  • Mariam Ibrahimi
    Mariam Ibrahimi Month ago +3

    Happy birthday prince George🎁💂

    MARIE LOUISSAINT Month ago +1

    Good for them

  • Myrna Gaskill
    Myrna Gaskill Month ago +2

    I agree!!

  • Myrna Gaskill
    Myrna Gaskill Month ago +1

    You don’t make any sense!

  • fabulous 123
    fabulous 123 Month ago +6

    Using taxpayer's money but that's OK of course! The sheer hypocrisy .....!!

    • Nondumiso Voyi
      Nondumiso Voyi Month ago

      @Nicole London you keep on repeating yourself 😃😃😃

    • fabulous 123
      fabulous 123 Month ago +2

      @Nicole London defends the lazy scroungers.....aww bless!! It's not taxpayer's money when it suits! Grow up.....we know it is!

    • fabulous 123
      fabulous 123 Month ago +3

      @UCW5jrzl0sEPE35O984GNiyQ oh yes they are!
      It would be 'taxpayer's money' if it were the other two; however, this time it's 'private money....!!'
      Yeah right!
      Let's have some consistency please ...!

  • Jane Veigas
    Jane Veigas Month ago +3


  • Natany Mariano
    Natany Mariano Month ago +4

    Hi Princ George. Felicity.God Bless you

  • Alexis Butler
    Alexis Butler Month ago +4

    Happy Birthday Prince George! The Cambridges are a lovely family. 🇺🇸🎈🎂

  • tuutts39
    tuutts39 Month ago +6

    Now who’s acting like HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITIES?
    How much will their selfish family vacation cost the British taxpayers this time?
    And WHY are they being allowed to BREAK AND DISREGARD “ROYAL PROTOCOL?
    They’re disrespecting the Queen and the burdened British taxpayers again.
    Why can’t they have privacy at one of the official Royal Residences?
    They go on countless vacations every year and only make a few appearances in designer clothes just a few times a year.
    Kate has NEVER HAD A JOB IN HER ENTIRE LIFE. She has never earned one single Pound! NEVER!
    Will William be sneaking along his favorite “Turnip Toff” girlfriend that he’s admitted to having private and secret dinners with whilst their spouses we unaware?
    Any chance we’ll get any photos of her at George’s birthday bash?
    Maybe she’ll gift him with another sibling.
    (If this sort of viscous abuse is appropriate for Meghan, then it’s appropriate for Katherine too)
    I’m just saying ..........

    • Nondumiso Voyi
      Nondumiso Voyi Month ago +1

      @Ss Neuro Exactly 👎👎👎Double standards

    • Ss Neuro
      Ss Neuro Month ago +4

      Nicole London are you the Cambridge/Middleton PR person? You are posting the same nonsense on every comment. You people are hypocrites, which is why people on here are calling you all out. It is ok for them, but not for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Double standard much👎👎🤮

    • t s
      t s Month ago +1

      Meghan go away

    • t s
      t s Month ago +1

      Not as much as Meghan's clothes and housing

  • Carol Wilkins
    Carol Wilkins Month ago +12

    One of the late Princess Margaret's favourite holiday destinations

  • Kátia Siqueira
    Kátia Siqueira Month ago

    Linda família

  • Elaine Taylor
    Elaine Taylor Month ago +8

    You all need to go find something to do like CLEANING YOUR HOUSE OR APT, TAKE A SHOWER, I bet some of you didn't even brush your teeth yet, COOK A MEAL, TAKE YOUR KIDS OR GRANDKIDS TO A PARK OR MOVIE. do something instead of on social media fighting over folks WHO DONT KNOW ANY OF YOU EXIST OR EVEN CARE IF YOU DO, Duchess Meghan is doing just fine, whatever she did before don't matter what matter is Prince Henry loves her, she is the mother of his son. so all of you LOWLIFE MAGGOTS who think getting on social media and showing your NASTY STINKING ASS is going to make a difference it's not. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex not giving all you RODENTS access to their lives and child so that you all can come on social media and BASH them more that you all are already doing is sure driving you all INSANE. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU ALL WANT ACCESS TO SOMEONE YOU ALL HATE?????

    • sweet peaches
      sweet peaches Month ago

      @Shirley Brown so no gutter level is too deep for you to dive? Good to know - guess thats why you concern yourself with bathing habits.

