How China is Using Football in Africa

  • Published on Nov 11, 2019
  • How China is using football in Africa.
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    Over the last thirty years, the Chinese government has engaged in a reform programme that has enabled private enterprise to flourish. The reforms have also sought to turn China outwards so that it trades more with the rest of the world and builds influence across the globe.
    In this video we explain how China is using football in Africa as a bilateral diplomatic tool, intended to benefit all parties involved.

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Comments • 549

  • David Suen
    David Suen 8 days ago

    China building Stadiums for Football lovers in Africa. Westerners sending Bibles to Africa to help people read. Get on our level. Merica.

  • Amichai Elteke
    Amichai Elteke 11 days ago

    Russia is the biggest country in the world stupid get your a hit right

  • Akagami shanks
    Akagami shanks 11 days ago +1

    I love how neutral you are while talking about China.

  • Vic Rodz
    Vic Rodz 12 days ago

    Better what China is doing instead what the police, judge and executor of the World does!

  • suji jacket
    suji jacket 12 days ago

    Tifo football are anti Chinese.
    They always talk against China.
    Why are you worrying when they are investing on football u loser

  • Calm Peace
    Calm Peace 15 days ago

    Westerner strategy of bomb, kill, racism fr oil is wrong ....

  • El Lobo
    El Lobo 17 days ago +4

    So Modern Day Colonialism is good but only when China does it?

  • Jimmy Mish
    Jimmy Mish 18 days ago

    At least we bring stadiums and money instead of those got diamonds for free, agree?

  • Marz2727
    Marz2727 19 days ago

    Was expecting to hear "This Tifo video was made for the benefit of President Xi Jinping" This video is so one-sided in favour of a despicable government it deserves to be on Fox News. I expect this comment to be deleted 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Nullius in Verba
    Nullius in Verba 19 days ago

    China is not the worlds "biggest" country. Its the most numerous.

    THE LOUSY GAMER 20 days ago +1

    The beautiful game always teaches me many things which my school and college never bother too. Football truly transcends life.

  • Collins Sakwa
    Collins Sakwa 20 days ago

    Well at least China doesn't bomb in the name of 'freedom'😂😂😂

  • Ali Kapasi
    Ali Kapasi 20 days ago

    Excellent video. There is also a stadium built buy the Chinese state & investors in Mozambique.

  • Chee Hong Duck
    Chee Hong Duck 23 days ago

    Lousy drawing. The protrait doesn't look like Winne the Pooh.

  • 付思聪
    付思聪 24 days ago


  • Delino Gayweh
    Delino Gayweh 24 days ago

    This one did originally appear on the athletics ...

  • aljanat5
    aljanat5 24 days ago

    China is the worlds most populated country, Russia is the worlds biggest country. Get your facts straight Tifo, this is a schoolboy research error. All trade between a large developed country and one that is less developed or less politically astute will always favour the former at the expense of the latter. China is mugging off Africa like France but with more to offer.

  • Sayan Bagchi
    Sayan Bagchi 24 days ago

    Thanks for letting us know how China is looting Africa now..

  • Abdulahi Mohamedahmed
    Abdulahi Mohamedahmed 24 days ago

    Lol socialist with chinese characteristics hhm. We use to say in somalia when we were socialists, ours is civilized socialism.
    Now it clicked

  • Isaac
    Isaac 25 days ago

    How dumb is Africa... And yes am African

  • Jaaaimes H
    Jaaaimes H 25 days ago

    China is the world’s biggest country...? ok

  • Annan Stanton
    Annan Stanton 25 days ago +2

    Will China ever compete in AFCON?

    • Annan Stanton
      Annan Stanton 25 days ago

      phayke bet you’d win it like all the shite teams do proper well in that tournament

    • phayke
      phayke 25 days ago +1

      @Annan Stanton yeah maybe. but as a chinese person,

      the chinese national team is pretty shit and theres this ongoing joke about the national team in china.

      talking about how shit they are.

      most people in china have no hope in the National team. they only like look at the future so yeah

    • Annan Stanton
      Annan Stanton 25 days ago +1

      phayke they’ll have to let them in out of kindness

    • phayke
      phayke 25 days ago +1


  • Agp Marian
    Agp Marian 25 days ago +1

    They invest in football to distract the people from their true intention. Getting their hands on all the industrie

  • Shawn Li
    Shawn Li 25 days ago

    Whats funny is that America have more opinions about China in africa than africans, the US always knows what's best for other people even more than themselves.

