• Published on Oct 11, 2016
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Comments • 8 446

  • Harry Wilton
    Harry Wilton 24 days ago

    Chocolate man (I'm not racist)

  • Jessica Cotton
    Jessica Cotton 25 days ago

    You called her Penelope at the end

  • Katie lollipop kirwin
    Katie lollipop kirwin 26 days ago +1

    Make a chocolate star for a Christmas tree

  • Emily Smy
    Emily Smy Month ago


  • Austin Thompson
    Austin Thompson Month ago

    Right I just came to rewatch this and noticed the pets in the cage (cant remember if their hamsters or Guinea pigs) aren't at the new house, did they die or something?

    • sophie lamont
      sophie lamont Month ago +1

      one died, but I'm pretty sure the other one is still alive. they aren't in a main part in the house anymore just in a hallway sorta thing

  • Basically Hallie B
    Basically Hallie B Month ago

    My friend is called penelope

  • SuMmEr GaMiNg27
    SuMmEr GaMiNg27 Month ago +10

    2019 November anyone no I thaught so 😂😂

  • Emily Curran
    Emily Curran Month ago +67

    November 2019 anyone ?xx (was trying to look for a comment to like but no one commented it so I had to 😂😂)xxxx

  • Li4m C0pp
    Li4m C0pp Month ago

    Pete the pumpkin

  • Sophie Y
    Sophie Y Month ago

    I remember when this first came out

  • Raeann Cawkwell
    Raeann Cawkwell Month ago

    I made one of these before for Halloween and it was a small pumpkin. I have pictures and I want to make one again.

  • Annyeong_x _Chingudeul
    Annyeong_x _Chingudeul 2 months ago +1

    *Did he just spend £30 on chocolate?!*

  • ilovetohate 1
    ilovetohate 1 2 months ago

    its sad to think we would have never known then that toys r us isnt in England anymore :(

  • Daisy Hemming
    Daisy Hemming 3 months ago

    RIP toys r us

  • Melody CB
    Melody CB 4 months ago


  • Tavneek Kapoor
    Tavneek Kapoor 5 months ago


  • Zeina Abdullah
    Zeina Abdullah 8 months ago

    If u have heated the knife then carve out the face it could work

  • CharlesDog 007
    CharlesDog 007 10 months ago +1

    Zoe's face at 2:46 lol

  • jambo fielder
    jambo fielder 10 months ago


  • Row 007
    Row 007 10 months ago

    Why the hec K did he call her penelope? Rip pauline ...😭😭

  • wolfiesoft sox
    wolfiesoft sox 11 months ago

    alfie litterally spent 60 quid on chocolate

  • Slime Testers
    Slime Testers 11 months ago

    He called her penelopy

  • Kate H
    Kate H Year ago +1

    He spent £30 on chocolate.......... the rich life.......... quick maths yaaa yeett

  • Ana Carolina
    Ana Carolina Year ago

    How did Pauline become penelope? C'mon Alfie 😐😂😂

  • Rian Walker
    Rian Walker Year ago


  • Penelope Alker-Jones

    Well that’s good that I don’t look like a pumpkin! Also I don’t have fillings

  • Carla Taylor
    Carla Taylor Year ago

    8:42-847 got me dead 😂😂😂♥️

  • aamir abbas
    aamir abbas Year ago +1

    At 25:37, Alfie called the pumpkin Penelope instead of Palene!!! Immediately reminded me of Bramfam!!

  • Ellie Phillips
    Ellie Phillips Year ago

    "ah sorry i thought u were gonna miss..the hole" Zoella 2k18

  • Brilliant Boys
    Brilliant Boys Year ago


  • natashayvonner
    natashayvonner Year ago

    this shows that alfie is truly a belieber

  • x_bethan _710_x
    x_bethan _710_x Year ago

    the sidemen are my favourite youtubers sorry alfie x

  • The Tiger
    The Tiger Year ago +2

    You should do it with a hat make a solid chocolate hat

  • Katie Robinson
    Katie Robinson Year ago

    Do a chocolate food or a unicorn🍔💓

  • Amie Morris
    Amie Morris Year ago

    Pauline is my mums name x

  • aepmils tutorials
    aepmils tutorials Year ago +1

    Can you believe that Alfie spent £60 on chocolate😂

  • Karen Hewitt
    Karen Hewitt Year ago

    Anyone else watching in 2018 two days before halloween

  • Paige Lambert
    Paige Lambert Year ago

    I think be good to do a skelton choclate

  • Chazza Lees
    Chazza Lees Year ago

    Lil-pump (kin) like If you think this name is good:) so Alfie can see ❤❤


    Anyone from October 2018

  • Abigail Pearl
    Abigail Pearl Year ago

    Don't assume gender everyone ! 😊

  • Scarlet Rose
    Scarlet Rose Year ago

    Nalas gonna be so excited to see me watch
    *nala runs
    Hello princess

  • Alison Frost
    Alison Frost Year ago

    Jasper like Casper because there cute

  • Lilly Bat
    Lilly Bat Year ago

    He called the pumpkin Penelope and didn’t notice 😂😂

  • jamied1966
    jamied1966 Year ago +1

    25:36 I thought her name was Pauline

  • Elizabeth Nicole
    Elizabeth Nicole Year ago


  • Elena Harrington
    Elena Harrington Year ago

    you should call it jack

  • Sienna Edwards
    Sienna Edwards Year ago

    did he just say Penelope 25:36

  • Mafia G125
    Mafia G125 Year ago

    Hallow ( said like hello ) the pumpkin

  • Jimin got no jams

    I think Jeremy

  • F Bain
    F Bain Year ago

    I thought her name was paul eine not paneling

  • George No life
    George No life Year ago

    u called her pauline then changed it

  • Hybred_ Wolfie367

    Which Asda do you go too is it the one in waterlooville

  • Jessie Worrall
    Jessie Worrall Year ago

    Is no one gonna comment on the fact they just spent £60 on chocolate 😂

  • gymnast_ jessica_

    2:44 - 2:49 Zoe's face 😂😂

  • Niamh Connell
    Niamh Connell Year ago

    I wish that I could put my dog into Halloween costumes but he’s too big☹️

  • Thalia Harman
    Thalia Harman Year ago

    25:37 Alfie called Pauline penelope

  • kaitlin Fay
    kaitlin Fay Year ago

    omg ok im on my older sisters account but im 13 and that dinosaur film was my life at 6

  • Jody Illidge
    Jody Illidge Year ago

    2018 anyone ?

  • Annie White
    Annie White Year ago

    Also he said at the end her name is Penelope but in the beginning he calls her Pauline 🤨