    • Shirley Brown
      Shirley Brown Month ago

      @sweet peaches then again when trolls are trolling Duthess Meghan they almost always bring Kate and William in the conversation.

    • Shirley Brown
      Shirley Brown Month ago +1

      @sweet peaches thats because u all always bitching about Harry and Meghan living off the taxpayers. Who fits the bill for William and Kate and their children?

    • sweet peaches
      sweet peaches Month ago

      This video was regarding Prince William and his wife and children's vacation. I can't imagine how you got confused and posted nastiness toward folks discussing MMs in-laws vacation. Nothing in this video was about anything to do with MM who showered, changed clothes or brushed their teeth. But if your interested I've been up since 4:00 am. And very busy since then. I'm still outside the cancer ICU wing of a pediatric hospital. So when's the last time you volunteered to help babies with cancer? I only ask since you seem so interested that everyone is cared for adequately. You know there are babies here who never get a visit the entire time they are here because their families are too far away. I just lay under the babies if it is medically safe for them. You see I'm old and don't walk very well but my heart beat is suppose to help them and I crochet blankets over them. But I own and live with dogs so even though I shower before I leave the house and after I get to the babies -- I'm still to dirty for some of the SIck babies -- so make sure you are more careful with your definition of clean -- you are easily too dirty to be near these babies unless you've washed head to toe at least 2 times and wear scrubs around them.

  • Ellie Seddigh
    Ellie Seddigh Month ago +13

    Wish the Cambridge's safe journey ,hope the lovely George has suit fan birthday ,also hope that the media let them have bit of family time in private ,they too deserve some privacy x

  • millsmoore24
    millsmoore24 Month ago +6

    Sick of the sight of them. Greed. All I see is greed and deception. Mrs Middleton is actually an MTF. They didn't tell you this. This is a complete breach of trust. The public has the right to know who they are dealing with. But then secret societies operate in secret. Transparency isn't high on the agenda of a freemason. My father is one. I know who I am talking about.

  • Janet Porteous
    Janet Porteous Month ago +4

    Now they are doing there son birthday privet smh now what are they going to say 🤔🤔🤔

  • Veronica Wake
    Veronica Wake Month ago +12

    Happy Birthday Prince George 6 all ready your growing into really young man, hope you have lots of fun celebrating your Birthday with mummy & Daddy, your sister Princess Charlotte & baby brother Prince Louis. Happy Birthday young man.

    • Margaret Osasere
      Margaret Osasere Month ago +1

      @Cynthia Burrus

    • Cynthia Burrus
      Cynthia Burrus Month ago

      They are a beautiful family inside and out.

  • Susan Clarke
    Susan Clarke Month ago +2

    Seems the staff one Mustique are more discreet than their own staff

  • Delores Simms
    Delores Simms Month ago +4


    • Nondumiso Voyi
      Nondumiso Voyi Month ago

      @kay brown True

    • Nondumiso Voyi
      Nondumiso Voyi Month ago

      @Dolores. Are you for real 🤣🤣🤣🤣?

    • LOWE sonia
      LOWE sonia Month ago +1


    • Donate Schul
      Donate Schul Month ago

      @Carol Amsterdam she have Nanny , all inclusive. She sitting for 3Weeks in the Karibik Beach ..Hard working Peoples 😂😂😂. In Leeds playing the kids of the Streets. No Nanny , Mami is working. What is that?

    • Alexandria Taylor
      Alexandria Taylor Month ago

      @Delores Simms why do you keep SHOUTING???? lol

  • Lazy Yukine
    Lazy Yukine Month ago +3

    I love her how me and Prince George share the same birthday 😍😍 Happy birthday little Prince 😘👑 💕

    • Lazy Yukine
      Lazy Yukine Month ago

      @Mary Johnson Thank you 😃

    • Lazy Yukine
      Lazy Yukine Month ago +1

      @Susan Metz Thank you

    • Susan Metz
      Susan Metz Month ago +1

      Yukine shiiz . And....happy birthday to you!

  • Vivienne Tait
    Vivienne Tait Month ago +1

    Going by yesterday’s video and comments it’s no wonder that you are judged by putting out false reports!! You totally make it up as you go along, shame on you!!