  • MagicianCamille
    MagicianCamille 26 days ago

    Anyone else feel like China vs Africa is a mismatch? They gonna be runnin that shit

  • BMOnus
    BMOnus 26 days ago +2

    China numba 1

    • phayke
      phayke 25 days ago

      omg its BMONUS hello dud

  • angaraj gautam
    angaraj gautam 26 days ago

    Better than the us that uses military

  • BluGyal
    BluGyal 27 days ago +4

    I'm so proud of my country (Somalia) we recently kicked out all Chinese business men out of the country ✌️

  • bob ross
    bob ross 27 days ago +3

    Well at least, its not like they're doing the friendly-military invasion to get those oil barrels :V

  • Uruguay y Nigeria
    Uruguay y Nigeria 27 days ago

    China out of Africa don't steal our talents

    • phayke
      phayke 25 days ago +1

      @Uruguay y Nigeria yes. that is because Elkeson is too shit to play for brazil so he plays for china lol

    • Uruguay y Nigeria
      Uruguay y Nigeria 25 days ago

      @phayke they can naturalize them. Look on Elkeson, he is not Chinese.

    • phayke
      phayke 25 days ago

      china cant take them. look at the CSL League Rules, theres a limit on foreign players so yeah

  • Dx Fire
    Dx Fire 27 days ago +1

    UK uses football to brainwash the people and push leftist propaganda...gets offended by the Bulgarians meanwhile applauds Turkish team saluting on Kurds invasion...hypocrisy

  • Scott Thompson
    Scott Thompson 27 days ago

    When other countries invested in football - no one says anything.
    When China invested in football - Chinese are evil and wants to take over the world.
    Grow up

  • Bandit Cavvi
    Bandit Cavvi 27 days ago +1

    africa dancing with the DEVIL

    • Bandit Cavvi
      Bandit Cavvi 24 days ago

      @phayke yeah debt trap diplomacy to take over the infastructure they built via sky high loans

    • phayke
      phayke 25 days ago

      no they get stuff thou

    • rdokoye
      rdokoye 25 days ago

      No, just people.

  • Phương Nguyễn Duy
    Phương Nguyễn Duy 27 days ago

    Fuck china

  • Gomila Droogies
    Gomila Droogies 27 days ago

    Really really really bad video. Please do not listen to a channel about sports for economic/political topics.

    • RichJW24
      RichJW24 27 days ago +1

      What was bad about it? You haven't provided any justification as to why.

  • Donkey Kong
    Donkey Kong 27 days ago

    Good...I like football. Hey Trump ban football

  • Dab Dab Goose
    Dab Dab Goose 28 days ago +2

    And every stadium will be attached to loans that have interest rates beyond what the countries receiving them can afford.
    So China then gets them to do favours for them in return.

  • Moises Montecillo
    Moises Montecillo 28 days ago +4

    Be careful Tifo, China is having fun banning people for even a wisper about china

  • Shudder
    Shudder 28 days ago

    Benefit all parties involved? Did xi jin ping make a generous donation to tifo football too?

  • cliff woodbury
    cliff woodbury 28 days ago

    it benefits all parties involved because their all part of the same parthy stupid... u should spend more of your time fixing t.v.s or something.

