Will This Catfish Pull Off the Ultimate Fake Out? | Singled Out | MTV


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  • MTV
    MTV  6 days ago +35

    Find all the episodes of Singled Out here... goo.gl/YfB2hu

  • Unicorns Adventures
    Unicorns Adventures 8 hours ago

    😂🤣LoL love this show I

  • Ariel_ xoxo
    Ariel_ xoxo 9 hours ago

    They always choose the url

  • Future X Nightcore
    Future X Nightcore 9 hours ago

    It’s so fake how do they always end up with exactly 3 on each side every time that’s literally impossible

  • GG RyanWana
    GG RyanWana 11 hours ago

    Omg catfish

  • Faith Thompson
    Faith Thompson 13 hours ago

    my name is Faith too!!!!

  • CaillouPlays !
    CaillouPlays ! 13 hours ago

    Did y'all know all urls are cat fish's😂

  • Kaytone Man
    Kaytone Man 13 hours ago

    My boy kwasi, I want another ayto with the season 7 cast again or any show

  • Weird -o
    Weird -o 15 hours ago

    Im shook😂

  • StefieReacts BB
    StefieReacts BB 17 hours ago

    Brianna looking hot irl

  • Anna Polly
    Anna Polly 17 hours ago


  • Mac Dawg
    Mac Dawg 22 hours ago

    5:05 number 1 can’t draw all I see is a stick figure I’m dead bro

  • Nyny Nyny
    Nyny Nyny Day ago +1

    He should have just choose the first girl 😂😂

  • kitty meow meow
    kitty meow meow Day ago

    Faith was tall tho

  • Mk Lashae
    Mk Lashae Day ago

    That what his ass get pixking that lightskin over that beautiful balck chikx

  • 70 subscriber with no Video?

    My dude looking like Sid the sloth

  • EchoFoox 2018
    EchoFoox 2018 Day ago


  • EchoFoox 2018
    EchoFoox 2018 Day ago

    I was screaming faith the hole time in my head I didn’t get to the end yet so let’s see 😆

  • Dr Sp00py
    Dr Sp00py Day ago

    The pic of brianna was easy to tell it wasnt a legit picture she took, its just some stock image cuz u can see it just got a white background

  • EatMyRpgBoo _
    EatMyRpgBoo _ Day ago

    5:37 you can see number 1 whispering into his ear😂😂

  • Izzy Mazz
    Izzy Mazz Day ago +1

    1:48 the girl in the mermaid outfit hahahaha

  • Khalid Mohamed
    Khalid Mohamed Day ago

    He only picked number 1 cuz she cute number to look ugly and number 3 is fucking gangster (URL)

    COOL GUY SAM Day ago

    The one about women have no sexual questions about bodies or anything at all. Of course the double standard lmao

  • Bo3 is LIFE
    Bo3 is LIFE Day ago

    Sofi... I’d smash! I mean I’m 15, but I’d still fucking smash. You call it rape, I call it love ;) god damn u fine. I’m just playing! I’m finna die alone my ugly ass. I’ll walk my self at, I got a boner but I’m still finna go to hell so it’s ok. I love all the women. But sofi on god?!

  • Bo3 is LIFE
    Bo3 is LIFE Day ago

    Thirsty brother, hungry women. Well you gotta love the realistic part of it. These hoaxes ain’t loyal!

  • Yrk Jul
    Yrk Jul Day ago

    When that fat bitch walked torward him
    He backed up quick a

  • Rodney Cobb
    Rodney Cobb Day ago


  • Sarsaparilla KK
    Sarsaparilla KK Day ago

    Number 3 irl is a shortie???

  • Jamel Gonzalez
    Jamel Gonzalez Day ago

    Hi my name is angel 😲🤝

  • Blue Death
    Blue Death 2 days ago

    Omg.....we found cat valentines momma

  • Brya Breadon
    Brya Breadon 2 days ago

    I don’t wanna be an ass but this is clearly fake


    This show is ratchet as hell but i still like it

  • Hannah Mccumber
    Hannah Mccumber 2 days ago

    why is she trying to act black

  • Giada T
    Giada T 2 days ago


  • Rory Burns
    Rory Burns 2 days ago

    Wait so..... They got rid of the tall girls, but the two irl's were tall? Hmmmm this shit is staged, also they always end up with three on each side HMMMMMM

  • Ricado Bell
    Ricado Bell 2 days ago

    Real thug

  • Te MH
    Te MH 2 days ago


  • Ka 'Mikoe
    Ka 'Mikoe 2 days ago

    Why they gotta be ratchet when they leave

  • Edwin Herrera
    Edwin Herrera 2 days ago +1

    2:02 At that moment, he knew he regretted his decision.

  • Manuel Zendejas
    Manuel Zendejas 2 days ago

    2 the best

  • LittleGamer Girl
    LittleGamer Girl 2 days ago

    Lol two of his 3 irl’s left were tall 😅 I though he got rid of tall and went with short

    GAGE GONZALES 2 days ago


  • RBX Astra
    RBX Astra 2 days ago

    what about "Package"

  • Why Monday
    Why Monday 2 days ago

    That’s a tall cup of water

  • Ryan Pittman
    Ryan Pittman 2 days ago

    this show fye🔥🔥🔥

  • Brianna Roa
    Brianna Roa 2 days ago

    my name is spelled the same brianna

  • Masa Ramosako
    Masa Ramosako 2 days ago

    I was so lukin forward to seeing Brianna

  • Faith Joplin
    Faith Joplin 2 days ago

    Ian never met an ugly faith 😍

  • Sonny Franklin
    Sonny Franklin 2 days ago

    haha I thought this was a live video for a sec

  • Sonny Franklin
    Sonny Franklin 2 days ago

    haha I thought this was a live video for a sec

  • DoseOfPerfectionn
    DoseOfPerfectionn 2 days ago +1

    He picked off of looks, and karma got his ass. Smh, boys will never be men.