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 28 days ago

    Why do a video on this when France just won a world cup with a bunch of Africans? Are you gonna do one on France? Come on with this inane propaganda

  • Fauzan Ramsyah
    Fauzan Ramsyah 28 days ago +2

    Please making a video about Leicester City Tactical Analysis in this season?🙏

  • Nobody Music
    Nobody Music 28 days ago

    You should do a series on football rules and VAR to end all the discussions once and for all. Episode 1: Handballs

  • Chike Donald Ibewuike
    Chike Donald Ibewuike 28 days ago

    Wow... Wow

  • Ananda Mohite
    Ananda Mohite 28 days ago

    Economics 101: demand and supply 🧐

  • damian kilbane
    damian kilbane 28 days ago

    African leaders that rob their countries resources normally launder their ill gotten gains in london and paris. Those pesky Chinese moving in on western countries rackets.

  • Chinese Cannabis Party CCP

    Excuse me, China is the "World biggest country"? What about Russia?

  • Hari Haran. R
    Hari Haran. R 28 days ago

    Please tifo , write about Ivan raktic in Barcelona and why is often underrated for his work and write about the duo of frenkie dejong and Arthur melo of fc Barcelona.

  • flis Flip
    flis Flip 28 days ago +1

    it is so funny to check those comments,and i have a question for you all smart pips: why Africans dont migrate to China? It is all bad white man,right?

    • Prometheus
      Prometheus 27 days ago

      @lol haha he doesn't know what he's talking about. He's probably getting most of his news from angry alt right guys in forums. There are Africans spread out everywhere. There are just as many white people in Africa as there are black people in Europe but they forget to mention that.

    • lol haha
      lol haha 28 days ago

      they are so many africans in china what u talking about?

  • Vinnie Chan
    Vinnie Chan 28 days ago +1

    Interestingly, President Xi is a self professed football fan. that will go some way to explain how this angle is used

  • Vinnie Chan
    Vinnie Chan 28 days ago +114

    There is a running joke in Hong Kong that "socialism with Chinese characteristics" means "socialism with no socialist characteristics"

    • cal c
      cal c 10 days ago +1

      What do the Kent State shootings have to do with Tiananmen Square? Were the numbers killed comparable? What was the outcome of each event?

    • Morradiercab
      Morradiercab 11 days ago

      @AV Gaming *laughs in Kent State shootings*

    • TheXAsama
      TheXAsama 19 days ago

      @AV Gaming laughs in freedom

    • MOshPit Dayan
      MOshPit Dayan 22 days ago +2

      It’s true. China is nothing close to socialist.

    • AV Gaming
      AV Gaming 24 days ago

      Vinnie Chan *laughs in Tiananmen Square

  • Prayz Qek
    Prayz Qek 28 days ago +4

    Fantastic content, always nice when you show how football is much more than a sport

  • richard lim
    richard lim 28 days ago +1

    Politics aside, I think this trade is beneficial for both sides.
    China wants oil and Africa wants investment coming to their countries. Simple

  • --
    -- 28 days ago

    Europe: invades and rapes Africa
    China: builds roads n shiet
    sAmE THiNg

  • Vernatius Okafor
    Vernatius Okafor 28 days ago

    Add me on Snapchat at ifeanyichukwu_o . I post funny memes and random ishhh

  • Matthew Malpeli
    Matthew Malpeli 28 days ago

    Europe grabbed Africa, the US intervened in Africa, China develops in cooperation with Africa.
    Those imperialist communists are at it again! 🙄

  • Asem Awad
    Asem Awad 28 days ago +8

    It goes like this
    Chinese offers building stadiums for tyrant regimes so they could distract their population & get paid in raw materials, win win..

    • phayke
      phayke 25 days ago +1

      Okay mate,

  • AWOL
    AWOL 28 days ago

    Not one league from China is famous in multiple countries.
    Premier League, La Liga Bundesliga etc. in Europe.
    NBA in America
    IPL in India Bangladesh UAE Australia England

    • AWOL
      AWOL 28 days ago

      @Riva Mahardika the 4th I guess I missed out Rugby. Which others are you talking about?

    • Riva Mahardika the 4th
      Riva Mahardika the 4th 28 days ago

      There are more than that, sir

  • HOBBIT cadillac
    HOBBIT cadillac 28 days ago

    you added taiwan to china you fucking pleb?

  • mucha gusta
    mucha gusta 28 days ago

    at least china invested in exchange for oil, instead of invading.