  • fAze_ Vev0
    fAze_ Vev0 2 days ago


  • mika 326
    mika 326 3 days ago +1

    I think this show is very rude

  • Ernita Broadnax
    Ernita Broadnax 3 days ago +1

    My new favorite show

  • Alexander Gans
    Alexander Gans 3 days ago

    He dumb as shit

  • Lewis Hayes
    Lewis Hayes 3 days ago +1

    Da catfish look like a gay comedian
    Just remember if u go on da show just pick a IRL

  • Tyler Savage
    Tyler Savage 3 days ago +1

    Kwasi Ghanaian

  • DJ SAGE black
    DJ SAGE black 3 days ago

    Whqt the the hell is a url and a i cant rember

  • Lealea Lealea
    Lealea Lealea 3 days ago

    She better at rapping on here than wild n out

  • Makela 2.0
    Makela 2.0 3 days ago


  • Conor McMahon
    Conor McMahon 3 days ago

    I hate the host she is fat.

  • Ep Ic
    Ep Ic 3 days ago

    These are really entertaining

  • iAdden
    iAdden 3 days ago

    Are these people on crack? #1's drawing was definitely the best.

  • XoXoQueenDaliahXoxo
    XoXoQueenDaliahXoxo 3 days ago

    She looks like Cat Valentine from victorious

  • not johnny
    not johnny 3 days ago

    1:43 that girl is like 'dude u for real'

  • KK Singh
    KK Singh 4 days ago

    they belong to the basketball court 😂

  • Nayel
    Nayel 4 days ago +2

    This is mad fake, you wanna know how I know?

    Because they always end up at 3 IRL and 3 URL after the first round.

    This happens every episode BTW.

  • savanna arriaga
    savanna arriaga 4 days ago

    Oml 😂😂😂😂

  • Melanin Ny
    Melanin Ny 4 days ago

    Kwasiiiiiii😝😝i love himmm. He got a lil bit of a anger prollem like me 😘😋

  • Just Read The Comment

    I know more black people thought when he said *BBC*
    *Big booty chicks*

  • Armygunner _03
    Armygunner _03 5 days ago

    Sophie got a little ass

  • Nathaniel Ramos
    Nathaniel Ramos 5 days ago

    Im fucking dead 😭🤣

  • Dawson Hernandez
    Dawson Hernandez 5 days ago

    Damn the irl girl I would 10/10 go for more than the light skin girl, this dude mad trippin 😂 but I guess everybody has their types

  • snooper 177
    snooper 177 5 days ago


  • Ari And Keke
    Ari And Keke 5 days ago

    It’s cat fishing people illegal

  • Bryan Torre S
    Bryan Torre S 5 days ago


  • LiamZZ21
    LiamZZ21 5 days ago +1

    This series is so shit. For boys it’s about package but for girls it’s about age ?? Equal?😂

  • Olematon 01
    Olematon 01 5 days ago

    I love this show u know, those ppls don’t care what others think, and I like that energy what is going from this

  • mamuani Renthlei
    mamuani Renthlei 5 days ago

    I came here for only justina valentine😍😍💖🔥🍑🍑🍆

  • I polo
    I polo 6 days ago +2

    That girl is tall

  • Jay Z
    Jay Z 6 days ago +1

    He should’ve seen that coming. The URL pic looked so fake

  • C Dursun
    C Dursun 6 days ago +2

    Im loving thissss

  • Cosmic Carma
    Cosmic Carma 7 days ago

    Brianna was obvi fake. I don’t think he found any of the girls attractive tbh

  • Meta User Only
    Meta User Only 7 days ago

    Girl looks like a bull

    LMN SNIPERS 7 days ago


  • Josh Rachel
    Josh Rachel 7 days ago

    Oh hell nah

  • Kevdoes Gaming
    Kevdoes Gaming 7 days ago

    She need to help LeBron in the playoff

  • Taylor Grace
    Taylor Grace 7 days ago

    I feel like they plan how many are left it is always 3 to 3

  • Maicy tay
    Maicy tay 7 days ago


  • Brianna Khampannha
    Brianna Khampannha 7 days ago

    My name is Brianna

    LITHIUM 8 days ago

    I don't get how the turning part works, can't they see in the corner of their eyes???????

  • C Havens
    C Havens 8 days ago

    3:05 girl in all black is fineeee

  • Michell Gallegos
    Michell Gallegos 8 days ago

    Ts ts ts fat ace

  • Maddie's Life
    Maddie's Life 8 days ago

    that why u shouldn’t believe the internet 😂💀

  • Itz Lizz
    Itz Lizz 8 days ago +1

    Faith is tall though🤔😂

  • Rhea Manzanero
    Rhea Manzanero 8 days ago

    Girl in the final is ugly

  • Madd Mattie
    Madd Mattie 8 days ago +1

    Why is there only 3 left on both these are always faked.

  • nick
    nick 8 days ago

    He’s Ghanaian

  • Faheem Mobin Gang
    Faheem Mobin Gang 8 days ago

    I knew it was a catfish just of how professional the photo looked